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 Let's Ride! Elfwest is back

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PostSubject: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:37 pm

That's right people, its that time again when you need to break out those old six guns, saddle up your horse, and answer the call to Ride! Elfwest has returned...

And it comes with the rising of the sun...

The frontier at any time is open and wild, a place where a man or elf or troll can claim some land and make it their own. From its open plains to its mountains to its hills and streams, the frontier beckons the strong and brave to try and test their resolve against its daunting presence. Some win out and create a home, while others decide to return back east seeking a reprieve from its harshness. Most though fail to tame it and pay the ultimate price to it.

Along the frontier's western edge, across the vast plain that is the prairie, and up against the large mountain range that runs from the farthest northern point to the most southern, is a large sloping valley nestled in the foothills. The town of Two Moons sits in the middle of this valley, built up around the flowing river that curls around its southern border. The firstcomers who built the town must have felt at ease with the woods on the hills and mountains at the west end, and the small rolling hills filled with grass to the east. Two days ride to north, at the top of the valley, is the mining town of Silver Springs, aptly named for the silver vein where a neverending stream of the precious metal flows. Two days ride to the south is the trading post of Greymung. Once past his establishment, a rider can follow the mountain range south out of the valley to more towns, more travelers, and more of the unknown frontier. One could lose oneself in it if one wished, ride off the face of the world itself. . .

The town of Two Moons itself is a colorful one. At its southern end the Spanish Hidalgo Sun-Toucher leads his clan, using the fertile land to graze his horses and grow crops, while on the eastern side the cattle rancher Voll owns what his eye can see. At Two Moons' northern end is a circle arena that in the summer houses the large colorful tent for Joyleaf's Wild West Troupe show-- the only place to see the living legend of the frontier Bearclaw and his twin dragoon pistols. The Wild West Show troupe winters here as well, traveling in the spring and fall. People come from afar to see Bearclaw, the famed sharpshooter Nightfall, trick-rider Dewshine, and others. In the hills of the west, in large clearings in the woods, others have settled to farm and tend horses. The town of Two Moons and its valley are a peaceful place for the most part, a small sanctuary some would say, from the searing sun of the Great Sagebrush Desert that stretches east of the grasslands and west of the mountains. . .

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:43 pm

Saddle up and ride!

afro flower afro 
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Mar 28, 2015 11:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:15 pm

Awesome! Looking forward to more cowboys'n elves-stories. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part One   Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:31 pm

And away we go, this is the first part of the first day written by LunaKat

Day One - Part One

A dry wind blew through the town of Two Moons. Tumbleweeds rolled down the main street, unimpeded by buggy or tram. This was a lonely town off the trade routes, bordering the wild frontier. Gamblers, and saloon girls, speculaters, ranchers and fur traders... the good, the bad and the ugly... the brave, the desperate and the ornry... all populated it's recesses.

Amid the heat and the dust, a lone figure on horseback galloped in from the plains. He reigned his horse in to trot down the empty street, then brought it to a halt before dismounting. Dressed in a cavalry officer's uniform, he cut striking figure; his blond hair was shaggy, his eyes blue and large-- and his ears... pointed!

"Ho, Nightrunner," he murmured, quieting the stocky mount. It had been a short while since he'd left the Cavalry- a lifetime since he'd joined. But the life of a soldier was behind him now-- He was here, simply, to meet a friend.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:53 am

Woo Hoo!!!!

Looks around the desk. Yep there it is. A bottle of Pikes 2nd Best. Now I can properly get into the mood for this.

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Two   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:59 pm

@Soreyes wrote:
Woo Hoo!!!!

Looks around the desk. Yep there it is. A bottle of Pikes 2nd Best. Now I can properly get into the mood for this.

Yes Soreyes we are back! So get that 2nd best out and sit back as we get caught up...

The next piece here is written by Mrs. Krwordgazer...

Day One - Part Two

A silver-gray coated figure detached itself from the side wall of the saloon where it had been casually leaning, and came into the open to take Nightrunner's bridle. "Howdy, Cutter."

"Skywise!" Cutter dismounted and strode to his friend, arms open wide. Skywise clenched the uniformed figure to himself, clapping him on the back till dust rose, then stepped back. "Still in uniform, eh?" He raised an eyebrow, grinning.

"Haven't had time to change," Cutter said, tugging Nightrunner's reins over his neck and attaching them to a hitching post.. "I only just got to town- then I got your telegram. But why are you here?" He gave Skywise a puzzled look. "We were discharged, we said goodbye--"

"Don't like goodbyes," Skywise said. "And I got to thinking. Now the general can't tell us where to be anymore, I can be anywhere I want. And--" He waved an expansive arm. "Two Moons is a good town, Major. Good as any!"

Cutter stood still, looking at his friend. A grin slowly widened across his face. And widened some more. "I was missing you already- Captain. Where are you staying?"

"At Sorrow's End Boarding House," Skywise said. "Mizz Savah runs a dandy place! Clean beds, good food, no fleas--" He nudged Cutter with an elbow. "Which is more than you can say for your bedroll- or these clothes!"

Cutter chuckled. "I know. But I'll get cleaned up when I go home tonight. I'll be staying with my mother until I can stake a claim for myself. After that- I'll be needing a house-mate, I reckon."

"I'll keep that in mind." Skywise gave him a sidelong glance. "But my bet is, where I am is going to be more entertaining. There sure seem to be a lot of beautiful women in this town."

"Ah. I see," Cutter said, slightly disappointed. Then he smiled again. "Well, let's see how you feel after a few months, when I've got a nice quiet house in the woods and you've got other tenants kicking up a ruckus on all sides of you."

"Yeah- we'll see then," Skywise said. He gestured towards the low-roofed building in front of him. "Looks like Picknose's is just about to open. Let's get a drink."

"Sure," Cutter said. He glanced up at the wooden sign swinging over the door. "The Hammer and Tongs. When I left, I was still to young to go in here."

"Weeellll, then! I've got one up on you- and you a resident! I was here last night. Not a bad place!" Skywise winked. "There's a little singer called the Desert Rose, with a fine, throaty voice. And can she dance! You're gonna love her."

The door swung open, and shut again, as the two friends went inside. Just as it shut, a slouching figure on a tall black horse rode up and halted outside the bar. "Whoa, Blackfell!" The horse threw up its head and pranced a little, shaking its ears.

"That's right, show this town what a horse looks like!" The figure leaned down to pat his mount's neck. "Been a while since we've been here, ain't it, Blackfell? Do ya reckon Joyleaf's gonna be thrilled to see me?"

The horse shook its ears again, and the rider laughed. "Guess you're right. Best to warn her first. I'll have a drink, and get a message sent up to the house."

The dusty figure dismounted, hitched Blackfell next to Nightrunner, and headed into the tavern.

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Three   Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:51 pm

This next piece was written by me, Wiseshaman...read and enjoy!

Day One - Part Three

Bearclaw stopped at the swinging doors, and adjusted his wide brimmed black hat and black waistcoat. He was about to enter the saloon when the sound of approaching hooves made him turn around to see a red-dun Mustang ride up. He smiled as the elf riding the horse dropped down and tied off his mount to the hitching post with one hand.

"Evening Redlance, is sure is nice to see you son." Bearclaw remarked holding out his hand for a shake

"Is Cutter back?" The tracker asked taking the other's hand in a hearty shake.

"Yep, he just walked in with Skywise. You gonna be okay in there?" Bearclaw asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I think so, but the only way to tell is to go in right." Redlance said with a half smile.

