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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptySun Jun 17, 2018 7:36 am

Splendid what I just read. I am utterly fascinated by the whale-like creatures.

Sunsream's reflections on 'magic' was deep. Such a question from an elf, who has always had such an affinity for magic and has had 'a magical feeling' since childhood. But sooner or later he would have to ask this question. He is also a philosopher.

The planet you described based on my illustration... fascinating. Carbon turning to a dirtied diamond surface. That's genius! I love how we learn so much about Sunstream's character. Now I am eager to read the continuation. :-)

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptySun Jun 17, 2018 4:04 pm


Sunstream was now inside that huge quasi-spheric structure, Brill's and Korafay's spirits still linked to his, from afar.
A technical bay of some sort. Many robotic units. Some small, strange space vessels of some kind, to be repaired.
The artificial conscience, now linked to Brill's mind, still recorded everything, trying to make sense.
Sunstream felt that dark presence aboard. As well as a multitude of humans.
He concentrated on reading their thoughts, mainly pictures, for their language made no sense, for now : the artificial conscience would soon have enough for translating, but not yet.
Sunstream harmonized his brain cells, and his saber surprisingly played the role of an antenna, in this : it allowed him to create stronger and stronger links with the souls of those poor humans who had been slaughtered, on Alderaan. They wanted to HELP, he soon realized !

And they did.

Thanks to them, Sunstream could now 'pop' from one place to another, safely, faster and faster so, allowing himself only short mind readings, focussing on remaining invisible, both to sight AND to the detecting powers of that terrible figure. Those human souls helped the elf's mind in making sense, about the language, oral and written, the social and technical systems, the rulers.
It was a brutal and corrupted bureaucracy, that had recently and slowly replaced the Republic.
The 'emperor' was named 'Palpatine'. The dark figure, here, aboard that sinister battle station, was named 'Lord Vader'. The soldiers with strange white armors, made of special plastics and special steel welded together by radiations, were 'Stormtroopers', and the dark clad ones were officers.
All of them knew almost only how to give orders and how to obey them.
A sad system, where curiosity and imagination were punished, instead of being rewarded...

Soon, thanks to the help of the destroyed Alderaan denizens' spirits, Sunstream almost understood it all.
They guided him rather quickly to a huge space bay for spaceships.

And an alarm resonated.
It wasn't about him. Sunstream hacked a connection bay with his saber, and the strange and quick mental dialogue from afar, between Sunstream and Brill, with the artificial conscience she was now using, was translated back by the dead ones : a space cargo had been spotted and captured by 'tractor beams' and would soon arrive here, in this bay.

Sunstream felt the presence of Vader, near. So he decided to keep his distances.
For he already guessed many things about him.

He was now entering the bay where the freighter had landed.
Soon, Sunstream saw him, and many answers popped, inside his mind.
He could even read his thoughts. It was not so difficult : that awful figure was emitting them, along with extremely strong arcs of link with the Force, all around him, probably not even realizing he did just that, in fact !
Scenes from his past illustrated the blazing anger, the deep hatred that filled him...

Sunstream saw and felt much.

That human once was a slave, on a planet named Tatooine, then an excellent pilot, and he had been trained and excelled as a 'Jedi', and Sunstream soon got what it meant : someone dedicated to accomplishing the greater common good by use of 'the Force'. Sunstream now detected the invisble, but multiple and strong arcs connecting Vader to almost everything, especially to machines and to humans, around, the ones who felt or lived in fear, while, when he was a 'Jedi', that human was connected to everything alive, around him.
Sunstream used his 'Control' to remain invisible, to that monster, half machine, half man, and linked to 'magic' in a way no other human being could be, according to what Sunstream had experienced.

And it worked.
While Vader was ordering his troopers to check the ship, Sunstream could come closer to him, and he obtained the last answers : the scenes from his past assembled themselves, his physical state, inside that robotic survival armor of his, made sense.
Brill and Korafay, linked to Sunstream's mind, gasped, when they understood :
Brill : * His strong love turned into hatred! *
Korafay : * He wanted far too much... *
Meanwhile, Sunstream was now 'feeling' other presences, inside the ship.
There was a type of creature he had already met : a Wookiee.
And two humans...
And a very strange presence... A SPIRIT ! Physically disguised as an old man in robe, but only a spirit, in fact, with very little physical grasp ! Yet he did have some ! Incredible !
An adult male human, his thoughts revealing he was a pilot, a smuggler, named.. 'Han Solo'. Strange name.
And the other human, younger.. a male. His mind resonated with Vader's mind ! And with 'the Force' ! And even with someone else, aboard, a.. twin sister, somewhere, inside that huge structure...
Sunstream understood : Vader had children, twins.. who had inherited from his power, at least partly... but he didn't know it !

The global situation was far more complicated that he had envisioned. With Sunstream's new ability to sense the time-circles, he guessed there was some sort of 'fate' linking those humans.

It took Korafay's warning to wake Sunstream from his meditation :
" That 'Vader' one just said he 'felt' something, a presence ! Are you detected, father?... "

And Vader was now quickly stepping away from the ship, straight into Sunstream's direction.. so he decided to shush Brill and Korafay, and to hide, triggering as little 'magic' as he could.
Vader walked VERY close to his position, and what Sunstream felt made him shiver and think :
" Eeeech! That one is even more evil than Winnowill was ! "
He could even perceive his thoughts, so he followed him :
" The Dark Side is not fed as much as it ought to be, with those millions deaths...! What I felt, in the debris... Was it an ancient Jedi artefact!? And that presence that shook me... And all those interferences with the Force !... Should I warn my master...? "

But, among everything that awful mind reminded, along that quick walk... Sunstream had just quickly glimpsed one mental scene that rose his interest : the 'Emperor', that sinister, hooded figure.. with someone else, a red robed figure, one of his guards, and, before.. putting that robe on.. AN ELF !
Sunstream followed a little Vader, only (and very subtly) triggering some specific line of memories inside Vader's mind, and... yes !
It was confirmed. But the scenery was really strange.
One of those 'real elves' they were seeking, tall, five-fingered, but, otherwise, an elf, no doubt.
He sort of swore allegiance to that 'emperor', leaving on the sheer floor.. a red saber resembling much Sunsream's !
Then he put that strange red robe and red helmet on.
But the face of that elf... Ewwww... How morally perverted ! It reflected only cruelty ! Centuries of cruelty and horror inflicted to others. And so cold ! Dedicated.
Vader's memories told him, once translated, that these Emperor's Guards excelled at 'Feeling'.. and at inflicting pain, fully at the Emperor's command. He knew not much more, strangely, they were considering elves only as a very rare species that sometimes provided good elements, for the Dark Side.

The last thoughts Sunstream read, before stopping, were :
" It worsens, now. Is someone prying on my thoughts!?... No. Not here! I killed them all. It's something else...  "

Everything was going very fast, but Sunstream had just learned MUCH, he realized.

Resting for a short while, invisible, inside an empty corridor, daring not to 'pop' too much, from now on, he pondered : " What, now...? "
He mentally dialogued, for a moment, both with Brill and Korafay and the human souls of Alderaan.
Timmain considered that 'Rebellion' side, the 'Jedi' side.. as a potential ally for the Palace elves.
And Sunstream now agreed with that estimate.
The key was this little group hidden aboard that cargo. Especially the human spirit. A former Jedi, he now guessed.
Sunstream quickly came back to the bay, and he detected that group, now disguised as stormtroopers and conducting the Wookiee towards a control bay, along with two robotic units they called 'droids'. One had stayed back at the vessel, and now emerged from it, tapping his helmet. He detected four other humans inside the ship. The two survivors, among them, stunned, were techs.

Sunstream quickly followed the last one of that group, that 'Luke', and he even ran past him into that small control room.
Fortunately so, because Luke soon shut that door, and the shutting system was fast!
Catching his breath silently, Sunstream watched and listened.
Then the small droid connected to the central systems, and Sunstream used that opportunity.
His mind could now understand the plans he saw.
And, meanwhile, he had subtly taken contact, spiritually, with the 'old man'.. quickly deciding him to go (while, even as a spirit, he had barely been able to examine the maps and to make sense of them) at once.
Sunstream had decided he would help HIM.

Leaving the others there, he guided that 'Ben' for loooong into that technological labyrinth, popping some 'intuitive' (or so he would interpret those indications) directions to him, avoiding the soldiers (Sunstream easily detected their thoughts, now) up to that narrow platform, with that hard lever and various controls to be physically manipulated ; Sunstream did it. Later, he let that old Jedi's spirit create those resonating sounds, fooling the patrolling stormtroppers, nearby.
Sunstream was now discovering he could utterly fool even a once trained Jedi, now existing only in spirit form !
He took no pride in this manipulation, only making sure that neither Vader could detect him.. and that this human spirit would consider 'normal' to pull a strong lever and even do more, even fight with that strange weapon, that 'lightsaber' he had !
The strange echoes of conscience this one had.. his 'mind' could be persuaded that 'the Force' was now helping him, would help him.
" So be it ", thought Sunstream, fatalistic.
Even as a spirit, he did trigger many links, around, with 'the Force', and Vader would certainly detect him soon.
" So be it " - that 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' seemed determined to help that group.. and even to confront Vader!

