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 Lands of the Iron Folk

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PostSubject: Lands of the Iron Folk   Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:34 am

the Iron Folk are named for hot who they are now, but who they will become generations from now.

Today they are two colossally related peoples, the Earth Folk and the Coast Folk, as well as the Earth Folks small bands of hunters.

when the children of the High Ones first spreed out over the World of Two Moons those who will become the Iron Folk where one people who came to settle in what are the lands of the Earth Folk, but a generation after they found their new home some of their number felt their ways did not suit the ways of their brethren, instead of disharmony they moved on a small ways and became the Coast Folk, those that remained would become the Earth Folk, their closeness and ancestry bind them to this day.

Earth Folk Pt.1

The Earth Folk today are Gardeners, Shepherds, Ceramicists and Workers of Soft Metals (like Gold, Silver and Copper) also in the past few generations have taken up Cropping. they still hunt and forage in the Woods and on the Mores and make the honey wine known as Mead.

physically the Earth Folk are taller than Wolf Riders, they have fair skin that tans when they spend much time in the sun, their hair ranges from uncommon golden blonds and reds to the most common brown.

the Earth Folk have a sizable but untapped magical potential, the Earth Folk practice Sending, and they have a number of minor healers among their number and the normal proportion of true healers, also they have a small but noticeable number of Earth & Plant Sharpers. from time to time unusual gifts arise but are almost never passed on.

the dress of the Earth Folk is fashioned from sheep and goats wool as well as linen and leather with Firs for the coldest parts of winter. They use a number of plant and mineral dies favoring earth tone for their daily where and also have brightly colored cloths for special occasions or if the mood takes them, they also accessorize with metal jewelry, gold and silver being much sort but polished copper being the norm, some use carved and polished wood and interesting stones and crystals among their jewellery and accessories.
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Lands of the Iron Folk
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