"That's right son." Bearclaw said with a big smile.

The two walked in to find the usual smoky atmosphere and the usual night crowd of ranch hands and drovers. Redlance looked out of place with his buckskin pants and Long velveteen shirt but no one took notice. Bearclaw kept a hand on his shoulder to steady him as the tracker walked forward though the crowd over to where Cutter and Skywise had stopped by the bar. The second the major saw Redlance he smiled brightly.

"Now there a sight for eyes!" He laughed grabbing the tracker in a quick hug.

"Its good to see you made it Cutter." Redlance said hugging him back.

"Its good to see you made it to tracker." Cutter said with a laugh.

Redlance moved over to Skywise as Bearclaw walked up to his son and hugged him hard. "Damn, it's good to see you boy! Your mother and I have been worried about you!"

"I know...I know." Cutter said back hugging just as hard as he could.

"How are you doing Skywise?" Redlance asked offering his hand to the captain.

"I'm doing good, be even better after a night's sleep,whenever I get that!"

The two laughed until Cutter turned to Picknose and ordered. "Hey barkeep, a round of whiskey for us here!"

The troll smiled broadly placing four shot glasses on the bar by each elf and then filling them with a good two fingers of whiskey. They each grabbed the glass and tilted their heads back ready to drink when a sweet but demanding voice cut through the air and the din of the crowd.

"I don't remember you saying anything about stopping at the saloon my sweet husband." Joyleaf called out from the doors.

Bearclaw put his head down and smiled broadly. "I was just getting ready to send you a message my beautiful wife."

Joyleaf strode over with a look that bordered on anger but as she got closer it changed to a smile of joy. "You old devil, I know you too well!"

"That you do, that you do." Bearclaw said giving her a hug.

Joyleaf only stayed in her husband's arms a second before shifting to take her son in a motherly hug. "It's so good to have you back my son!"

"I know mother, its good to be back." Cutter whispered back.

She stepped back then hugged Skywise and Redlance each. "Its good that you're all back safe and sound."

"All right, this whiskey ain't getting any younger tonight. Picknose, pour us another shot for the best damn wife an elf could ever want." Bearclaw ordered.

Joyleaf took the glass when it was poured then offered up a toast. "To our soldiers, who fought for us and stood tall for us!"

"To Cutter's 7th Calvary," Redlance spoke up, "skirmishers, scoundrels, and horse soldiers one and all."

"Here, here," Skywise said holding up his shot glass and putting a hand on Redlance's shoulder, "to Sheridan's Scouts of which my friend the tracker here was their best. You kept a lot of us alive with the information you gathered across enemy lines."

"To our town of Two-Moons," Cutter said holding his glass to touch the others, "the only place I'd put down roots and stay. Damn it's good to be home boys!"

The five threw back the shots gulping them down them slamming the glasses back down on the bar with a pop. Cutter, Skywise, and Redlance immediately hissed as the liquor burned going down, but Bearclaw and Joyleaf only smiled.

"Striplings, all three," Bearclaw whispered to his wife.

"Yep, and all three are home." She said with a smile.

"Is it me or does this taste like Pike strained it through his sock?" Skywise asked getting his breath back and eyeing the shot glass with a mean stare.

"With Pike, there's no telling." Cutter coughed making all five laugh hard.

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PostSubject: Elevties - Chapter 4   Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:40 pm

And here is the next piece written by LunaKat

Day One - Part Four

Bearclaw patted his son on the shoulder, and moved away from the bar with Joyleaf. Redlance smiled benignly, watching them go. He tossed back his shooter, then stood.

"Well, boys, I've got a roll of furs to sell down at the trading post. Guess I should be going."

"It's good to see you again, Red," Cutter smiled warmly. "It's been too long."

"Too long indeed." The trapper extended his hand and they shook. He turned to Skywise "And you, you old rascal-- I'll see you at Greymung's-- out back, shooting dice." Skywise grinned and ducked a friendly swipe.

"Just be careful, Red," the silver-haired gambler chuckled. "You know there's trouble brewin'. The forest ain't exactly safe- and no one wants to lose the best tracker in the territory."

Skywise turned back to his drink as the tracker walked away. But Cutter turned to him in concern. "What trouble?" Cutter demanded.

Skywise shrugged, and downed a gulp. "There's fightin' 'tween the settlers and the tribes these days. Way on the outskirts of town-- and in the woods. Red... he's part injun. But only by half. That put hims smack dab in the middle of trouble."

Cutter frowned. "I'll talk to pa. He's bound to know more." Skywise nodded, still looking at his glass. Cutter sighed and spoke again. "It's good to see Bearclaw, again too. Good now that he's kicked the habit." Skywise shot a sideways glance at him, but Cutter didn't notice. "That gambling- it nearly broke us back then. Ma-- she was ready to head east on the next train. He lost everything we had. And that lead to drinkin'... Well, I'm glad he gave it up. It was half the reason I joined the cavalry, you know- to remind him of the soldier he used to be."

"He was trouble, all right," Skywise muttered. He looked down at the bar.

"But trouble passes." Cutter clapped him warmly on the shoulder. He raised his glass. "To Bearclaw! And to better times."

Skywise nodded. He drank slowly from his cup. "To Bearclaw. Listen, Cutter.... there's something happening at Greymung's tonight. Something big. We all stand to make a heap of money. You might want in."

"Gambling." Cutter was mad.

"Look- There ain't nothing wrong with it. There's this investor, see. And he's done put up.... collateral. And he knows I shoot dice, deal cards, and..." Skywise's expression became smug, "that I'm pretty good by reputation."

"That you cheat, you mean." Cutter growled.

Skywise feigned shock. "Not by the all wandering stars!" Then, in a lower voice. "Shhh! you want to get me shot?"

Cutter's brow furrowed. "I don't want anything to do with it."

"Anyway..." Skywise continued speaking in the same low tone. "This investor, he put up collateral. Up against this rancher- who done put up land. It's a lot to win. A lot to lose-- but I never lose. And you could have in, my friend." He extended his hand to Cutter. "What do you say?"

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:55 am

Oh dear, how I love re-reading these stories over again, I've missed this.
Since we are back up going on the stroies, let's continue with the art as well. All Elfwest art goin up here as well:


More is also coming up, both thigns I've shown before, and also some new surprises
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:06 am

Awesome Rainflower...

And the drawings are cool too! Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:36 am

@Wiseshaman wrote:
Awesome Rainflower...

And the drawings are cool too! Razz
Thank you, WiseShaman Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:12 am

Dewshine and Schouter

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Five   Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:10 pm

Those are great Rainflower...the one with Dewshine and Scouter is really cute...

So, onward with the next piece written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Five

Cutter looked at his friend, his brother, and shook his head. Not back in town more than an hour and he was all ready getting dragged into something low. He wouldn't let Skywise go in there without someone to watch his back, but it ate at his honor to be involved in the plot.

"I'm in, but at the first sign of losing we're out, understand?"

"What, you have no faith in me?" Skywise said with a mock show of hurt.

"I have plenty of faith in you. It's the dice I have no faith in." Cutter spat.

"Stop worrying, I have it covered." Skywise said clapping Cutter on the shoulder.

"You see," Cutter said pointing a finger, "you said the same thing that night throwing dice at the fort and remember what happened?"

"Oh, I won my pants back...eventually." Skywise said with a laugh.

The remark, as upset as Cutter was, made him laugh. The two put back another shot of whiskey when the saloon doors opened and in stepped a pair that brought a bigger smile to his face.