Ever curious about technology, Sunstream realized that this 'lightsaber' was based, in fact, on a reserve of some very specific gas in solid state, then sublimated into high pressure gas, in the next section, a gas then reparted through an injector, and lit by a powerful laser whose beam was, in the last part, cleverly separated into manymanymany tiny beams, through a rotating, integrated head, thus maintaining the combination laser+plasma of a certain frequency, hence a specific apparent main colour ( depending on the type of gas, of course ), turning that portable, extremely enforced plasma torch, though strongly limited, thermally, inside a short specific volume.. into a dreadful weapon.
The resonance frequencies had an extreme importance, in its - very delicate - conception.
" An elegant weapon, yes.. ", Sunstream had to admit it.
Even more so when someone educated into 'Feeling', 'Effect' and 'Control', could interfere with its functioning, allowing it to penetrate through the hardest materials, and other strange effects.
This reminded him of his own vibrating saber.. but it also told him much about that society, with everything he saw, all along, here, while guiding that human spirit : they all merely used a technology.. that was already ages old, and no progress was made anymore.
Many other spacefaring sentient species he knew had progressed far farther than that, already.
" That 'empire' is rotten and condemned, however 'powerful' its leaders think it to be... "

Now, there was one alert, and many stormtroopers moving fast, he noticed.
He guessed the rest of the group couldn't wait and somehow provided diversion.
Vader was near. So he 'warned' the spirit, who took his lightsaber in hand.

Sunstream studied Vader, already with his own red lightsaber lit.
Meanwhile, he was feeling the rest of the group, nearby, near the bay and the ship.
He influenced Obi-Wan and helped him, very discretely, in wielding the weapon, against Vader.
As Sunstream expected, it would not be much of a fight, and it would not last for long, but he maintained some level, in order for the rest of the group to gather and reach the cargo.
Sunstream *sent* to them all, at a subconscious level, all the while, pressing them to hurry inside the freighter. That youngster, 'Luke' had rescued his twin sister. It rejoiced Sunstream.
He felt that Vader was troubled, meeting his old master again. He hated him. His thoughts clearly illustrated why.
Power. It was at the very core of all the evil the elf sensed.
Hence, Sunstream decided to trouble Vader even more and he mentally pushed Obi-Wan to say :
" You can't win, Darth... If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. "

Sunstream was now beginning to get how those lightsabers operated, in a fight, and he helped Obi-Wan in pressing Vader more and more.
All the while leading the fight to an open bay, where the guards, in the bay, would see it, thus providing the needed diversion.
And it worked !
Sunstream saw that the group, even the droids would make it, and he released Obi-Wan's mind, who smiled, and closed his eyes and rose his lightsaber in abandon.
Of course, Vader stroke, but, to his utter surprise, there was no one under the robe ! No flesh, no bone !

Sunstream repressed a laugh, and left and discretely chose a hiding place, and he shut down his powers to a very minimum.
After having harped with that old human spirit's mind, he knew for sure how to fool even that Darth Vader's detection powers.
And he shifted the resonance frequencies of his own brains accordingly.
From this moment on, even at a minimum level of 'magic', maybe even without it intervening, no one would detect him mentally.

He knew he could kill that Vader, but this was not the best move, by FAR..
But it was a war, indeed, not a mere 'revolution'.
He could now foresee its development.
He guessed what the small droid had inside it, and what would be the Rebellion's move.
He also figured how Vader would react, excellent pilot as he still was.
The future held a special moment when Sunstream would have his part to play.
He had to prepare for it. Cautiously. Yet, he felt a strange sense of urgency...

Still invisible, thanks to his cape, he slowly walked, ever attentive, going to a precise place, inside that huge space station...
On his way, he studied the systems, the soldiers' ways. And he easily obtained food and water.
He had understood how their warring spaceships operated, how their plasma weapons worked : they were too weak to pierce hulls randomly, so they relied on sensors, visors, and some dataset, in order to find the weak points and to strike there.

He easily reached that bay, where some very special 'Tie fighters' were.
One of them being obviously Vader's personal engine.
He was now inside it, installed behind the pilot's seat. Not much room, but he could wait here for long.
It was far too early, but he made himself ready to pierce the mainboard with the point of his saber, at a very precise point.
In only one fast fluid move. It had to become faster and even faster. A blur. And his mind had to stay barely active, or he would be detected.
A hard training, but he had the time for it.
It would jam the visors.

The move was almost perfect, now.. but a thought soon came, nagging...
" That group escaped far too easily.
A tracking device, probably.
Meaning that.. "

And, suddenly, after some vibrations, meaning that the battle station's reactors were activated.. he fell unconscious !
The last thing his mind recorded was Brill's and Korafay's alarmed sendings :
" Beloved ! What... ", " Father !... "

When he began to wake up, he was cold, his body was in pain, and some loud alarm resonated.. but Sunstream understood that the 'hyperspeed' had had a bad effect on him.
With his recent understanding of physics, he guessed why : his spirit, his essence was not ready for such a speed, beyond light's speed, through jumps at the many physical nexus of space.
His essence had had to utterly pursue his comatose body, along that route, after the ship !
His magic shield was reduced to the level of his skin. Fortunately, he could breathe, here.

But now, it was gathering in him again, part after part.
He didn't try to reconnect himself with Brill and Korafay or anyone : it would have been too hazardous.
The moment was close.
He had foreseen correctly, from what thoughts he perceived, around : the battle station was under attack, and it looked serious enough for the fighters to intervene... and Vader was coming.

Sunstream was almost ready, when Vader installed in a hurry inside the pilot's seat.
The shifting of mental resonance was SO efficient, that, even THAT close to the elf, he didn't detect him !
" Perfect ! ", Sunstream thought...
" Now, let's see how all of this evolves. I must feel the next future... No. Not with Vader THAT close. I can observe and guess all by myself... "

The battle was intense, and Vader only now understood the attack was aiming at one trench.
While his special Tie bomber emerged, accompanied with his best side escorts, allowing him to aim far better, he wondered : " A separate group. A weakness in the Death Star's structure...?! Even so, it would ask for an extreme precision ! A small vessel. I must focus on that separate group. It will be their best pilot. Yet he will be of no match for me. "

Sunstream perceived this, and he was readying his body, his muscles, his coordination, his saber, reminding the one special move he had to achieve, at the best moment.
But he was also receiving trains of thoughts, moving at extreme speed, around. The pilots...
And, suddenly, he identified two minds : one, ahead, pursued by Vader, Luke's mind.
Above, the mind of the older male human, that 'Han Solo'. He also felt the Wookiee's mind, near him.
They were preparing a surprise attack !
So, Sunstream *sent* to the Wookiee and to Solo to shoot the escort at the right.
They would not be aware of it, but Sunstream was sure they would not strike at THIS Tie bomber he was embarked in.
The tension was increasing, with many Rebellion pilots dead, already, but Sunstream breathed and kept his mind clear and calm.
He hadn't foreseen it, but that old human spirit, that Obi-Wan Kenobi had become SO sure the Force would help, that he had been repeatedly telling that, mentally, to Luke !

And the elf saw the precise moment coming, even some heartbeats ahead of it.
Vader was far too focussed on his approach to notice.
He exclaimed, surprised that the pilot ahead still kept evading his alignment :
" The Force is strong with this one! "
And Sunstream accomplished his special move, with his saber.
Vader, now right behind Luke's X-wing, had not noticed the move !
This ship's sensors and visors got wild.
Vader was now furiously battling with his aiming controls.
Unfortunately, the two escorts were still bringing corrections enough, and Vader said, when the target picture seemed to stabilize :
" I've got you, now! "
He was about to shoot when his right escort was destroyed !
" WHAT!? "
The left escort was destabilized, and it sent Vader's ship out of the trench.
While his ship was now out of control, Vader suddenly felt something, someone near..
But too late : Sunstream used that ONE chance and he stroke, bare-handed, stunning him.

Sunstream saw the Rebellion fighters fleeing away. The attack would succeed.
And the Death Star exploded !

He used those precious moments to explore Vader's mind.
Soon, he had obtained everything he needed, and erased Vader's very last feeling, of course : he would not even realize he had been stunned.
The Emperor was linked to far too powerful and dangerous elements.. for Sunstream or any elf, even Timmain, to hope defeating him.
However, Vader had physical access to him.. and even his trust !
Sunstream worked on Vader's mind, implanting deeply and discretely a will to destroy the Emperor. It would grow.
Deeper, even, exploiting his memories, Sunstream 'programmed' Vader's mind to create and use a specific occasion :
when the Emperor would be deep in his trance of inflicting pain, with his terrible lightnings, all linked to the 'Dark Side' of the Force, Vader would physically have to intervene. In a simple, physical, direct way, even if it obviously meant he would die.
Sunstream just had time enough to awaken what little good remained in Vader's mind.

The elf estimated he could do nothing more.

He concentrated, and, almost instantly, he popped back to the Palace.

There, in a quick open sending, he informed every elf of how successful his mission had been... and he finally collapsed, exhausted, in Brill's and Korafay's arms.

Sunstream's last thoughts were :
" Now, that Rebellion has..

