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 Let's Ride! Elfwest is back

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Ten   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyThu Apr 16, 2015 1:07 pm

Wow Rainflower, those look great. I have to agree with Fairyring, Crescent's outfits look the best...

And here is the next piece for Day One written by KRwordgazer

Day One - Part Ten

A starry dome of sky hung over the prairie like a black, jeweled net. Soft winds moved the grasses; crickets chirred softly. Leetah tightened her grip around Wile-Eye's waist as he pulled his mount to a stop. "Here's where I leave you, miss," the troll said. "Pleasant dreams!"

He leered at her a little as she slid from the saddle, but Wile-Eye meant no harm. A leer, for a troll, was a way to pay a compliment to a lady- even one of another species. Leetah thanked him and started off towards the dark ranch building a short distance away. All the lights were out; the workers of El Rancho Del Sol were long since asleep. Early to bed, early to rise, thought Leetah. But no one seemed to mind that she herself slept in so long lately. . .

She swung herself through her window, and froze. A dark form was sitting on her bed.

"There you are!" came a whispered voice. "I knew you were hiding something!"

"Shenshen!" Leetah darted to her younger sister's side and put a restraining hand on her arm. "You will not tell anyone?!"

"Shh." Shenshen's form turned, and a struck match flared. She lit the oil lamp on Leetah's bedside table and turned again, folding her arms. "I'm not promising anything- unless you tell me everything!" Her eyes twinkled over her mock sternness.

Leetah sighed with relief. She crept back to the window, drawing the drapes. Now none of the farm hands who slept over the barn would wonder why there was a light on in the main house.

"Shen, I should have told you from the first," Leetah said, returning to the bed and taking her sister's hands in her own. "I haven't been doing anything wrong- not really. Just. . . well--"

"Come on, Leetah," Shenshen said. "You know Mother and Father would say slipping out at night is wrong. So don't make excuses, just tell me."

"All right." Leetah sighed, brushing her hair back from her forehead. "I've been singing and dancing at the Hammer and Tongs."


Leetah nodded. "Under the name 'the Desert Rose.'"

Shenshen stared. "So no one knows who you are?"

Leetah shook her head. "I had been to town so rarely before now, no one connects the Desert Rose with Leetah. Besides, why would a hidalgo's rich daughter become a showgirl? No, no one suspects." She frowned then, her brow furrowing. "Except-"

Shenshen gripped her fingers. "Except what?"

"Tonight. . ." Leetah said. All that had happened tonight came back to her in a rush of feeling. "Shenshen, we thought those bones we found so long ago were Rayek's. But- I think we were wrong."

"What?!" Shenshen said again, her eyes wide. "But how-?"

"I do not know," said Leetah, her voice soft. "But he was at the tavern tonight. I was unsure at first, but it had to have been he."

"You didn't speak to him?" Shenshen asked. "You didn't ask him-"

"He was in the back, wrapped in a long coat, wearing a dark hat that covered his face. But I know him, Shenshen, as I know no other. It was he."

As she spoke, a pang touched her. As she knew no other. And yet- the Major. His eyes gripping hers. His lips framing the words she sang. Why did she feel that she somehow knew him- better even than the dark youth who had broken her heart when he fled so long ago- the one she had given up for dead?

Until tonight. And tonight, she had fled from him. And from the Major.

She had flirted and played with other young men on the ranch- those who were not related to her, anyway. But after she had lost Rayek, there had been no one.

Why, on the same night she found Rayek again, did there also have to be the Major? And what was she going to do? She didn't know what either of them would think about the way she had lost control tonight.

She became aware that Shenshen was speaking. "And you just let him leave again? I cannot believe you did not even try to talk to him! Why, Leetah?"

"Shenshen. . ." Leetah put her face in her hands. "There was another man there. The one everyone is talking about, even here at El Rancho. The war hero who was decorated and promoted so young. Joyleaf and Bearclaw's son."

"Major Cutter." Shenshen pursed her lips. "Really, Leetah-"

"I know." Leetah sighed. "How could I even think about the Major when Rayek was there, after all these years . . . when we did not even know he was alive? And yet- Shenshen, I could not help myself! It was as if something had taken control of me!"

She shuddered, and Shenshen leaned forward, putting her arms around her. "Do you know where Rayek went?"

"No," Leetah whispered. She closed her eyes a minute, resting her head on Shenshen's shoulder. Then, decisively, she sat up again. "But I am going to find him."

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Combo_1
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Eleven   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 11:31 am

And here is the next piece for Day One written by Caris Caeruleus

Day One - Part Eleven

The black colt stepped up to the fence, blowing air out of his nose at the mounted men who'd ridden up the road to Strongbow's farm a few moments ago.

"Five hundred dollars," their leader, Guttlecraw announced, pulling on the reins as his horse shifted nervously. The other animals acted similarly and a few of their riders, a mix of trolls and humans, grumbled at their behavior.

Strongbow held back a smile; Ebonflame had that effect on other horses. Sired by the same wild stallion that fathered Bearclaw's Blackfell, the pitch-black colt displayed an even wilder temperament then his older sibling. The farmer kept the young Nokota separated from his other horses to prevent problems. However, Guttlecraw's horses were clearly intimidated by the feisty colt, despite the fence that separated them.

It's a fair price," added the troll. The gold tie pin at his neck glinted red in the waning sunlight as his ride attempted to back away. He gave it a kick and it stilled for the moment. "You aren't doing anything with that land, anyway. I'll make use of it. What do ya say?"

Reaching up to pet his colt's neck, Strongbow met the other rancher's gaze steadily, but said nothing, just giving his head a quick shake. He rarely needed to talk around his family and close friends. They always understood his intent and how difficult speaking was for him. However, occasionally other folk, like this troll, seemed to relish his discomfort, forcing him to speak out loud.

"Dammit!" Guttlecraw growled, though his eyes glinted with something akin to amusement, "Give me an answer! Or do you think you're too good to deal with a troll?"

"No!" The elf shouted, though the sound that came from his throat was hardly more than a loud whisper. He pushed back from the fence with sudden anger; anger at the troll mixed with anger at his own failings.

"Told you before, too!" Strongbow added vehemently. He bent down and grabbed the training rope that trailed at Ebonflame's feet. "I'm not selling that land. Not to you. Not to anybody!" He turned away dismissively, swallowing the fire in his throat, and wiped his face. Then, he gave a whistle to his horse, a signal for the colt to run. Ebonflame snorted, and pulled on the rope defiantly, eyeing his trainer impishly. The elf grimaced. Briarsting was never this stubborn.

Strongbow became aware of hoofbeats off in the distance, but didn't turn to look, simply flicking the cord at the colt in another attempt to get him to run. Behind him, the troll gave a snarl and kicked his horse towards the fence. The animal whinnied in protest, but moved forward anyway.

"Your wife runs a shop in town, I believe," Guttlecraw stated, his tone venomous.

Dropping the rope, the elf spun around, and the troll gave him a nasty grin.

"I wonder how she's doing on her rent?" His eyes glittered darkly. Everyone knew he and Greymung were as thick as thieves, though their deals held enough legality to keep them out of Marshall Treestump's reach.

"It's fine," Strongbow answered, his hoarse voice trembling with emotion and effort. "We always pay our bills."

"But not always on time," Guttlecraw drawled, leaning back on his horse. "Folks get tired of that sort of thing, you know. But five hundred will go a long way to help you avoid that in the future." The men behind the troll shifted their horses, as if preparing for some action. The elf suddenly became aware that he was alone with five armed, possibly violent, visitors, and that his unloaded rifle sat on the mantle of the household fireplace. Also, Luke and Billy, the two farm hands, had already left for the day.

Strongbow pushed aside the fear gnawing at his gullet, and gave the troll a glare. Then he shook his head emphatically. Dust stirred down the road, and, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a rider approaching. His visitors noticed, as well, and some of Guttlecraw's men turned in their saddles to watch.

After a moment, their leader twisted around to look, as well.

"Howdy, Deputy," one of the humans called out, touching his hat.

Strongbow felt some of the tension in his body ease at the sight of Two Moons' senior deputy, Dart. His son: still a youth but bearing the emblem of the Law. The last flare of the setting sun flashed on his badge, and on the metal of one the pistols holstered at his hips.

"Evening, Deputy." Guttlecraw said, as the younger elf rode up to the fence. He threw the older elf a friendly smile, "You think about my offer, Strongbow. You know it's a fair deal."

As an answer, the farmer turned away, giving another whistle to Ebonflame. The horse trotted over, and nipped at a carrot in the elf's hand.

"Evening," the troll repeated, and Strongbow heard the group turn their mounts, and head off down the road. Leather creaked and cloth rustled as Dart dismounted.

"He's looking rather tame tonight," the youth stated as he leaned against the fence. "Looks like your legendary charm is working, Pa."

Strongbow threw his son a glance over his shoulder, then rubbed the colt's nose.

"Yeah, I know," Dart laughed. "I won't let him fool me. He's still as mean as ever."

Pulling the training halter off the horse's head, the farmer pointed towards the center of the pen, then gave the animal a friendly pat on his side. Ebonflame reared his head back gleefully, and began to run freely.

Strongbow moved back towards the fence, turning to face his son. He smiled and swatted the boy on a shoulder. Then, stuffing his hands in his pockets, he waited, a questioning look on his face.

Dart grinned sheepishly. "Crescent." He took off his hat and dusted it off. "She said ma wanted me over for dinner."

His father snorted in disbelief. More likely, Crescent told her younger brother that he'd been away from the farm for too long.

Strongbow's throat tightened as he studied his son. He still disapproved of Marshall Treestump appointing the boy to deputy. Not that the youth didn't make a good deputy, but because of how he'd been given the position.

The Marshall had originally asked him, but he'd refused; his family and farm far to important to him to leave them to become even a part time deputy. Then, Treestump had turned and offered the position to Dart, hoping to force Strongbow to step in and take the position instead.

"No!" and "Yessir!" father and son had exclaimed together, then spun around to face each in a silent argument. Finally, Strongbow, recognizing his son's maturity, had stood back and let Treestump decide whether he'd disgrace the boy and take back his offer. He didn't.

Dart had performed well, a source of great pride to his father. Soon, the boy moved into the rooms above Moonshade's shop to be closer to the jail. (He helped her out from time to time, too.) She passed on news of Dart's well-being, but, still, the boy's duties, plus how little his father saw him, left Strongbow concerned for his son. Too much trouble recently.

"So," the young deputy broke the silence, "what did Guttlecraw want?"

The older elf flicked his gaze to Dart's horse then jerked his head towards the stables.

"Oh, right," the youth said, coloring slightly. Then, taking Alvar's reins, he led the animal to the building and into a stall where he removed the saddle. Strongbow came in after a moment with a bucket of water from the pump outside and filled Alvar's trough. Then, the two of them put grains in all of the horses' feed bags.

After awhile, father and son made their way to the front porch of the house. Strongbow stopped, dusted himself and pulled off his boots off, setting them by the door. Dart, however, opened the door and had started to step inside when his father whistled sharply.

"What?" the young deputy exclaimed, turning towards his father. Strongbow blew out some air in a touch of exasperation, then gestured towards Dart, who still wore his boots.

The boy flushed again. "Sorry," he said, bending to pull them off. "Better you then Ma, though." He straightened, flashing a sheepish grin.

Strongbow arched an eyebrow in response.

"It hasn't been that long," Dart countered. "A week maybe."

The older elf lowered his chin, arching his eyebrow further.

"All right," Dart sighed. "Two at the most. It's been busy."

Strongbow shifted his weight onto one leg, crossing his arms over his chest. Dart dropped his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, not so long that I should forget the rules. I'm sorry."

"If you all are going to stay outside, close the door!" Moonshade called from inside

The farmer studied his son for a moment, then nodded, waving a hand towards the open doorway.

The elves stepped inside and made their way to the dining room. The house wasn't fancy but it had a dining room, a den, a kitchen, and three bedrooms off to the sides. One for Strongbow and Moonshade, one for the girls, and one for Dart (though lately young Chitter used her brother's room unless he came home stay the night.)

Moonshade smiled at her husband and son, as she straightened the table settings. Silverware had been placed wildly around the table.

"Dart! I've been helping Mama!" Chitter exclaimed then tore across the room to hug her brother.

"So I see!" He lifted the child up over his head, grinning up into her happy giggles.

Strongbow moved over to his wife, gave her a soft peck on the cheek then began to help complete the table setting.

"I saw Mayor Guttlecraw out there just now," Moonshade said, her voice almost drowned out by their daughter's laughter as Dart spun her around. "What did he want?"

Her husband shrugged, giving her a quick look, then moved into the kitchen to bring food back out to the table. Her skirts rustled as she followed him. She placed her hand on his shoulder as he grasped the handles of the meat platter. Leaning in to see his face, she asked, "He made another offer?"

Strongbow released the metal and laid his hands flat on the counter with a quiet sigh.

"How much this time?" Moonshade asked gently. He turned his head to study her, then held up five fingers.

"Five hundred?" her violet eyes widened, and he knew the large amount reminded her of how hard things got for them so very often. "That's Šthat'sŢ

"That's like two hundred and fifty per acre," Dart said from behind them. "Far more then the going rate around these parts."

Strongbow turned around to see his son standing in the kitchen doorway with Chitter sitting on his shoulders. He gave the boy a disapproving glare, flicking his eyes up to the little girl and back down to meet the youth's look. The young deputy of Two Moons flushed yet again under his father's stare, and backed out into the dining room.

Turning back to the counter, Strongbow picked up the platter again, a clear signal to his wife that the discussion was over. After a few minutes, all of Moonshade's cooking rested on the dining room table, and the family sat down to eat.

At first they ate in silence with only the clinking of silverware on ceramic and the ticking of the clock on the mantle punctuating their dinnertime rhythm. Even Chitter seemed to sense the mood and she sat quietly pushing the peas around on her plate, not even swinging her feet as she usually did.

Finally, Moonshade broke the silence.

"I heard that the Wild West Show was back in town," she stated, looking towards Dart for confirmation.

The youth straightened in his seat, glancing over his father who now watched with interest, then back to his mother. He grinned, "It is! I even saw Bearclaw and Joyleaf heading towards the saloon in town."

Strongbow exhaled, almost a laugh, realizing why Crescent had begged to go to town.

"Yes," Moonshade answered her husband with a smile, "she and Nightfall were always joined at the hips. I'm sure they've already met up."

"Someone else came back to town today," Dart announced, his eyes glittering with excitement. His parents exchanged glances.

"Who was it?" Moonshade asked curiously.

The boy leaned back in chair in satisfaction. "Cutter. Or Major Cutter now, I heard."

Strongbow whistled quietly in appreciation.

"Yeah," Dart nodded at his father. "Seems like he was promoted during battle."

The older elf raised his eyebrows questioningly, then reached for his water glass. Moonshade placed her hand on his wrist.

"Sometimes youth is overcome by ability," she said. Husband and wife gazed at each then, turning, each gave their son a smile. Dart lowered his head blushing.

"Mama! Papa!" Chitter cut in brightly. "Can we go see the show?"

"Honey, I don't know if they'll perform here," Moonshade explained. "This is their hometown. They generally come back to take a break from traveling."

"But Mama, I wanna see it!"

"Sweety, I---"

"Maybe we can ask them!" Chitter offered. "Please?"

Strongbow sat back in his chair with a smile, watching his youngest child with open joy. She was such a handful sometimes, but her constant energy showed how full of life she was. He looked from her to Dart, then to Moonshade, and then thought of Crescent. His beloved family. How precious they all were to him; he would do anything to protect them.

Reminded suddenly of the troll's visit, the elf frowned. He pushed his chair back from the table, and then stood up, taking his empty dishes into the kitchen. Dart appeared at his side almost immediately, putting his plate on the counter as well.

"He threatened you, didn't he?" the boy staring up at his father with concern. "Guttlecraw, that is."

Strongbow frowned, then jerked his head back to the dining room where Chitter plead with her mother to let her go with Dart back to town.

"Pa," Dart insisted, "he's made offers to other people before and they usually end up hurt when they refuse. I'll tell the Marsh-"

"You'll bring the dirty dishes from the table!" Strongbow growled. "In town you may be a deputy, but here you are still my son! And when I tell you to do something I expect you to do it!"

Though his hoarse voice could never get very loud, it still held the same effect another father's yell might have in his house. The chatter at the dinner table stopped. Curious little Chitter got to the kitchen door before her mother caught her and pulled her back out.

Dart blanched and bowed his head in shame. "I'm sorry, Pa. I was just concerned about you and Ma. That's all."

"That is my job. Not yours." The words came out in a near whisper, the last one cracking as he tortured his vocal chords in his desire to be completely understood. Tears of pain rolled down Strongbow's face, but he stared at his son angrily without wiping them away. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Pa," Dart answered quietly, looking up to meet his father's fiery gaze with an expression of deep chagrin. "I am very, very sorry."

Strongbow studied the boy in silence, and finally nodded. He pointed towards the dining room, and watched the youth leave the room before drying the tears on his face with the back of his hand. Turning back to the sink, he began to pump in water to wash the dishes.

"Why'd you make Papa mad?" he heard Chitter ask before Moonshade quickly shushed her.

He kept his back to everyone as dishes were brought in, discouraging discussion. After knocking table scraps from the plates into a bowl for the dog, Lashpaw, he put each dish into the water. Then he washed the dishes while Dart dried and stored them.

Behind them, Moonshade put away all the food, with Chitter's "help". The little girl's constant questions about the Wild West Show kept the atmosphere of the kitchen from falling into tense silence.

