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 By the light of the silvery moon...

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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:27 am

((My apologies as well for taking so long. RL here as well has kept my hands tied, and then I came down sick with food poisoning that took a whollop out of me for a few days. And sorry my post is so long!!!  Embarassed  Embarassed  I love writing and get carried away sometimes!))

It was only natural for a chief to worry about his tribemates.  

But this was Pike.

And when it came to Pike and his history of unfortunate luck of "accidents", Cutter's nerves were on edge when watching the squirrel cheek elf traipsing across the branches through the trees to help distract the mother longtooth. Meanwhile, Cutter prayed to the High Ones that their gleeful Pike wouldn't trip over a branch knot and fall.

The plan appeared to work quickly! As threatening and fierce as the longtooth appeared, maternal instincts won out overall as she dashed back to her cubs while swatting away the threat of branches and leaves.  Unfortunately, her young thought she was playing too and began to chase at the branches she was trying to swipe away.  To the others in the hunting group, the scene appeared a bit humorous, but the chieftain felt something foreboding in the pit of his gut that led him to look around with concern.  That's when he caught sight of his soul's brother and that look.  

Cutter reached out carefully to gently rest his hand on Skywise's shoulder in hopes he wouldn't startle him while reaching the stargazer's mind with an even more cautious lock send. **Fahr.... are you alright?**  The chief didn't need an answer.  He already knew by their bonded souls what suddenly troubled his tribe-brother. It wasn't that often that the past would sneak up on Skywise and take hold of the elf, but when it did with the memory of his mother's sacrifice, it was a fierce grip of sorrow that was hard to shake. Knowing there wasn't much comfort the chief could offer, Cutter's other hand slid to his waist and untied a small pouch attached to his leggings to hand it to his dear friend with a whispered warning. "Don't let Pike get a wiff... they were last ripe dreamberries this phase of the moons.."

He gave Skywise a mirthful wink in hopes the small offering would lift the stargazer's spirits when Scouter's sending suddenly caught the chief's attention.  While scrambling as quickly as he could up through the branches, Cutter's brow furrowed with concern.  It never concerned the Wolfrider's how the Glider's continued their interactions with the humans, so long as his tribe was kept out of harm's way.  Thus far, the chieftain was lucky in his own human encounters with Nonna and Adar, and their chief Olbar.  And as Cutter broke through the canopy of trees beside Redlance, he had an awful feeling another encounter just may be inevitable as he caught a brief glimpse of the flailing body against the moonlight before it disappeared below the horizon of trees.  

That moment of indecisive thoughts felt as if it lasted a full turn of the seasons.  Why should he care of the Glider's actions? Why should he care over a mere human, who no doubt felt their life had been blessed in some crazy belief that by being carried by the talons of the bird spirits meant eternal life?  

The chieftain could feel those leaf green eyes staring at him before he even turned to find Redlance staring at him.  His gaze spoke volumes of apprehension and concern. Without speaking or sending, he could hear the treeshaper's thoughts. If this incident led to human hostility...

"I know, Redlance... I know....." Without waiting for a reply, or seeing the treeshaper's reaction, Cutter disappeared into the trees again to greet the hunting group once more and inform them of what was seen.  He obviously wasn't keen on his own suggestion, but his ever nagging conscience wouldn't let it rest.  **We'll simply scout out this human to be sure he's not injured to the point he's completely defenseless.  The last thing we need is a tribe of humans outraged at the lot of us over something a Glider has done against one of their own.**

Besides, he thought to himself, they were still empty handed for a meal to bring back to the Holt.  Hopefully the trek would provide something for the hungry stomachs waiting on them.
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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:18 pm

No worries, Kindred! Glad you are feeling better- food poisoning is the worst!

Skot watched admiringly as Pike hopped to answer his chief's command. The tuft-headed spear bearer scampered out along the branches and cheerfully lured the longtooth away from the hunting party. That's one brave elf! Skot mused (if Go Backs can be said to muse)- He'd make a decent Go Back, for sure.

The Wolfrider chief seemed to think so too. For Skot saw that he was watching Pike with what Skot could only assume was great respect and admiration. But fish guts and troll leavings! Scot's own spear was still stuck in the hide of that beast. He didn't think Cutter would give him leave to retrieve it. No point in asking leave then. He simply waited for a chance to act.