..a new hope. "

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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyTue Jun 19, 2018 3:33 am

What a great tale! Sunstream in the end 'plants a good seed'. He is one wise elf.

I wish I would know the Story of Star Wars better in detail. I think I missed some links to the story of that world...

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyTue Jun 19, 2018 4:48 am

@Prayer wrote:
I wish I would know the Story of Star Wars better in detail. I think I missed some links to the story of that world...

It was the " Episode IV - A New Hope ". The very first "Star Wars" movie.
It was the year 1978, my time, I was ten years old.. when that movie appeared.
As a teen, I passionately followed the very first team around Lucas ; their work was fantastic ( they had even explored many things that would appear, in the movie, in order to make them 'realistic', even with some technological explanation ! ) and Lucas literally RUINED himself in order to offer us such a wonder.
For the next episode ( " The Empire Strikes Back " ), which is the very best "Star Wars" movie EVER, by FAR.. he had to RE-build and re-obtain almost everything ! For he had been forced to SELL everything from episode IV !
THIS shows just how FAR he would go, to make sure his visual dream would be (more than) correctly echoed on the theater screens !

Once, Mark Hamill, the young actor who played Luke Skywalker, was invited to the famous "Muppet Show" that made children laugh, all around the world, and...

...he (and the droids) played along enthusiastically !

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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyTue Jun 19, 2018 10:18 am


Timmain's main problem was.. REMEMBERING.
She knew why.
Spending so much time in wolf form...
Memories hidden somewhere, in her head.. but so many millenias old !
However, that extremely ancient knowledge would be desperately needed.

Sunstream's scientific discovery had brought a new possibility.

While observing Sunstream resting in the pool, slowly recovering from his mission, with his recognized love, Brill, physically comforting him, her head on his shoulder and her hand on his heart, with that 'fur-fur' gently licking Sunstream's cheek, with their cub Korafay's spirit, both swimming somewhere in some sea of the world of two moons and "floating" here, in spirit form, around, admiring the Palace, thanks to her sire.. Timmain was preparing herself.
Unlike most elves, who liked being dressed, in more and more wonderful and subtle garments and clothes, and who now preferred 'popping' everywhere in the Palace, trying themselves more and more at shifting their body and essence through the network of the multitude of energy nexus points inside the magical structure Her children's children called the 'Palace'... Timmain preferred remaining naked, and simply walking, which amazed many.

She needed to FEEL the physical AND spiritual contact with that stone, with that huge structure created from Her homeworld's poor, overused remnants, as well as with every spirit kept inside it, and, of course, with every elfin heartbeat and joyful voices and thoughts of every elf living here...

Even moreso now.

She delicately put her hands at her head, and concentrated...
She exclaimed : " AH ! "

She had NEVER felt such PAIN !
Even when she had battled Winnowill ! Even all along what she could remember of what she had lived !
She fell on her knees.. but bravely went on.
She HAD to adapt her brains to those 'resonance frequencies' Sunstream had discovered. She FELT them !

Sunstream felt, heard, and saw that, and he guessed almost instantly what was going on.
In a flash, his mind offered him what would save the High One... by pushing him to immediately warn everyone, in a quick open sending :


The Palace itself.. the whole structure was now somehow 'shivering', along with Timmain's terrible mental suffering.
Still in the pool, Sunstream calmed everyone, quickly explaining to the elves what Timmain was trying.

Then, he addresed Her, in a soothing, calm voice, barely more than a whisper, in the sudden, tense silence that followed :
" Part by part, High One, do not force the change.
Figure a 'flowing' of energy, and your brain cells resonating with that fluid current, slowly invading your mind.
Like water. Water can flow.. or it can crash ! Let the resonance flow in you...
The roads of your brains, all those neural links.. must follow the rhythm of it. "
He had trouble guiding her, reminding his own (too) quick and awkward and painful attempts at it, first.
Only Sunstream had tried that, so far.

Korafay, suddenly inspired, added : " Like the sea waves. Like the tides on a shore. Like the currents under the surface. "
Brill's open sending helped Timmain even more, by calling to every elf and elf spirits to gather their love for the High One, in a global series of waves, resonating inside the Palace and gently focussing towards Timmain's brains.

Timmain realized that even that small animal, that 'fur-fur', as Sunstream called his furry companion, was now at her side, following the waves of global, loving sendings, adding its own animal sending to it all, purring softly, while licking her left hand, at her side, and curling its long tail around her ankles, vibrating, caressing her skin. She barely was aware of it, though, amidst the terrible red curtain of pain she felt.

And, after what seemed to be an eternity, the pain diminished a little..

Korafay's spirit came closer, and, despite her father's warning, she mentally whispered :
Why do you do that, High One?...

Timmain, in pain, in a barely audible voice, managed to answer : " To remember. To help your sire better. To limit the risks... "
To that, Korafay slowly smiled, and then laughed softly, a little mockingly :
" Life MEANS taking risks ! Or are we to be 'cocooned'...? "

Savah, who had just 'popped' nearby, heard that and gasped. So disrespectful !
But then.. she realized Sunstream's daughter had developped her own way of 'cutting to the bone'.. and she smiled.

And Timmain's inner tempest calmed down.
The pain ceased.

She could finally get to work.

But, first, she answered Korafay's smile, and she even laughed, too.
A strange, cold, short, minimal laugh, but most elves realized they had NEVER seen or heard Timmain laughing !
And Her thoughts resonated with and within the Palace, and they even illuminated the whole Palace, at first like an intense mental sun :


And then they softened, becoming a gentle, almost caressing open sending,
even deeper than Voll's open sending had been :
I feel my memories resurfacing,
like a long awaited love coming back into my arms.
Let me show you...

And a multitude of pictures, visions, scenes, more and more detailed, invaded the magical spaceship, to all its inhabitants' attention, depicting what Timmain's life had been, as a 'firstcomer', what she knew, everything !
It lasted for long, a silent fireworks of scenes, of emotions, even.. that were being recorded by the Palace, and shared to ALL, in there, like NO other ellfin set of memories had EVER been shared, accompanied by Timmain's mental voice, explaining many some strange elements that came back to her conscience...

And all elves, in awe, learned more, in those long, deep, common communion moments, than through all their studies and personal experiences.

When it finally ended, Timmain getting back to her normal intimate train of thoughts, concluded, to herself :
" What an incredible marvel the brains are ! Truly the universe's most wonderful creation... "

Korafay's convoked spirit, still floating around, now deeply humbled.. finally said, summarizing everyone's feeling :
" You taught us all the 'lesson of pain'... We shall never forget...

...the lesson of life. "

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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyTue Jun 19, 2018 11:52 am

Thank you very much for telling me the Star Wars background. Now I know where to look it up to achieve an even better and deeper understanding of your amazing TALES. I love how you give Sunstream's character development and more depth with each story continuation...!

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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From this time on..
ALL elves would forever, deeply, totally respect life.
Killing ONLY when absolutely needed, wasting NO life, wasting NOTHING that life brought them.

Even Haken's spirit, awakened by Timmain's incredible sharing,
existing partly in Rayek's and Winnowill's essences, still on the world of two moons...
..would agree, and even integrate it !

Timmain's brains, refreshened, could now, at looooong last... LEARN again, too, anew.

And she first learned.. and fully... what terrible mistakes she and the other 'High Ones' had committed.

Timmain had everyone gathered before her, even many elf spirits gently 'convoked' here, from the world of two moons, and she explained to all, humbly, in a deep, sad open sending, and through her own voice, also for the trolls and the preservers accompanying the Palace elves, also for the few representatives of other sentient species that had been accepted as the Palace elves' companions, all along :

" Through this one's mind.. " - she designated Sunstream
" ..I once told that we, the firstcomers, sought... ' EXPERIENCE ' "
She had uttered that word with such a level of self-contempt that all were shocked !

I was... "

In a calmer tone, she explained :
" We ALREADY had ALL the experience we needed.
We inflicted you all, and the world of two moons, and the humans, and the wolves... the consequences.. of our stupidity.
We were even fooled into taking 'that' form.. " - she meant her 'perfect', ELFIN body
" ..and this... only in order to 'fool' the humans, there !... But we fooled only ourselves.
We sought.. the WRONG lessons.
Now, I've finally LEARNED what we ought to truly seek. "

A long, meditative silence invaded everyone's mind. Even the preservers were now attentive.

" Our peaceful place, among the stars, among all those civilizations around.
We ought to TRY and teach all those other sentient beings what lessons we already have learned, so far, in such horrible ways, for so long...
...and we should LEARN as much as we can from THEM, as well !

We should value life over anything else, for life, in each and every expression of it..

..is the true and only universal miracle.
So rare ! So precious !.. "

She had spoken. There was nothing else to add.

And all elves had deeply understood. They ALL soon accepted it. Admitted it.
They would all integrate it, in time.

And not only the elves.

Now, the other High Ones' spirits appeared, near Timmain's humble figure, floating before all.

Then, among them.. Haken's deep, cold, powerful mental voice, not heard by anyone since millenias,
now speaking for all the High Ones' spirits, hence all the more meaningful..
..resonated, inside the Palace, concluding with :

" Yes.
You ALL know, now... what monumental joke..