Finally, she ran over to hug her father, declaring, "I don't need to see it! No one in that show can shoot like my Papa can!"

Strongbow felt all his anger and frustration seep out of him. He picked up Chitter, hugging her tightly. She whispered in his ear, "Now hug Dart, too!" He let out a quiet laugh, and, setting her down on floor, grinned at her.

Turning to his son, he noted the boy's apologetic and expectant expression, then held out his hand. Without hesitation, Dart clasped his father's hand, and Strongbow pulled the younger elf into an embrace.

"Hooray!" Chitter cheered.

Strongbow stepped away from Dart, and, waving a hand towards the boy's room, raised an eyebrow in question.

"Can't Pa," Dart answered. "I have to take over guarding the jail from the Marshall. We've got a prisoner that's going to be transferred to the fort in a few days and he's been feisty."

Strongbow nodded.

"Can I go, too?" Chitter pulled at her father's pant leg. "I've been a deputy before, and I can help!"

Dart knelt down next to her. "You have? When?"

"With Brill and Krill, silly!" She slapped his shoulder. "Krill was Marshall, though I could've been better. Brill always votes with her, of course."

"I bet she does." Dart ruffled the little girl's hair. "You can't come, though. This is an extra special duty, and deputies have to be cleared by the fort, first."

"Can you get me cleared, too?"

"I'll have to check." He grinned up at his father's stern look and winked. Strongbow sighed, and rolled his eyes towards the ceiling, knowing Chitter would soon be telling everyone that she would be "cleared by the fort to be a special deputy." Moonshade laughed

Dart stood up and gave his mother and sister hugs. Then, he and his father went out to the stable to saddle up Alvar.

"Pa," Dart began after he mounted his horse, then hesitated. The light from the porch lamp cast shadows on the young deputy's face, making him look older. Strongbow sighed realizing that, despite being only just old enough to join the army, his son was mature beyond his age.

The younger elf took a deep breath and then quietly said, "Just you and Ma take care of yourselves, all right?"

With a quick nod, Strongbow held up his hand to Dart, and they shook again. Then he stepped back and waved.

"Good night, Pa!" Dart wheeled his horse around and rode off into the night towards the glow of Two Moons.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Later, while Moonshade tucked Chitter into bed, Strongbow sat in the den, loading his rifle in the flickering light of the fireplace. Just as he snapped the gun closed, the rustle of cloth and scent of flowers told him that his wife approached. Stepping up to him, she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"So you are worried," she stated as she saw the weapon on his lap.

He exhaled slowly, lowering his head, then nodded.

She sat down beside him, slipping her arm around his waist and brushing hair out of his face. "I know," she whispered. "I watched from the window and knew that I could not get to you in time if those men became violent."

He snapped his head around to frown at her. I don't want you to risk your life for me.

"I don't care what you want!" she exclaimed sharply. "I would do anything to protect you, just as you would me! You know that!"

He sighed and cupped her face in his hand, caressing her cheek with his thumb. Then, he reached behind him, and grabbed the pistol he'd loaded as well, offering it to her.

Moonshade gasped but didn't take the gun, raising her gaze from it to his face. He took one her hands in his free one and pressed her fingers over the handle of the pistol.

"They threatened me," she announced, her wide, violet eyes searching his with concern.

"It was implied," he answered. All of his talking in the past few hours left him with a faint whisper, and he thought she wouldn't be able to hear him. She gasped, however, quickly putting her fingertips against his lips.

"You do not need to talk for me, beloved," she whispered, her eyes glittering with sudden tears. "I always understand you, you should know that by now." He sighed, and nodded. It had been that way ever since their eyes first met so many years ago. The day he knew she was his other half and would soon be his wife.

Setting the guns aside, he took her into his arms.

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Combo_1
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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Twelve   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 11:40 am

And here is the next piece for Day One written by LunaKat

Day One - Part Twelve


"Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Cutter had asked, as they rode warily up to the trading post.

"Major," Skywise drawled, "this'll be easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Or don't you trust me?" He gave his trademark wink.

Cutter frowned. "It's my father's livelihood you're playing with- not to mention my mother's. Just make sure nothing goes wrong."

The former Captain turned to face the Major. His silver gaze, normally sly, became serious. "Tam... You saved my life in that battle. I swore, one day, I'd pay you back. This is my chance, and I ain't gonna lose it. I'd follow you into battle, come hell or high water. Be your back up in any fight. But if I win this game-- when I win it-- you're folks'll be richer than they ever could get with that rodeo show. And won't Miss Joyleaf be happy then?"

After a moment, Cutter sighed. "Alright, my friend. Just do the honorable thing."

Skywise grinned. He clapped Cutter on the shoulder. "Don't I always?"

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Combo_1
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Thirteen   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 11:45 am

And today is a two for one because here's the next piece written by Caris Caeruleus

Day One - Part Thirteen

Greymung's Trading Post. The establishment played a major financial part in the town as both a place to buy goods and sell them. Also, the proprietor, a troll with a rounding belly and white beard, was known to give out loans on any collateral that could resold if the owner didn't pay up. This ran from wagons, and horses all the way up to land.

However, Greymung's post was also home to another way for folks to gain, or lose, money: his gambling ring "out back." Behind the store proper stood a large building that worked double duty as both warehouse (for both bought and sold goods), and the gambling house.

The two elves passed the warehouse side, and Cutter noted the bars and locks on all of the doors and windows. Light spewed out from the back half, as music and laughter. Two beefy trolls stood at the open doors, eyeing the newcomers. One grinned.

"Howdy, Skywise," he said, touching his hat, "We've been wondering if you'd show up." He jabbed a thumb at the other guard. "Pete here just lost himself a dollar. Ain't that right, Pete?"

Pete grumbled, and scuffed his boot on the floor.

Skywise laughed. "Pete should know by now that I never miss a good game."

"He does now!" The first troll guffawed. "Anyway, you know the routine. Lilly'll be happy to see ya." He waved a hand towards the door.

"Thanks, Broga." Skywise jauntily hopped up the steps of the building, his confidence in his gaming skills apparent.

Cutter stopped, the hem of his long coat slapping against his calves, and watched his friend with sudden unease. His friend's self-assurance sat dangerously close to cockiness, and cockiness could get you killed in battleŠor lose all your money in gambling.

And it's not even his money.

He frowned briefly then followed the other elf. "I'm with him," he said to the trolls.


"No, watching."

Pete gave a sly grin. "That's what they all say at first." He waved a hand. "Go on in."

After checking their guns and coats with a human just inside the door, they pushed through the crowd in the entrance hall, towards a barred rectangular opening, like a teller window Cutter had seen in bigger towns. A door stood to the left of it which the elf felt pretty certain was locked. A pretty human girl smiled out at Skywise as he stepped up to the window.

"Hi Skywise!" she chirped happily. "You buying in the big game, or just shooting some craps tonight?"

"The big game, of course, Lilly." The silver haired elf replied with a grin.

"Well, the buy in is one hundred, and you stay in if you buy more chips when you go out."

Skywise nodded. "I've got collateral for the hundred and any more chips. Though, I expect I won't need those." He winked.

She laughed. "All right. Let's see it."

He slipped his hand into his vest and pulled a slim leather case, bound by cord. Cutter grit his teeth, recognizing the object. It held all the bills of sale for every wagon, horse, and equipment that the Wild West Show used. The young Major held back an urge to grab the case out of his friend's hand.

Skywise set the case on the sill, and pushed it towards the girl. "There you go, Lilly. It's all in order."

She opened the case and pulled out the papers, looking them over. After a moment she looked up at Skywise, her expression entirely serious. "Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes," the elf answered, "and you'll find a letter in there authorizing me to use it as collateral." She pushed through the pages until she found the document, and looked it over.

"I should get the boss to approve this," she said.

"Sure, Lilly," Skywise answered with a languid smile. "Do what you need to do." The girl turned, pulled a cord hanging from the ceiling and a bell rang out over the chatter in the room beyond.

After a moment, Greymung, himself, approached the window. He eyed Skywise and Cutter and gave them a toothy grin.

"These boys causing you trouble, Lilly?"

"Oh no, Mr. Greymung!" She answered, "Skywise is never trouble. I just need his collateral approved."

"Collateral, huh?" He hooked his thumbs in his suspenders and rocked on his heels. "Didn't know you owned anything, Skywise."

"Well," Lilly explained, "that's why you have to approve his collateral. It's not his."

"Hunh." Greymung, dropped an elbow onto the sill and, leaning forward, pulled the folder to him. He flipped through the pages, his mouth pulling into a sly grin as he read the authorization letter. He straightened after a moment. "Give him the buy in hundred, and set him up for and additional three for further chips." He turned back to Skywise and Cutter, his gaze settling on the latter. "It should be a real hoot if he loses!"

He touched the brim of his bowler, "Hope the cards are right with you, boy." He shrugged. "If not it's all good for me." He let out a course laugh and moved back into the crowd.

Cutter sunk his hands into his pockets, his sense of impending doom growing. I don't why I allowed this. Not that Bearclaw would've have let me stop them.

Skywise signed a paper, then took his chips from Lily.

"You're table three," she said. "Good luck, Skywise!"

"Always," he grinned, then blew her a kiss. Winking at Cutter, he pushed into the room and moved towards a table.

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Combo_1
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyThu Apr 23, 2015 4:41 am

And the game is about to begin! And while waiting for the cards to flow, let's have some more clothes to watch.

The next one I'll show is Moonshade, since she's been brought in just now. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I've had lot’s of fun making dresses for the dressmaker. LOL

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 ElfwestOutfitMoonshade_1
The first two outfits is practically the same; a wine/magenta purple skirt and jacket to a light lilac blouse: included with ruffles of course. The hat is a decorative addition that comes along with the suit, also possessed with ruffles on the top. This is based on the outfit she has while going to blue mountain, but the colors comes from a comic we found that was really old where it is wine-red and light lilac. The online comics has remade it, I don't understand why, into light lilac and dark lilac. But I liked the dark magenta purple along with the light lilac and wanted to use it for this. I made it two outfits because I wanted to show off the blouse. I love the blouse!

Then I have made one based on her black and red outfit with gray pants during the time after the Palace returned and during Shards. I made her a black skirt and a white blouse with red blossoms, and a gray shawl for outdoor wearing (I've seen many ladies from the west do this). I managed to use all the colors, and even the two crescent moons in her necklace, only I made it a pin on her shawl.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 ElfwestOutfitMoonshade_2
The next drawing shows an outfit based on the dress she had after returning to the Father Tree where she gives birth to Chitter, which is red and dark purple with a hood. I made her a dark purple dress with red lines and buttons and a white ruffled blouse (she must love them) and look:- a bonnet for elves, with a red band! The ears shows, but it would be a little painful to stuff them inside a tight bonnet, don't you think? I was soooooooooooooo satisfied with it. It is a good replacement for the hood on the original outfit too.

Then there is this, let's call it a party dress, a flowered one with again; ruffles. I gave her original hair due with the silver comb for this, I guess she would loosen up her hair a bit during a celebration despite her proper attitude. It was fun trying to make the flowers on the dress. All I did was to dabb the paint with the brush in several layers.

The last dress has included the one Caris made at the pic of her and Strongbow, but I needed it as a base for the next thing I wanted to present; a cape for outdoor wear, and that fits perfectly for the two other purple dresses too.
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Oh nice work on Moonshade there Rainflower...I think you caught our dressmaker very nicely...

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You know... even though this is the 3rd time I've read this, I still wanna strangle Skywise for this Suspect My nerves were shot reading the game scene in the past, and now I'm going to need a Xanex just to get through reading it again! ><

*shuts up before revealing any spoilers*

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Santa_10Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Downlo23Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Av_cut10Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 2020_k13
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I know, Kindredsoul, it's exiting. I had forgotten so much about the frist chapter.
While we wait, let's roll in another drawing. The Hidalgo Hermanas
Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Skann0001LeeShenlittle
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PostSubject: Re: Let's Ride! Elfwest is back   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyWed Apr 29, 2015 8:51 am

Okay, here's the second part of the backstory with Leetah and Rayek, written by me, Rainflower. Again, I have added some new details to make the story better, and just rewritten some other details.

Courage and fright - Part 2

She had been up from early morning to prepare for today’s appointment. She had waited for him from the moment she finished breakfast, and she nearly got time to eat all the pancakes before she had to go out. Her mother tild her not to rush, but walk slowly like a proper lady did, so she took her time and did so only to make her mother stop nagging. Besides, the riding outfit were not made for running. It consisted a long red skirt and jacket with a wrap on both sides and a matching hat with a feather elegantly sliding on the one side of the brim.

She had been all over for it, because she wanted to look good when she was to ride with Rayek. He had promised her he would take her on a riding trip today, but he took his time, as he liked.

Rayek and his parents lived on her father’s land, so it was not long between the two families, but sometimes, Rayek used to take his time and let her wait, probably testing her. After last night's thinking, she had got a feeling he wanted her to one day loose her patience and go and look for him.

That, she desided, was NOT going to happen.

Although she didn’t like to wait, and let her anger be shown by talking; which was not a very good idea because her mother was standing beside her. “He’s always late, that dung.”

“LEETAH!” her mother looked at her daughter with large eyes. “What is that for kind of talk?”

“The caballeros here talks that way, and father never yell at them.”

“You are a daughter of a high society, and therefore you are to behave like a proper lady.”

“Proper ladies act like wimps.” Leetah growled, but regretted at once, because now she would get one of mother Toorah’s lessons very soon, or at the moment if Rayek didn’t appear.

Toorah got a shocked look on her face when turning to her daughter. “WHAT was that?”

“THERE HE IS!” Leetah screamed glad that his arrival had interrupted her mother’s attention. She decided that she wouldn’t be mad at him for being late, because he had probably saved her from another rebuke from her mother for her speech. She would have forgotten about it, or at least given up on yelling at her at the time they got back.

Suntoucher watched as Rayek rode up to them and stepped off the horse and nodded. “Buenas diaz Señor, Señora, Señorita (Good morning Sir, Ma’am, Miss). You look marvelous this morning.”

“Gracias Rayek. I just got this from town. Do you like it?” she said to him with a smile?

“Very much, señorita, you look like a true lady.” Rayek answered and took of his hat for her. It looked stupid when he did that, and it made her giggle. For some reason, she felt like Rayek didn’t fit to be a caballero either. Sometimes he looked so… she couldn't explain it. She saw it in his eyes, those golden eyes that woule peer at her for minutes without giving any sign of doing anything. At times they would look like the eyes of a wild animal locked in the body of a proper elf. Forced to do things only for sight. She had a feeling that one day, this hidden beast would be released.

The stable boy came with Tica, her pony, and Leetah let Rayek help her up in the saddle.

Suntoucher walked up to Rayek when he had got up to. “Watch carefully after her, Rayek. She is my dear little daystar, you know.”

“You have nothing to worry about, Señor Suntoucher. Leetah is a star in my life too.”

Leetah gave him a weird look by his comment.

They had rode from the ranch in a calm tempo and went to trotting when they were out of sight. But Leetah soon got tired of the slow tempo, and when Rayek looked at the other side, she gave the horse a kick and made it run off in gallop.



Rayek got thunderstruck by her sudden move, but he wasn’t surprised. This was a normal acting from her side, and it always happened when he didn’t expect it. Though he had thought that she would take it a bit slower this time when she was wearing a long riding dress and sat in a lady’s saddle with bough legs on one side, which he had thought would be very difficult in gallop.

But on the other hand, nothing seemed difficult to Leetah.

He lost the sight of her when she rode on the other side of the top hill, and he coursed himself for not being able to follow fast enough for making sure she was all right. Suntoucher trusted him with his daughter, and though he also knew about his daughters little surprises, he wasn’t sure how he would react if anything happened to her.

He found her on the other side, perfectly fine, but already down, and she waved to him before she rode ahead to the forest. He speeded up his horse and hoped he would get to her before she reached the forest. He didn’t, but when he also disappeared between the trees, he reached her at last. Rayek continued, but was too busy watching Leetah there in front of him to pay attention.

He didn’t see the branch before it was too late.


Leetah rode fast. She felt how the air swept past her face and her garments. She was enjoying the trill, the exitement. A moment outside her regular life. She turned around to see if Rayek was able to catch up, and then noticed that he was gone. She slowed Tica down and waited. She thought she had rode from him again, and stopped to wait. She expected to see him appear any moment, look blaming at her for being careless and so on.

But he didn’t appear.

“Rayek?” she called, but no answer. She heard no voice, and no sound of hooves trottong. Just silence.

She rode back, till she came to the turn with the big oak she had passed as she rode. There she saw Rayek’s horse Caballo coming out of the trees – without Rayek!

A hint of fear hit her, but then she saw something on the ground. An arm, Rayeks arm.

What is e doing? Did he fall off? Leetah stepped off Tica and tied her to a little tree before turning to the other tide of the big oak.

“Rayek? Are you…” she almost could not notice her own screaming by the sight that met her.

There she saw Rayek, lying on the ground. His head had an open wound that was bleeding, and his right arm was also bleeding. The jacket and shirt were torn on the side, and she saw blood on the white shirt.

“Rayek? Mi amigo, por favor… (My friend, please…)”

Unable to move, but worried about her friend, Leetah forced herself to get a closer look to see if everything was alright with Rayek. Then it was just like an instinct took over her doing – she suddenly knew exactly what to do. She leaded over Rayek’s chest and pressed her ear to listen to his hart. It was still beating, but it was very weak.

