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 3d modeling playground

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PostSubject: 3d modeling playground   3d modeling playground EmptyMon Jul 25, 2022 1:06 am

I will have to dig through my old models and see what others have to think about them. That'll be for another day though. Anyone else mand to post their stuff, feel free!

I have a couple questions though: has anyone done any drawings (2d) of elf bones, specifically skulls, that they would like to share, or know of any good references? I have the few pages from the comics but they are a more impressionistic than detailed, so Im not sure if I can use them. My plan is to model up an elf or troll skeleton, or at least the skulls, as those are the major part thats different from humans (aside from fingers and toes) Im trying for EQ type creatures, btw.

If theres any ideas to throw at me, feel free. Cant say Ill get around to it very soon, but I never know when Ill be looking at a blank screen wondering what to goof around with.

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3d modeling playground
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