The opportunity came quickly enough. Clearly satisfied with Pike's actions, Cutter turned next to his white-haired second. Skywise was one of those elves that Skot simply did not understand. He was always thinking before acting, and staring dreamily up at the sky. But he did seem clever enough- perhaps even useful. And he was nothing if not loyal- a quality most Go Backs valued. He saw Cutter clap a hand on Skywise's shoulder and pass him a small bag. They smiled. Skot could sense them sending, but it was a private send- and such things made his head buzz.

Suddenly, the Chief looked up and clambered up into a higher branch of the tree they were in. Skywise's attention was fixed on Cutter. He seemed disturbed. Now's my chance! Skot decided.

Leaping to the ground, he seized his spear and jerked it free from the carcass. A spray of blood hit him in the face, and he wiped it sloppily off on his arm. Pike was heading back now, and the rest of the hunting party had gathered around Skywise. Cutter, newly returned, gestured- and the group began to move off through the trees. Skot hurried to join them.

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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:50 pm

Skywise was relieved to feel the comfort in Tam's sending. It was good to be reminded that he had a brother still in the world of flesh, steady and trustworthy, always ready to support him. He accepted the gift of dreamberries, and sent his thanks in a carefully locked sending. He was quite sure Pike would get a whiff at some point, but that didn't matter, as soon as he ate the berries first!

Skywise wolfed down the tasty little berries, feeling their welcome effect soothing his soul. Not a snack normally enjoyed during a hunt, because the mushy feeling made it harder to concentrate, among other things, but this time it was what his body and soul required.

Might be due to the berries, but it took him a moment to realize that the focus of the hunt had shifted from the longtooth. His sword was still in the tusk hog, but it would stay there - it was not as if longtooth cats were in the habit of stealing weapons.

What concerned him now was that a bird of the Gliders had been sighted. He could not help but think about Aroree, whom he had once called lovemate. Surely she could not be the one up there? She had definitely been different from the other proud, haughty Chosen. Surely she could not command her bond bird to attack a human?

He knew the wolfriders had been on hostile terms with the Gotara tribe for most of their history... but the humans in these lands were different... weren't they? Olbar's people respected the elves... and the Hoan-G'Tay-Sho worshipped the gliders! Why would any glider want to hurt them? Curious as ever, Skywise climbed higher, trying to catch a glimpse of the giant bird, and even more importantly, its rider.
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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:46 pm

Redlance slipped into the back ranks of the hunting party as the group used the trees and the branches to exit the area by the longtooth. As he watched easy step to ensure he didn’t fall he let his mind drift to think of his huntress and where she was. She had gone off with Treestump and Clearbrook to take care of something the pair needed done and now he wondered just what that could be. Fur Chin was still keeping an eye on Clearbrook, the loss of One-Eye still fresh in her heart, as she went about the duties she did for the tribe. The treeshaper felt he might be growing her den just a bit one day to accommodate a new lovemate, maybe even a lifemate. He started to think suddenly, wonder if he and Nightfall would ever be blessed by recognition and have a cub of their own, to be a family in the true sense and not through some help with magic.

Then up ahead the hunting party dropped to the ground before coming to a slow stop, each hunter taking up a hiding spot among the bushes. Redlance moved swiftly and quietly over to a spot by himself eyeing the small spectacle in front of him and the hunting party.

The human had survived the fall from the hawk’s talons, though not without a scratch or two. And as the human stood up he could tell immediately it was a lifebearer, a young one by human standards too as the lifebearer stood up slowly. She was dressed like one from Olbar’s tribe and not of the Hoan-G'Tay-Sho tribe. Well, maybe she would be well enough to walk home the treeshaper thought, hoped, just before a loud screech echoed overhead. He looked up at the forest canopy and started to wonder again, what did this human mean to the Gliders because whoever dropped her was coming back to look for her right now.

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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:05 pm

"Should I spear it, Cutter?" Skot whispered enthusiastically. He scrambled to his chief's side. Forgetting he had failed to ask permission to retrieve it, he hoisted his bloody spear and grinned. "I can stick that bird if it swoops lower- or gut the human from here. Both a straight shot. Which one, my chief?"

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PostSubject: Re: By the light of the silvery moon...   

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By the light of the silvery moon...
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