She turned to the wound on the head. It had a deep cut, and the blood wouldn’t stop. She found a bandaña from her pocket and tried to stop the bleeding, but without any luck.

“Oh, Rayek…" she chocked. "I’m sorry. This is my fault… all my…”

She started crying of bough fear and panic, realizing that if she had been more careful, this wouldn’t have happened. The instinct was gone, and back was the worry of her amigo. What could she do? What could she possibly do? She couldn’t ride back because they were so long from the Hidalgo, and by the time help would come, it could be too late. And she was unable to get him on the horse and ride back, and he would possibly not be worse if she did. She had to face it: she was helpless.

The thought of being helpless, of being too weak to help her amigo, she was unable to accept. She frowned through her tears, angry for feeling so helpless. I have to do something. Anything! I would do just ANYTHING to help Rayek.

There it was again, the instinct, and stronger this time. Like in trance, she led her hands to Rayek’s head and touched it. She suddenly felt dizzy. She looked at her hands and felt some strange vibrations went through them.

She turned away, but her eyes were drawn back to her hands again. They felt so warm, and she discovered that she couldn’t control them. It was like they were acting by themselves. She couldn’t stop it though she wanted to. But the panic she felt by the sight of her self-controlling hands at the moment was nothing compare to the next shock she would get.

As she let her hands work, she felt something, a sudden change in the air she couldn’t explain. It was like something had got inside her mind, and touched her just one moment for disappearing in the next, like a sudden cold breeze. It lasted shorter than a second, and in the next she was aware that the warm daylight had suddenly disappeared. The forest was dark, like in a storm or at night.

She looked up and got a glimpse of the sun through the branches, and the panic that had been there in fear of Rayek had returned, but stronger this time. Leetah felt like her body turned to stone when she saw the sun – or what was left of it.

There was something that covered the light, and replaced it with something dark. She saw how this darkness slowly wiped away the daystar, as her father used to call the sun. In few moments, the sun was gone, and all that was left, was an emptiness of darkness, surrounded by a ring of sharp light. The forest, and everything else, was covered with darkness.

What was happening? What happened to the sun? Where did the dark came from? And what about Rayek, how was she supposed to help him now that she couldn’t see anything?

She looked down to see if she could catch the sight of him, and came to see her hands, which, to her surprise, was glowing. Soon the only thing she could see in all the dark, was her glowing hands, and the sharp light from the place where the sun had been.

“No, no no! It cannot… It’s impossible…” she whispered. “Oh, High One’s, please make this stop!”

Leetah was grabbed by the feeling of lousing control, and that made her even more frightened than the disappearing sun and her hands. She didn’t want to accept it, but was unable to do anything else. Fear had completely taken over her mind.


Leetah didn’t know how long she had been lying like that over Rayek when she suddenly opened her eyes. She couldn't recall falling asleep, but she wondered if she had been awake at all, if it all had been just a dream. Sharp light met her sight, and she squinted at the rays. Maybe it all had been a dream? But then she saw the blood from her hands and from Rayek, who was still lying on the ground.

But she came to notice that the large wound in his head were gone. The only proof that it had ever been a wound there was the blood. His chest case raised and immersed and showed that he breathed normally. He had been hurt, but was beyond danger.

Confused and still frightened, she stood up and remembered what she had been doing.

The fear of what had happened wouldn’t let go. She realized that it had been her doing that saved his life. But the way it had been done, came back to her mind and replaced it with the horror she had felt when it happened. The darkness that appeared when she did it… and something more.

Leetah realized that she had never been really afraid not for anything, not like this. She had never been afraid to meet a challenge, to face anything, not in acting or in mind. She had always managed to do whatever it took of her to do in any situation.

But this…

She was interrupted by a sound. She turned to Rayek, who had woken up and took himself at his head. “Ay Caramba, mi cabeza.. (ouch gully, my head..)”

”RAYEK!” She cried out and threw herself into his arms. The fear and the panic came out along with her tears and sobbing.

What am I? What is happening to me?
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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 TheThreeGirls
Chitter, Brill and Krill. Hehe, did I capture them fine?
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Posting while waiting for posts *giggle*
Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Skann0005k
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Fourteen   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyThu May 28, 2015 3:39 am

That is some very awesome work there Rainflower, both with the art and the story. I love the way you capture the characters in both your prose and drawings, and you do it with a style that is clearly yours...I can't wait for more...

But enough of me talking, the wait has been long enough...time for the next piece, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Fourteen

The men flowing into the main store didn't get any nicer looking from what Redlance could tell, and he was watching them all closely. It had only been five minutes since Cutter and Skywise had passed through, but it felt like an hour with the tension building from the look of the drovers and what he learned about the investor. The meeting with Cutter played out in his mind again as he focused on the room.

"Damn good to see a face I like in this crowd." Cutter whispered looking around.

"Are you going in with the captain?" Redlance asked back nodding to Skywise as the captain walked up.

"Yep, I'll make sure he's safe." Cutter answered back.

"Good, I can tell you Greymung's letting in two man groups only, no guns or knives allowed. The ones out here are the lookouts for them, in case something gets out of hand in the back room." Redlance offered.

"Right, I hate to ask-"Cutter started before Redlance spoke up.

"I'm all ready with you. I've got everyone sized up. If something happens I can give you a minute maybe more before it all breaks loose out here." Redlance said with a smile.

"That's all I ask for tracker, three steps to the door." Cutter said with a small smile.

"Bearclaw's across the street in the alley if you need him." Skywise said.

"What's he here for?" Redlance asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He staked Skywise in the gameƷith the show and the arena." Cutter said.

Redlance's eyes went wide with surprise at the statement before he turned to Skywise with a quick whisper. "You know what your doing?"

"Yeah, not a thing to worry about," He said clapping the tracker on the shoulder and moving to the door to the back room. Along the way he caught the eye of the maiden behind the counter and gave her a quick smile and wink. Aroree blushed at the attention, which she rarely got for some reason, and nodded back.

"Are you sure about this? If he loses-"Redlance started before Cutter cut him off this time.

"I couldn't stop him or Bearclaw if I tried. Just keep us safe out here and I'll keep Skywise safe in there."

"I promise. I'll keep your back clear." Redlance said.

Cutter gave him a nod, a clap on the shoulder, and then followed Skywise into the back. The images stopped then as Redlance took a small breath and focused on blending into the blankets behind. He watched the room carefully noting each and every movement.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The ride in from the house to town was usually peaceful allowing Dart the necessary break from the stress of being a deputy. The need to be strong but forgiving, to bend but not break when it came to upholding the law was a lot for a pair of shoulders to bear. And for it to be on the youngest set that had ever put on a badge for the Marshall was even more unforgiving. Yet Dart bore the pressure well, better then anyone had expected, all except for Treestump. He'd heard the rumors how Treestump only offered him the job to get his father to step in, and when Strongbow didn't the Marshall was stuck, but there was no slack form the young deputy. Pretty soon he had the trust of the Marshall to guard prisoners and help out in disturbances. He still didn't walk the town at night, Treestump did that, but he wasn't far off from getting that task too. Dart could feel it.

Tonight though the ride wasn't peaceful, but a knot of thoughts and emotions. Dart was lost in thought with the whole Guttlecraw deal and his parents. The mayor was as crooked as a dog's hind leg and if he had his eye on that piece of Pa's land then there wasn't anything beneath him to try and get it. Worry, strong and acidic bit into Dart's stomach and he felt the pain of the cramp. So, to get his mind off the pain, he came up with a plan to help his parents, get them off the hook with the mayor for a bit anyways.

Dart arrived at the Trading Post with a few minutes to spare before he had to relieve Marshall Stump and he hopped off Alvar rushing to get inside. He saw Aroree behind the counter, just who he needed to speak with. On the way in the troll at the door asked for his gun then redrew the request at the sight of the badge. Dart took notice of all the men in the store, their look, and knew the rumors were true. Greymung had a game going on in the back. A big one it looked like. He'd have to inform Marhsall Stump when he got back, give him a heads up so to say.

"Evening Miss Aroree, the place is a little busy tonight." Dart said.

"Oh yes, it is busy." She replied back a little nervously.

"I need to know what my Pa and Ma owe the post here?" Dart asked with a smile.

"I'm sorry Dart, but Greymung said I'm not allowed to give out how much someone owes to anyone but that person. It's a strict rule of his." Aroree said.

"Please Miss Aroree," Dart said pleading his case, "it's my family. I just need to know what they owe so if they need my help I can give it. I can't let anything to them."

Aroree took a minute obviously struggling with decision she was making. Then with a quick look in a book kept under the counter she took note of the debt and turned back Dart with a sad look. "Three hundred and thirty five dollars and sixteen cents"

Dart stepped back in shock. "How much did you say? No, that can't be rightƩs it?"

"Guttlecraw had Greymung pay off Moonshade's bills all over town, and Strongbow's at Two-Edge's for the horse supplies. He gets Greymung to pay the people you owe at the bank in secret, then Greymung takes the markers, and now you owe him. He's going to call in the marker in one day and force you're mother's shop closed unless they give in. That's what Guttlecraw does, he backs Greymung to buy you out, and that's how he gets what he wants. No one can put anything on Guttlecraw, he's free and clear, but it's all his plan. It's all perfectly legal toƳort of." Aroree explained.

"How much do we owe again?" Dart whispered.

"Three hundred and thirty five dollars and sixteen cents, and that doesn't include the rent for the shop." Aroree said with a shake of her head.

The number made Dart's head spin. That much...how could it be that much? Then he remembered his father taking on the Wavedancers, Wavecatcher and Wavelet and the two children Krill and Brill. And then there were the ranch hands that get paid. It didn't matter, there was no way his parents had that much money now, not on hand to stop a marker call. Pa would have to sell some of the horses, but there was no way to sell enough to make that much money. His only choice was the piece of land Guttlecraw wanted; turn it over and save his ma's shop.

He shook his head to clear it and looked to Aroree. "Thank you ma'am."

"I'm so sorry deputyƩf there was something I could doŢ

"No Miss Aroree, thank you for your help all ready. I hope you won't get into any trouble." Dart said turning to go.

He adjusted his hat and saw the elf standing by the blankets. Dart took a second before recognizing the tracker. "Redlance, that you?"

"Evening deputy, you look a little different from the last time I saw you." Redlance said back with a small smile.

Dart didn't reply. It had been a while since he had seen the enigmatic woodsmen and he wasn't sure what to say. He never had a problem with the fact Redlance was part native, or so people said. No, it was the quiet exterior the elf put on, like he wanted to keep everyone at an arms distance. He didn't say much and kept a low profile everywhere he went in townơnd that was before he left for the war.

"Evening RedlanceƉ'll see you round." Dart said with a tip of his hat.

Redlance watched the shocked deputy leave before slowly walking over to the counter. Aroree walked over and leaned in close. "Are we safe?"

"Oh yeah, say, I couldn't help but overhear what you and Dart were talking about. Did Guttlecraw really do that, get Greymung to buy up all the debts for Moonshade and Strongbow?" Redlance asked with a whisper.

"Yes, he did the same with others to get their land. He did the same with Woodlock and Rainsong." Aroree whispered back.

"Why, their land isn't big enough to attract Guttlecraw's attention?"

"I know, but Rain sits on the town council. There were rumours the vote for town mayor should have been closer...maybe even the other way." Aroree said.

"Rigged election?" The tracker whispered. Aroree didn't say another word, just went back to work behind the counter and her books.

Redlance gritted his teeth and set his mind to working while watching the men in the room mill about. His hand went to the small pouch around his neck absently, the one holding his money. He was sure he didn't have enough on him to help Strongbow, but in his room at the boarding house there was a fat money belt tucked into the bottom of a saddle bag that was locked in his room.

The only problem was dealing with Strongbow. The horse whisperer wasn't known to take a hand out even if it was to save his own neck. The elf would rather swing from a noose before asking someone to untie it! The tracker kept watch while his mind ran with the plight of helping his friends.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Cutter watched Skywise take a seat at table 3 and instantly felt sick to his stomach. The captain looked out of place among the players at the table, some wearing fancy waistcoats and expensive shirts. They looked like all they did was gamble, and they were good at it.

"Hello friend, how are you this fine evening?" The one to Skywise's right said.

"I'm ready to take it all here fella's. I'm feeling just right with the cards." Skywise said plopping down the stack of chips.

"Well that's good friend, you might need that feeling later on. My name's Skot, my lady behind me is Krim." The elf said with a large smile.

Cutter looked over to the blond with a smile and tip of his hat. She winked back, seductively, and took a puff off of a large cigar. She winked again as she produced a large smoke ring that gently rose to the ceiling. He smiled turning back to the table and his parent's livelihood just in time to hear the name of the game.

"So what are we playing boys, a little five card stud?" Skywise asked.

"No friend, we're playing the new game in town, Hold 'em!" Skot said with a laugh.

"You want to play five cards you go over to the table with the kids. On this felt, you play the river and hope you don't cry later." Another elf dressed rather nicely said.

The Major watched with wide scared eyes as the cards he held in his right hand practically flew in his fingers. One card went one way while another went in the opposite direction and then popped back into the deck. Then he dropped the deck on the table and did a whole new set of tricks. He spread them out, rolled then from side to side, and finally cleaned them all up in his right handơll with a sinister smile.

"That's my man Yif. If you think he's good with the cards you should see him with the knife hidden in his sleeve." A deep gruff voice called out from behind them. Greymung stepped up with an evil smile, looked at Cutter, and then turned away laughing hard enough to make it echo.

"Hold 'em you say, well that sounds like fun to me. Let's deal em' boys!" Skywise joked with a large smile.

That sick feeling just got deeper and larger with that laugh and Skywise's carefree attitude at the moment. It was like he didn't understand the situation or the consequences if they lost. Cutter leaned in, grabbed the captain's shoulder hard enough to make him wince and whispered. "You DO know what you're doing, right? You have played this game before?"

Skywise didn't say anything back, he just waved his brother off and turned his attention to the game. A night of fun was about to be had by all he thought rubbing his hands together and wondering where he could get one of those cigars that Krim was smoking on right then.

Dubbed Streaking ADD Cowboy of Awesome Sagas by KindredSoul and nibblet
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And here is the next piece, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Fifteen

Meanwhile back at Brownberry's restaurant...

"How were the tips tonight Foxfur?" Longbranch asked standing at the counter working on the books for the restaurant.

"Tips weren't bad and neither were some of the customers." She replied back wiping off the last table.

"Remember," Longbranch said holding up the hand and pointing the pencil in it at the waitress, "we need the guest to come back to eat not flirt. That brings us no money, thus no restaurant, and thus no job."

"Aw honey, she's just a lonely woman trying to find love in a one-horse town!" Brownberry laughed from her seat at the counter.

"Well, if she finds love make sure he buys two specials and a couple of drinks!" He shot back making them laugh. The waitress turned from her cleaning to the pair sitting at the counter.

"How's the apple pie?" Foxfur asked with a raised eyebrow.

Crescent and Nightfall sat at the long counter that was part of the west wall in the large dining room with Brownberry and Foxfur on the otherside. Crescent smiled broadly with a mouthful making the waitress laugh as Brownberry only grinned warmly enjoying the fact her cooking was liked so much. Nightfall laughed with Foxfur for a minute before answering for both.

"This is one of the best pies you have ever made momma!" Nightfall said.

"It was made with love, that's why it's so good!" Foxfur said with another laugh.

"That and a pound of sugar!" Longbranch said closing the book he was writing in before walking over to his daughter and wife who sat on opposite sides of the counter. Along the way he grabbed a small plate with a piece of pie and a fork on it.

"And I see your on your second piece you old dog." Brownberry said giving him a kiss.

"My second? I thought this was my third!" Longbranch said with a mocked expression of shock.

The woman laughed until Crescent spoke up. "This is the best Brownberry, really, better than any I have ever tasted."

"Well your mother can have the recipe as soon as she gives me the one for that Chicken and Rice dish from the last barn raising." Brownberry said with a wink.

"Done," Crescent yelled slapping her hand on the counter making everyone laugh. The door opened to the restaurant and Joyleaf walked in with a sullen expression.

"Uh-oh, looks like you need a piece of pie." Foxfur giggled.

"No, I need to find that old devil of mine." Joyleaf said sliding onto a stool next to Nightfall and Crescent.

"I'm sure Bearclaw's just riding around on Blackfell somewhere." Foxfur stated.

"I hope so. He's been quiet lately, too quiet, and that means he's thinking and that usually means trouble." Joyleaf said with a laugh.

"I saw him earlier outside the saloon with Redlance. I'm sure he's not getting into any trouble with the tracker." Foxfur said with a shake of her head.

At the mention of the tracker Nightfall sighed heavily drawing a worried look from her mother who reached over and held her hand.

"What's a matter kitten, you missed seeing him at the saloon?" Longbranch asked.

"Yeah, you know, maybe I'm acting like a fool in all of this." She said.

"You, a fool? Hardly!" Crescent countered.

"The second he sees you you'll know how much he wants to be with you." Joyleaf spoke up taking a cup of coffee form Foxfur.

"I hope so because if he doesn't..." Nightfall whispered.

"I know so, just ask your mother about your father or Moonshade about Strongbow. There's a moment when you look into an elf's eyes that you know he loves you, that he cherishes you. When you see the tracker you'll know, you'll see, trust me." Joyleaf remarked.

Nightfall looked to her mother who simply nodded and then to her father who only shrugged his shoulders. "Every time I look into your mother's eyes I still wonder how an ugly country lawyer managed to get such a fine catch so don't go asking me."

They laughed at the remark as Brownberry reached out and patted her husband's stomach with love. She was about to say something but was stopped short.

