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 The Redlance Sagas Return

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyFri Jun 12, 2015 12:24 am

Well finally back into the woods and a mystery solved. Wonder what awaits the tribe and the new family as thing progress.

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Ba_for10
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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Redlance: Take us home Treeshaper - Chapter Twenty   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 18, 2015 6:28 pm

Yes G0lden, the Wolfriders returned to the woods...which only brings about a new set of trials to face and conquer...

And now its time for the next chapter...

Chapter 20

The family woke and packed with a happy feeling, a lively mood that seemed to add to the loving feeling each felt and even gave way to some playful teasing.  Leetah was busy packing the last fur in the pouch they used when she felt her treeshaper hug her suddenly trapping her arms to her chest.  He gave a growl and with a gentle roll onto his back held her captive for her huntress and her chief to move in tickling and kissing.  All at once Leetah was laughing and moaning at the attention, but then begging for a reprieve or something bad was going to happen, so with a final kiss to her ear from her treeshaper she was freed.  Leetah gasped and then felt a warm loving send from her family as Cutter and Nightfall both leaned down to kiss her and nuzzle her cheeks lovingly.  The healer only purred then rolled over and kissed her treeshaper before reluctantly sitting up from him.  They all hugged once more, sharing across their lock-send with each other, before climbing down to greet the tribe.

As she finished climbing down from their sleep spot and grabbing their pouch with the sleep furs, Moonshade picked up the scent of jasmine on the air and smiled without even thinking.  She stood and turned to see the healer walking to her and tanner felt heart sped up an extra beat, “good eve Leetah”

“Good eve Moonshade, how did you rest?”  The healer asked smiling brightly, taking the tanner’s hand in hers.

“I slept nicely, did you rest well?” The tanner asked back with a smile.

The healer only sighed and nodded with an airy tone to her voice, “yes I did, though I think being in the forest finally and off the plain helped.”

“I know it did for me, not having to worry about being seen out in the open.”  Moonshade giggled as the pair began to walk toward the pack.  Up ahead the huntress appeared with her bow slung across back and a pouch in her hands.

“Good eve my tanner,” she said with a smile and a nod.

Moonshade giggled again and nodded to Nightfall, “good eve my huntress, I can see you slept well.”

“Oh yes, must be the forest,” the huntress winked making the other two laugh.

The trio walked on, laughing and talking, till they reached the others in the tribe who were waiting to leave.  Clearbrook looked up and couldn’t help but grin as she saw the three. She even whispered a silent prayer to the High Ones for her friend Moonshade, a silent thank you for the tanner having bonded with the healer and the huntress.  Her friend had been so reserved for so long, so cut off from everyone that Clearbrook hoped this would be the nudge she needed to be more than just the tanner and leather maker for the tribe and more than lifemate to Strongbow.

“Where’s our treeshaper beloved?”  Leetah asked as she walked up taking Cutter’s arm in her hands.

He gave a small nod toward the trees and smiled, “talking with his trees, making sure of the direction of where we’re heading this night.”

“Does it bother anyone else that a tree is telling us which way to go?” Dart asked jokingly as he leaned on his bow.  He didn’t expect a laugh and when he got one he felt somewhat joyful for the sound.

“Only if the tree tells him we’re lost and we must head back across the plain,” Treestump answered waggishly causing the others to laugh more.

Soon though, the treeshaper was done and trotting back to the tribe with a wide smile, much larger than usual.  As he approached and took his spot with his huntress on one side and his healer on the other Strongbow sent to the tribe.  What’s got your tail sticking up so high tonight treeshaper?

Redlance looked around feeling his stomach tighten just a little from all the eyes being on him, and if not for Nightfall taking his hand and giving it a loving squeeze he might have failed in even speaking what he needed to say.  “We head along the mountains here for the next set of nights’ archer…I think we’re close.  The tree’s image is stronger now, sharper when it’s shown to me.”

The looks on his tribe’s faces made him smile as each peeked up, but then he thought about what that really meant.  He hadn’t told them it was really Father Tree they were riding too, and even more to the point, it was a dream of Father Tree pleading for him to come home that was actually doing all this.  Redlance only smiled warmly, feeling now was not the moment to mention the true meaning behind his ruse as Suntop spoke up.

“Really, how close are we?”

“Well,” Redlance started shaking his head and smiling more, “trees don’t really understand distance. I ask if it knows where the special tree is and it either shows me a way or it doesn’t.  These trees here have a stronger image than the last ones I touched.”

“And that means we’re close?”  Newstar asked just as excited as the magic user.

“Yes, maybe a turn of the moon or just more.”  Redlance nodded.

