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 New Wanderers Enter here!

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PostSubject: New Wanderers Enter here!   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:49 am

Greetings to you new traveler, or old friend... and welcome to the Realm of Two Moons!

To the friends of old, you are already aware of the rules to the Holt, and how things work here... as well as how we all work together to make the Abode our beloved home.

To those that are new here, please take the time to read over the following.

Respect:  Simple common courtesy and respect are to be shown amongst everyone here.  It's not that much to ask for.  We are all equals.  This applies to posting, as well as within the Chatbox.  Although discussions are most welcome and intriguing to have, do show patience and respect to everyone even when they do not agree with your own personal opinions.  

Should arguments ensue, then Preserver goo will be used as deemed necessary, much to Petalwing's delight.  ((In human terms, Administrator or Staff member will take appropriate action, be it a warning, a topic locked down, or temporary ban from the chatbox until the issue is resolved))

Accounts: Only one account is necessary here. If you need your account name changed for any reason, simply ask me via PM and I will be happy to make the change for you!

Feel free to your current account for the role play section of the site as well. It's the last section located at the bottom of the site.

Thread or Posting limitations:  There are none.  Please feel free to play about and mingle as much as you like during your time here.  Do be advised, if there are multiple posts going up at the same time, the site may pause your post, or ask for you to re-post after a moment or two due to “heavy traffic” control.

Avatars and banners Feel free to use those you have in the EQ site or new ones here.  Size shouldn't be a problem, but if something is found to be overly large that stretches the screen too much, you may be advised to re-size it properly.

**more to be added on an as needed basis**
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New Wanderers Enter here!
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