"Momma?" A voice called filled with sleep from the kitchen door that led to the dining room itself cutting off the conversation.

Tyleet stepped out half-awake in her night dress and walked over to her mother, Nightfall.

"Now what are you doing up sleepy head?" She asked kissing her daughter's forehead gently.

"I missed you." Tyleet said with a giggle from the kiss.

"Come here sweetheart and sit with us." Foxfur said as Crescent pulled up a stool for the child. She climbed on, put her arms on the counter, and smiled.

"What were you talking about?" Tyleet asked.

"Nothing to concern you sleepy head, hey what about a slice of apple pie?" Brownberry asked.

"No pie please, but I'll take a glass of milk." Tyleet chirped.

"One large glass of milk!" Foxfur called out.

"One gigantic glass of milk coming up!" Longbranch called back heading to the kitchen.

"Please don't encourage him." Brownberry pleaded with a laugh watching her granddaughter laugh with her. It was the best feeling to her seeing Tyleet have fun.

They were laughing until Joyleaf looked out the window and spotted a loathsome figure walking down past the large window front that made her hiss for everyone top stop. It was Spider, the right hand man of Zey and enforcer for the outlaw and his gang. Spider had a temper with a short fuse and no conscience what-so-ever for what he did. They say he shot a man dead over a woman who had left him because Spider had no qualms with beating her silly. He turned and his handsome face looked in on the women sitting at the counter, blue eyes that sparkled with a kind of crazy demeanor. Foxfur felt a cold chill run down her back and Tyleet moved in close to Nightfall and Crescent trying to hide. There was a moment of dread when they all realized he might actually try to enter the restaurant.

"We're closed!" Brownberry yelled out.

For a second it didn't look like it worked. Spider stood by the glass then walked for the door. His hand reached out to touch the glass, and then stopped. A smile, part nice and all crazy leered in, then turned and went on its way down the walkway. Joyleaf let out a sigh of relief intending to exclaim how she hated that man but stopped when she saw Longbranch. The lawyer was standing just past the door to the kitchen; one hand held the cold glass of milk for his granddaughter and the other had disappeared completely under the counter. His face was set in a calm, but fierce determination. She wondered if he had a hold of a gun under there, maybe a shotgun, and then she thought about Spider stopping by the door. He probably asked himself the same question and decided finding out wasn't worth it. The room was silent for second longer till Tyleet spoke up from her mother's side with Crescent on the other. The two had formed a protective circle around the child intending to protect her if Spider had tried to come in with them.

"I don't like him...he scares me bad!"

"He hasn't come near you has he? And Dewshine, he hasn't gone near her?" Nightfall asked quick with worry.

"No ma'am. Miss Clearbrook told us to come get her or anyone else if we saw him coming. Me and Dewshine had to duck into Miss Moonshade's the other day because we thought we saw someone bad." Tyleet said.

"That was good. Mother would have protected you all right." Crescent said rubbing Tyleet's back for reassurance.

"Where do you think Spider was going?" Brownberry asked cautiously.

"From the direction he was walking, and Spider's look, probably the game at Greymung's. Lo be the one who crosses his path!" Longbranch quoted.

"Oh Crescent, Moonshade showed us these new fabrics for dresses the other day. They look so beautiful!" Tyleet said excitedly and suddenly.

"Oh, you mean the ones with the flowers and the blue border?" Crescent asked.

"Those are the ones! I think mama would look so pretty in a dress from it!" Tyleet exclaimed.

"I don't know sweetheart, let's make sure grandpa and grandma are okay and we're okay before we go spending money on things." Nightfall said.

"Okay..." Tyleet said with a smile giving comfort to her mother that she wasn't hurt by the need to see to other things first.

Soon they were all talking about something else. Joyleaf smiled as they fell back into a conversation quickly forgetting about Spider and his crazy ways. Someday that man was going to get what was coming to him. She only hoped it wasn't her husband that did it.

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And guess what, as a bonus for sticking around, here's the next piece written by Caris Caeruleus

Day One - Part Sixteen

Skywise lifted the corners of his two cards with his thumb and glanced between them and the Flop. The dealer, Yif, had just added a two of diamonds to the ten of diamonds that already lay there.

Two diamonds to match the two he already held. Here's hoping another one falls before the River.

A flush was a good hand, beaten by a straight flush, four of a kind or full house. And currently no one could possibly have the first two. However, another a full house or another flush was not impossible.

But I've got my Ace in the hole.

Casually he looked around, watching as the human to his right ran his finger down his chips. The man's pile had dwindled, much of it going to Skot across the table. Unless he got lucky, he might make one more ante with his pile before he went out.

After a moment, the man shook his head, and slid his two cards towards the dealer. "Fold." The troll next to him, not doing much better on chips, did the same, and Skywise slid his eyes over to the dark haired elf. He stared at the cards on the table for a moment, then, with a glance over to Skywise, threw in ten dollars of chips.

The human on Skywise's left immediately tossed in twenty. Skywise did the same.

It's too good to pass up.

With a snap of paper against cloth, the dealer placed the next card. A two of clubs.

"Your bet," he said to Skot, who grinned and threw in another twenty. The human considered the new card, then saw the bet without raising it.

Skywise pushed forward another twenty. He had seventy-five dollars left, owing to one good hand already.

Snap! The dealer set a jack of diamonds into the flop. "Your bet," he said to the human.

The man considered the cards, then tossed in ten more dollars. Without a thought, Skywise grabbed up fifty dollars of chips and pushed them forward.

Skot grabbed sixty dollars and threw it into the pot, the chips clinking against the rest.

Between the two elven players, the human, took a deep breath, then pushed his last forty dollars towards the pile.

"All in," he announced. The dealer immediately pulled ten of Skot's bet out of the pile and set it aside. Skywise's see and any additional raises would go there. The human could only win up to the bets he matched and not more.

But I'm betting that I win. Skywise slid forward his remaining twenty-five dollars, looking over to Skot to watch his response. He heard Cutter gasp behind him. Calm down, brother. I know what I'm doing. "All in."

The dark haired elf kept his face impassive as he met Skywise's bet.

Snap! The river. A two of hearts.

Skywise felt his heart skip a beat. Now, there was a very real possibility that either Skot or the human held either a four of a kind or a full house.

"Call." The dealer announced.

"Three of a kind," the human stated, turning his cards over to show an eight of spades and a jack of hearts. "Deuces, jack high."

The moment of truth. Skywise sighed and revealed his hand: an ace and queen of diamonds. "Diamond flush." He raised his eyes to watch Skot. The crowd around the table murmured quietly.

The dark haired elf stared at Skywise's cards then, flipped his pair over brusquely, a four of hearts, and and ace of spades. "Three of a kind," he said, "Deuces, ace high."

"Pot goes to Skywise," Yif called out and began to shuffle another hand, while the silver haired elf pulled his winnings back to himself.

"Gentlemen," the human stood up, nodding to the two elves, "those were damn fine hands. Good luck to you both. I'm afraid I'm done with tonight's game." He gave a quick bow to the dealer and left the room.

Skywise looked around the table. Four remained at the table, though it seemed to him that the contest was really between Skot and himself. And the winner would continue on into the next round.

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OMG, plot thickens and cards flow Shocked I didn't notice before, but I like the addition of Yif in the story. Nice to use as many characters as possible. Wink

Thanks alot, WiseShaman, I'm alwasy happy if people like what I'm doin'. So, since we had so much catch up n stories, let's have more gowns, eh? Since Brownberry and her famous apple pie were introduced, let's have a look at both it and her:

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Skann0001bb

And here's her wardrobe folks:

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 65c1c600-63ed-464c-b36e-82a6cccab135

The first outfit has the orange dress I made for her in the Pie Picture I made earlier to show off a red and brown outdoor jacket with a matching bonnet. She doesn't normally use red in the original elfquest, but I thought dark brownish-red would fit her. And I guess she would be the kind to wear a bonnet outdoor. I know one thing for certain; her daughter wouldn't!

The next dress is a normal everyday dress, quite a casual beige one with black dots and lines. I was very satisfied with this one, it was so simple but yet so characteristic. But these spots, along with Leetah's dress also made me scream at times, or at least pull my hair. I swear, at times I was like and then going and then and... you know.

And also, here is another, a skirt, a matching waistcoat, a blouse and an apron. On this one she's having her hair loose, just for a change. I wanted to make her something that could be a kind of a Professional outfit for working in the resturant.

And here's the seacond half of Brownberry's wardrobe:
Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Elfwest_Brownberry_2

I have given her an orange skirt which she can use along with several blouses. I've made two here, a yellow one with ruffles. I thought she would fit that. And the white one, I'm not sure I was satisfied with that, but I thought a white one with small details would be sweet for some ocations. I took the liberty of making her a pair of earrings like the berries she has in her hair in the original Elfquest.

The third one is a party dress or something to wear during a festival/something. A rustic red dress with sweet peach laces and a matching hat. The broche is the same as the earrings. I was definitely satisfied with that, hope everyone else is.
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And then there's Joyleaf since she's introduced as well. That was a task that was awesome fun. Even though she only appears with one outfit, I have tried to make use of all the details from it. The trick is to look for minor details and use them for all it's worth. That's what I've done here.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Joyleaf_1

Let's begin with the orange and brown. Here first, an ordinary plain orange cotton dress, long wide sleeves. I tried to figure her out with a simple ponytail held in a band. This makes her not look too straight when being casual, but still respectable.

The brown dress is a travel outfit for touring with the show. I have the idea from a dress from Bonanza, I don't know the episode, but the hat is mine. I wanted her rather to have a knot in the back of her neck rather than a put up hair due.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Joyleaf_2

Here's just a sweet blouse along with a rust colored skirt, and I just had to bring along the blue flower ranks she wears, and added it to the apron. She's not completely Joyleaf without those. This is for homey comfort use I guess. Or housework.

The other is a riding outfit. I don't know if she would prefer pants or a riding skirt, but I would definitely see her ride in pants and a hat. She would be perfect for that. I think she looked good in a plaid shirt.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Joyleaf_3

Next drawing; Here's a party dress with a straw hat; and those flower ranks again. The dress is inspired from the dark green belt she wears with the orange and brown costume, dark green with light blue thread, and I decided I wanted to make a whole outfit out f that little detail. A green dress with light blue ruffles in the neck and sleeves, and some lace details alongside.

The other is how I imagine the white and yellow dress WiseShaman gave her in a later chapter. I thought it would be sweet with a light yellow skirt and a white upper part with yellow dots. I don't know if he sees it that way, but I just had t let imagination go on this one.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Joyleaf_4

This one I was absolutely most satisfied with when it comes to Joyleaf. This cotton dress with diamond shaped dots, a plain shawl for outdoor wear and a rust colored bonnet matching, really think I did it with this one.

And the last; guess what it's for? It's soooo like "Annie Get Your Gun." She's not originally wearing red, but blond woman normally looks good in that color.I don't know why, but they do.
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While we're introducing the waitress Foxfur, I figured out I'd present something I've made for her as well. I just couldn't resist it, I had to post them Laughing It's not long since I finished these and I hope you guys like them.

Foxfur, let me just tell, was very hard to make clothes for. She too, like so many others, has only one outfit to use, and besides, she took time because it was hard drawing her hair without making her look like Nightfall. Please bear over with me if she does.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Foxfur_1

First out, her original outfit. I just had to have the waistcoat somehow, so I made it a jacket. She wears this here above the other outfit I made for her on the other drawing I made, wit purple skirt and the red boraded blouse. A light pink scarf covers her neck, and... I don't know how she will get the red fured fox hat, but I had to include it. Like my sister Cleopatra pointed out, she's not Foxfur without it.

The other dress has the color of dreamberries with a light pruple shawl and a beige bonnet for windy days. It kind of reminds of the one dress with jacket I made for Moonshade, but the colors worked also here. I gave her a beige simple bonnet to wear for this ine, jsut to give her one (like, they all had bonnets in old west).

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Foxfur_2

Seacond drawing shows two blouses on the same skirt. I gave her a dark brown skirt because she seems to have dark clothes originally. The first is creme with a berry inspired pattern. It seems like she has a thing for dreamberries in the original, so I gave her one inspired of them. The other is a light white summer blouse.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Foxfur_3

I don't know how I got that idea, but I came to think that pink with black pattern and lines would be sweet for her. So I gave her a pink dress with black dots and lines. It's dificult to say how I ended up on that one, not sure why.

The second dress is for parties. I saw some dresses at Renoir's painting "Luncheon at the Boating Party" and suddenly I figured out how a dress for her would be. Light creme and purple, and a straw hat for outdoor wear. This is not voulgar, but could be noticed. It seems like something fitting for a parade or festival.
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I love every single outfit! cheers cheers There are so many to choose from, but I have my favourites:

Brownberry: The red dress with the red, opulent hat.

Yoyleaf:  sunny The yellow dress with the dots (suits her personality!) sunny  
...plus the orange dress with the orange leafshaped dots (can't decide).

Foxfur: The last outfit with the lavender color and white stripes and the nice hat.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Ba_fai15
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In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tip-Toe as you pass,
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Thank you, Fairyring. I have to admit I was really insecure about the last dress for Foxfur. I'm glad you like it as a favorite Hug
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That is pretty awesome art work there Rainflower, its so good I can't pick which outfit I like the most so I'm just going to choose them all...

And now for the next piece of the Day, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Seventeen

Just when Redlance thought it wouldn't get worse, couldn't get worse, he looked over and saw the lone figure enter the room. Immediately the ones by the door found new areas to stand and mill about in losing all interest in keeping an eye out for the front. You sure didn't hang around when Spider walked in because if the wind was right and his mood was foul then someone was getting shot. It wasn't that he was crazy, hell everyone knew that, it was the fact Spider was plumb mean. There was a story once that a rattler bit the outlaw on his leg after getting stepped on and what happened next was horrible. It was pure agony to watch.

That poor snake suffered for ten minutes before it died from the bite.

The tracker felt his palms start to sweat and his heart pick up its pace. He turned to tell Aroree to get out and get ready to get Marshall Stump, but she had all ready left out the back. She didn't like Spider either, probably because she knew the rumors of his attraction to fair skinned woman, especially docile widowers. Aroree had taken the tracker's advice a little earlier than anticipated and went out the exit in the back. Redlance breathed a sigh of relief and watched carefully as Spider walked through the store with the men parting for him each not wanting to give the outlaw a reason for him to pull the low hanging Colt on his hip.

"Well that tears it! If Spider's here then Zey's here somewhere and that means this game is gettin' robbed!" The tracker overheard someone whisper.

"You sure?" Another asked.

"I was in Silver Springs two months ago. In walks Spider and before you know it Zey's got everyone handing over their wallets and cash and jewellery! I knew this was too good to be true!" The man answered back.

"Well, what do we do?" The man asked back.

"I say we rob the robbers! Or else get out of this town before all the shootin' starts!"

"I like that idea, rob the robbers!" The partner whispered.

Redlance felt his stomach drop past the floor. It was now time to get Cutter, get what was left of the money, and get out of here. He moved easily, calmly, and quietly toward the door that would take him to the back room. He was about halfway there when he spotted Spider keeping a close eye on the door, taking note of who was coming and going. The outlaw looked over and locked eyes with him and Redlance knew Spider guessed where he was going and what he was doing. The outlaw's eyes sparkled, his hand dropped to his gun, and Redlance started thinking of another way to get to Cutter.

"Where you going breed?" Spider hissed with an evil grin.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The table was down to three, just the captain and Yif and Skot. The human was the first to go and Skywise took out the troll as soon as he figured out it's tell. Every time he got a high card his lip would twitch which all at the table noted quickly. After three hands he was gone and the captain's chip count was nice and high. It was time to make a move, take a risk Skywise decided. He went all in on the next hand right off and took the pot without a single challenge. Then he played a hunch, and lost half his stack in a sucker play by Yif and Skot for it. He thought he had Skot on the run and fell for it betting half his pile on the last card. The gambler made his strait without it; he didn't even need the last card. It was a damn good bluff because Yif kept talking and moving about drawing his attention, making him thinks he was the dangerous one. Now Skywise was skittish, the cat was out of the bag. Skot and Yif were teaming up and coming for him. He would have to do some quick moves to get out of this, build his stack back up and ride one of them out.

Cutter stood back taking it all in and though he wasn't a gambler he knew from a military stand point what was happening. Skywise was out numbered now, and trying to just stay alive. He couldn't afford to pay attention to Skot because Yif could hit with a quick attack and take some if not most of his brother's chips. Cutter looked around the room feeling suddenly exposed, like someone was watching them. A rush of anger burned the major's stomach as he was tired of being on the run, which is what he had been doing all damn night. He was a step behind Skywise and Bearclaw with this game, with the stake, and all he really wanted was to see Leetah! It was time to start taking charge and someone else could start running for once. He strode up as the dealer was about to begin the next round slamming his hand onto the table with a loud knuckle crunch.

"You know what boys; I thought we came here to gamble. All I've seen is a bunch of card slinging and tongue wagging. I'm tired so let's make this hand the last one there is and go out with a blaze of glory, what do you say?"

All at the table froze not knowing what to do at first then they turned to Greymung waiting for the house to make a ruling. "One last hand, all the chips on the table in the pot, is that what you want?"

"Oh no, that wouldn't begin to interest someone like you. I was thinking all the chips and our horses," Cutter countered.

Greymung's eyes went wide with shock while Skywise's mouth hit the table with a thunk before he spoke. "Starjumpr? Are you crazy?"

