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 Its all fun and games until someone loses some sleep....

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PostSubject: Its all fun and games until someone loses some sleep....   Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:25 pm

(For all you insomniacs out there)

...Voices... ...Shouting... A muffled thud... I could not believe anyone I knew would dare try and have a drunken party near my cave, but apparently there was someone who wanted to push their luck.

I had moved far enough from the central caverns to anger my King, but after sending a few guards back to him that would need some time to heal, he decided to let me be. "...as long as it doesnt hurt your work performance, so be it..." he ended up saying.

It probably helped my forgework, now that I was getting proper sleep. Id thought everyone knew how crotchety and ill tempered I could get if I didnt get every moment of rest I needed. Apparently not.

"Rocks and Bolders, what in Two-Edge's beard is going on!!!" I hollered, grabbing my hammer and stumbling out to knock some sense into the rogue mumps I figured were outside my door.

But to my suprise (after a bit of wandering to locate the sound), the ruckus was from above ground! Once I was fully awake, it seemed like quite a big deal was being made about something up above...

It wasnt showing any signs of ending either, so I gathered a few things and went to see the King, and find out what was going on.

After a short trek and a longer wait for an audiance, Greymung the Pungant finally allowed me to see him.

"What brings you here, Troublemaker? Do you not think that my peace and quiet is less important than yours?" he snickered, echoed by a chorus of chuckles from the guards.

It was hard not to be insubordinate. While King Greymung demanded respect, he commanded none. Respect was earned, and this was a fool that was in debt up to the bridge of his nose. "Respectfully, I was wondering if you had news of what was happening Up Above, over where I live. I cant make out what is being shouted, but they are making one smelter of a ruckus."

"Hmm... Lets see... Something that has to do with Elves, the Surface, and your lack of sleep... Why should this concern me? No, there is no word about such things. It seems, though, that this should mean you can out in a longer shift today, hmm? You appear to be all ready for work." Greymung grinned.

Tired beyond dealing with Greymung's foolishness, I shrugged this off. "If it pleases you, Id like to point out I do my best work after I get enough rest, and it seems that this wont happen with the current events, so I would like to request that someone find out what is hapoening with our trade partners." Greymung may have no love for Elves, or feel like the surface held anything for him, but he sure enjoyed the fruits and meats the Elves brought for him in exchange for my work. I reminded him of this subtly.

"Hmm... Lets see... " he turned to each guard in the room, mockingly asking "would you like to go up and find out what's going on?" To which, each replied innocently "No, Sir, Unless you wish me to leave my post?"

Greymung truned back to me. "You see? There is no one I can spare for this news, I suppose we will juat have to wait for an Elf to cone tell us what is going on. Now, back to your forge!"

Thinking quickly, I blurted out, "I suppose you are right as usual, it may just be a new rockshaper practicing or something of less consequense. Sorry to have bothered you."

It seems that this had the desired effect of getting the King's attention at first. " ...Thuds, you say, that close to your cave.... A rock shaper might indeed be up there..." he though for a moment. " Well, since you say you are going to be useless at the forge until this gets resolved..."

Knowing where he was going with this, I tried to interject that that was not what I said, "but King Greymung, what I meant was..."

"...interrupting your King? Very well then, I hope you packed well for your visit up top. Go see what mischief those Elves have gotten themselves into, and if there is a rock shaper among them, bring him back with you if you want to see a forge again!"

I could have argued pointlessly about the situation, but I figured that there were worse fates this pile of dung could conjure up, so I took the quest upon myself.

Audiances with the King did not usually go well, and I had figured that he might send me to the Water Caverns like last time, so I found myself prepared for a journey above considering I could wear my water-headdress as a protector from the sun.

Donning it, checking my hammer, and retreiving both my workboots and a max-ration of food, I made my way to the Tunnel of Above.
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Its all fun and games until someone loses some sleep....
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