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 Neverending Nights.

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Neverending Nights. Empty
PostSubject: Neverending Nights.   Neverending Nights. EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 10:19 pm

It feels like eons ago, my friend Adam and I, began working on Neverending Nights.

Inspired by the Red vs Blue Halo Machinima (Machinima is the art of making videos, movies, etc - within a game), Adam and I thought we'd try our own. Red vs Blue (RvB) inspired THOUSANDS of other HALO machinimas - so we wanted to do something different.

Instead, we used NEVERWINTER NIGHTS (a game I was familiar with and already building my own custom module for). Well, fast forward through the years - it began in November of 2004 and concluded in Jan 2013 (count those years!) and spanned 65 episodes. Now back then, this was our first attempt, we had cheap equipment, and the resolution back then couldn't be very high.

So go to a few weeks ago - I got it in my head to re-film the entire series in true 1080p HD! The audio is still the original audio (I have tried to clean it up when I can - some cases, it's impossible - like when the line was recorded by someone not local and they did it on their iPhone)... Anyway - I am still re-filming them and releasing them every Saturday. The first episode is here:


and here is the 2nd episode:


I will be releasing the third episode late tonight/early tomorrow, for anyone interested.

Neverending Nights. Ba_tym10
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Neverending Nights.
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