..we played on ourselves. "

And all the High Ones bowed their head, ashamed.

The High Ones had learned many other lessons, as well...
Soon, they would all slowly, progressively...
...free all of their descendants from the part of their essence inherited from them.

Tam's case would never happen again.

And the elves would truly have free, independant minds.
At last.

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Do not worry, elf-friends...

I did not catch the Wiseshaman virus :

I will stop here..

1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 PC818_Disc_SunstreamAv

..for a time.

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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyTue Jun 19, 2018 5:11 pm


*deeply moved*

What a masterpiece of a conclusion. Timmain is HUMBLED and life is CHERISHED again...

Life is not the dropping of a feather...it is a miracle, rare...and variety makes it even more beautiful. It's a gift. One has to just open their eyes...see the sky, nature, a small, delicate flower even. People are so used to everyday miracles, they oversee them. In reality, life is a series of miracles. We're just taking it for granted.

I love how Haken, the Rayek lookalike even said something and realized the errors of his behaviour.

And no soul split anymore!

It makes sense that Winnowill and Rayek got pieces of Haken's essence. It resonates with their elite thinking and ego's.

Finally the High Ones learned their biggest lesson. Even the elvin bodies were just a tool meant to deceive and therefore, ill-fated. But with the freedom of choice they had as shapeshifters I guess it was too much of an invitation to "explore" before thinking through what might come out of it.

A lesson the hard way is the best teacher...

...to arrive back in reality.

In the future the High Ones will probably check FIRST - with their almost endless choice of possibilities - whether what they are doing is in harmony with their values and their inner moral compass and THEN take action to explore (seeking experience). Wanting to seek experience isn't a BAD thing, it just should be the second priority after the first priority: 'Is what I am doing in harmony with my values? Am I being fair to other life forms? Do I cherish and respect life with my actions?'


Well done, PC! THANK YOU so much for the effort of writing it down and sharing with us! <3
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NOW, you know my 'elf-self', Prayer.

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...and he is one wise, kind-hearted elf. A great elf-self!

You digged deep into the story. Excellently highlighted selected, beloved characters.

Somehow Sunstream fulfilled the meaning of his name because he was like a guiding LIGHT to a bridge of change...but change with responsibility...with respect for life...change with LOVE.

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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@Prayer wrote:
Somehow Sunstream fulfilled the meaning of his name because he was like a guiding LIGHT to a bridge of change...but change with responsibility...with respect for life...change with LOVE.

And I shall propose a change, in here, as well.



1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 PC391_AdultSuntopJapSig



Just like this armed Titacta in mission..

1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 11334110

..DO feel free to have fun, doing so !


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This great calling...fills me with joy!

I'm in! ...Will draw a new, futuristic outfit for Prayer. <3

You're more than amazing, PC! The TALES are full of details...the little, but important details... that make the world believable, authentic and gives a rich tapestry full of wonder, subtle symbolism and creative inventions to let the mind play and indulge in imagination... that's what I love about good storytelling and fiction. Your works are inspiring.

...I hope my comment is not in the way now because you ended your last sentence with..."Because...".^^
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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 21, 2018 2:13 pm

Because ...

Sharing makes richer!

Consider to include any provided picture in PC's posts. sunny Always.

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Indem du etwas tust, das dir oder jemand anderem gefällt, erschaffst du bereits einen Wert.
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Sunstream soon applied the new abilities of his re-adapted brains.. at better integrating inside his mind each and every knowledge and guesses in sciences and technologies.
Except Timmain, no other elf had yet dared adapt their own brains that way.

And he decided he would create new technology developments, beginning with extremely special materials.
His mental (and then practical) experiments now went at the tremendous speed of his thoughts, helped in his reflections by the artificial conscience he had in the equipment he wore.

The Palace, following the elf's thoughts, quickly produced and tested what he needed, thanks to all the elements collected in asteroids and on various worlds, all along.
Thanks to the ability the Palace offered of popping things in an alternate mode, at extreme rhythm, even right inside the most extreme spatial environments, Sunstream could exploit the combinations of the highest temperatures with the highest pressure levels.. like NO industry, however extreme, could ever do.
Thus obtaining and testing new materials with totally incredible characteristics.
The magic concentrated inside the Palace also allowed almost absolute refinement and precision, especially with the appliance of the resonance frequencies principle.

He began with the most extreme Titanium variety possible, based on the Ti element, that, when under the most extreme pressure conditions, could be re-assembled, on the molecular level, into quasi-perfect metal sheets, a terribly thin metallic film, but nearly indestructible.
He then carefully 'folded' those sheets in a very complex geometry, which would be 'filled' with a specific foam.

Mentally exploring the molecular chemistry and the study of radiations, Sunstream had discovered a combination, with the Gd element, as well as some other rare ones, like some special high pressure varieties of Au and Pt, mostly, that could utterly stop the neutrons and highly deflect and mirror all radiations, even the most powerful ones, at an incredibly good ratio, and the best form was a sort of foam.

He now had the basis of a nearly indestructible shell for spaceships. He calculated that such a shell, if thick enough (thick like three elfin fingers) could resist even the approach of a star and the crossing of its upper layers ! Not their core, of course, and even less the terrible attraction of a black hole or the like.
No spaceship in this galaxy had any shell like this.

Exploiting the 7Be isotop and some Cf isotop with only a critical mass of 1.5 gram, he soon obtained the basis for a nuclear propulsion system that he perfected : the ship could now have fantastic accelerations, and its nuclear 'fuel' would both be kept in charge, and properly secured. Some more studies, and Sunstream found a way for this to 'explode' in emitting far more thermal energy than hazardous and deadly radiations.

However, surviving such accelerations asked for compensating them, which could be obtained only by extreme radial vibrations : a spheric capsule would vibrate thus, and would host the passenger and the most delicate equipments. There, however, Sunstream realized that there would be room for only one humanoid passenger, and a limited set of equipment. All it asked was extreme magnetic effects and some perfect lubricant.
The best solutions for both were soon discovered by Sunstream's brains.

Coupling this with the 'popping' along the innumerable amount of energy nexus points asked for detecting the local energy density, which detection process was solved in an instant, but Sunstream realized.. that FEELING the nexus points and the resonance frequencies could NOT be accomplished by physical technology.

He stopped there for some heartbeats, wondering...

And then, feeling 'fur-fur' licking his cheek, his mind explored another direction.

The fundamental mechanisms of life, even cellular replication, was not a secret anymore, to him, and... it could be somehow IMITATED by other molecules and chemical and physical ways, and he explored manymanymany paths.. and finally found the right combinations and molecular and macroscopic assemblies, and the required inner flowing systems, in order to guarantee a safe enough 'feeding' and 'cleansing' of such structures.
He had discovered the technology basis for 'pseudo-alive' materials.
Then... He remembered the micro-veins found inside that terrible spheric war machine he had fought, and he used and adapted the whole fluid logic principle for that kind of material : they would integrate logic, hence some intelligence, hence, with the proper reflection effects, as in any evolved organic brains.. conscience.
And conscience was the key for 'feeling' the resonance. It then only had to be educated into this.

Then he realized that when the ship would emerge from a nexus point, he would keep its initial speed, the 'popping'+nuclear acceleration process adding and adding and adding speeds, without ANY limit, in normal spacefaring mode, between the nexus points... Or, thus far, the theory Sunstream had formalized could not anticipate the limit, if any...
Now... How to deal with shocks occuring at such speeds !? Mostly, it would be shocks with particles, yes, at worse with some molecules.. but the shock would utterly disintegrate any normal shell. The shell Sunstream had imagined would resist for a time, up to some limit he could calculate, but..

Reminding how his saber's sheath regenerated the synthetic sapphire blade...
He COUPLED the technologies, using the "pseudo-alive" technology to regenerate parts of the shell.
It was a very complex study, but Sunstream finally solved it.
It also asked for giving a special shape to the ship, like an arrow head, he ended with a three-bladed arrow head shape, a very sharp one, three propulsion reactors allowing subtle or totally brutal, almost omni-directional maneuvers ; even the most extreme maneuvers, considering the inner G-compensating capsule !

Then, integrating some magic elements from the Palace would insure food, air, survival for loooooooong travels, almost forever so.
Of course, an embarked preserver would be the very best solution, but there were other ones invlolving only organic chemistry.
Communication, through the resonance points, would be no problem, no matter the attained speed, or almost.

Soon, he had solved all the problems related to such spaceships.

They would have only one passenger, but their characteristics would be totally unique and unbeatable.

Sunstream then asked himself if there was need for armament...
And then he compared with each and every spaceship he knew about and..
He laughed, utterly mocking himself :

WHO would need ANY weaponry, with such a spaceship !?

Many elves, around, were now wondering why Sunstream had been standing there, rigid, motionless, his eyes fixed at nothing, for more than four hours...
...only to end bursting in such a joyous laughter.

But all were REALLY surprised when, eight days later.. the Palace seemed to suddenly 'give birth' to.. a small spaceship, like no other existing one !

It looked like a three-bladed arrowhead, sheer, its almost metallic-looking surface gleaming softly, almost a very clear gold, a little iridescent.
It was terribly strange, elegant, with curved surfaces, sharp.. floating in a magical shield, in a clear, almost transparent aura.