"Nightfall and Crescent," He called to them.

Both of the females waved back and made their way over.

"Damn good to see you horse soldier!" Nightfall said hugging Cutter using her nickname for him.

"You look as beautiful as ever trick shot." He said back with his nickname for her. She was the best shot, not counting Strongbow, in the valley and she performed in the Wild West show for Joyleaf. Her specialty was shooting a playing card out of the hand of someone riding on horseback. As far as he remembered the horse had only been grazed once, the rider never.

Nightfall moved to hug Skywise as Cutter hugged Crescent. "You two are still joined at the hip I see. How is your father and mother doing?"

"Mother is still the best clothes maker in town and father still raises some of the best horses in the valley." Crescent said stepping over and hugging Skywise.

"You can't be Crescent, I mean when I left she was just a little girl in overalls. You're way too tall and beautiful to be that little girl." Skywise said with a quip.

"Oh I am, and I still remember all your tricks stargazer." Crescent said with a wink.

"Then I'll just have to come up with some new ones." Skywise with a raised eyebrow.

Everyone laughed while Cutter looked at the pair. They had been friends ever since he could remember, as close as two peas in a pod. The only time he ever knew they spent any time apart was when the show went out during the spring to tour other towns. When they had left for war Nightfall was showing an interest in Redlance and everyone was wondering if the two would step out togetherơnd what would happen with Crescent.

"So what are you two doing in town?" Skywise asked.

"We're looking for the tracker, is he here?" Nightfall asked excitedly.

"You just missed him. He's going down to the trading post with some furs to sell. Why are you two looking for him?" Cutter asked.

"Nightfall wants to see him. I want to see his horse." Crescent remarked.

"Just his horse?" Skywise joked.

Nightfall laughed then shot her whiskey while Crescent punched the captain's arm hard enough to make him wince. As soon as her glass hit the bar Nightfall was talking.

"Dewshine said he has a Mustang. Strongbow wanted to know if there's a way to get one for their farm. A couple of those in the fold can't hurt Strongbow's cause."

"You know," Crescent said looking at Cutter, "pa will still pay you to stud Nightrunner. A black Appaloosa with white spots is rare and his foal is bound to be special."

"No thanks, I can't do that to him. It doesn't feel right." Cutter said.

"Well, I hope Redlance is careful on the trip. It's not safe out there right now." Crescent said with concern.

"He'll be okay. I don't think anyone can catch one of Sheridan's Scout in the woods." Skywise said with a smile trying to take away the girl's worry.

"I don't know, everyone's getting so damn bent on this thing between natives and settlers. And of course he goes off by himself." Nightfall whispered.

Skywise looked up, saw someone coming toward them, and nudged Crescent. "Why are we so worried about Red when we know he can handle himself. Let's sit back, drink, and enjoy the Desert Rose."

"Oh, that's right; you haven't seen or heard our Desert Rose." Crescent said spotting the approaching form before nudging Nigfhtfall under the bar.

"Oh, she is quite special." Nightfall said.

"I don't know if we have time. Skywise and I have to be somewhere." Cutter said facing the bar and shooting back his whiskey.

"Now that would be such a shame. I was going to sing a song just for you." A melodic Spanish voice said from behind.

Cutter turned to ask who it was and fell right into two large green pools losing his thoughts immediately. He couldn't believe the beauty that was standing in front of him. She was just an inch or three shorter than he was and smelled of Jasmine. Her brown skin gleamed and her red lips sparkled in the light of the saloon. She was dressed in a red tight dress with a black sash at the waist, but it was the eyes he kept coming back to. Those green pools.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Cutter." He finally said offering his hand. She took it gently and he felt a small shock run though him at the touch.

"I know who you are Major. Everyone in town can not stop talking about you. My name is Leetah and I was hoping you might want to stay after the show and talk, but if you have somewhere you need to be..."

"Um..." Cutter said feeling the crush of being between a rock and a hard place. Go with Skywise and keep him out of trouble...or stay here and get into a whole different set of troubles.

He wasn't sure what to do so Leetah smiled and spoke before turning to kiss the cheek of Nightfall her friend.

"Well Major, if you're here after the show then we can talk and if your not then maybe we'll see each other around town."

Okay, so coming home was a damn good decision he decided.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:15 pm

Alright, Leetah's inn. I was sooo waiting for this momento to be.
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Six   Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:38 pm

Yes Rainflower, The Desert Rose has finally made an appearance...

And now for the next piece, written by KRwordgazer...

Day One - Part Six

Leetah's heart was beating a little faster than usual as she waited for her act to start. He's just a soldier in a dusty uniform, still unwashed from the trail, she told herself. The son of show people. What would my parents say?

But I'm showgirl myself now, she answered herself. And what would her parents say if they knew that? She grimaced. It wasn't that life at El Rancho Del Sol was bad-- just, well-- slow. And it wasn't that her parents were harsh-- far from it, in fact. But quiet chatter, siestas, and hildalgo gentility were as boring as watching the wheat and oats grow. She'd longed to be where things were happening, where there were new people to see and things to do. And now here she secretly was, in town, where the self-sufficient Rancho folk rarely ventured. And singing and dancing-- in a saloon! Picknose would have a troll take her home, riding behind him in the saddle, later-- stopping out of sight of the ranchhouse so she could run back to her bedroom on silent feet.

It wasn't that her parents would shout at her. It might be more interesting if they did-- but they'd only be disappointed, and worried about her, and filled with words of caution. Be careful. Don't do anything rash. Don't draw attention to yourself.

Well, she was breaking every cautious word they'd ever given her. And she was liking it. Leetah lifted her chin, and as Hoykar the piano player seated himself, and the strains of Oh! Susanna! filled the saloon, she slipped from behind the curtain and began to dance.

He was still there. Cutter. He must have managed to persuade his friend to wait a bit to watch her perform. Leetah breathed faster as she twirled and skipped, flipping her buoyant red petticoats high.

The audience was clapping, hooting and calling to her. "Kick those legs, darlin!" one called. "Show us what you got!"

"Take it off!" a human in the front row yelled.

Over the sound of the piano she heard a chair scrape the wood floor as the Major stood up. He glared at the human, half-drawing his sword. The human slid lower in his chair, clamping his mouth shut. Cutter sheathed his weapon and resumed his seat.

Hoykar didn't slow down. He winked at Leetah as she whirled by. "You're certainly stirring things up tonight, Rose!" he murmured under the music. Leetah gave him a swift glare and the signal for the next number. Obediently he transitioned, and she let her movements slow, catching her breath as she wove across the stage. One of Picknose's troll employees lifted a stool and set it on the stage for her, and she sank onto it, arranging her skirts around herself. Hoykar was now playing slowly, soulfully.

"Down in the valley," Leetah crooned, unconsciously letting her eyes rest again on Cutter,

"Valley so low,

Hang your head over,

Hear the wind blow. . ."

In the far corner of the saloon she caught a glimpse of someone sitting, hunched into himself. His dark hat was pulled low over his eyes, his long, black coat wrapped around him in spite of the heat in the room. A little, ancient, bald elf was sitting next to him, smiling at her, dressed in a patterned poncho, with a sombrero lying beside him on the table. Something about the way the dark stranger was sitting. . . Her voice caught in her throat. If she didn't know it couldn't be he, she would have been sure--

"If you don't love me," she sang,

"Love whom you please,

Put your arms 'round me,

Give my heart ease. . ."

The catch in her voice had been just in the right place for the song. Hoykar gave her an approving nod as she went into the next verse.