Cutter ignored his captain and leaned forward eyeing Greymung hard while speaking with a hiss. "You know Nightrunner's worth, Voll would pay you a pile of cash for him and don't forget Strongbow and how much he wants to stud him. It's time to see if you got a backbone Greymung or if you're just as yellow as I think you are."

"You want to call down the thunder welp?! You think I'm yella! Well, here's the deed to the land I acquired just last week. How's that for sweetening the pot, huh?" Greymung spat throwing down the paper deed on the pile of chips in the pot

"Nah, not yet, get Lilly to bring over the deeds and papers for my mother's show and put them in there too. It's the last hand and everything should be up for grabs." Cutter snarled.

"The show was the stake! You got to bring something else to the table son." Greymung countered.

"Blackfell too," Cutter grinned. Greymung's eyes actually twinkled at the bet with not only Nightrunner, but now Blackfell too. This could be good for him.

"Oh no, no, no..." Skywise whispered.

"Boss-"Yif started before Greymung slapped on the back of the head.


"Winner takes all!" Cutter said leaning back.

The whole room went silent because everyone stopped what they were doing. Nothing was going to beat this. Lilly scrambled to change out the chips as Cutter and Greymung exchanged ice cold stares.

"Cutter I don't know about this?" Skywise turned with a look of fear in his face.

"I got faith in you Skywise, always will. Now go win my mother's show back." Cutter said crossing his arms over his chest.

The look in Cutter's eyes was all Skywise needed. It was a fierce brotherly love that gave the captain a sudden spark of confidence and will to walk through fire. He turned in his seat and stared at the dealer.


Skot politely backed out saying he only gambled with his money and never his life especially when it was obviously personal. No one paid him or Krim much attention; this was down to Yif and Skywise, Cutter and Greymung. A lot of money and land sat in the middle of the tables as the cards started to fly from the dealers hands.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

"I was going out to get a breath of fresh air, it's hot in here." Redlance said with a small smile.

"Uh-huh and why don't I believe you? Maybe it's because I don't trust you breed?" Spider said eyeing the tracker with a raised eyebrow.

"Now why don't you trust me...unless Your Going To Rob The Game!" Redlance gasped and called out loud enough to catch everyone's attention in the store. The place went dead silent and not a soul moved. They all became statues staring at each other suspiciously.

Spider was thunderstruck with disbelief. He knew everyone in the store was on edge, ready to spring to action in a blink, and now every hand was itching to go for its gun because of the tracker's mouth. Redlance had gambled with the move igniting the fuse on a stick of dynamite, he just hoped to get away from it before it blew his hand clean off. He reached over ready to grab an unsuspecting drover standing by him and Spider.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The flop hit the felt with a ten of spades, seven of diamonds, and a two of diamonds in three fast spins. The scraping of the cards sounded like nails on a blackboard as everyone crowded around the table. It felt like a hundred degrees in the desert, but not a bead of sweat showed on Cutter or Skywise. Yif on the other hand looked a little worried and Greymung fit to be tied. Maybe the pressure was starting to get to him Cutter thought. Maybe the fat troll didn't like having to run.

The dealer threw out the burn card before throwing down the turn. The card came up showing a 4 of diamonds. Skywise kept still, his face a blank expression, while Yif stared back cold and calm. Someone in back asked what the card was and got immediately slapped down for uttering the question. What kind of a fool talks now?

"The last card gentlemen...the river," The dealer said throwing out the burn card before turning over the last one.

A ten of diamonds sat next to the turn and flop.

The room was silent for second and then Yif started to laugh. It grew as he rolled his two cards over showing an eight of diamonds and a queen of diamonds. Everyone gasped as Greymung joined in the laugh.

"A pretty little row of diamonds mister, a queen with a seven and a two and a ten and an eight." Yif said with an evil smile.

Cutter felt his heart stop. A flush, that was huge! His knees buckled a bit before he saw Skywise smile and shake his head. "Yep, that's a nice looking flush there mister, but my hand is so much nicer."

The major looked down to see Skywise flip his two hole cards over showing a ten of clubs and a seven of spades. His smile grew as Yif's mouth fell open and Greymung choked on his laughter.

"That's three tens and two sevens, a full boat."

The room gasped again. A full house beat a flush, and it was one of the hardest hands to pull. Cutter clapped his captain's shoulder and smiled hard at Greymung. "Pack up our winnings, we're leaving!"

"The hell you are! I ain't letting you leave with my land and my money!" Greymung shot back

"Don't even think of trying to welch us!" Skywise screamed.

"You ain't leaving with my land and my money!" Greymung screamed.

"None of you are leaving with the money," a human screamed just their left, "because we're taking it all with us."

Cutter and Greymung turned to see two shotguns come up, the hammers cocking back with a loud click. Three more men brought out Schofields and Pete at the door suddenly had a wicked looking block of wood in his right hand that was his 'attitude' adjuster when needed.

"Good job of guarding the place you fat tub!" Cutter hissed at Greymung as the winnings, deeds, and papers for the show disappeared into a sack.

"Shut up Welp! This is your doing I know it!"

"How are we supposed to rob the place without our guns you stupid-money-grubbing...troll!" Skywise spat watching the pot of a lifetime being carried away.

Cutter stood watching his parent's livelihood slip away. The door to the room opened as the humans and Pete slid out with a small mocking wave. He needed to get to Redlance, give him a message somehow. And then something happened that he wasn't sure how, but he knew why. It was because he wanted it to. Cutter felt the words in his mind cross space and time with a snap and touch the tracker's mind.

Redlance, we've been robbed. Four humans and a troll are running for it! One of the humans has a bag with the winnings. Stop them before they get out of town!

The major grabbed his captain ready to take off after the outlaws when everyone in the room started screaming. One human blamed another, a troll blamed Skot, and before Cutter and Skywise could lay chase it all broke loose. One punch led to another to another as the bodies started to fly. Cutter and Skywise forgot about the money and papers momentarily as an all out brawl blew up in Greymung's backroom.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Redlance, we've been robbed. Four humans and a troll are running for it! One of the humans has a bag with the winnings. Stop them before they get out of town!

The words were still banging around in his brain when Redlance saw Spider make his move. Something in the tracker's eyes must have set him off because the outlaw made a go for the gun on his hip. The tracker grabbed the unsuspecting drover and with a yank threw him right into Spider just as the outlaw got his Colt out. The two men slammed into each other getting tangled up immediately

Redlance turned to bolt for entrance and to get the hell away from Spider, but the outlaw had other ideas. He yelled out while throwing the drover off of him.


"Aww hell..." The tracker muttered as every man and troll and elf in the room looked right at him. And it wasn't a nice look either.

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And here is next piece of Day One, written by KR Wordgazer

Day One - Part Eighteen

Two moons coated the prairie with silver as Rayek rode towards the old oak on the east side of town. He pulled his watch from his vest pocket and narrowed his eyes to see the hands in the darkness. A quarter past midnight. He would be there right on time. A bat winged by, and Leila, already a bit nervous from the tension in Rayek's body, shied slightly. He quieted her, stroking her neck. "Do not worry, nina-- little girl. All is well."

He hoped it was true.

The ancient tree stood before him now. As the wind brushed its dark branches, stars appeared between the leaves and disappeared again. Rayek tensed a little more at the shadow that moved behind the tree. Whoever "W" was, he or she was already waiting.

Closer he rode. The great tree blotted out the stars. Into the patchy moonlight in front of the trunk, a woman rode. She was tall, seated gracefully sidesaddle on what Rayek was surprised to see was a Thoroughbred mare. The horse was strangely docile, though, for the fiery breed, responding submissively, even fearfully, to the queenly hand on her reins. Rayek gritted his teeth, suspecting that the animal had been broken with cruelty.

The woman rode straight up to him. Huge eyes glittered in a white face that shone pale in the moons' light. A mantle of black hair flowed down her back under a small, black-plumed hat. She was wearing a black riding habit with jet beads, unbuttoned in front to reveal the plunging neckline of her silk dress. It was not the kind of neckline a lady usually wore, yet lady she clearly was-- a lady of wealth and power.

"Rayek," she said.

He gave her his most formal nod. "You have me at a disadvantage," he said.

Her laughter was a cascade of musical notes that should have been pleasing, but somehow made him feel cold. "My name is Winnowill," she said. "Proprietress of Two Moons Ranch."

He had heard of the place-- founded on land that was still wild when he had left so long ago. "Voll is your husband," he said.

"He is." Her waved hand dismissed Voll. "But it is you I have come to meet. Won't you ride with me, Rayek?"

"Forgive me," he replied, eying her. "But where do you wish to take me? And why?"

The icy music of her laugh sounded again. "What are you afraid of, my dear sir?" She lifted graceful arms from her sides. "I am unarmed, as you can see. What harm can come to you? Ride with me." With that she turned the mare and started up the first slope of the bluffs that overlooked the town.

Rayek spoke to Leila, and she followed the mare's hindquarters as they moved gracefully up the slope. "Your mount is hardly what I would have chosen for this rough terrain," he told Winnowill. "She could break an ankle."

"So concerned for a horse?" Winnowill sounded amused. "I brought her from the East because she was mine, and I wished to keep her. But you need not worry for her, Rayek. I am well able to keep her fit."

Somehow he believed her. He could not help it. They rode in silence through the moonlight to the top of the bluffs, where Winnowill slipped from the saddle. Dismounting, Rayek walked beside her to look down over the darkened town. Only a few lights shone at this time of night, in the saloon and from Greymung's store. Rayek wondered why that establishment was open so late, then dismissed it from his mind.

Winnowill spoke. "Look down, son of Ingen."

Rayek gasped at the name, and pain twisted through his heart. "How did you--"

"Hush." She placed a finger on his lips. "What do you see, Rayek?"

He spoke in a whisper, shaken by her knowledge. But he did not wish to speak of his father. "The town," he said. "Nothing more."


Rayek turned, stared at her. He rubbed his forehead. "What did you just do?"

*I sent to you.* Her eyes were sparkling-- with what? Delight? Mischief? Finding it hard to breathe, Rayek was silent. Winnowill reached out, taking both his hands in hers.

"I have awaited your coming for a long time, Rayek," she murmured. "For in you, I am sure, the ancient powers run strong and deep. Our souls, Rayek-- they are twins. Let me show you what I know."

He stepped back from her, withdrawing his hands. "I do not understand, senora, what you are talking about."

"Do not be so formal, Rayek!" she snapped, showing impatience at last. "Listen to me. I am a member of a society known as the Seekers of the Lost Arts. Elves-- our people-- are not like humans, not like trolls-- there is much we once knew that has long been forgotten. Much that we need to regain."

As he continued to stare at her, she straightened herself, smiling again, "Savah is the leader of our group. Does that make you more at ease?"

He let out his breath. "Actually, it does."

"Good." Winnowill laid a hand on his arm. "I want you to think about what I am telling you, Rayek. Some elves in this day have become dull and animalistic. They think of nothing but the next drink, the next card game. But you and I are different. We can rise above all that our people have become. We can find those who are like us, draw them together. We can regain the lost power of our race!"

Startled, uncertain, Rayek gazed at her. There was more to this, he sensed, than she was letting on. But if Savah was involved, if she approved-- how could there be anything wrong? And yet the lovely form at his side awoke every warning instinct in him. He did not know what to think.

And even while it reassured, the name of the respected matriarch of his hidalgo clan gave him pause. He was not at all certain he wanted to see Savah again. . .

The odd sensation in his mind came again. *Think upon it, Rayek. And when you are ready, we will speak of this again.*

Aloud she said, "My husband has need of someone to help care for the Ranch accounts, manage his shipments. Perhaps you would be interested?"

For a long, long moment, Rayek said nothing. Then, "Perhaps," he said.

Her smile made his heart turn over. "Very well then. Come to the Ranch tomorrow and speak to Voll. I will be waiting for you."

Wordlessly he turned, mounted Leila, urged her back down the bluff. Surefootedly the Arabian mare picked her way down the moon-tinged slope. Rayek's pounding heart began to slow.

"Back to Ekuar, Leila," he murmured. "We have much to discuss."

He glanced back over his shoulder, but the bluff above was empty

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And here is the next piece of Day One, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Nineteen

When the shooting started they all pulled away form the glass front of the restaurant, all save Longbranch who stood just past the open door looking down the street. He was in a half-duck trying to make out what was going on while Brownberry and Foxfur yelled at him from inside.

"Get inside here you old codger!" Foxfur screamed.

"I think its Greymung's shop. That damn game must have gotten out of control!" Longbranch called back still watching.

"Papa, get in here now!" Nightfall demanded running over and grabbing her father's hand trying to pull him in.

"Grandpa, please!" Tyleet wailed as Crescent lifted her over the counter to Brownberry.

All of sudden they heard the whinny of a scared horse and the pounding of feet running toward them. It seemed the world was coming right to the diner. Nightfall turned to see Marshall Stump dragging a winded Aroree with Dart behind them, both holding sawed-off shotguns with the barrels pointed skyward. Longbranch looked over to see Leetah trying to keep her horse Aliyana under control in the middle of the street, but failing at it. All the loud noises and screams had the poor thing scared and it was bucking and snorting like mad. He looked around and then to his daughter and yelling with an adrenaline boost.

"You see to them, I'll get her!"

With that Longbranch broke for the horse in the street and the maiden. Nightfall partially closed the door using it for cover as the Marshall ran up pushing Aroree into the restaurant.

"Get inside behind the counter and stay down!"

"What's happening?" Nightfall cried back letting Aroree past.

"A lot good-for-nothing people decided to start shooting, that's what!" Marshall Stump answered.

Longbranch got the reigns and held the horse long enough for Leetah to jump off. He caught her before she hit the ground letting go of Aliyanna's reins with a deft switch of his hands. Leetah ducked feeling him put an arm around her waist pulling and guiding her back to the restaurant. The sound of a ricochet bouncing off into night caused Leetah to scream out.

"Ah mi, que pasa?"

"I'm not sure what you said ma'am, but all hell just broke loose so you need to say it over here!" Longbranch said as the two made a run for the door passing a kneeling Marshall and deputy.

"Keep inside, stay down, and shoot anyone trying to come in you don't know!" Marshall Stump ordered.

"Right!" Longbranch screamed back scooping Leetah up and handing her over the counter to Crescent and Nightfall.  

The door closed just as Longbranch went over the counter. He took the old Spencer from Brownberry then took up a lookout watching the door to the restaurant. Behind him he heard his granddaughter whisper.

"Are we gonna be okay?"

"Oh yes," Nightfall said putting an arm around Tyleet from one side while Brownberry took the other, "nothing's going to happen to us. This is nothing to worry about!"

"Yes ma'am, nothing to worry about at all." Brownberry added with a smile.

"Are you okay Rose?" Joyleaf asked kneeling by Longbranch.

"Oh yes, I will be fine. What is happening though?" She asked with a gasp.

"A bunch of yahoo's started a fight it looks like. Has anyone seen my husband by the way?" Joyleaf remarked.

"No," They all answered except for Aroree.

"I did see your son, the major, and the captain. They went into the back room for the game tonight."

"They're in there?" Joyleaf asked in shock.

"Yes ma'am, and so is Redlance, except he's out in the store watching for any trouble." Aroree said with a frown realizing what she said.

"Oh no..." Brownberry whispered.

"That's where all the shooting's happening." Longbranch pointed out.

Without a moment's hesitation Nightfall rose and jumped over the counter with Joyleaf. "Take care of Tyleet for me momma."

"Where are you going?" Brownberry hissed back.

"I can't leave them, him, out there by themselves! And I'm not gonna let Joyleaf run around by herself out there either!" Nightfall said back.

"Hold on! I'll go too!" Crescent called getting up the floor and hopping over the counter.

"Be careful please!" Leetah said watching them go.

"We'll be okay Rose." Joyleaf said with a wink just as another ricochet struck the large window making a loud pop.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The blows came form all sides. Cutter blocked the first with his left and lashed out with a straight shot to face of a human, his knuckles crunching into the mouth of the man just below the nose. The major had just enough time to watch the head snap back before another drover tried to take him out with a chair. Cutter ducked the awkward swing and came back up ready to drop the man right there, only someone else had beaten him to it. The drover was gone missing somewhere in the growing melee. He spun heading for the door again as Guttlecraw screamed out to his people over the growing din.

"Get the bag you bunch of slack-jaw'd idiots! Get the bag before someone else does!"

Cutter jumped over a broken table, and the elf that was used to break it, trying to make it out when another human cut him with a vicious body tackle. They would have gone down to the floor if not for the post holding up the roof. Cutter hit it with his back whip lashing against it while the human drove into his mid-section like a battering ram. The room went a little fuzzy for a second as the air left his lungs, but then a chair crashed over the back of the human knocking him cold and flat. The major turned to see his captain with the remains of the chair in one hand with a smile across his face.

"Got em' just in time!"

He didn't get a chance to answer his brother before a troll, one of Greymung's, grabbed Skywise from behind by the collar and belt. Cutter watched as the troll made a quick full circle spin and heaved his captain all the way to the back wall.

"Llllooookkk Ouutttttt!" Skywise screamed as he flew through the air and landed with a crash into what was left of the poker table they were just playing at.

The troll gave a guttural yell of primitive satisfaction, followed a wail of pain as Cutter planted a boot between his legs with a sharp crack. A glass broke clean across the troll's head then silencing him as he fell to the floor. Cutter looked up with a surprised expression to see Lilly with another mug in her hand and a smile on her face.

"I never liked him much." She said with a shrug of her shoulders before disappearing.