His answer sent a charge of joy through the tribe as each one turned to another smiling and saying how great the night would be when they didn’t have to look forward to a long ride.  They sighed saying how joyous it would be to have their dens back, a home where they could rest with no need to worry about looking forward to the ride that was coming the next night.  A home with which to live again as Wolfriders they thought as Moonshade smiled at her lifemate who smiled back lovingly while Clearbrook looked skyward with a joyous expression, her lifemate rubbing her back just as warmly.  No one noticed the look on the treeshaper’s face.  He wondered if they would be as happy with him when they realized he had kept hidden from them this whole journey where they were truly heading.

“And now my tail is sticking up high treeshaper, almost home, that is good to hear.”  Cutter stated with his crooked grin.  He gave the order to start the ride, and as it happened every night, the archer and his son took point and began the journey, only this night like the last ones, Moonshade stayed back to ride with the Leetah and Nightfall.  She had started to walk away when she felt a hand take hers and turned to see a beautiful pair of brown eyes looking back warmly.  Nightfall asked her if she would ride with them again and the tanner’s heart swelled just a little as she nodded, and blushed a little as well, though for what reason she didn’t know.  

The family said a long goodbye as Moonshade and Suntop stood nearby letting them have their needed moment.  Both only smiled as they wondered how two mated pairs had found this kind of joining, how they had found a new way to love, and when they rode away all five looked back till they could no longer see the treeshaper.  As he stood watching his family drift away on the trail, in the dark, Redlance only smiled and then turned to go back to removing all signs of his tribe’s passing, shaping the sleep spots away and then brushing away the tracks.  When he left, as every other night before, there wasn’t a sign or track or scent to follow.  The treeshaper made his way along the trail walking briskly, humming and eating a berry while with every other step or so whispering his new name.


The night passed sweetly and serenely, and as he walked off the trail to the spot where Cutter had brought the night’s ride to a stop, he saw all three of his family eagerly awaiting.  The treeshaper walked up to them and smiled warmly as they all embraced, hugged tightly feeling their hearts beat faster with being back together.  He gave a quick kiss to each of his loves and then a hard hug for his chief, along with a quick neck bite that made Cutter chuckle as he slapped his shoulder.  They walked toward the tribe, toward the tree they had picked for the day, and as Redlance merged his energy with it to shape a sleep spot it showed him Father Tree, one of the strongest images yet.  He smiled as he asked the conifer to hold them, protect them for the day, and the tree shook saying proudly it would.  After shaping the spot, he turned and kissed his maidens again before Cutter rubbed his neck lovingly, and then he went to make the spots for the others.  He shaped Dart’s and Newstar’s while taking note Suntop wasn’t around, but when he went to shape Treestump and Clearbrook’s he found the magic user waiting patiently.  A quick question as to why he was tree’ing with the elders today brought the answer that his friends wanted to be alone to play in the furs.  

Redlance just nodded with a look of ‘Oh, that’.  He smiled after it was done and waved them all goodbye before moving on to Moonshade and Strongbow.  He found them waiting with broad smiles, something that had been happening quite a bit lately the treeshaper thought.  He had noticed the tanner staying closer to his family ever since the plain, when they shared the tent, and the archer wasn’t quite as stoic as he had been in the past.  He shaped their spot and turned to leave when the tanner leaned up and kissed his cheek quickly thanking him for all he had done.  Redlance only smiled and told her he did all he ever does, watch over with his heart, as the archer reached up and rubbed his shoulder warmly.  No, Strongbow sent, he had done more than he would ever know for them.  The treeshaper only nodded knowing words would just make a mess of what they were feeling, then hugged each before watching them climb up to their spot.  He smiled and hummed as he made his way back to his own spot.

He climbed up and took his beloved chief’s hand to help him up the last step, only Redlance wasn’t ready for the sudden sharp pull, and he stumbled across the sleep spot.  Cutter held his hand, hard as the plan had called for, and with another pull he kept his treeshaper from falling off the spot, and instead landing softly in the sleep furs between his maidens where soft tender hands quickly went to work taking off his leathers and pouch with such quickness he could only laugh, and really, he wouldn’t have stopped them anyway.  Leetah and Nightfall giggled as they pulled his tunic off while Cutter grabbed his leggings and boots in each hand and with a yank took them both off with one pull.  He laughed more until kisses sweet and deep took over devouring his lips with want, his huntress needing him now.  The treeshaper felt hands and fingers take his sacredness in a gentle grip giving gentle tugs and pulls as other hands rubbed and roamed his body.  He reached up running a hand along Nightfall and Leetah’s inside thighs and across their heat’s making both groan in pleasure as he felt his chief bite his stomach kissing his way up to his chest.  Their lock-send came alive with desire and love, want and need that sent their passion climbing again to the two moons.  They shared not as intense as the dance in the grove, but it was sweeter as they rushed not to a release but walked.  Cutter felt his maidens take him and pull him along to lay by the treeshaper where he gave himself to them without restraint.    

