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 "Guests"/Google/Bot Concerns

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PostSubject: "Guests"/Google/Bot Concerns   Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:17 am

It was mentioned via PM about Google Bot/Bing, etc. concerns and if they could be blocked.

What I found I CAN do is block them from appearing with the members online list.  

As for preventing them from showing up in the "Guests" amount; (meaning banning them all together from seeing the site), I have not been able to find such an option in the Admin Panel

Even if I banned their countless IP addresses manually, that does not prevent them from viewing the site, or showing up as a "Guest".  IP ban only prevents someone from registering into the site.

I do assure you that the chatbox still remains UN-seen by anyone viewing the site as a "Guest", so those conversations are still completely private.

If there is anyone else who has experience/suggestions that I can further look into, or try, please feel free to post here and let me know.

Thank you and Shade and Sweet Water  I love you 
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"Guests"/Google/Bot Concerns
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