And the elves were even more surprised when Sunstream, through a proud open sending, revealed all of its characteristics.

There was no door or window : the passenger elf would simply 'pop' inside and outisde of the inner spheric capsule, and the huge variety of integrated, hidden detectors, inside the ship, were amply 'eyes' enough for any mission and travel.

From then on, Sunstream would not need a pod anymore.

And now he knew that..

.. science and technology..

..were endless fun !

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PostSubject: Re: FUTURISTIC TALES   1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 EmptyFri Jun 22, 2018 4:36 am

Thank you, Embala. My mobile phone doesn't show signatures...I checked the web version...now I get it. ^^

Yayy, a new tale! I was hoping for it! <3
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For now, Sunstream was fascinated with biology and biochemistry.
He wanted to go far beyond the 'pseudo-alive' systems technology he had developped, by exploiting what he knew and guessed about how life worked.

And he created, first mentally, then physically, with the help of the Palace, small assemblies that could walk, jump, see, hear, talk, and so on.
They were mainly some sort of 'dolls', of very various shapes and looks, but always small, because it was the most useful and efficient size, between the size of an insect to a little more than the size of 'fur-fur'.
Their 'skin' was mainly made of the extreme Titanium sheets, with various integrated elements, for resisting acids, high pressures, cold or high temperatures.

Most were to be mobile, agile, ACTIVE.
Hence, Sunstream and most elves soon called them "Titacta".

They didn't eat or drink or breathe. They felt a sort of 'pain', indicative only of problems and physical conditions.
They didn't reproduce : the Palace was their 'mother'.
Yet, they had eyes, ears, noses, mouths (mainly to talk), limbs, and the main shape was humanoid.
They were 'charged' in inner energy by magic (or by more classic tech ways).
Their 'brains' were, in fact, integrated in their whole body, along with their 'skin', 'flesh', 'muscles', 'bones', and 'nerves', by use of a network of micro-veins and the fluid logic.


But their own conscience and intelligence were weak, enough to think a little by themselves, but barely above the intelligence of 'fur-fur', at best.
Yet, they were perfect companions for elves, both aboard the Palace and in missions, because they were not truly 'alive', thus expendable.. AND their weak conscience was still high enough to enter the mental resonance with an elf, and to *send* to them, and receive their sendings.

They could go where elves could not go.
They could be 'popped' far enough, they could see and hear and even smell for their elfin companion, thus helping for spying missions.
They could accomplish tasks, even extreme ones, that the elves could not accomplish or would not even try.

Not wanting to repeat some past, dire mistakes, Sunstream took Savah's advice, and both asked the High Ones to help in these beings' education and development : those beings would NOT be 'slaves'.. but DEAR companions, always eager to HELP the elves, at their best.
And each and every High One, including Timmain agreed, and they slowly diverted a tiny part of their own essences in the spiritual development of the Titacta.

They were first educated in 'the Garden', the place, in the Palace, where most plants and small pet animals lived.

There, they first learned to CARE about plants and animals, around them,
even learning to play gently with the various animal cubs..

1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 10856510

..thus waking the proper kind of conscience, in them.

Afterwards, the elves would 'adopt' them, entering mental resonance with them, they would care about them, they would educate them more, in their own way, for various kinds of activities, and they would find many uses to them, as helping companions, for playing, simulating, missions..

1 - FUTURISTIC TALES - Page 3 Titact10

..and so on.

The elves chose their looks, harping on their characteristics to enforce their efficiency at this or that type of tasks.
A majority of them were 'copying' the elves' characteristics.
Somehow, the Palace elves compensated their low birth ratio by caring for such 'children' of theirs.

With the help of the Palace, following a time circle back, Sunstream offered the very first educated Titacta..

.. to the young Cutlet.

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Exploring and settling

After some months, Timmain and Sunstream realized only they had found the courage of re-adapting their brains.
But.. fortunately so !
Other elves were now too afraid of the risks, moreso that Sunstream had analysed how elfin brains worked..
..and he had understood and exposed to all the awful dangers of interferring with their own brains, even with magic.
Most elfin healers knew it since long, already.
He and Timmain had mainly had INCREDIBLE luck, in doing so !
And Sunstream had discovered that Timmain's brains had suffered some damages, in the process, that even the Palace could not heal, even if it had been successful in unlocking her memories. But she could go on living with that, her reflection power only a little impaired.

But the whole elfin community now WANTED to follow and use the technology advances Sunstream had obtained.
For exploring and potentially settling, inside stellar systems.
Without relying ONLY on the Palace.

It asked for a way to send probes, to send individual capsules FAST and safely enough.
It asked also for a defense system, against intruders and asteroids.

Thus, under the Palace, an inverted dome appeared...

There, the trolls who had accompanied the elves found their 'true task', in developping machinery, and a great number of them planned settling themselves inside the world of two moons' system, which all elves agreed with.

That inverted dome soon hosted a series of rings of various sizes and uses, some made for magnetically (and with other tech or 'magic' ways) accelerating projectiles, some for beams, some spiraling systems, interconnecting the various rings.
And even a somehow 'industrial' production of some rings of future satellites, meant to orbit this or that planet or moon, that would accelerate AND decelerate, as well, the cylindric capsules, thus allowing for a complete travelling system for elves, or other sentient beings, and for objects.

Of course, it only produced an acceleration of up to 4%, at most, of the speed of light, in order to avoid the potentially disastrous 'relativity effects', that would dislocate molecules, past 6% to 10% of the speed of light.. but it was amply fast enough for travelling and sending things inside a stellar system.

For farther distances, Sunstream was reflecting about ways to establish 'popping' relays, or integrated system, inside the capsules, using the nexus points of the global energy network of the universe, and the resonance frequencies..
But it asked for an active and developped CONSCIENCE for detecting and feeling precisely such nexus points, which implied that either an elfin passenger (for now only Sunstream or Timmain, hence) would embark and be awake, to do so, with some concentrated 'magic' with them.. or some fixed relays.. that could be only emanations of the Palace itself.

Eventually, both methods would be used, since even Sunstream could find no other suitable one.

For defense, small projectiles could be accelerated, even up to 8% of the speed of light, and particle beams also did the trick, with a speed raising up almost to the speed of light itself, all projectiles and beams being emitted from the inverted dome under the Palace eerie structure.
Helped with precise detection and observation systems, thus providing a terribly precise and dynamic aiming, the Palace or the locally satellite implanted defense system could neutralize almost ANY intruding spaceship (Sunstream reminding the 'weak point' policy he had witnessed in the Death Star) or repel by mere kinetic impact any dangerous asteroid.

After some months, almost all the systems were ready, and the Palace elves could begin their discrete exploring and PEACEFUL settling ways.

Sunstream and Timmain had made the Palace travelling at the edge of the galaxy, to try and explore a little the inter-galactic space, but they soon discovered that the void, there.. soon became SO void of ANYTHING, that the energy density would drop down to an incredibly LOW level, thus creating a very bad effect for anything that would travel there : the energy of the travelling object would end utterly ASPIRED by the surrounding void !
First, that extreme void woud quickly aspire the thermal energy, having temperatures dropping down very close to the absolute zero temperature..
..and then it would aspire even the energy insuring molecular cohesion, thus slowly disrupting complex matter !

The special shell Sunstream had invented would hold for a long time, with some adaptations..
..but not long enough for a travel between galaxies.. by VERY far !

For even the magical 'popping' process had limits.

And, with Skywise's measurements and astronomy observations, Sunstream was humbled.

He and most other elves and creatures aboard told themselves, when they all finally realized :


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Great tale! With so incredibly much room in space...it would actually be a WASTE of room if there would ONLY be found life on Abode and the home star of the High Ones. ;-)

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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Three years had passed.

The trolls, helped by the Palace, had established their survival and industry domes, on various moons, in the world of two moons' system, with a series of satellite rings to insure travel between their six bases. Of course, they had a base on one of the two moons of their homeworld and one such ring around.
Now, there, they were building spaceships of their own, in order to travel to and from the elves' and trolls' home world, and they would soon build far bigger ships to gather what materials they were mining from moons and asteroids.
Some trolls had preferred going on accompanying the elves, inside the Palace, and those few worked in the inverted dome, with some other creatures, and many specialized Titacta.

The Palace elves were now settling in the 'virgin' system where Sunstream had found the first 'fur-fur'.

Along the latest years, Sunstream had discovered much, in science and technology, but..
He knew he had just entered a mental universe of wonders and muchmuchmuch more was yet to be discovered...