And as they lay basking in the glow of sharing, of descending slowly back to the sleep spot from the lofty heights they had reached, each sent their love and devotion across the lock-send to the other three.  They slept arm in arm entwined as one heart and one soul.  At mid-day, he woke, and the treeshaper looked up to see his huntress and healer had switched again, Nightfall now laying across Cutter’s chest listening to his strong heartbeat while next him curled up in the crook of his arm Leetah slept so soundly she breathed only as needed.  Redlance smiled and rolled to his side putting his arms around her, hugging her to him then gently rolling away onto his back taking her with him.  The healer barely stirred as he did, and then again nothing as he slid over next to his beloved chief taking Cutter’s hand in his as he finally came to a rest.  Only then did Leetah murmur a thank you, snuggling in to his chest to listen to his heart, and take Nightfall’s hand in hers.  The treeshaper smiled squeezing his chief’s hand, covering his healer with a fur, and then slipping back into a sound sleep.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

They sat still on their the wolves, just off the trail, looking up out of the small glen they had crossed down into on the night ride.  Cutter eyed the walls of the basin on both sides, then back to the direction where they were headed, a long slow rise that would take them out of this valley, only now the top of their exit was blacker than the night around it with long flashes of sky fire dancing across it in long flashing arcs, a sure sign of rain, a large cloudburst that meant danger for anyone caught out in the open by it.  Strongbow had come to a stop earlier sniffing the air and he easily detected the coming storm on the breeze. It was only after he sent back to his chief, telling him of what he detected, did he see just how big this storm was.

“This is going to be trouble lad,” Treestump whispered while looking at the monster that was coming for them, the dark clouds growing it seemed with each moment.  The sky fire leapt here and there and with each stroke the dark clouds flashed, like the eyes of this evil tempest had discovered them and was now focused on this small tribe of elves, meaning to wipe them clean from the Abode.

Cutter turned to see his huntress sitting rigid on her wolf-friend, her eyes large and round, locked on the ominous dark clouds that rolled toward them.  Behind her Leetah sat rubbing her Twen’s side trying to calm and soothe her.  They could see the fear in Nightfall’s eyes, could smell it coming off her in small tendrils, which prompted Clearbrook to send to Cutter.  Is she all right?

She’ll be fine…she hates sky fire. Cutter replied looking from his love to the dark clouds for a moment and then his son.  “Suntop, call our treeshaper up, tell him to run.”

Treestump looked from the clouds to his chief.  “What are you thinking lad?”

“If he can make a sleep spot in a tree then maybe he can ask one of the trees here to make one big enough we can hide under from the storm.”  Cutter answered seeing his son look to him and nod. The treeshaper was coming, as fast as he could.

Now it was just down to waiting the wolf chief thought, as he watched the storm creep closer and closer.  He would look back down the trail hoping to see red hair and braids running up and then forward to the storm hoping it had somehow slowed giving his tribe a few extra moments to get ready.  Neither though happened and it made the wolf chief growl low.  Cutter kept this up, the back and forth, till he finally saw his treeshaper running up.  He looked back to the storm and it was close now, so close that with each pop of sky fire a boom loud enough to echo accompanied it almost instantly.  Redlance stopped by his huntress immediately, touching her leg, and sending his love to her while calling her name, to which she responded with a snap of her head to look at him at the sound of his voice.

“Your safe, I promise…we’ll be fine.”

“Fine…we’ll be fine…I’ll be fine.”  She stammered breathing shallow and trembling.

“Yes, you’ll be safe because we’ll protect you…I promise you we’ll protect you my love.”  Leetah whispered into her Twen’s ear lovingly.

“Protect…protect…” Nightfall said over and over closing her eyes, holding the words against the fear in her heart like a shield.

“Treeshaper, we need you to work your magic.”  Cutter ordered bringing Redlance’s attention away from his huntress. He gave in reluctantly, but the treeshaper looked over to see his beloved chief who spoke.  “Can you make a sleep spot big enough for us all to crawl under till the storm goes over?”

“Like the tent on the plain, yes, give me a moment to find the right tree my chief.”  Redlance nodded before running off as Clearbrook watched him.

“I hope he finds the right one soon or we’re going to get very wet.”