A hand grabbed onto his shirt and Cutter answered with a two quick rabbit jabs that loosened a few teeth of some poor an who was probably just looking for some help up off the floor. In a brawl like this there was no quarter asked and none given, it was punch or be punched. He looked over to the back wall scanning for Skywise and saw his brother getting up form the broken table.

Skywise got up wincing at the pain in his side from landing on the table, which was unusually sturdy for some reason. He looked up to see Cutter then someone come at him form his right. A voice sounded above the clash catching his attention.

"Pull a full boat on me you cheatin' momma's boy!" Yif yelled coming at Skywise with the hidden knife that was out in his left hand. The gambler jumped forward with a quick stab meant to open Skywise up.

The captain spun to his right letting the knife slip by with inches to spare then countered with a quick elbow to Yif's face driving his head back. Skywise then reached down with his left hand grabbing the hand with the knife and with his right punched Yif's thumb as hard as he could. The gambler yelled in pain, dropped the knife to the floor, and then wrestled the captain into the wall slamming Skywise against to the wood hard. Yif drew back his right hand ready to deliver a vicious punch when something crashed into the back of his head. The gambler gave an 'Ooo' as he dropped to one knee then flopped on the floor. Skywise looked up to see Krim holding a boot in her hand that matched the one Yif was lying next to at the moment.

"Thanks!" He yelled with a wave.

"I was aiming for you!" Krim growled drawing back with the other boot.

"HEY?!" Skywise yelled ducking the boot and heading for Cutter. He didn't get far as a punch came at him from the left again clocking him clean. The room spun for a second, because he did, but Skywise steadied himself just as the puncher took a blow to back of the ribs from Cutter. The human let out a mixed scream and prayer to a higher power before dropping in a heap.

Then they heard the gun shots coming form outside. Cutter looked at Skywise and spat. "We have to keep Greymung from getting the bag!"

"He's at the door!" Skywise screamed.

Cutter turned to see the troll and a mass of legs and bodies trying to squeeze through the door they all entered inơll at once. Anger bright and metallic tasting took over Cutter. The major growled and ran at the group knocking over some poor fool who was trying to get up. He pushed his legs hard as he went past sprinting right to ramming speed. One of the men in the door saw him coming and screamed in terror.

"Ahhhh, it's a rabid wolverine!"

The major hit the people jam like a bull moving it well over a foot, but the wall and door held. He grunted still pushing with his legs, the men he pushed on screamed back for him to stop. A second later Skywise hit the pile with all the power he could muscle.

"Ayyyyoooooaahhhh!" The captain screamed.

The wall gave a scream of its own then as the wood finally gave and splintered from all the weight and pressure. One second Cutter and Skywise were still in the back room, the next they were outside in a mass of legs and arms.

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And here is the next piece of Day One, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Twenty

The first bullet from Spider's gun, the one that started all the shooting, grazed Redlance across his side. If not for the drover he had used to tangle up Spider the tracker might have taken a bullet right to the back. Instead he dropped down behind a table full of cooking supplies like pots and pans ignoring the burning pain. All at once everyone went for their guns and opened up in the store in a blaze of gunpowder and smoke. The ones who found cover were lucky for the moment, the ones who didn't found the way of the gun suddenly very unappealing. Someone took a bullet and screamed in pain calling out for they're mother, which made another outlaw yell that if she showed up she'd get a bullet too.

"I'm gonna put a hole right between your eyes breed, you hear me?!" Spider called out above the blast of gunfire.

Redlance didn't pay attention to the irate outlaw. He slid around the table, grabbed a cast iron skillet off of it, and looked around for someone carrying a bag. As his eyes scanned the back the door that Cutter and Skywise had passed through exploded inward in a shower of splinters and chunks. A very large troll hit the door like a battering ram and was now rolling like a train knocking over elf and human alike. Behind him were five humans, one in particular was carrying a large sack and screaming orders.

"Get to the horses boys!"

Well, he found Cutter's bag. Almost at once the guns turned on the group running for the door and opened up. One of the five went down with a wound to the leg while his partner let loose with both barrels of the shotgun he was sporting. The blast sounded like a canon in the store as the spray of pellets exploded two twenty pound bags of flour. In an instant half the store was draped in a white clingy fog and the prospect of taking a barrel of buckshot sent a stampede of outlaws and drovers for the exit out. Redlance kept his eyes on the bag and waited for the troll to get just even with him before popping up. He took aim and hurled the frying pan like his trusty tomahawk right into the back of the troll's head.


Old Pete had been told he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed on more than one occasion in his lifetime. A head made of stone someone told him once. Well, his stone head didn't stand up to the cast iron skillet as it caromed off his skull into another human with a second loud KA-WANG. The troll went out instantly on his feet, both eyes crossing as a lazy smile sprouted on his face. His legs stopped pumping, but he had such momentum he stayed upright and going forward right to the door. His body, and that of three other unfortunate souls, slammed into the opening at once and jammed it for a second before they all fell onto the walkway outside. The bag and the human both went out the door with another group trying to make it to freedom.

He had to get the bag; Cutter was counting on him Redlance thought as a bullet struck a can of beans exploding its contents everywhere. The tracker ducked down as two more slugs whizzed by close enough hear the air crackle, but he didn't stop. He kept running forward using the others in the room as cover heading for where the windows at the front were because going out the door was crazy at this point he thought. With a quick jump he tucked into a ball and crashed through what was left of the glass and wooden slats of the window landing in a semi-crouch on the walkway. Redlance felt the wood under his feet as his eyes scanned for the bag, and he spotted the human with one of his partners moving to his left toward a group of horses tied up just down from the what was soon to be the remains of the Trading Post. The other two were going right to a second set of horses across the street. Redlance looked that way to see Bearclaw stepping out of the alley with a look of concern mixed with total confusion.


What bag Bearclaw thought? As usual it had been two hours of standing around being bored out of his mind and then two minutes of panic. He hated having nothing to do so Bearclaw paced in the alley wearing out a nice track going to the back and then the front, and when the shooting started he guessed what was happening. He wanted to run in there to get his son, but years of living on the Frontier had taught him two lessons. One, you don't go stepping into a fight between two men with guns because you'll be the one who ends up getting the slug dug out of you later. And two, robbers always go out the front for some damn reason. It's like a written code. So Bearclaw stood and waited knowing full well Cutter could take care of himself and Skywise, but where was the tracker?

And then the red head blew out through a window and was screaming at him confirming what he had all ready guessed.

"I'M ON IT!" Bearclaw screamed back heading to cut off the two outlaws.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

"Well you get back to Brownberry's!" Treestump screamed at his sister Joyleaf.

She crept right up to his back kneeling by him staying low and out of the path of a bullet hopefully. One came screaming close by though and she started to second guess this decision. "I have to find that old devil, and my son, and the captain!"

"And Redlance!" Nightfall called out ducking behind Joyleaf.  

"And the tracker too!" Joyleaf conceded ducking from the sound of another shot.

Some of the shooters ran out of the Trading Post into the streets and turned back shooting at the building. Treestump turned around to Dart and yelled. "Get across the street and make sure those fools don't head back into town!"

"Yes sir, do I arrest them or just give them the incentive to get out?" Dart asked.

"Show em' the way home son! We'll arrest anyone later after we get the shooting to stop!" Treestump ordered.

"Yes sir," Dart said with a nod before racing across the street.

"DART!" Crescent screamed watching her brother run out into the gun battle.

Her heart stopped as bullets ripped by him, a couple hitting the ground by his feet. Dart didn't stop moving or flinch as he returned fire with one barrel of his shotgun. The greener kicked hard sending a spray of pellets down the street. Crescent heard her father once explain that a sawed-off shotgun was great at ten feet or less, good at fifteen to twenty, but beyond that you'd just make somebody real angry if you hit em'. Well, that's all Dart did with his exchange. The men in the street jerked from the stinging pellets, a few horses did too, but it didn't come close to putting them down. Instead they just turned firing a barrage at the deputy who was across the street now hunkering down behind a bench. The wood splintered and chips flew as slug after slug struck it, but Dart kept his cool simply reloading the shotgun then closing its breech.

Treestump suddenly popped up and fired at the men who were shooting at Dart. His shotgun had the same effect, but it did cause the men to contemplate their situation at that very moment. Someone inside got off a shot and hit one of the men in the street knocking him down and that was all the rest needed. Anyone, and everyone it seemed, bolted for their horses or just out of the street and into the night. Treestump and Dart started toward the Trading Post when a whole bunch of bodies fell out the door crashing to the walkway in a lump. A pair ran at him heading for their horses, one carrying a large sack, but then the sack's partner screamed from being shot and fell to the ground. The Marshall ducked thinnking about stopping the sack when a window blew out and suddenly there was Redlance screaming about the game being robbed.

So that's what happened? Treestump thought spinning to stop the sack, but the man was on his horse and gone. And then the tracker blew by with his red Dunn Mustang in hot pursuit. It didn't matter about them now. He had to stop the gun battle going on in the Mercantile. He watched, and moved up the walkway, slowly keeping the shotgun at the ready. Someone screamed the Marshall was coming and the shooting drew down. By the time he reached the door it had all come to a stop as everyone was running to get away from John Law.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Bearclaw stopped the pair just short of their horses taking his usual quick draw stance, left foot just forward of the right with thumbs hooked into his sash. "I don't know what you boys are thinkin', but you're not leaving here with my money."

"I don't know who you are mister, and even if I did it wouldn't bother me to shoot you dead here in the street." The one on the right said gasping to get his breath from all the running he had just done.

"Wait James, I think that's-"The one on the left started to say.

"Well you go ahead and use that smoke wagon son and we'll see who's still standing when its all said and done." Bearclaw said calmly.

"WAIT JAMES! I THINK THAT'S-"The one on the left started to say.

But James didn't listen instead choosing to make a move with his Schofield. Even with the gun out and ready the young robber missed with his shot. Maybe it was the jerk bringing the gun up or maybe it was the fact he was gasping for breath throwing off his aim. Whatever the case, the bullet from his Schofield went wide of the mark missing Bearclaw by a few inches.

The pistoleer that Bearclaw was though didn't miss. He reached across his body and grabbed the handle of his trusty dragoon 44 and pulled it from the sash with a simple, but as fast as possible move. It was smooth, calm, like always, and with a small lunge he pointed and fired the gun right at James. In a puff of smoke the robber went down flat in the street screaming in pain while the other dropped his gun holding up both hands.

"Now I know, you're Bearclaw aren't you, the deadliest quick draw around?" The robber said with excitement.

Bearclaw only shook his head in disbelief. He didn't know whether to shoot the kid or give him an autograph.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Redlance jumped onto the hitching post in front of the Trading Post, took two quick steps across it like walking a tightrope, and jumped onto the back of Firecoat. The Mustang instinctively backed away from the post pulling the reins free for its rider. The tracker grabbed them and spun his horse in a tight circle galloping after the sack and the robber with a burst. He looked over and thought he saw Nightfall and Crescent screaming his name, but it was drowned out by the sounds of bullets flying by. He looked forward again to see the robber was shooting at him, a single flash of yellow followed by the scream of a bullet made him duck as he followed the robber.

Both disappeared into the night out of town heading up into hills.

"REDLANCE!" Nightfall screamed watching the tracker fly past on his horse. She yelled again as the robber shot at him.

"I'm going after him!"

"He's going to be okay! You just be careful damm it!" Joyleaf screamed realizing it was futile to try and stop the girl as the shooting started to slow.

Nightfall broke into a run for Apples her Appaloosa, so named because the mare seemed to have no limit when eating them, intent on saving Redlance, even from himself if need be. She wasn't alone as Crescent followed.

"Where are you going?" Joyleaf screamed.

"To keep her safe!" Crescent answered. She jumped onto her Quarterhorse Windrider chasing after Nightfall and Redlance.

In the diner Leetah watched from behind the counter as the robber went by firing his gun, followed by Redlance, his red hair and braids catching her eyes immediately.

"Who just went by?" She asked Brownberry.

"That was Redlance." Foxfur answered feeling a little relieved the shooting was starting to slow.

"Momma's friend?" Tyleet asked with worry.

"The very same one," Foxfur answered tickling the child.

Tyleet laughed a little easing Leetah's fear until she saw Nightfall and Crescent through the windows racing out after the tracker.

"Hey, the shooting's stopped." Brownberry commented.

"I'm going up...to see about Joyleaf and Stump." Longbranch said heading toward the door with the spencer.

"Be careful you old codger!" Foxfur yelled out.

"I will go with him, to see if anyone is in need of help." Leetah said running after Longbranch.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The door to the backroom, which earlier in the night could only accommodate one man at time, now could let through a few men and a nice sized troll at the same time. In reality most of the wall went down with the group to the ground. Cutter and Skywise punched and kicked their way free of the pile, but it took a few good hits. One elf with a particular hawk nose tried to grab Skywise and paid the price with a hook punch to the stomach followed by a cross the cheek that made him see stars.

"Get the ba-"Greymung tried to scream, but his voice died when Cutter shoved the troll's face into the dirt.

"Shut Up!" The major screamed getting to his feet.

Someone grabbed his leg and got a face full of boot. Cutter ran on toward the store noticing the fact the shooting had stopped and everyone was now bolting for their lifeƯr freedom. Cutter drove his shoulder into a few knocking the men off their feet as he ran back into the store. He came to a sudden stop though with Skywise barely able to keep from running over him.

"What is it?" The captain asked before actually seeing what caused Cutter to stop, and as soon as he did Skywise gasped.

The store was a wreck, from top to bottom and side to side. One corner was white with flour, any and every table was overturned with scattered things all over, and worst of all were the few who didn't make it out of the store. Skywise stepped past a stunned Cutter looking around in shock at all the damage to the Mercantile while ignoring the pleas of help from the wounded.

"Where's Redlance?" He heard the major ask.

"I don't see him..." Skywise answered with a whisper.

"Redlance?" Cutter called out hoping for an answer, but all he got was the Marshall stepping through the door with a double barrel shotgun leveled at them.

"Whoa!" Skywise cried out.

"What the hell happened?" The Marshall asked with a demanding tone lowering the greener.

"The game got hit by some young punks." Skywise answered.

"Is there anyone out back upright?" Marshall Stump asked.

"Nope, just what's left of the back room and anyone who got knocked cold." Skywise answered again surveying the store some more.

"Have you seen Redlance?" Cutter asked.

"He rode out after some dude that came out of here. They were standing on it heading up into the hills." Dart remarked walking in.

"I'm going after him!" Cuttter said starting for the door.

"Nightfall and Crescent went after him all ready. Just sit tight son and wait. We're going to need some help here." Marshall Stump said.

The Major looked hard at the Marshall for a second, anger and anxiety in his eyes. Treestump didn't understand that if Redlance let the robber get away with that sack then it was really all over for his family. It would all be lost. There was just too much at stake for him at the moment.

"No, I have to go!" Cutter said going for the door again.

Marshall Stump shook his head in frustration with the Major as Joyleaf went around him and headed for her son with a smile of relief on her face. She threw her arms around Cutter and whispered. "Well at least you're alive!"

"I'm okay ma...no bullet holes...just a few bruises." Cutter whispered back.

There was a sudden crash scaring them for a second. Marshall Stump brought his shotgun up, and then dropped it when he saw it was Bearclaw. The pistoleer handed over a human to Dart before walking over to his son.

"Hey, that's Bearclaw, the deadliest quick draw around!" The human said excitedly.

"I know that! Now sit you idgit!" Dart spat shoving the human to the walkway.

"Are you okay?" Bearclaw asked quickly.

"Yep, but we have to get after the human Redlance is chasing. He's got everything in that sack." Cutter said trying to give his father a signal that the sack was more important.

"Everything?" Bearclaw whispered.

"Everything!" Cutter added.

"What? What are you two talking about?" Joyleaf asked suspiciously.

"Umm..." Cutter started trying to find a way to say what needed to be said.

"Oh for the love of," Skywise muttered looking to the ceiling then turned back to the group, "Bearclaw took the papers and deeds for the Wild West show and staked me in the game tonight so he could win a piece of land for you. Cutter went in to watch my back while Redlance stayed out here in the shooting range to watch for us. I won the last hand but these piss-ant robbers took us down. Now your show and land and my winnings are riding off into the sunrise somewhere!"

Cutter and Bearclaw looked like bookends with identical shocked expressions while Joyleaf could have killed a man with her stare alone. She looked to both Bearclaw and her son before going back to the captain. "Is that it, all of it I mean?"

"No, we had to bet Blackfell too." Skywise said turning in a circle.

"You bet my horse?!" Bearclaw asked his son in even deeper shock.

"I bet all our horses!" Cutter snapped.

Longbranch suddenly ran up to the door and whistled loudly seeing the store for the first time while from the back Greymung stumbled in with dirt all over his face. The only sound the troll could make at first was a high pitched whistle, like he was having a problem getting air to his lungs. He ran into the counter then into a turned over table almost tripping him completely before the store owner finally spoke.

"My store? What happened to my store? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY STORE?"

"I have to go get the sack." Cutter said ignoring the wailing troll and moving away from his parents toward the door.

"Just forget about the sack!" Joyleaf yelled following her son toward the door and grabbing his arm.

"It's got all the papers for the show! If it gets lost-"Cutter said before a finger to his lips cut him off.

"The show won't mean a damn thing to me if you get killed because of it. Redlance is going to bring the sack back, I trust him because he'd ride through fire for us." She said.

"The tracker won't let it go son and he's the best to follow the man in the dark. It's what he did for the war, remember?" Bearclaw said.