And his discoveries were not only abstract or oriented towards technicity, by far.
For instance, he had invented a 'game', that was soon called by all : 'Assembly'.
Based on a multitude of extremely varied pieces, most of them small or tiny, many including micro-veins for fluid logic, some emitting and receiving control signals, made of many types of materials.
The game was initially a simple system designed for 'roughly' prototyping some new mechanisms, but Sunstream had some taste for fun, and he had foreseen how this could become a game, and he had oriented a part of the productive efforts of the Palace for including mere 'leisure' effects at it.
Each playing set offered the possibility of creating assemblies, mainly with mechanical effects, even for retro-controlling its moves, and the elves' imagination awoke greatly, with that game, when Sunstream first illustrated its possibilities.. that would prove, later on, to be almost innumerable and incredibly fun to be explored and tried and used. Especially for designing elements acompanying the Titacta, be they clothes, suits, various tools and even weapons and small vehicles, and so on, and far beyond that.
Also, the game soon became a sort of 'community game', in order to create assemblies of assemblies, mainly into wonderful active and dynamic sculptures, with eerie aspects and colours, able to move, and even to emit sounds !
Each elf somehow tested his sharing sense, with this community game, by testing if his personal little assembly or set of assemblies could go well with this or that common assembly, thus improving it.. or not ..or creating unexpected, sometimes funny or interesting effects ! The resonance frequencies soon came to have great importance in such common creations, and the elves' interest for the game only increased and complexified, with time ! Some common assemblies had become other games in their own way.
Boredom had turned to be a very rare thing, inside the Palace, greatly thanks to this little game.
As an example, one such sculpture, called 'humming Ita', reacted wonderfully to sounds emitted around, be they mere steps, voices, whispers, songs, finding all 'by itself' (in fact thanks to many elves' common and long efforts) how to subtly accompany or even improve the sonic or musical global effect, and some elves were now turning 'humming Ita' into 'dancing Ita', adapting its moves to that sonic surrounding...!
Even Sunstream wondered up to where all this would go, still astonished by how far such a little try had gone, already.
It greatly helped him in establishing new, subtle machinery (useful, consideringthat most trolls had left the Palace) and testing equipments and detectors and the like, and in keeping his curiosity and imagination at an almost constant peak.

However.. Sunstream was now very troubled.
Something was clearly wrong, in his understanding of biochemistry and life and the working of brains, and he guessed it.

So he was now in 'the Garden', among all those plants and small animals from various worlds, all biologically secured by the Palace, and even re-adapted, for some of them, and with more than eight times eight Titacta being educated, here.
For once, Nêvem, Sunstream's closest friend among the non-elf passengers, was not at his side, very busy at improving many things for the (more and more) special spaceship created by Sunstream.
Sunstream had left him for only some moments, but he already missed Nêvem : he helped him (and other elves, as well) in organizing his thoughts, his activities, his projects... and Sunstream felt terribly well, in his company, for Nêvem provided a sort of mental mirror to Sunstream's mental abilities, in very provocative and disrespectful ways, sure.. but like almost no other elf could.
He would have to ask his advice, after that, Sunstream thought, but he mentally sighed : " Oooh.. no. Later. He is so busy...! "
" But fur-fur is here ! ", Sunstream joyfully thought.
Here, it was damp, peaceful, warm, a mainly green place, softly illuminated by the Palace, but also full of colours and smells the elves had come to love, for most.
Fur-fur ( the fifth adult 'fur-fur', already, but, for Sunstream.. it was always 'fur-fur' ), jumped from a tree, and quickly joined Sunstream, resting on his shoulder, caressing and licking his cheek, its long tail playing in his blond hair, purring, *sending* its joy of being with him again.
He walked to a certain section of that huge place, and..

Sunstream !

The one who had just *sent* so deeply, slowly, but so emotionally..
..that the elf always had the odd feeling it expressed " You are my sun stream, here ! "..
..was a representative of a species that too many sentient species called "lumpenoids", meaning species that attracted almost no compassion, meant only to be captured, exploited, enslaved, or hunted 'for sport', and the like abuses.
It looked like a small tree or a huge plant, with long, moving tendrils, leaves, moss at its trunk, many various mushrooms at its base, around it, with a rather ugly set of colors (brown and deep violet), except for the 'leaves' and tendrils' extremities, vividly coloured, as well as the rare, occasional flowers that could bloom, on it, great, extremely beautiful flowers.
It could move, but only slowly, and it was both a plant and a fungoid being, omnivorous, feeding mainly on insects, worms, gasteropods, and a few other plants and fungi, as well.
Its name was 'Itsa', and it was 'female' ( this term having not the usual significance, for those beings had five possible genders ).
They could not talk, but they could *send*. Their own language being based on biochemical exchanges, mainly by smells and contacts.

Sunstream remembered how Itsa had been saved, decades ago.
It was fur-fur's second mission (the very first adult fur-fur).

The stellar system where Itsa lived was located too close to many other inhabited systems, and it had been over-exploited for millenias, the only native sentient beings left being the species Itsa belonged to, called 'Uuudzi', for the strange sounds their leaves produced, in the breeze.
Not only this species presented no threat, their only defenses being based on allergies and slight poison, but these beings were also sought for many uses, most of them abusive ones.
And they had become rare.
Making the trafficking of Uuudzi, dead or alive, all the more intensive, sadly, threatening to make them extinct, soon.

At the time, the elves didn't know about the mental abilities of the Uuudzi, all they knew what how endangered that sentient species was.
The Palace elves had decided to send a team to intervene before it was too late, but they needed to find a representative with the 'female' gender, among the five existing genders, the only one able to give birth, somehow, to all other genders, thus insuring the species' survival.
And they were now the rarest ones, on that world.

Sunstream's recently acquired 'nature feeling' helped the elfin rescue team greatly, and they soon found the one they would later call Itsa.
As usual, the elves would normally not intervene directly against anyone, even the smugglers, but..

Following Sunstream's 'natural feeling', working as a way to find a 'female' Uuudzi.. they had witnessed a horrible scenery.
An armed squad of Godzeera, creatures resembling humans, but with thick skin, four arms, only oye frontal eye, no ears, taller, even more brutal than humans, very aggressive, and with a poor moral sense.
Smugglers. The worst kind.
They had found and circled that 'female' Uuudzi, a very young specimen, only two meters tall, and... they cruelly 'toyed' with it.
The long, mental moaning of the creature had invaded the elves' minds from some hundreds meters away !
It was hurt. It was more humiliated than in pain. It desperately called for other Uuudzi to help it, but none would intervene in time.

Later on, the elves would learn that Uuudzi tendrils were considered as some "delicate treat", especially when freshly cut, and many considered its sap to be a delicious drink.
But at the time being, the elves' minds were only shocked by the mental agony and the emotional depth of the *sendings* that poor female Yuudzi emitted, and by the useless cruelty of the smugglers, who had already cut most of its tendrils, and extracted some sap. It had been a long torture, and the elves also understood that this Uuudzi was far too much maimed and mutilated to ever be accepted again by other representatives of its species, which explained the terrible humiliation it felt.

The main trouble with the Goodzera smugglers.. was that they had many small robotic units to help them, and the elves, however discrete their approach, even as silent as their training allowed them to be, even with invisibility capes, were soon detected.

And the elves HAD to intervene.

They paralysed all the smugglers, but they were very sturdy creatures, and it took long, but only two elves were wounded by the robotic guards and the Goodzera personal weaponry.
In that occasion, fur-fur proved to be a wonderfully useful companion, for it was moving so fast that it easily disarmed many smugglers with its jaw, and it removed or displaced their pieces of equipment, and it sent many robotic units down, even from high trees around. Sunstream realized it was like a 'game', for his furry companion, of course following Sunstrem's thoughts and *sendings*, to guide its actions, but he also felt how determined fur-fur was to help his elfin friend, and its animal *sendings* also proved to be very useful for surviving the event...
And the Palace itself quickly intervened on the scene, by 'freezing' all the robotic units, and by plunging the Goodzera into a sort of semi-conscious coma.. accompanied with a reasonable level of pain, for some time, in order to punish them for the terrible pains and humiliation they had inflicted to their victim.
The Goodzera smugglers would not remember anything about what or who had attacked them, and the robotic units' memories were erased.
They would only associate, later on, the pain they were inflicted.. to the fact of torturing a Uuudzi.

The two wounded elves were healed, as well as the Uuudzi (as best as it was possible), and the Palace then collected that creature, with its local soil and biotope and accompanying living creatures, 'floating' it all inside its structure.

Since then, the elves had learned much about Itsa, how young it was (the equivalent of a young 'cub', for elves), when rescued, and how it would make a sort of perfect 'gardener', since caring for plants and fungi and small animals was not only its natural role, somehow, on its homeworld, but also a strong passion, for that young female Uudzi.
But Itsa proved to have many other abilities, for the elves also discovered how incredibly intelligent that species was, most of their cognitive power turned far more towards feelings for nature and life than towards abstract knowledge, however.
To their surprise, they found that only the 'trees of destiny' of planet Ardzaa were more intelligent than them !
( Far more, even.. for almost all spacefaring sentient species knew and respected the 'trees of destiny' 's ancient and deep intelligence.. so much so that most negociated HARD.. only to be allowed to ask them ONE question ! But the Palace elves knew little more about them. )

Even mentally, Itsa could not talk much : she preferred using pictures, for, even if this species didn't have eyes, they 'felt' their environment and their 'brains', integrated to their roots, easily formed a virtual yet precise and even elaborated picture of what was around them. And their imagination was incredible, for Uuudzi almost constantly dreamt, with many complex sceneries populating their mind and playing at the same time, most of them based on memories, of course, but not only. And they could *send* such pictures or scenes or parts of them, and even assemble them in a wonderfully dreamy scenery, a sort of dynamic or static mental 'collage' they excelled at.
Sunstream and other elves had used that strange ability to educate Itsa more, along the decades, and she was now a very clever companion.
However, her mental rhythm was very slow, her answers to very complex questions sometimes asking for hours !