"Roses love sunshine,

Violets love dew,

Angels in heaven

Know I love you,

Know I love you, dear,

Know I love you--"

She almost broke off. The Major's lips were moving-- he was singing along. His eyes-- he was-- he was singing the words to her! Leetah faltered, her heart pounding.

The dark stranger's head turned to watch Cutter. Cutter had stopped singing, but his eyes remained fixed on the Desert Rose. Leetah gathered herself together and finished the verse---

"Angels in heaven

Know I love you."

Then she rose. Picknose would be angry, but she couldn't help it. Hoykar, about to move into the next song, stumbled to a stop. Leetah fled.

In a swirl of black cloth, the dark stranger rose and strode out of the saloon.[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:21 pm

Ok, time to put back up something more, something I wrote once for Elfwest. This is a back story, happening before the time going on right now. It's about Leetah and Rayek. Just a note, I have changed a few things in this back story, not the story itself, just a few details that were missing and a few that needed to be added. I just found that my way of writing when I wrote this... I was a bit embarrased. It was simple, childish and... well, anyway. The only thing I have changed is the color of her dress from red to blue, and add a few details and the bow used to be blue, and now changed into yellow. And instead of staying at the livingroom, Leetah and Rayek are going outside

Courage and fright Part 1

There was a quiet afternoon at the Hidalgo ranch. The sun was shining with a warm glow through the window. Leetah sat and practiced on the grand, playing her favorite song. She enjoyed this time at day; she loved the warmth from the afternoon sun at her back as she played. No one would interrupt her playing. She would prefer this while the rest of her family had the siesta.

She was in her forteenth year, and that meant she was ready for gowns that were a bit more... fitting. The one she wore was a blue dress that reached down to her ancles, and not to her knees like she would have worn a year earlier, puffed shoulders with white laces, which also would  go up from the middle of her waistline to her neck, where a red broch would keep the laced linings together. She would have preferred it not to have the high linings around her neck that would threaten to choke her if she didn't sit straight up, but her mother wouldn't allow her garments to go further down her neck. She had her hair tied up in a tall ponytail with a yellow silk bow, and the locks were strictly shaped in curls that were hanging down her neck.

Leetah finished her playing, and then she heard a sigh behind her. “!That was bueno, hermana!”

Leetah turned around and found her seven years old sister Shenshen, standing a few feet away, watching with admiration in her large, green eyes. She didn’t say anything, only stared. Her red brown hair was tied up in two tails up on her head with yellow ribbons. Her green dress matched her eyes and she looked cute in her white stockings with laces and black shoes.  ”Shenshen? I didn’t notice you were there.”

Shenshen frose, afraid she had interrupted. “I… I didn’t want to disturb you, hermana.” Shenshen answered, looking down. “You played so beautifully, and I wish I could do the same.”

Leetah smiled back to her sister. “Gracias, Shenshen. Do you want to learn how to play?”

Shenshens eyes grew wide by the question. “Really? Do you want to teach me?”

“!Por supuesto!” Leetah said, touching the seat of the stool. “Come here and sit with me, hermana.”

The young girl sat beside her older sister, and her eyes was shining like two suns. Leetah started to teach her younger sister the easiest way to remember the notes, and which one was meant for which tangent. It took a while, but Shenshen looked really proud when she finally managed to play the simple scale all by herself. The two sisters were so caught in playing that they didn’t notice someone enter the room. “Buenas tardes, señoritas.” said a voice. The girls looked up to see who it was.

A young boy, a bit older than Leetah, leaned to the door casement. He wore a pair of plain, black pants and a white shirt was visible under the black jacket and a dark red waistcoat. The long black hair was tightly bounded behind his neck, and were shining in the afternoon light. He stood there without saying a word, but smiling his normal teasing smile.

He was Leetah’s best friend and had been like a brother to her all her life, but sometimes he could be teasing her only for fun. She never minded, because normally she got the last word in their arguments, and he always followed her will when to do something. Shenshen on the other hand, didn’t like him. She didn’t understand his joking wasn’t meant for wounding, and watched him with a grumpy look where she sat. He always teased her too, for always being careful, and always commented her mistakes. There for, she was not exciting for having him around, especially not around her hermana.

Leetah straightened up at her seat and gave him her most serious look. “Do you mind leaving us alone, estupido? We’re practicing!”

“Si, niña. You need to keep practice.”

Leetah reached out her tongue to him and gave him a look that said just-admit-that-you’re-estupido. Shenshen was shocked, but Rayek only smiled.

“You moron, Rayek.”

“You also need to watch your tongue, niña.” He said and left the room.

Shenshen looked at her sister. “How can you even think of talking like that, Leetah?”

“But he IS a moron, hermana, and Mama always says that we should tell the truth, does she not?”

“Si, but…”

“So, that means that I must tell him that he is a moron, because it is truth.” Leetah said and put the lock on the grand targents to make sure it would avoid dust.

Shenshen sat silent for a moment before she spoke again. “Hermana… does that mean… that everyone can call him that? Because it is truth?”

“That’s what I mean.”

“Does that mean that… I can do it too?”

Leetah’s face broke up in a tricky smile before she answered. “Justamente, hermana. That means that you can call him that too.”

Shenshen goit the same tricky smile on her face as she jumped down from the chair and ran to the door and yelled out after Rayek: “Rayek, you are a moron!”

Leetah laughed at her sister. Shenshen always had to be so careful about everything no matter what she was doing, terrified of making mistakes. Their mama had yelled at her sometimes, once when she went out only wearing her bloomers. There had been no one out yet, but mama got really mad anyway. Following Leetah’s example now might get her into trouble, but she wanted her sister to have some fun now and then and not stick to rules day by day. Leetah loved her young hermana above anything in the whole world, but couldn’t help but annoyed by her being a good girl all the times. She feared that her hermana would grow up to be her total opposite, and never dare to take a chance or go on any adventures in fear to make their parents angry. Luckily, she had Rayek to do that with. Nevertheless, she felt sorry for her hermana.

Suntoutcher and Toorah had invited Rayek and his parents, Jarrah and Ingen their best friends, for dinner that evening. They gave them a warm welcoming before they went to eat. As they went, Suntoutcher led a hand on Leetah’s shoulder and held her back so they walked a bit after the others. Then he turned to her, saying: “You know we have carried over with you sometimes when it comes to your behavior, my little sun, but I would like you not to encourage you sister in the same ways. Am I making myself clear?”

Leetah didn’t answer, but looked down before she met her father’s eyes and smiled the smile that said “but I’ve done nothing, my loving papa”.

After dinner, they sat in the living room, and Leetah was asked to play for them at the grand. And she did. She played another song than the one she had played earlier, a classical one she had just learned. Once she finished, she got applause from the others, and as it fitted, she got up from the chair and bowed down, elegant in a lady’s way.

Then it came to talking between the grown-ups. Shenshen was obviously bored and didn’t say anything, but sat quietly and dreamed to make time pass. Rayek didn’t say anything either, but had his eyes on Leetah. It was annoying that he did that, because he had no expression in his face and it wasn’t easy to figure out what he was thinking. He did that when he wanted to tease her in front of others, so no one could comment him, but he could do it anytime, just for no reason. Leetah hated when he did that.

Toorah was going to show their guests their new set of furniture in another room, and they followed her out, and Shenshen followed to, glad to get away from Rayek. Leetah didn't follow, she excused herself to get some air and on the terrace, and Rayek, of course, offered her Company, agreeing on the warmth. As they looked out on the red sky, Leetah found him staring at her instead of the view.