All of it made sense, but Cutter couldn't take it in, couldn't accept it. He moved for the door again intent on going after Redlance and stopped just past it. The scene in the street stopped him cold.

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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Twenty One   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 09, 2015 1:33 pm

And here is the next piece of Day One, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Twenty One

Windrider made up the distance in a shot on Apples, but Crescent didn't want to leave Nightfall so she kept the horse in close to the App. The pair rode at a breakneck pace still going as fast as they dared in the dark. The moonlight lit up the countryside with a low white and way out in front, just on the edge of their sight, were two hellions racing along the trail heading into the hills. Crescent and Nightfall kept watch as the tracker and the robber would disappear in a dark spot and then reappear up ahead still flying along.

"Damn they're movin'" Crescent screamed.

"We can't lose em' Crescent! Yah!" Nightfall screamed back urging Apples harder.

Up ahead the young outlaw was fighting off panic. That damn red headed injun on the Mustang was still trailing him. He fired his last round from his Schofield with a bright yellow flash and for a second he thought lost his pursuer. The Mustang was still there, but the rider was long gone from the saddle. Then the injun rolled right back up into position. The outlaw couldn't believe it, that crazy fool leaned all the way over the side hiding from the shot, and all at a full gallop! Okay, it was time to panic he thought. He threw the empty gun at the rider but it just went by him and into the dark. The young outlaw spun back in his saddle and urged his horse on faster trying to coax every ounce of strength from the Saddlebred. There was a stand of trees just ahead and a trail that went up at a good clip, if he could make it then he might be able to lose that damn injun.

Redlance watched the gun fly by without a care. He hated em'. The only thing he was thinking of was keeping the young human in his sight. He leaned forward in the saddle getting low letting the reins go slack just a bit giving Firecoat his head. His friend responded with a burst as they raced across an open field toward a sharp rise that was covered with trees. The tracker knew exactly where the human was going and he guessed it was a deperate try to lose him. Well, he knew these hills like the back of his hand and he had a little surprise for the robber.

Just entering and behind the two Nightfall watched as Redlance suddenly split off left from the outlaw just as the pair started into the trees. What was he doing? She felt he was up to something, someway to get an advantage on the outlaw, and so Nightfall decided to follow his path through the trees. She guided Apples toward the point on the tree line where Redlance entered. Crescent followed right behind her not sure where or what they were doing. She just knew to stay with Nightfall and be ready for whatever happened.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

She had run up the walkway just behind Longbranch stopping just down form the door staring at the spectacle. There were men in the street shot and hurting, some staggered to their feet holding they're legs or shoulders while one stayed flat. Leetah couldn't turn away as the human fought to breath, fought against the pain lying in the dirt. She looked over at the store assuming someone would come to his aid, where was Rain the doctor? Why didn't the Marshall or Longbranch help him? Leetah stood waiting, wondering, and getting a little upset about the situation. The human groaned loudly all of the sudden and before Leetah could make a decision to help him she had crossed the street and was kneeling by his side.

"It will be okay. The Marshall has help coming." She said taking his hand in hers.

"It hurts bad this time...worse than last time...I think I'm dying!" The rugged looking man said.

"Oh no, you are not dying senor. You will be okay, help is coming." She said with a smile trying to keep the man with her.

"I took one in the gut...I'm dying...I can feel it." He said shaking his head.

Leetah looked down to his mid-section where his hand covered a bloody spot, the man's life force still oozing out. She hated the sight of blood, or so she thought, but some force took over again as she reached down and covered the man's hand with hers. Empathy strong and unyielding surged through her and she could sense the human's fear for some reason. She could feel his life slipping away slowly, painfully, and she hated it. Something inside welled up, something she never knew was there, growing like a light in the darkness. Her hand, the one holding the human's over the bloody wound, began to glow suddenly with that light.

"Ah, que sucede? Que es esto?(Oh, what happens? What is this?)" She whispered with shock

She wanted to turn away, but that feeling of empathy, of keeping death at bay wouldn't let her do it. Leetah didn't see the wound closing, but she knew it was healing none the less. The bullet was working it's way out as the damaged flesh renewed and regenerated from it's deadly path through the man's body. And it scared her like nothing before.

"Pare por favor. Cualquier esto es por favor parada!(Stop please! Whatever this is please stop!)" She hissed snapping her hand back.

That feeling of empathy couldn't override the fear or need to stop whatever was happening. Leetah moved her hand unintentionally dragging the human's with it and she saw the wound was smaller now and had stopped bleeding. She had healed him...but how?

"Rose?" She heard Joyleaf call out. Leetah looked up to see Cutter standing just a few feet away with looks of surprise...or fear.

"What did you do to me? How did you do that?" She heard the human say, but she couldn't take her eyes of Cutter.

"Yo no se...I no significo...(I do not know...I did not mean to...)" She whispered getting to her feet unsteadily. All she wanted now was to get out of there.

Then Cutter was there, at her side holding her up with a strong arm around her waist holding her to him and her hands in the other. It was improper to hold a lady, especially one from a Hidalgo background, like this, but Leetah didn't care. She looked up into the Major's eyes and felt a sudden fierce kinship, a belonging that wouldn't be denied.

"Are you okay?" He whispered.

"Yo no se...I no significo...(I do not know...I did not mean to...)" She whispered again.

"I don't speak Spanish...I'm sorry." Cutter whispered back falling deeper and deeper into her green eyes.

"She said she did not know what was happening and that she did not mean for it to happen." A voice called out from a dark section on the walkway.

Both turned to see an elf walk out of the shadows and into the street. Cutter recognized him earlier from the saloon and Leetah knew him instantly from her childhood.

"Rayek?" She said with a small smile.

"Buenas noches Leetah.(Good Evening Leetah)" The elf answered with a stoic face.

"You know him?" Cutter asked, maybe just a little defensive.

"Yes Major, she knows who I am, even though we have not see each other for quite sometime." Rayek answered.

Cutter wanted to move Leetah behind him, to protect her all of the sudden. He didn't know Rayek personally, but he knew the elf's look and that's all he needed to know. He was a hired gun, maybe a bounty hunter, with the way he wore his twin Colts low on his hips. The way he walked with his hands at his sides Rayek was ready to shoot at the drop of a hat. He may have even killed a few men for money, who knows? And yet Leetah had no reservations of going to him. She pushed away his hand that was holding hers and stepped eagerly out of his arm. Those green pools disappeared with a turn and Cutter suddenly felt alone...so unbelievably alone.

She took the three steps to him with a quickness forgetting about the Major and the feeling of belonging with him. She stopped just short of Rayek, her eyes filling with tears as feelings long buried spilled to the top. "Is it you, really you?"

"Yes Leetah, it is really me." Rayek answered with a calm look.

Leetah threw her arms around him then in a hug letting those emotions just continue to spill over. She was happy, so happy in fact that she didn't notice Rayek hadn't returned the hug. Cutter watched Rayek closely noting the elf stood letting Leetah hold him. The hired gun looked torn for a second though, like he wanted to return the embrace but something stronger held him in check. His arm barely flinched once, and only once. Instead Rayek stood perfectly still looking indifferently, and eyeing the Major just as close. Finally after a minute Leetah looked up at him, finally she noticed he wasn't holding her back. She looked over to the Major then back to Rayek before speaking

"Que esta Rayek equivocado? (What is wrong Rayek?)"

He kept his eyes on Cutter before looking down, and when his eyes met Leetah's she knew this wasn't the same youth. He spoke calmly with an icy tone. "Debemos hablar lejos de aqui (We should speak away from here)."

"Si," Leetah whispered turning to walk with Rayek as he led her out of the street and away from the scene.

Cutter wanted to run after her, but he didn't. He knew better, she wasn't for him. Whoever that was, that was the one she loved, the one she wanted. He looked down at the ground trying to deal with the pain and saw the wounded human she had touched. He looked at the wound and wondered if she could cause pain just as easily. Hell, why wonder, she just did it.


The Major looked up and over to his father shaking his head to clear it. "What is it?"

"We got a bigger problem." Skywise said.

"What could trump a gun fight and brawl?" Cutter spat turning around.

"Judge Timmain, she just happened to be in town. She says we stay put until she gets this all straightened out. " Bearclaw snapped.

The Major looked over to see an elf maiden dressed in a full length black dress with a matching waistcoat over a white long sleeve shirt talking to Marshall Stump and Dart. A large wide brimmed hat rode atop a full head of stark white hair that ran the length of her back tied off every few inches with a leather strip. She turned to look at him and Cutter felt a hole bored right to his soul from her eyes.

"Is she a hanging judge?" Skywise asked, his voice sounding like it had some interest in the judge.

"It's not hanging part that scares me with her..." Bearclaw whispered

"Well then, she can't be all that bad," Skywise said eyeing the judge with his usual I-want look.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

"Come on! Yah! Yah!"

The young outlaw pushed his horse on hard willing it, forcing it to climb the trail which was steep and rocky. He kept looking back over his shoulder for the injun, but the trail was dark and empty. Maybe he lost him? Maybe the injun decided it wasn't worth the pain and possible injury if he kept following him. The young robber didn't care; he just turned back in the saddle and spurred his horse on. The trail leveled just a bit giving his horse a chance to get a grip and then it jumped up the next rise on the trail heading higher up into the hills.

Nightfall and Crescent hit the trail at the start of the tree line with they're horses at a full gallop, but then slowed considerably as the trail went up fast and the moonlight went down to almost nothing. They watched for any problems on the trail like fallen limbs but at the speed they were going it wouldn't have made a difference. There would have been no time to react. So they just let their horses run hoping nothing would take a leg out or cause a fall or get them thrown. A limb struck Crescent across the shoulder and she winced form the pain pulling Windrider in behind Apples more.

The trail ended just up ahead. The trees stopped should stop and the path open up onto a large level flat with about a hundred places to disappear into. He took one last look back, no injun, and laughed. How was he going to spend his cut, all that money, that's what he was thinking. First though he had to ride to that old tree outside of town, and drop off the deeds for that show and the land. The money was there's she said, all she wanted were the papers. At first they had all balked, being asked to rob Greymung's was bad but on a special night where the stakes were sky high, that might get you hurt. People don't tend to hunt you down for ten dollars, but for a thousand, well that was different. Then she had leaned forward, that long black hair swaying as the strong smell of perfume hypnotized them, and said if there was something else she had that would entice them then they simply had to ask for it.

Well, if that meant what he thought it meant, then it was gonna be a damn fine time for him that was for sure. He was buried so deep in his anticipation that he didn't see the trees begin to thin out, or the moonlight begin to lighten the landscape. He didn't see the shadow by the trail's end, and he barely noticed the tomahawk as it came for him when he passed by the last tree.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

"Where have you been all these years?"

The question from Leetah was coming, he knew it was coming, and yet it was still hard to answer. How do you tell someone where you've been when you're not sure yourself? Rayek took breath and chose his words carefully, as always, but wondered why he had to around her?

"I have been wandering for sometime, from town to town, doing what needs to be done to make a living." He said.

"Shenshen and I, we found these bones just at the edge of the land Papa owns and we thought they were you. I was so sad for so long..." Leetah said letting the last trail off.

"Bones? Please Nina, have more respect for me then that. I would not dare die on your father's land. I would crawl the necessary distance to die just beyond it." Rayek said with a raised eyebrow.

"Then why did you leave us Rayek? Why did you leave me?" Leetah asked stopping on the walkway. The look of pain in her eyes might have brought a tear to someone else's eyes, but not to Rayek, and not because of his hard heart.

"Your father never told you? Zhantee never told you? All this time you have walked in the dark on why I left and no one has told you?" He hissed.

"What Rayek, please tell me?" Leetah asked pleading.

"No Nina, I will not be the one who tells you that. Go to your father and mother and ask them for the truth. Let them finally step through that door in the past." Rayek said with a shake of his head.

Leetah saw the arrogant stubborn youth again from so long ago, the same one who would take the other side of a discussion just so he could argue with you. It was like stepping back in the past, but this time it was without her heart. The feelings she had for him were not there, and as much as she searched for them she knew they were gone. A pain, deeper than she felt the first time he left crashed into her heart. Why? When she left her room the second time it was to find him, to be with him, and now what? Leetah looked at him and in Rayek's eyes she saw the answer. There may be no more of them as lovers, but the friendship that was there before was still here now. He had run in the saloon, but stayed on the walkway. And suddenly she could see them that way again, friends away from her father's ranch.

He was expecting that look from her, the one where she realized the situation. Yet, it still hurt him, still tore at him and heightened his confusion. A small place deep inside still wanted her, but it went against what he was now, what he was driven to. Rayek suddenly wanted to be away from her and this confusion. "I need to go now Leetah. I will see you in town when you sing, but do not expect me at your father's house. I will never go back there."

"Rayek, do you still have-"Leetah started to ask before he cut her off.

"No Leetah, that part of myself has long fled. I am not the same elf that left you so long ago. Some nights I wish differently, but there is too much change and that is something we cannot overcome." He answered over his shoulder.

"Then why did you return?" She asked with a sad tone.

Rayek turned to her and smiled that same cocky smile that made her want him and hate him at the same time. "I came looking for something, and apparently it is a job seeing to the daily operations of a ranch."

"What?" Leetah said with a smile.

"It is nothing Nina, I will see you in town. And tell the Major that a gentleman never holds a lady he has just met like he was doing with you." Rayek said with a tip of his hat.

"Usted lo dice que usted mismo!(You may tell him yourself!)" Leetah responded with a nod of her head.

"No gracias. Yo no necesito mas problemas actualmente (No thank you. I do not need more problems at present)." Rayek said with a smile before walking off.

She watched him go, felt those feelings in her heart shape and change from love to friendship, and wondered if his coming back was really the best thing. Leetah took a deep breath to push back the pain in her heart trying to make amends with it. She also wondered about her father and what Rayek had said. What had he kept from her that fateful day?

He had crossed the bridge and met that demon head on. Rayek had only gone to see what all the commotion was after returning from the meeting with Winnowill and he stepped tight into his past. He still loved Leetah, but not in the way she was looking for. That part of him, the days at the Hidalgo, were closed off and buried too deep to ever come or go back to. And the fact Sun Toucher had kept the truth hidden from her all this time just added to the betrayal.

No, now there was only this Winnowill and whatever she was offering, was playing at. He needed to see Ekuar and talk with him.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The blow was like being shot, if the young robber knew what being shot felt like. His left shoulder flared in white hot pain as did his chest causing him to pull so hard on the reins of his horse it spun the animal. He saw the figure on the horse and knew the injun had somehow slipped around him, taken a different trail maybe. Damn the man was fast!

The Saddlebred kept spinning out of control with the rein pulled tight forcing it's head down and to the left viciously. The robber tried to stop the circle but his shoulder had stopped responding to commands, so he could only hold on as the world went round before the horse fell on him. The ground was hard, the horse heavy, and the moon really bright the robber thought as it all came to a merciful stop. His horse whinnied and kicked back up trotting off and leaving him on the spot. The young robber looked up to see the injun sliding off the back of the horse and walking over. In the right hand was that damn tomahawk, but in the left was the biggest Bowie knife he had ever seen.

"What you gonna do with that?" The robber stammered holding his busted shoulder.

"Take your scalp if you don't answer my questions." The red hair replied.

"What?!" The robber yelped taking his good arm and putting over his head squishing his hat down onto his head to protect his hair.

"Who told you about the game? Who got you inside with your guns?" The injun asked kneeling by him.

"Everyone knew about the game and if you give old Pete the Troll enough money he'd kill his own momma!" The robber squealed.

"Okay...where's the sack with the winnings and the papers?"

"On my horse," the robber said watching the injun turn and walk to his horse, "you ain't gonna scalp me?"

"Nope, you answered my questions." The injun said calmly.

"Hell, that's awfully nice of you." The robber said wincing at his shoulder just as two more riders popped out of the tree line.

He watched as the two horses galloped over and then he saw that the riders were two elf females, but not like the one who had sent him to rob the game. They looked nicer...warmer. They both brought their horses to a stop and jumped down, but the one on the Grey App was just a little faster then the other going to the injun. She drew up short, like she wanted to hug him, but then thought against it.

"Are you okay? Did he get you?" She asked worried.

"No Nightfall, I'm okay. I took a wing in the store, nothing but a little blood and burn though." The injun answered.

"Thank you," the lady said looking skyward before turning back to the injun with a hiss, "you damn fool! You know what you just did to us!"

"What?!" He asked back.

"What do you mean 'What'? You ran off by yourself with this fool shooting at you and you ask 'What'?" The dark haired one yelled pointing at him.

"Excuse me, but could someone kindly get me a doctor?" The robber asked.

"Keep quiet!" All three yelled.

"Okay..." the young human whispered.

"I had to get the sack, its got all the papers for the show!" Redlance countered.

"That's no never mind! We just get you back and you go and try and to get yourself killed!" Nightfall shot back.

"I was okay, I am okay!" Redlance said with a laugh.

"Don't laugh at us! We were worried for you...I was worried for you." Crescent said letting the last drop off.

Redlance understood then why they had come after him, why they took sush a risk. He shook his head angry with himself as he put a hand on Crescent's shoulder. "Thank you for caring. I'll never take it for granted again."

"You better not!" She said with a smile taking his hand in hers and giving it a squeeze before letting go.

"All right, let's get back to town." Nightfall said putting an arm around his waist and pulling him to the horses. They were ready to get back and put this all behind them when the robber called out.

"Hey, you just gonna leave me here?"

"You're horse is right there." Redlance offered taking the reins of his Mustang.

"It's a two days ride to Silver Springs, I'd suggest leaving as soon as you can." Nightfall said coldly putting a foot in the stirrup.