Itsa was now slowly becoming an adult, and, with the elves' help, it had become a real 'She', a potential mother.. and she had barely begun the long and hard process of reproducing herself : when Sunstream had arrived, some more flowers had bloomed, he had noticed.
Timmain had estimated that Itsa could have offspring, but it was not certain, yet.
" Let's hope so... ", Sunstream muttered.

But Itsa was fundamentally the most emotional creature Sunstream had EVER met...

Itsa's tendrils, small branches and leaves were now tenderly, gently caressing Sunstream's body, and she greeted fur-fur in the same way.
Both of them, as used to that long tactile, delicate process as they were, could not resist and they expressed back their pleasure with *sendings* (and more, for fur-fur) and caresses, and Sunstream entered in mental resonance with Itsa, and he started a slow mental dialogue with her.

< to be continued >

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Itsa, the Uuudzi, is a phenomenal creature! ❤️ So lovely, dreamy, empathetic, VERY close to nature. Comparing her to Sunstream, Ember isn't allowed to say 'Cloudhead' to her brother ANYMORE...

I envision her.. I want a tender, branch-leaf-embrace, too!

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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For a long time, a long series of missions, the Palace elves had tried to intervene against war, in various stellar sytems, although discretely or secretly, mainly by organizing rescues on worlds ravaged by conflicts.
During one of those hard missions, Sunstream had met the strangest creature, in the strangest circumstances.

The planet was named Gzoa, and its inhabitants were named the same ; small humanoids, rather ugly, but peaceful and very respectful.
Resembling very much small humans, but they had six fingers and toes, yellow to orange eyes, and a somewhat grey skin.
It was the eighteenth time that Gzoa was under attack, by slavers, and the elves formed a team to find survivors, in a huge town that had been bombed and raided by the slavers.
The Palace arrived only half an hour after the end of the attack, but the elves had little hope of finding more than a handful of survivors; in those ruins.

Seven of them were already found, after an hour of intensive research, mainly the wounded the slavers had abandoned for dead, and Sunstream was approaching carefully what had been a school, when..
..fur-fur *sent* to him he had glimpsed and heard a move, in the ruins, and Sunstream soon found two kids, in shock, hiding, too terrified to cough, while the smokes had them crying.
He was about to walk closer, when one of the kids pointed something to the other one, and hurried back into a hole, calling, almost in a whisper : ' Teacher ! Come and see ! "

Sunstream then realized that, even if the elves and the Palace were invisible.. the moving of the bodies and survivors could be seen.
He was warning the other elves of that, because slavers could still be in ambush around, when, from the hole, someone emerged.
Except it was not a Gzoa. He was tall as a human, five fingered, almost as slender as an elf, and his skin was blue.
He was beautiful, with clear grey eyes, a long white hair and a head band, and wearing a sort of strict uniform or a suit, close to his skin.
Unlike the kids and the survivors, he was not in shock and not wounded, even unaffected by the smoke.

Sunstream was intrigued by his beauty. Oddly, he immediately thought : " Pure !... Ageless... "
But he looked like a human, the only difference being his strange skin hue.
That blue-skinned man saw the moves of the bodies, pointed by the kid, and he soon stood, revealing himself, fearless, while whispering to the kids :
" Stay behind me and go hide yourself at first sign of attack. "
His voice was calm, and he was now walking slowly towards the elves (whom he did not see), arms raised, in sign of surrender, unarmed.
He called :
" We know you are here. Show yourself. "

There was a long silence.. but the Palace soon confirmed the slavers had left for good.
And the elves showed themselves at the minimum rate, presenting only small pale auras of humanoid shape.
The slavers had a large arachnoid shape, and the kids realized it was not slavers, and they showed themselves.
And the elves openly went on moving the bodies and healing the wounded. The survivors being 'popped' inside the Palace, invisibly hovering above.

The man was observing it all, and he said :
" Is it some sort of rescue ? If so, someone has to testify to the High Council about the intolerable attack this town has suffered. "

Most elves were astonished, but they were too busy to truly pay attention.
" That one must have gone crazy... ", some elves thought.
But Sunstream had noticed how DIGN he was. And the kids had called him 'teacher'.

He *sent* to fur-fur, asking it to explore the ruins more and on a larger perimeter, and to warn him at any interesting sign, while he would show himself to this teacher and speak with him.
Sunstream first, abruptly asked him : " Do you mean the High Council of Shaar ? "
The man did not look surprised at all, merely recording the presence and turning his head to address it :
" Yes. Under the regulations of this galactic sector, attacking and destroying a school is a serious offense, to be judged at Shaar. "

THIS was amazing, Sunstream estimated : no inhabitant of Gzoa cared anymore about such regulations.

Fur-fur was already *sending* :
" Smells and sounds here. Alive. Here.. Here... "
and Sunstream saw, in visual flashes, the places where his small furry companion had smelled and heard survivors.

Sunstream said : " We have more pressing concerns. We search for survivors. Could you help us? "
The man immediately answered : " Yes. 853 are hiding in the area between this ruined school and those two buildings. "
And he pointed and described methodically and shortly the corresponding ruins.

Suntream mentally exclaimed : " Such precision ! Such a calm ! And.. "

Meanwhile, the survivors had been brought inside the Palace, put to sleep, healed, and their minds had been searched for information.
And Sunstream and his team were receiving those information.

Sunstream asked : " Did you save them all !? "
The amount was incredible. Usually, very few survived the slavers' raids.
The man answered : " Yes. "
Not a trace of emotion, in hs voice. But Sunstream knew it was an exploit to have accomplished this in time, and the slavers had terribly efficient detection means. But many survivors' minds confirmed he had done that ! The people had followed his calm and precise advice and he had saved them.
The two kids were now popped.
" Can you guide our team to the exact places ? "
He replied : " I could, and I would if you showed yourself and if you told me your intents. I have a responsibility to these people. I was a teacher. "

But now, also thanks to fur-fur's help, the Palace elves knew all the hiding places, and the Palace began extracting all the survivors from the ruins, carefully, sometimes whole families and groups at a time.
Sunstream answered : " There is always a third option...! "
To that, the man replied : " Most often, there exist at least three options, indeed. "
Still no sign of emotion at all !

Sunstream had a strange feeling about this one.
The elf was terribly intrigued by his ways, yes, but.. he felt more and more that he was in the presence of a potential friend.

The elf asked : " Do you want the survivors and you to be brought to the Aksa base, in orbit? "
The man replied, with a slight semblance of intensity, at last, almost an exclamation : " No ! That base has been attacked by a viral weapon. "
The elves checked and it was soon confirmed.
" Where to, then ?... "
" A safe place, if you know one. "
" Shaar, then. "
" It's too far from here. "
" No, it's not. "
The man pondered, and said : " The slavers' missiles will reach us in less than six minutes from now. "
The elf transmitted that information to the Palace and smiled : " No, they won't. "

The man was now a little amazed, incredulous, and he asked : " Are you soldiers ? Is there a Fari vessel up there? "
Sunstream had heard about the Fari. An interstellar force, insuring order and security for many sentient species.
" No, no... We rescue victims of war. "

Now, all the survivors had been gathered aboard, and Sunstream, fur-fur and that strange man were the last ones to be popped inside the Palace.

But, once there, the man did not fall asleep !
After three unsuccessful tries, Sunstream came back to more pressing matters, and the Palace intercepted, neutralized, and captured (for future study and the materials) the three missiles that flew towards the ruined city.

There was now enough information to extract far more quickly all the other survivors.
In less than an hour, it was accomplished.
The Palace then immediately popped to Shaar, a moon of the next planet of that system.
And the survivors, most of them healed, memories of what had just happened (for the ones who were aware, when the elfin team had begun their work) erased, were popped on that moon, inside the official base where the High Council was, safe.

But that man had not been put to sleep, and he had seen the elves and the Palace.
Yet.. Sunstream wanted to discuss more, with him, so he had asked (and obtained) that he would remain in the Palace.

Previously, the man had asked, calmly : " What is this place ? Is it a spaceship ? What is your species ? "
And now, with all the survivors suddenly popped on Shaar : " Where are they all ? "
And when Sunstream answered that question, he repeated : " Someone has to testify to the High Council. "

Sunstream, smiling, at last, said : " They will. "

" My name is 'Sunstream'. What is your name ? "
" Nêvem. "
The man insisted : " Can you bring proof those people are now on Shaar, safe ? "
" Certainly ! " and the Palace elves showed him, the picture forming aetherally, in the air, the rescued people of that raided city.. now awakening inside the great halls of the Council.

Nêvem watched for some instants, and then simply nodded.
He asked : " Am I your prisoner ? "
The elf answered : " No. You are our guest. We may become friends. "

Sunstream had now confirmed something he had guessed, some moments ago.

Then, a strange dialogue began :

Sunstream said : " You are an android. "
Nêvem answered : " If the ones who created us, superior to humanoids, heard you... "

Then Nêvem remarked, about the rescued people : " You do realize they will be sent back to their homeworld and be attacked again...? "
Sunstream replied : " Maybe. But, first, they will have a chance of making the High Council react. "

And so on..

