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 The rules of Sending

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The rules of Sending Empty
PostThe rules of Sending

I know we're not very big on rules here, but this is a little different.

Although this section is essentially for you to post freely about whatever you want, please don't post porn, gore or excessive swearing. Forumotion rules state we can't do that on our site and we really don't want to have to remove posts and get heavy handed with people. That's just not how we roll!

Also, please be respectful when responding to people's posts. This is a place where you can share whatever you like, your deepest thoughts, whatever. We want you to feel free to do that if you wish. If someone has just poured their heart out in a Sending but their views don't mesh well with yours, don't flame them for it. Polite discussion may be welcome but if it isn't, respect that. 

Members may request their post to be locked. Meaning that no one else can comment on it.

The rules of Sending Ba_nib10

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The rules of Sending :: Comments

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The rules of Sending

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