“What is it this time, estupido?”

“Nothing, niña.” He said, “Nothing. I just like to watch you, that’s all.”

“!Justicia!” Leetah answered, folding her arms. She couldn’t get to him sometimes, he was so strange.

“Besides, I was wondering if you wanted to go riding with me tomorrow. I have asked Suntoucher, and he was fine with it.”

“Why do you ask Papa all the time?” Leetah said. “You know I wouldn’t miss something like that.”

Rayek stood up without taking his eyes from her. “I have to act like a caballero in front of your padre, Leetah, and ask for permission.”

Leetah rolled her eyes. “But you know I would go anyway, Rayek.”

Rayek blinked at her. “We both know that, niña. But I like to be shore before I act.”

She gave him the tounge again. "You're sure whenever you 'act', Rayek."

When they went after a long while, Shenshen was tired and tried so hard not to yawn all the time. They waved to them when they rode home, before Leetah helped Shenshen into bed. They still shared room at the nursery. Leetah wouldn’t get her own room before she became of age, but she didn’t really mind sharing room with her younger hermana.

“I don’t like him, Leetah!” Shenshen said suddenly when they were alone and Leetah help her of with the dress.

“But Shenshen” Leetah said. “He isn’t teasing for being bad, you know. He is a niño, and they are like that.”

Shenshen wouldn’t give up. “He’s not allowed to have you by himself all the time.”

Leetah finely realized her sister was jealous, and sat beside her at the bed.

“Shenshen, You’re my hermana, and you mean everything to me. But Rayek is my friend, and I like to spend time with him to.”

“You’re not going to marry him, are you Leetah?” Shenshen said looking at her.

Leetah was quite shocked by the question. “No, of course not. I couldn’t marry Rayek. He is my frend, but nothing more. I couldn’t MARRY Rayek!” She suddenly started to laugh by her sister’s weid imagination.

Shenshen smiled. “Thank you, hermana. It is bad enough to have him around.”

Leetah sighed and kissed her sister good night, before going to bed herself.

But she discovered it was hard to sleep, and came to think of Shenshen’s question. She had never thought of that before, but never imagined herself as Rayek’s wife. He had never made that kind of impression to her. She knew he was also flirting with Ahdri, Mrs. Sava’s granddaughter, but thought he did it for fun. She had once teased him about it, and he made no guilt of it. “Si, and so?” he had said. A thought hit her: Had he tried to make her jealous?

She got a weird feeling by the answer. Had she been jealous?

No! That is stupid. Don’t think like that.

She finely got into sleep, thinking of tomorrows riding trip with Rayek.
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Alright people, time for some more old, and some new, art.
For a long while now, some of you might remember, I have worked on some western dresses for the elf woman. I've tried to create something that would both be in the time and something that would sort of remind of the elves' original clothes in Elfquest. For some of them it was quite easy to just draw while someone needed a bit of a, call it rework before they were ready. Something is a little old, and something is new. I hope people will be satisfied.

Leetah was the first one I drew. I mean, who else, of the females, do you begin with in EQ?

The first one I've designed for her is a simple red everyday dress with yellow spots; quite like the top she wears at Cutter and Rayek trial. Believe me, those spots troubled me ALOT, that was hard work. I have no number of how many times I had to remake that dress; AND the spots. I also gave her a tooth necklace, quite a simple one like the one she has in the comic. But I was quite satisfied with the result, and I hope it can become of use in the stories.

The next one is directly based on her blue Sorrow's End skirts with golden decor that she wears at first. It is either a traveling outfit or a shopping outfit, whatever one chooses, simply an outfit. The simple but pretty straw hat is not overdone with decor, but fits the dress and is practical on a sunny day. I gave it red flowers, for a contrast. The gloves and the belt has the symbol of the sun, as a marking to where the idea comes from, and maybe to sign where she is from.

The third is an outfit WiseShaman uses in elfwest a few days later (I won't say which as it would spoil for those who hasn't red much Elfwest yet); a green top with a brown skirt. I don't know how WiseShaman imagines this, but it is how I managed to picture it. I choosed simple blossoms in her hair for this one, I figured that would be good for a green top.

Then I have another one.

The first is another everyday dress with a sweet flowered cream blouse. The shawl could be, maybe, from another drawing made for Leetah. I have a feeling it was made by Mirror.

Then there is a riding outfit. This is half based on her traveling outfit, when going to Blue Mountain, but I used just the pants and the corset. I was thinking of making the corset green and the pants brown instead, maybe I'll make a second. The hair due is from Kings Cross, I thought it would fit nicely as a riding style.

The last one is another outfit that is for either shopping, outgoing on town or for travels. This green one is based on the dress she gets from Shuna's mother, or at least it was supposed to be. I guess it got a little... changed during my experimenting. Notice; I also gave her the earrings of her Final Quest outfit.

I figured out it was rather easy to make outfits for Leetah, she is the fashion queen of Elfquest, and for Elfwest as well. And as I kept making new artwork for other Elfwest characters I... found that I had more ideas going on for those I have already drawn for. One of them was Leetah. I mean, it was impossible for me NOT to draw more for her. I was actually supposed to post them on the old forum, but now I found that I can post them here, all together.

I have had these two outfits in mind for her long time ago, just had trouble finishing them. Something were missing, one way or the other. This first one is also inspired by her travel outfit, the long red coat, and the second is from her night gown, the huge pink swirling drape-like dress.

With the first outfit I struggled to either she was to have the long coat open from the waist and down like in the original, or not. I figured out that it would be best to have it closed all the way down. I found another Bonanza dress that inspired me for this one, from an episode "To Own the World". It get's a little China touch this way, making it exotic, fitting for traveling. Originally the large collar is plain yellow, but I desided to change the collar just a bit to not make it too much standing out and fitting with the rest og the outfit. The light yellowish scarf makes up for that. I hope you guys like the hat I added. I gave this one blue flowers as a contrast since the blue suit I made for her got red flowers. I'm not sure if I regret that or not, can't make up my mind about that. ANyway, too late now.
The other dress is, like I said, inspired from her night gown. She sometimes wore it for parties I remember, at least she had it while they all celebrated hers and Cutter joining. Because of this, I decided to make it into a party dress with a spanish touch. Huge and puffed up and ready for dancing flaminco. I gave her a spanish kind of hairdue with a thing on the back of her head that I've seen spanish womman wear but cannot figure out what is called. I gave her blood red roses for a passionate touch. Many people think red and pink don't mix, but I think it makes a nice touch, with both the pink innocent and the red passionate combination. Depends a bit on the ocatin I guess. The fan makes the final touch from the spanish environment.

Then I just got more and more inspired. I made her another blue outfit based on one of her blue skirts, the one he wears from nr. 2 to nr. 6 in Original Quest, like I mentioned before, but I got an idea of how to use the other one from nr 7 from Original Quest. She has already been shown with two saloon dresses, one with a tourquise dress and one WiseShaman made up in the stories and was drawn, the red dress with the black shawl (I think Mirror made them too). From Original Quest nr. 7 she has a skirt with three layers. I figured out that this would be perfect for a blue saloon dress. Here is a pretty looking dancing dress in clear blue silk with gold fridges and a split by one of the legs with a three layered skirt, rustling as she walks. I also gave her the headband she wears in Seige for Blue Mountain, with the same hairdue. I thought this would be perfect for saloon-dancing. I'll imagine the cowboys would go wild if she did it in this. If our Major isn't turning into nutmash with her looking like this, then I don't know.
I've also given her another everyday wearing outfit; a simple red skirt with a matching waistcoat and a sweet blouse underneath. This is a bit plain, but I guess it's alright. She can always just take of the waiscoat if she feels for loosing up a bit. I just wantet her to have more colorfull outfits, I realized I gave her lot of plain ones, and I wanted to include the first wrapping top she wears in EQ, which is my personal favorite from Leetah.
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Seven   Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:10 pm

Wow Rainflower, the artwork is just great and the start of the back story is cool. It'll be good to get everything back, keep doing what your doing! cheers

And here is the next piece for Day One written by The_Wylde_Wynd

Day One - Part Seven

The second they entered town he knew it was a mistake. He didn't belong here, that was a simple truth that had be proven and spoken enough to convince anyone. So why was he not turning around and riding far, far away?