"And don't come back to Two-Moons unless you want to lose your scalp!" Crescent added getting in the saddle of Windrider.

He sat there in the grass watching the three leave down the trail until they were gone from sight. Well, he lost the sack which meant he couldn't deliver the papers to the woman which meant his fine time was out. Two days to Silver Springs...didn't sound all that bad compared to going to the old tree empty-handed.

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Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Combo_1
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PostSubject: Elfwest - Day One Part Twenty Two   Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 09, 2015 1:49 pm

And here is the next piece of Day One, written by me, Wiseshaman

Day One - Part Twenty Two

"What are you going to do about my store?" Greymung whined.

Timmain looked at him then the store and back to the irate troll. "Am I supposed to do something about it?"

"They shot it up!" He yelped.

"Yes, they did, but then these were disreputable men who came to the store for an evening of dishonorable pursuits that you provided. You let them in, you served them, and there fore there is no cause for me to do anything for you." Timmain said coldly.

"What? There ain't no law against gambling!"

"No, there is not," Timmain said outing her hands behind her back assuming a stiff posture, "which is why you should have better protected your store sir. I will have a hard enough time dealing with the ones who committed crimes against each other since they feel less than inclined to talk with us. I can do nothing for the store because we can not say for sure who fired the shots since no one will tell us who did the shooting. It's all conjecture my dear friend."

"I'd like to ask if I can leave again because if there's no law against gambling then I haven't done anything wrong." Skot said with a missing tooth and black eye.

"The only thing your breaking is my patience sir, and if you ask to leave again I will have the Marshall show you our accommodations down at the jail, understand?" Timmain said with a raised eyebrow.

"We understand your honor, not a peep." Krim said with a smile.

Cutter stood watching the judge grill Greymung and the gambler and on any other night that would have been sweet, but it wasn't this night. He was too deep in thought about the sack and if the tracker had caught up to the robbers yet. No, that wasn't it. He was thinking about those green pools again. Why couldn't he just get her out of his mind? She wasn't to be, it was more than obvious. The judge was giving Greymung another shot about the evils of gambling when he picked up the sounds of horses approaching. Cutter turned and felt a huge stone drop off his shoulders as Redlance rode up with Nightfall and Crescent by his side. They quickly dismounted as Timmain and everyone turned to them.

The Major felt another stone drop when he saw the sack in the tracker's left hand.

"I got it back for you." Redlance said with a small smile.

"Damn good job son!" Bearclaw said with a bigger smile.

"And he got shot for doing it!" Nightfall exclaimed.

"You were shot?!" Joyleaf called out worried.

"I got winged in the store, not like I'm going to die." Redlance said shaking his head handing over the sack, but just as Cutter reached for it the judge called out.

"Excuse me, what is that?"

Redlance stopped his hand form giving the sack over and turned to the judge. "It's the winnings from the poker game ma'am."

"And you know this how?" Timmain asked.

"The Major said it was. He asked me to get it back for him." Redlance answered.

"He told you this, so he wasn't in the back room as he has told me?"

"No ma'am, I was up front in the store and Cutter went to the back room to keep an eye out for the captain. We haven't spoken until now."

"So how do you know that's the sack? Have you looked in it?" Timmain said standing almost nose to nose with the tracker.

"I can't say for sure how I knew it was this sack ma'am, something just told me it was. I haven't looked in it since I got it back form the robber." Redlance answered hoping the judge would leave it there. He didn't know how to explain the words in his head.

"You rode after a criminal who shot back all on an assumption and a request. And you haven't opened the sack to take a look at it's contents to make sure that it is the right sack. Why?" Timmain said with a look that might have passed for surprise. No one had seen too many emotions from her so it was a guess really.

"It's not mine ma'am. I have no right to look at what's on the inside. And Cutter's my friend, my family, so I'd do anything for him that he asked. I trust him with my life." Redlance said.

Timmain stepped back and eyed the elf up and down curiously. She wasn't sure what to make of the tracker. She had never come across anyone like him, and if she did it was too few and far between to remember. She didn't see Cutter turn and stare at the tracker, or Joyleaf or Bearclaw who did the same. They knew how Redlance felt for them, but to hear him say it was something else indeed.

"May I see what's in the sack, sir?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am," Redlance answered opening the drawstring. Timmain looked in noting the contents before stepping back and motioning for him to close the sack.

She stepped away and looked at all the people gathered around the store. "Well, that is the sack with the winnings, and it has been stated several times that the room was robbed, so all we need to do to return the pot to the rightful owner is to discover who won the last hand before the robbery was committed?"

"That's easy, I won the last hand." Skywise stated with a huge smile.

"The hell you did! My man Yif won the last hand!" Greymung spat.

"You must have hit you're head real hard ugly! Skywise won the last hand!" Cutter countered.

"Neither of you did. I took the last hand, the pot's mine!" Skot yelled.

"What?! You backed out of the last hand you liar!" Skywise shot back.

"I won the last hand judge! They're all lyin'!" The human, who was first to go out in the poker game suddenly said.

"Please, my man Skot dropped you out of the game after the third deal!" Krim scoffed.

Soon everyone in the circle was screaming they won the last hand and the sack should be theirs. It was enough to drive one whose purpose was justice to get a major headache, and it was doing just that. Timmain closed her eyes and pointed to Marshall Stump who promptly fired his shotgun in the air quieting everyone.

"Well, it seems everyone wants to say the sack is theirs. Funny how no one will talk when it comes to putting away a person who is more than wiling to take they're life with a gun, but if it is poker game winnings then no one will be quiet. Ah, the path of the degenerate gambler never ceases to disgust me."

"Now why do you say that?" Skywise suddenly responded.

Timmain turned to him and locked eyes. When she did the same to him earlier Cutter didn't like the feeling, but his captain seemed to relish it.

"Do you think you would be here right now, with that black eye and bruised cheek, if you had used better judgment? If the vice of gambling had not clouded your senses would you have been in that melee out back?" Timmain asked. You could almost feel the cold coming off her.

"I think my face is bruised because I didn't duck fast enough. I think a little nonsense, like gambling, every now and then is relished by the wisest of men. I also think if you were to let me show you a little nonsense that bustle of your's just might loosen a bit and you might have some fun." Skywise said with his best let-me-take-you smile.

Joyleaf's knees almost gave out as she grabbed Bearclaw to keep from falling flat on the ground. Her husband was equally dumb struck by the captain's obvious play with eyes the sizes of saucers. The best though was Treestump and Dart, both who did a double take not believing what they just heard.

"Did he just-"Crescent started to whisper before Cutter broke in.

"Yep," the Major said rubbing his eyes while shaking his head, "I mean he took a general's daughter to bed so why not a judge. We've been in town a few hours; he hasn't taken anyone to bed yet, he probably feels like he's behind schedule."

Even Timmain herself looked shock by the sudden charm. She stepped back and looked at the captain with a confused expression, or it may have been a smile but no one had seen one from her before so they weren't sure. She got herself under control with a snap and looked at the captain with her always present stoic expression.

"Oh you may find that discussion too much for you to handle sir."

"I'm always ready to discuss, especially after a nice dinner." Skywise said with a wink.

"Please, just stop!" Bearclaw pleaded.

Timmain though seemed to tire of the flirting and turned back to the crowd. "Well, we still have a sack that everyone claims is theirs so where do I go from here?"

"It's obvious judge. You have to give everything back to the rightful owners, money and papers and all. You can't trust us so it's the only fair thing you can do." Greymung said crossing his arms across his chest smiling proudly.

The judge looked at him and it was easy to see that she didn't like that idea one bit. "That is one choice I have sir, but I think I'll fall back on one of my favorite Frontier laws that is amazingly still on the books. Possession being nine-tenths of the law."

"What?" Everyone asked in unison.

"Simple," Timmain said looking around, "I find it hard to believe anyone in this group except for the one who does not want the winnings. The one who rode after the sack, who was shot at, and has asked for nothing, in return is the only honorable one here. So, since he still has the sack it is his."

"Are you saying...?" Greymung stammered.

"Yes I am," Timmain said turning back to Redlance who was dumbstruck, "the sack is your's sir and all its contents. You may do with them as you see fit."

"Uh...all right." Redlance whispered.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS?" Greymung wailed.

"I just did sir, and if you yell at me again I'll have the Marshall visit your 'backroom' every night from here on checking everyone that comes and goes for warrants. That might just hamper business a bit, eh? " Timmian said with a hard stare.

The last shut Greymung up for good and with it the judge turned and started to walk back to her room and her bed. Marshall Stump called out as she walked away.

"Do we hold anyone ma'am?"

"No Marshall, there's not enough proof or evidence to keep anyone. Let them go but impress upon everyone that I have a very good memory and if I see any one of them in my court I will not be gentle." The judge said walking away.

"All right, you heard her. You're all free to leave, or get helped by our doctor. And remember, if I catch you in town you have me then the judge to deal with." Marshall Stump said walking away from a fuming Greymung.

Cutter turned to Redlance with a smile and a laugh. "Well, what are you going to do now?"

"Give me my winnings is what!" Skywise said just as a hand slapped him across the chest stopping him cold.

"That sack is the trackers, and everything in it!" Bearclaw said with a tone of someone setting down the law.

"You mean he owns the Wild West show and the land and our horses!" Skywise yelped.

"Yep," was all Bearclaw said dropping his hand.

"And you're okay with this?"

"Yep, and I'll live with it because he didn't have to go after that bag. I'll make the best deal I can with him and be proud of it because without him we wouldn't have a damn thing to bargain for." Bearclaw said.

"Hey, I own Blackfell and Nightrunner now don't I?" Redlance asked finally realizing what had just happened.

"Oh no," Cutter said with a laugh, "what do I have to do to get this night over with."

"The first thing we're gonna do is get that wound cleaned in the diner and then we can talk about that sack." Nightfall said taking Redlance's hand and pulling him that way. Crescent put a hand on his shoulder helping to guide the stunned tracker along.

"This isn't over you elves! I'll get my land back sure as I'm standing here!" Greymung screamed.

"It is for the night, and if I hear you threaten anyone of them again I'll make you stand in front of the judge everyday from now on, understand?" Marshall Stump said.

Greymung didn't respond choosing to keep his lips shut, the better part of valor and all. He only watched the Marshall move along the ones that could walk and help the ones who needed a doc across the street for Rain to look at. This wasn't over for him, not by a long shot. He'd get the land back with the help of Guttlecraw, just like that land the mute Strongbow held. That was changing hands in just a short while.

The group moved down the walk toward the diner filling in the door to a relieved Brownberry and Longbranch. Tyleet, who was still up, ran to her mother and hugged her hard feeling a hundred times better. Skywise was still down about the sack, but then he saw Foxfur and that I-want look crossed his face. Cutter laughed at him and then froze because sitting on a stool at the counter sipping a cup of coffee were those green pools looking back at him.

"Come on son; don't stand there with your mouth open." Joyleaf said pulling her son into the diner while Skywise laughed at him.

"Why are you here Rose?" Nightfall asked.

"I wanted to see if everyone was good, and to thank your father for helping me earlier with my horse. Are you all good?" Leetah asked Nightfall.

"Redlance took a wing in the store, but other than a few bruises and a black eye that's the worst of it. I'm hoping we can get Rain to look at him before he leaves." Nightfall said.

"The tracker's hurt?" Tyleet asked worried.

"We'll take care of him sweetie, don't worry!" Brownberry said.

"Rain is leaving?" Longbranch asked.

"He says he has an appointment, a delivery of a baby for a family in the hills." Crescent said.

"Ahh that black eye don't look so bad to me. It makes you look rugged." Foxfur said pouring Skywise a cup of coffee with a wink.

"Well maybe you can come to my room later and help me with it. I'd hate for it to get worse without the proper attention." Skywise said with a cocky smile.

"Now what kind of an elf would you take me for if I went to you're room just like that?" Foxfur countered with her own come-hither smile.

"The right kind!" Skywise said with raised eyebrows. Foxfur's eyes went wide at the statement and its boldness while Bearclaw spit up some of the coffee he had just started to drink from the line.

"I can look at the wound if you wish. I can clean and bandage it if you will let me?" Leetah asked putting her cup down.

"Please, if you can help him it would be a favor to me." Cutter said, his voce low with the request as he stared into the green eyes.

"Uh, we might want to ask the tracker if he wants her to take a look since he's the one who's hurt." Bearclaw said with a laugh.

"Yeah, we might want to do that." Cutter said with a laugh. Leetah only smiled and it was the was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a long time.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

The library should have been dark at this time of night, but a small corner that was occupied by an oversized High Back chair was lit with a warm yellow light from a tallow candle that burned in an old pewter holder. The large red colored chair looked like a throne one of the men who carried it in said when it arrived from back east. It fit the attitude of the new lady of the house perfectly he whispered. Winnowill sat comfortably in it reading from one of the many books she had brought with her, an old tome of poetry from another time. A board creaked signaling the approach of someone, but she knew who it was and there was no reason to look up from her book.

"Is there news Doric?" She asked turning the page.

"The papers for the show and the land were never delivered to the tree Madame. Our man searched it well but found nothing." The elf by the door said.

"Thank you Doric. You can rest for the evening." She replied calmly.

"Thank you Madame." Doric replied stoically. He closed his eyes still standing by the doorway going like a statue, his usual method of rest when given a night off.

Winnowill kept reading paying no attention to her servant or his ways. So, she thought, her little humans didn't complete the task. It didn't bother her in the least that they failed to get the papers to the show or land. Those paltry items were never important to her. Tonight was nothing more than a successful test, a confirmation. The men out here, the right men, could be just as easily swayed as the right men back east. With the ease it took for her to turn a page she pushed the thoughts of the humans out of her mind. She focused on her new undertaking, Rayek. The meeting with him had been...informative. Winnowill had hoped for more, but she did see enough to encourage her to stay the course with him. All she had to make sure was no one distracted him.

Let's Ride! Elfwest is back - Page 2 Vignette

Savah approached the kitchen quietly, which was normal for the matriarch in her boarding house. Ahdri had woken her and said there was someone she was told had to see her. As she walked in she saw her granddaughter all ready serving the human sitting at the table. The man looked around happily and then would spasm suddenly; his arm or his hand or his head would jerk of its own volition. He was middle aged, but his demeanor spoke of someone much younger. His name was Edwin, a vagrant who wondered the town looking for any hand out that would come. She had heard that in his days as a youth a horse had kicked him in the head and that's what started the strange spasms and what held him to such a young age. It also caused him to stutter and wander mindlessly at times. She smiled putting her hand on his shoulder and the dirty jacket he wore.

"Good evening Edwin. How are you?"

The man looked up at her with a rough smile that didn't hold many teeth. As soon as he saw her Edwin looked down at the table, the scraggily beard unable to hide the red cheeks as he blushed. "Go-Go-good evening Mis-Miss Savah!"

She knew he was enamoured with her, a devotion that was strong, but not strong enough to overcome the physical damage he had suffered so long ago. This was the first time he had graced their doorstep in so long.

"Where have you been Edwin? I have missed your smile." She said warmly.

He jerked again clutching the old worn out hat he loved to his chest. "I-I-I just be-be-be-been around."

Savah took a seat next to him and took one of his hands in hers. "Edwin, please look at me."

He took a second to finally look at her and when he did those eyes he loved so much sparkled for him. It was like looking at the night sky. It was magic to him.

"Edwin, I want you to come by everyday from now on. Ahdri and I will feed you and take care of you, understand? There is no need my sweet one to wander and beg to survive, understand?" Savah asked gently, squeezing his hand.

"Okay Miss Savah. I'll do it." He said drowsily. The jerks were gone now as was the stutter.

"Thank you Edwin, now what did you want to tell me?" Savah asked.

"You said to come to you with any information or anything I saw that was different." Edwin said.

"Yes, I remember."

"Well, I saw something real strange tonight. I saw this little elf girl, not as pretty as you are, but she had the greenest eyes." Edwin said drifting off.

"What did you see Edwin? What did she do?" Savah asked bringing him back.

"She went to this bad man and put her hand on him because he was crying about dying"


"And then her hand started to glow"


"And it scared her real bad, real bad!"

"What did her hand do Edwin?"

"The man stopped crying about dying"

"He stopped crying?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Why did he stop crying Edwin?"

"Because she healed him...almost."

Savah's expression changed, from gentle caregiver to curious thinker. "She healed him you say?"

"Yes ma'am. The wound where he got shot almost closed up!"

"It closed?"

"Yes ma'am, it would have totally closed if she didn't pull away scared."

"Did you hear her name?"

"Yes ma'am, this other mean looking elf spoke Spanish and called her Leetah. I think they knew each other because she gave him a hug."

"Hmmm, thank you Edwin. After you finish eating you can sleep in the cot out back, the one you like so much." Savah said switching back to gentle caregiver.

The sparkle in her eyes went away Edwin noted and suddenly he felt her hand in his and he blushed even harder. "Th-th-thank y-you Ma'am"

"No, thank you Edwin. Now eat and rest." Savah said rising from the chair and rubbing her friends shoulder again.

Edwin's head jerked again before answered. "Yes ma'am"

Savah smiled and left him to eat walking back to her room upstairs. With each step she ran what Edwin had said to her over and over in her mind. The Hidalgo woman had powers too it seemed, but that wasn't as intriguing as the meeting she had with Rayek. Savah wondered what might have been said, what might have come of that meeting after so long. It was all important information that would take some time to think about. It was also very important to keep secret so she would have to speak to Ahdri and ensure she did not say anything to anyone about this night.

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