That dialogue never truly stopped, between Sunstream and Nêvem.
It often made elfin heads turn, for many interpreted what Nêvem said as provocative or disrespectful, despite his calm, dign ways.
But Sunstream liked it : it taught him to get PAST his emotions, to pay FAR more attention to WHAT, exactly, was said.

Nêvem's skills at asking the right questions and at organizing and structuring thoughts were extreme.
And he would sacrifice himself in order to save the community.

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With Itsa, Sunstream began by mentally asking her :
Itsa.. Could you help me understanding more precisely how life works ?...

The answer came quick :

There was no disappointment, in Sunstream's mind. It had been an open and honest question.
He would simply explore more by himself and with the help of other elves who were interested in the biochemistry field of study.

He slowly caressed the branches and tendrils, circling his body, thus preparing for his departure.

But then, Itsa *sent* :
But you may show me. And I may show you.

Sunstream had simply forgotten how abstract thoughts were not Itsa's domain !...
And he joyfully laughed, mocking himself...
A reaction neither Nêvem or Itsa could fully comprehend.

However, Sunstream had come prepared, somehow, for this.. for he had already imagined an experiment, and he was ready to try it.
He took some small assemblies from his equipment, and he mentally invited a specific Titacta to come and help him.
This Titacta mainly worked in the Garden and it was both an excellent gardener and a cautious and precise surgeon and medic..
..and it quickly arrived under Itsa's foliage, ready and willing to help.

Sunstream explained to it, step by step, the procedure to be followed for the experiment Sunstream had in mind.
All of them then prepared themselves for it.
Meanwhile, Sunstream mentally exposed to Itsa what he would try, and she finally agreed.
Sunstream and fur-fur went into sleep position, Sunstream on the moss and fur-fur on one of Itsa's nearby branches.
And the Titacta carefully positioned some extensions of the assemblies, with fine needles to be implanted at nerve centers and terminations, both on the elf's and fur-fur's bodies, and then to some precise points, with another interfacing system, based on specific biochemicals, to Itsa.
Even if the pain was almost insignificant, Sunstream *sent* to fur-fur to calm it down and to relax it, all along.
Then the Titacta administered to Sunstream and fur-fur, slowly and phase after phase, a light soporific product that would ease their fall into sleep, and gently shorten the deep sleep phases, thus favouring the dream periods.
The Titacta would also make sure no one and nothing would interfere or interrupt the experiment.

And it worked. It was a long dream. An active dream, with Sunstream's mind still almost at his best.

Sunstream and fur-fur were soon inside Itsa's constant dreamworld.
Even there, fur-fur simply wandered in the virtual branches and caressed the tendrils and leaves, as well as Sunstream's body and hair, but his loving feelings towards Sunstream relaxed him considerably, helped him in concentrating, allowing a high mental rhythm of communication to be set with Itsa, now in full mental resonance.

And, through pictures selected from Sunstream's now precise memory, the elf explained his troubles at fully understanding life mechanisms.

Sunstream still expected a slow rhythm, but no :
In Itsa's 'dreamworld', sharing pictures was easy, and Itsa's thoughts and pictures were emitted surprisingly fast !
And the emotions both Sunstream and fur-fur felt, there, were deep, beyond pleasure or joy.
Almost at the level of what Sunstream had experienced with Brill, when answering Recognition's needs !


But the main surprise came from what Itsa showed Sunstream, in answer to his pictures.


After more than six hours, Sunstream and fur-fur awoke, and.. slowly.. both of them thanked Itsa with all their heart..
..and they finally left her to her ever-gardening ways, helped by the many Titacta being educated, around.

While walking slowly out of the Garden, fur-fur having left him to go back to his tree 'nest'..
..Sunstream was still meditating on what he had learned.

Cellular development could not be exactly anticipated or predicted : there were 'errors'. Manymanymany.
Except.. the differences between expectation and observed reality were not completely and only errors. By very far.

It was in fact a network of ADDED CHAOS, layer after layer of the multiple scales of development, with interconnexion..
..and this 'chaos' was FAR from being mere entropy or random disorder.
It was STRUCTURED, complex and strange, yes.. and yet structured, no doubt about it !
Sunstream had recognized some very strange mathematical patterns that some sentient species had discovered and abstractly explored..
..mingled with effects of a few PRECISE resonance frequencies.
Each great type of living cells had their own set of such frequencies.
And Itsa's essence and mind were SO close to life, that she had offered the illustrating pictures..
..without even abstractly realizing their importance and what they meant.

Those layers of 'chaos' formed a sort of super-imposed network..
..that was ALIVE, too ! It had its OWN existence.

And Sunstream now understood far more.

That 'chaos' was created by life, as a sort of 'second, echoing existence' ..
..with a high potential for interferring with the global network of energy nexus points, around.

The ripples...

THIS was the very ORIGIN and true nature of 'magic' !

It also explained the strange and huge perturbance effects he had felt.
Now he understood how Timmain could have known about Alderaan's destruction :
The Palace had AMPLIFIED the distortion, and Timmain of course felt it and soon located its origin.

Now Sunstream understood a memory he had extracted from that 'Lord Vader' 's mind..
..when that strange, small, green, three-fingered creature called 'master Yoda' had told the young Anakin :
" Life CREATED the Force. It strengthened it. It penetrated everything. Thanks to life, the Force filled the universe... "

Yes : the 'Force' was initially meant to HELP life. A retro-effect life COULD produce. Not systematically.

But it also revealed that the OPPOSITE system existed, in the forbidden no-tech systems of the galaxy :
There were TRAPS for 'magic', there, allowing some people.. or 'Powers', there..
..to EXPLOIT magic at their will, to transform it, and even to abuse of it, just as the nature of the 'magical' ring he had stolen had proven.
Now he guessed what 'Powers' were : beings or systems that had captured SO much magic that their essence had changed deeply, not respecting the usual physics and nature's laws anymore, potentially terribly powerful beings, less and less material.. but with a wider and wider range of effect around ! Almost limitless.
A sphere of effect potentially up to the size of a galaxy !
A 'local' essence that could reach the size of a stellar system !
The loss of control, along that process of accumulation.. would also be a terrible risk, he guessed...
Now the notion of 'deity' so many sentient species mentioned, about the forbidden sectors.. made sense.
As well as the many 'mythic' creatures with very strange powers that were mentioned, there...

Somehow, the Palace had beed designed as one such 'Power', by the High Ones.

Fortunately, the Palace elves had not tried and explore the forbidden galactic sectors, yet.
Sunstream realized that the elves' patience had saved them, for..
..the danger was HUGE !
The Palace's OWN abilities and limits HAD to be thoroughly studied and compared, FIRST.

A frustrating conclusion, yes.
However, Sunstream would soon be able to help other elves in adapting their brains as he had done.
But, of course, he would respect their free will, and, for now, most did not want AT ALL to try such a change.
Time would tell.

And many things made much more sense, now.

Reminding Nêvem's latest, almost sarcastic remarks on elfin technology and about the way Sunstream envisioned science..
..Sunstream concluded to himself, with humour :

" If I ever tell Nêvem that what I just discovered..

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..came from a dream...! "

But the elves would understand.

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The ORIGIN OF MAGIC...! What the...! Oh my gosh... now we reached a crucial point understanding the world of the elves...and Timmain EXPOSED! Very Happy

Btw, I love Itsa more and more...I need more information to draw her. <3 She's lovely and her delayed sending is heartwarmingly funny *chuckles*...

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
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More information on Itsa..?

Gladly so.

Figure a weeping willow, with a wider trunk, coloured brown to deep violet.
Its branches are longer than a willow's, thus spreading more horizontally.
The leaves are wide and looong, deep green to average leaf green.
The branches are thin, mainly, and ended with tendrils, clear green to very clear green.
The whole tree may move, but the branches, and especially the tendrils are highly mobile, even fast, able to catch a smal bird in flight.
The roots are not sunk deep, and they are mobile, as well, but mainly remaining in the soil, thus slow.
The trunk is covered with various moss at its base, and much moss around.
Around, there are many, very various mushrooms, from tiny to ones with 'hats' as big as a hand.
Most of those moss and mushrooms.. are in fact PART of the Uuudzi itself : Itsa could NOT live without them around or on her.
They help Itsa recycling dead insects and plants, mainly.
Itsa's flowers, as a young future(?) mother, are large, one layer of wide petals, white to light grey petals, strong violet center, and they attract many insects ( type A: for reproduction need ).
The leaves have a special structure, under them, that CAN (at Itsa's will) produce a kind of glue, attracting and trapping insects ( type B : for food ), and the leaves can slowly fold, almost into a tube, and then fall, with the dead insect(s) inside, thus feeding the soil.
The leaves have various hues, thus providing a multi-coloured foliage, because they change colour according to their role ( four steps : photosynthesis, ready for capture, prey captured, ready to fall, fallen ).
The roots are part plant/part fungi, in nature, and they feed on some other fungi and some other plants' roots (not all), and the tendrils capture gasteropods and very small animals. Not always to kill those animals : Uuudzi like some animals' company.

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