Simple. Ekuar was worried about him, and convinced that 'home' was where he needed to be. And when Ekuar was worried, he was powerless to say no.

Out of purely subconsious habit they headed towards the saloon, dismounting and hitching their horses up once they arrived. He noticed that he had to put more effort than usual into walking a straight line. He refused a sigh that was welling up inside him, letting the air out through his nose instead. It appeared that his lack of sleep was catching up to him.

He felt Ekuar looking at him, worried. He knew his father was afraid for him, convinced that he was driving himself into illness or worse. Maybe he was. Sleep didn't come to him anymore, it hadn't for a long time, not since... No. He shook his head slightly. No, don't think of it, just don't.

They made their way through the crowed saloon. A dust covered soldier bumped against him, knocking him into a table and moving on without seeming to notice. He rolled his eyes, typical tin-soldier behavior.

Reaching a secluded corner of the room they sat, the plush cushions of his chair seeming unsuportive after weeks in the saddle. He winced, if his body was already disused to such things Ekuar's insistance that he sleep in a real bed would make for a longer night than usual.

A shot of whiskey was pressed into his hand and he tossed it back automaticaly. From across the room cat-calls and joyous cries rang out from the masses. He suppressed another eye-roll. Ah, simple minds...

His rolling glance froze, his breath catching in his throat, his heart stilling as his eyes fell upon the woman on the stage. He was seeing things. Too long in the sadle, not enough sleep, not enough to eat. He had to be seeing things. But he knew he wasn't.

She was seated at the center of the stage, crooning like a heavenly song-bird. Suddenly her eyes met his, as green and beautiful as he remembered. They hurt, those flawless eyes, hurt like the familiar burn of a red-hot iron. There was such disbelief in those eyes, as though she was staring at a ghost.

Another sound caught his ears. His eyes turned to the dusty tin-soldier from earlier. He was fixed on her, singing her words back to her. He suddenly felt afraid, sick and cold.

She finished her song, standing abruptly, fleeing the stage.

He was on his feet, passing through the room, and outside in a breath. Something burned behind his eyes. He couldn't do this. He couldn't.

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*jaw drops and just stares at Rainflower's epic artwork* Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

just.... WOW!!!!!

*cues music to the last chapter* DUM-DA-DA-DUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Things are getting intense!!

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:52 pm

This is A-MA-ZING...!

Leetha looking prettier wtith every dress... sunny  I love you  I love you

How Zanthee used to say in Dreamtime: Leetha is the sun!
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Eight   Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:30 am

And here is the next piece for Day One written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Eight

He watched her run off the stage, fleeing it practically. Cutter shot off after her and would have been at her side except for the hand that grabbed his jacket and arm. A voice cut through the worry right to his head.

"We have to go Cutter. The game's going to begin soon."

He turned to see Skywise holding him firmly in place by the arm, a pleading look in his eyes. And at that moment, that exact second, the rock crushed Cutter against the hard place with a resounding crack. The look of pain on his face must have been as clear as the blue sky at high noon because Skywise let him go with a half smile.

"Go on...I'll go the game by myself. I'll be all right on my own, go to her." He said taking a reluctant step back.

Cutter turned back to the stage then back to Skywise. What was he thinking he suddenly came to a conclusion? No one falls in love at first sight? He was a fool for even thinking that, and certainly of her. Someone like her, so beautiful, wouldn't want a simple horse soldier with nothing to his name. She probably had a hundred suitors lined up at her door just ready to give her the world.

"No wait...I'll go with you." Cutter said shaking his head to clear it.

"Are you sure?" Skywise asked.

"I just said so didn't I?" Cutter snapped walking by him towards the doors.

Skywise felt his heart drop. He knew Cutter would fall in love with Leetah the minute he saw her, and it took less than that. And now he was dragging them apart for the sake of some dice game, but it had to be done. He was in deep with the investor and couldn't walk away from this. He shook his head feeling like the dirt he was walking on charging for the door and after his brother in all but blood.

Rayek rubbed his shoulder making the ache disappear. Too bad the confusion in his soul didn't follow. He was torn, like an old shirt, right down the middle it felt like. Coming home was the wrong thing to do, seeing and feeling all this was too much right now. Yet, he had to do it. The other life was done. The other path had come to an end and he had to start over, become something else.

"Are you okay brown skin?" Ekuar asked from behind.

"I will be. I'm just having a harder time of this then I thought." Rayek answered.

"Maybe coming home to start over wasn't the best idea?" Ekuar asked.

"No, my other life began here. If I'm starting over then it's back to the roots, back to the beginning of it all." Rayek said with a half smile.

He was about to tell Ekuar to go the room at the boarding house and rest while he took a walk, but the over-developed senses Rayek had tuned for collecting bounties took over and he felt eyes on him. He looked up and down the walkway, across the street, to see a figure in the dark shadows. Even in the darkness that draped the man like a blanket Rayek could tell his eyes were searching him, checking everything about him. The old feeling came back, the hunter coming out, but Rayek pushed him back in. He was done with the hunter.  

Ekuar saw the shadow too and felt his heart skip a beat as he spoke nervously. "Brown skin?"

"Go to our room and rest. I will return shortly." Rayek ordered.

"Please brown skin, don't do anything foolish?" Ekuar pleaded.

"Do not worry Ekuar," Rayek said with a smile while straightening his coat, "I have a feeling this is nothing more then business."

"That's what you said last time and look what happened." Ekuar whispered.

Rayek didn't say anything back, there wasn't any use to. He knew it scared his companion to near death to do what he did, but there was nothing else yet for him to turn to. So he gave Ekuar a small tip of his hat and headed across the street. On the way he pulled up the bottom of his coat over the double Colt's rig and unsnapped them from their holsters. You always had to be prepared.

Ekuar could only watch as his brown skin crossed the street to get into who-knows what kind of trouble. He sighed and started for the boarding house. He had just stepped into the street when the doors to the saloon swung open viciously as Cutter bolted out with Skywise just a step or two behind. He went one way while they went the other.

The man on the walkway was leaning on a post rolling a cigarette while eyeing Rayek as he approached cautiously. He didn't say anything as the elf walked up, just unzipped his bag of tobacco and poured a stream out onto the paper.

It was another elf Rayek noted, a tall one with a hawk nose and beady eyes under the bent brim of a worn hat. Rayek also noticed another shadow deeper in the dark, probably a backup with a greener, just like last time. The elf suddenly spoke drawing Rayek's attention back to him.

"Evening, guess your wondering why I was giving you the eye."

"No, I was thinking of something else. I hear there are dangerous men out at night in town and I was hoping you could point them out to me from that spot your hiding in." Rayek answered with a calm smile hands resting on his guns.

