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 Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll

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Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll   Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll - Page 2 EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 2:03 am

@Nightsea wrote:

Vytha was tempted to go back. The power that others feared had always upheld her; Winnowill may have been driven and overprotective, but her devotion was clear as well. The last sending from her was still circling in Vytha's skull... **You must find the ancient home of our race, daughter. No other path will see you fullfilled.**

Just finished reading the first part. I like what I've read so far - but the above - with Winnowill sending her daughter out to find the Palace seemed... out of character, for Winnowill (for the Winnowill that I know!) But that's the beauty of writing our own stories; we're not bound by the rules already set in place!

You have me hooked, my dear! And it's no surprise that someone who is so talented at making the most incredible dolls (I may be biased, because of the content of many of those dolls), that your writing is also very awesome!

Had an insanely busy weekend (4th of July plans throughout!) - but I must return to this and see everything else! I _will_ get through this by this weekend I hope with more comments! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! And the rest of your amazing talent.

Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll - Page 2 Ba_tym10
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Vytha--what if daughter of Winnowill + Voll
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