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 Christina's WaveDancers compedium

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PostSubject: Christina's WaveDancers compedium   Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:19 pm

Right... so here I'll list all my threads of WD-lore that I have already posted, or plan to share with you all. Hopefully you'll find something of interest ^_^

  • (Unofficial) WaveDancers Timeline
  • Nameless WaveDancers, Past and Present
  • The Ears Have It, pt. 1 - Skimback
  • The Ears Have It, pt. 2 - Shells Inspiration
  • The Ears Have It, pt. 3 - the Original WaveDancers
  • Clothes, Color Schemes and Design inspiration for the tribe
  • How they have changed
  • Abode's sea life
  • Headpieces
  • Height chart
  • Magic users & what we can expect
  • Story patterns in OWD/NWD

(Yes, I am obsessed with those sea elves Wink)


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Christina's WaveDancers compedium
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