"Ouch, and here I thought this was going to be a civil exchange." The elf said.

"I'm sorry to disappoint a person of your obvious stature and nature senor, but if I knew who the hell you were I might bring myself to try." Rayek said.

"The name's Kureel." The elf said putting the cigarette between his lips. He slowly reached into his belt for a match noting the fact that Rayek watched his every move very carefully.

"No, I've never heard of you," Rayek said shaking his head, "and I'm sure I would have remembered if I had business with you. It's not everyday you meet a lackey who hides in the shadows and demands civility." Rayek said backing away to leave.

"Oh, we don't have any business you and me bounty hunter. I'm just delivering an invitation from someone who wants to meet with you tonight." Kureel said with a grin lighting his cigarette. The yellow flame form the match lit up the elf's face yellow and the body of the human behind him in the shadows holding a shotgun.

"I see you brought help, I'm flattered." Rayek said with his own grin while stopping in the street. He was far enough
away to make draw of his Colts if needed.

"We both know how things work bounty hunter. Now here's the invite, show up or not, it's of no concern to me. I got to get to a dice game at Greymung's now and make some more money. You have a nice evening." Kureel said with a wink while dropping the paper he pulled out his belt on the ground.

He turned to walk away when Rayek called out to him. "You look a little big to be an errand boy."

Kureel stopped and turned back, but the sneer Rayek was expecting was a large wicked smile instead. "Please bounty hunter, I know what we are you and I. If the devil had a band I'd be playing piano just like that dummy Hoykar, and I'd be loving it. You, from what I've heard, would be singing lead just like that Desert Rose."

"I don't do that anymore..." Rayek said flatly.

Kureel didn't answer with a word, only a cackling laugh that seemed to echo. Rayek waited until he was gone along with the shotgun before bending over to pick up the note on the ground. It was an expensive piece of parchment paper and the second he touched it a small shock went through his hand. The lettering was from a quill pen, the old feather kind, and in a sweeping cursive. It was two lines and single letter.

Old oak, off the road east of town, 12:30

Bring Leila


Rayek pulled out his watch and looked at it, an hour before the meeting, if he wanted to go. He looked to the east of town and wondered who 'W' was. Only one sure way to find out he decided.

Leetah fought to get her breath under control. The fact Picknose was yelling at her like her father didn't help any.


She was about to give him a good piece of her mind when a small set of hands suddenly shoved the fat troll to the side. Nightfall appeared with a huge scowl on her face.

"Shut up and go back to the bar! If you don't give these cowboys some whiskey soon they'll burn this place down around your fat head!"

Leetah breathed a sigh of relief as Picknose quickly retreated from the back of the stage and Nightfall. As he walked past the curtains the yells for his head started.

"Here, you look like you need this." Crescent said handing over a shot of whiskey.

The Desert Rose never drank, well not whiskey, but right now she needed this. She shot it back and made a small face at the burn. After a second she welcomed the calm it brought.

"Do you want to go back out there?" Nightfall asked.

Leetah looked out at the crowds from the safety of the side stage. She didn't see Cutter or Rayek, and she felt a sense of relief and sadness, relief that one was gone and sadness that the other was gone also. She took a deep breath and then turned to Nightfall and Crescent.

"I can do it. I can go back out now."

She gave them both a warm smile then stepped out of the curtains. Hoykar, who had been busy throwing back empty bottles with expert precision, saw Leetah and jumped on the piano. Almost instantly the crowd turned it's attention from destroying the place to watching Leetah as she broke out into another dance.

"You know, if we leave now we could probably catch Redlance before he gets too far...you know if you want to." Crescent offered.

That same rock and a hard place that had squeezed Cutter took hold of Nightfall. She looked to the floor for a second before turning back to her friend, her sister practically. "Nah, we need to stay and keep an eye on Leetah. We'll catch up with Redlance when he gets back."

Crescent gave a smile to her sister, a shake of her head, and turned back to watch Leetah as the Desert Rose captivated the crowd.

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Nine   Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:59 pm

And here is the next piece for Day One written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Nine

Skywise had a hard time keeping up with Cutter as they crossed the dark street on their way to Greymung's Trading Post and Mercantile for the dice game. He wasn't sure how long Cutter would be sullen, but he knew it wouldn't end tonight or anytime soon. His brother in all but blood was just like his father Bearclaw some times, both had the temper and disposition of a grizzly when roused from a deep sleep.

"Cutter wait," Skywise called out.

"What?" He turned back asking quickly.

The tone of the question hurt Skywise causing him to stop dead in his tracks. "We need to meet with the investor. He has the stake to get us in the game."

He saw the pain in his brother's face and Cutter felt the instant pang of guilt for lashing out at Skywise. He reached up and rubbed his eyes trying to force the anger and anxiety of not see Leetah out of his head and heartƩt wasn't working.

"Who's this 'investor' you have to meet?"

"Well...that's the prickly part you might sayŢ Skywise said shrugging his shoulders.

"The 'prickly part'?" Cutter asked back with a raised eyebrow. This was getting a little too deep for the major.

"Stop trying to hide it from him son. He'd find out sooner or later." A familiar voice called out from a dark alley.

"Yeah, the 'prickly part'...as in Bearclaw's the investor." Skywise mumbled.

Cutter didn't hear the captain's last, he wasn't aware of a single thing around him except for his father who had just stepped out of that dark alley. Bearclaw stood perfectly straight and calm, a look just south of defiance on his bearded face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cutter asked taking two large steps forward to stand up to and in front father.

"I'm doing business with the captain." Bearclaw answered calmly.

"No, you're gambling! Damn it, do you know what's gonna happen if mother finds out about this? Do you want her to get on that train and leave you?" Cutter spat pointing his finger at Bearclaw.

"You point that finger at me again son and I'm gonna tear it off, understand?" Bearclaw growled back.

The tension between the two grew thicker by the second and who knows what might have happened if not for the intervention of one Captain Skywise. "Wait, before either of you start to rip things of the other person can we talk. It would be a real shame to know all of this could have been avoided after someone bites off a finger!"

"He's not gonna listen." Bearclaw said with a cold streak.

"I'd listen if it was about anything but the one thing you swore you'd never do again. Do you remember what gambling did to you, to Joyleaf, to all three of us?" Cutter shot back.

"Every damn day," Bearclaw said as the growl went out of his voice, "I promised you momma I wouldn't touch those dice again and I haven't. I've stayed out of Greymung's ever since, hell I won't even go in to buy a bag of flour."

Cutter knew it was the truth, every last word. His father was a lot of things, a killer when forced to and a jokester in the show if needed. He was a fighter who stood for what he saw as right and wrong. He also lied to anyone if the situation required it, but the one thing his father was above all else was loyal. Bearclaw loved his wife Joyleaf, and when he made her a promise it was for life. When he promised her to stay away from the dice and Greymung's it was set in stone, no going back and no breaking it.

"Then what are you doing?" Cutter asked shaking his head. He was trying to focus but the smell of jasmine kept dragging him back to Leetah.

"I'm betting the whole show, or the captain here is, in the game. The top prize is a piece of land just outside of town. This piece is prime son, just sitting there growing grass." Bearclaw said with a small smile.

"What are you going to do with more land? You all ready have the arena and the small ranch up in the hills." Cutter asked not following the logic.

"When I win the deed I hand it over to Bearclaw, who takes it back Greymung and sells it back for a nice little profit." Skywise said with a wink.

"Or better yet, I take it to that no account Guttlecraw and offer it to him. I could get double what its worth if I start a bidding war between those two." Bearclaw said, that small smile growing with every second.

