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 Instagram news

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Virgo Tiger
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PostSubject: Instagram news   Instagram news EmptyFri Nov 04, 2022 6:32 pm

Maybe it would be nice to have a thread for news about whats going on on Insta concerning Elfquest. There are some, who have no insta account and surely want to know what`s happening there.

We had a hint in the new Stargazers hunt story , that Leetah prepares to haunt Rayek and Winnowill to convince him to let Winnie go...
Yup, I just read on Insta that this story will be done (next?) I am sure, it will be next. bounce

@jaRf: this is something for us. But I fear and soooo hope not , that they will kill our beloved Blackhair . Sad How else can he be stopped from holding onto the women he loves?

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Taurus Cat
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PostSubject: Re: Instagram news   Instagram news EmptySun Nov 06, 2022 9:33 am

I also hope this will be next. It would be an amazing story arc!

As for me, I hope I could see glimpses of a 'different' Winnowill...character traits in her we haven't seen before. Not just her being the evil, wicked queen  Winnowill , sea witch, possessing dark soul etc. We have seen glimpses of the rare 'good' or 'neutral' Winnie before and it was very interesting because she was not a bad elf in her early life. She just went MAD in Blue Mountain and NEVER recovered. Her evil ways seem to be the consequence of her madness, not her real character.

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Instagram news
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