"I was thinking you might go to Voll with the deed. You get a bidding war going between those threeƴhe skies the limit to where the money would end!" Skywise popped in with a look of evil glee on his face.

"And what are you going to do with all this money?" Cutter queried.

"Give it to your mother so she doesn't have to worry about the show making money at every piss-ant town we go to. For once she doesn't have to beg every two-bit mayor for us to play in their one horse town. She can enjoy the tour for once." Bearclaw explained.

"I'm going to pay for a year at the hotel and play cards till my fingers go numb!" Skywise said excitedly.

"Wait, you said 'the whole show'" Cutter said raising his hand to stop the two, "you meant all the money in your pocket, right?"

"You need more than lint to get into the game son." Bearclaw laughed.

"Wait, you meant all the money you have in the bank, right?" Cutter asked again with one raised eyebrow.

"Not that either..." Skywise said with a guilty smile.

"No, you're not gonna-" Cutter said shaking his head as Bearclaw cut him off.

"Yep, I'm putting the Wild West Show and the arena up for grabs."

"Aww hell..." Cutter said putting his hand to his eyes and rubbing.

"There's no need to worry Cutter, the show and arena are safe in my hands. There's no way I'm going to lose this!" Skywise said.

"And if he does I'll shoot him in the leg." Bearclaw said with a smile walking by both.

"Right after mother shoots the two of us..." Cutter shot back following his father.

"Hey, you were just joking about shooting me in the leg, right?" Skywise asked with a laugh. He stood waiting for answer and when one didn't come he ran after the two suddenly starting to worry. What if he actually lost this game?

Nah...never happen.

The money slipped easily into the small pouch he wore around his neck on the leather strip. Redlance had planned on taking his furs to the Trading Post two days out in the south valley, but after seeing Nightfall and Crescent ride up he changed his mind. He went to the mercantile post in town, which offered less for the furs, but was just a short walk from the saloon. It was strange but he wanted to see her, Nightfall. He wasn't sure if she was interested in anything else, but she had always been good to talk with. She was his opposite in being brash and saying what was on her mind. In living with the natives he was taught silence was best when tracking and hunting. Colonel Sheridan had taught him silence was necessary for survival when living across enemy lines. He could live in the woods in silence for months without saying a word. He had done it during the war. He didn't want too anymore though.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get you more Redlance. It's all Greymung will give for the furs." Aroree said sadly.

"It's okay, I don't really need the money." Redlance said with a smile bringing his thoughts back to the mercantile.

Aroree saw the handle sticking out of the bottom of the red velveteen shirt of the tracker on his left side and curiosity took hold. "Is that an axe on you're hip?"

"Oh no, "Redlance said pulling up the shirt to show a small tomahawk hanging from a clip on his sash, "it's my protection."

"You don't carry a gun?" Aroree asked with worry.

"Nope," He said showing the large Bowie knife on his right side, "I don't like 'em. There too loud and smelly for my liking."

Aroree gave a giggle as the tracker turned and looked at the door. He didn't like what he seeing. The room was filling with people waiting for the game to begin, some milling by the shelves while others walked around. This wasn't the high society of Two-Moons, if there was one, and wasn't the middle society either. These were men with lowly reputations and even lower morals. If they didn't like the way something was going then it could all be fixed with a few shots from the Colt's or Schofiled's on their hips. This had all the markings of something that could go south very fast.

Suddenly Redlance didn't feel safe, and he didn't like the fact that Skywise was going to be shooting dice in the back alone. The captain needed a second, some one to watch his back. And that meant no Nightfall. The tracker shook his headƴhat old rock and a hard place started to squeeze on him.

"Aroree, if I say get out I want you to run for the back and get out of here, okay?"

"Why?" She asked looking up and then around.

"Trust me, if I yell it you need to get out of this store and to Marshall Stump's as fast as you can run." Redlance whispered looking around.

Aroree was use to seeing the dregs and the drovers come for Greymung's dice games in the back, but tonight's was bigger. More money was being put into the pot, even deeds for land she had heard, and that always brought out the worst people for some reason. She noticed the same thing Redlance had seen now and just like him she started a little worry for her safety.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:19 pm

Wonderfull pieces brought out for Elfwest. I had forgotten how interesting this card game were and the plot about it.

Now, I'm not going in the same line presenting the ladies like on the old forum, I'll put them in as they show up in the story. And since we have seen more of Nightfall and Crescent now, I figured out it would fit to bring them, and their dresses, back to the page. (note; I might be repeating myself from the old forum, with just a bit editing.)

Here's Crescent first: She was both challenging and fun to make clothes for, since she has only one original outfit to work from. But I think I managed to give her a fitting wardrobe. The daughter of the Dressmaker should have some privileges after all.
I imagine the purple everyday dress to be something she would use like regularly since it's simple and practical. And purple is more or less her color as well as her mother Moonshade.
The blue one is a sweet summerdress. I imagine that she woudn't mind looking a bit sweet during a picnic in the summer or something.

I remember in another backstory that Crescent was wearing overalls when working. That's a nice working outfit, so I wanted to show it. I think it looks like she's handy for anything.
The other dress is a dress that is buttoned on the upper part. A bit dull perhaps, but I guess she needs some long sleeves in colder days. Besides, brown is also something she wears on original clothes. I hope you like the little lilac bonnet I gave her. Her thing? Not sure, but she seems like an obedient girl, considering who her parents are. I also wanted to see how she would look with her hair braided.

This is her riding outfit, or at least something she could have worn during riding. The stripes on the shirt became bit separated because making striped pattern is alot of work, worse than dots.
Then there's her party dress. This one I chose it to be dark purple since she already has a light purple one. I did nothing with her hair other than a simple band.

The last one is just a blue skirt with a blouse. I also wanted to see what she would look like with a bow keeping her hair away from her face. The light blue jacket and hat would eventually be fitting for a day on town or for traveling.

And here we have Nightfall aka Trick Shot. I admit that even though she had more outfits than Crescent, it was hard to make clothes for her. She's always had such awesome creations, but only with the three colors red, orange and green. Not too much to work with, or...

This first one shows an outfit WiseShaman made for her, but I won't tell here either which part; a brown waistcoat and the skirt with the white wingtip shirt. I tried as hard as I could to picture the hair the way WiseShaman described it.

The other is a simple orange everyday cotton dress. I guess something like this could fit for her, plain and simple. Even she could accept that in everyday.

The next show's a riding outfit, red shirt and brown pants. Nothing flashing, not like the second on this drawing, which shows something that she eventually could have used in the Wild West Show. I wonderd where I could use the poncho she uses in Sorrow's End, and then I thought, The Show! What do you think? Fitting or not? I hope it doesn't look too hippie?

Here is the costume that eventually reminds most of her original outfits; green with red linings. This is a travel outfit, and I believe even she would wear one while touring with the show, who knows?

The other could be more a dress for fine occasions, a leaf patterned dress with small laces. I admit, I borrowed the idea for the dress from Bonanza's episode "Right's the Fourth R". I just thought the style would look nice on her.

Now tell me, was I just lacy or did I run out of ideas? I don't know but I felt she needed more but I couldn't come up with more, so I gave her a skirt with two blouses to change into; one orange flowered one and one plain white with a red ribbon. Like? Not? Anyway, a skirt could be practical for any woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:17 pm

I love every single outfit! Crescent in her blue outfits are my favourites. And in her violet outfit she looks much like her mother. Great ideas!!!


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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back
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