The storm was no longer creeping, it was coming for them, full of force and fury, sweeping the ground with gale winds and driving rain.  They had survived rain and small storms before, ridden them out hunkered under leather pelts and small trees, but this beast was bigger and meaner than anything they had come across before Cutter thought.  It had to be the mountains that gave us this storm.  The cold air coming off those peaks hitting the hot air of the green growing season here in the forest must make these storms.  It grows them like Redlance grows plants with his magic.  Speaking of the treeshaper, where in Bearclaw’s beard is he the wolf chief thought with frustration, then the treeshaper’s voice called to them from off the trail.  “I have one, come quick!”

They all ran to Redlance’s voice, to find him standing by a tall large conifer waving them in.  The circular base of the boughs had been shaped like a door allowing the elves easy access to the inner part of the tree, while around the base a ditch had been dug to move any water away from them.  The tribe ducked in just as the first large drenching drops of rain began to fall and the wind picked up sending leaves and pine needles spinning into the air on small wind tunnels.  As they went in Cutter yelled out an order to them while he made the wolves find shelter under another tree, “Everyone huddle together, hug the body next to you and keep it warm!”      

Another stroke of sky fire lit up the night followed by a boom so loud it made the elves cringe and yelp, telling them the storm was at their very door now.  Redlance led Nightfall right to the back by the trunk of the tree.  The space he had created was v shaped being wider at the front then the back and the limbs going up formed a wall almost, meant to keep the water out, and were in the same ‘V’ shape.  

Dart saw the trench and looked up as he ran in with Newstar.  “You dug a trench to keep the water away from us? When did you do that?”

“The tree did, with its roots.  Hopefully we’ll be somewhat dry.”  Redlance stated, taking a seat by the trunk, leaving a spot to either side, which the left was taken quickly by Strongbow and Moonshade and then his right with Cutter and Leetah.  He sat Nightfall in his lap and quickly pulled out the bear fur he had carried in on his back unfurling it just as the temperature began to drop from the storms arrival.  He threw the bear fur across the three of them at the back as the others did the same with their furs, just as another stroke of sky fire lit the dark up followed by a massive boom that shook the very ground.  It was enough for Nightfall, who yelped and grabbed her treeshaper’s arm in a death grip while chanting.

“Stop…stop…please stop!” She whispered through clenched teeth.

“Here my huntress, cover your face, don’t look…don’t look.”  Redlance whispered back pulling the fur up and over her head letting the dark help soothe her.  The sound of so many drops of heavy rain hitting the shaped tree branches of the tee and its protective wall drowned out the frantic breathing of the elves, which in turn was soon was lost by the noise of the wind whipping into the tree, through it.

By his side, Leetah ducked under the fur as well as she sat in Cutter’s lap, seeking refuge from the sky fire and to help her Twen.  She put her forehead to Nightfall’s sending her love across their special lock-send.  She gave her huntress’s images of their dances and nights of lovemaking as she whispered lovingly to her, “we’re fine my precious one. Our treeshaper made a shelter for us and we’re safe now.”

“Safe…we’re safe…” Nightfall whispered letting one shaky hand go to take Leetah’s and squeeze it for reassurance.  The harsh white burst of sky fire lit up the landscape again, but this time the boom was crashing into them before it was dark again.  Newstar screamed and leaned into Dart hard as he held her while Suntop sat in between Clearbrook and Treestump with eyes closed, muttering soft prayers to Savah and the High Ones.  

“Yes, we’re safe now…you’re safe now my huntress.”  Cutter whispered reaching over and rubbing her hand in Leetah’s warmly.

Moonshade flinched back from the blast of noise and the light from the sky fire one last time before turning in Strongbow’s lap to face Nightfall’s back while pulling the bear fur up and over her head to hide.  The dark was welcomed as she started to rub her friend’s back lovingly with long strokes while adding her words to Leetah’s.  “You’re fine Nightfall…we won’t let anything happen to you…your family and mine…we’ll keep you safe.”

Yes…we’ll keep you safe…your safe.  Strongbow sent just as the storm outside seemingly exploded around this small tribe.  More sky fire lit the night a fire as thunderous booms assaulted them in their shelter.  Cutter thought the heart of the beast was over them now, right on top of this tree it seemed like.  The wind screamed through the shelter and around it dropping the temperature so fast the Wolfriders shook from cold now.  The rain slammed into the branches of the conifer relentlessly, some of it made it through the protective walls Redlance had shaped wetting the elves as they huddled waiting for the storm to either take them or pass.

“See my precious one, Moonshade and Strongbow are here too, keeping you safe….we’re all here, your family, all here to keep you safe.”  Leetah whispered reaching up stroking her love’s cheek lovingly.  

Under the bear fur Nightfall clung to her family with all her inner might as the fear in her heart tried to make her crumble and fall.  She took in their touch and love and used it to hold back the terror she had been a prisoner too for so long.  Yet it wasn’t enough, as the storm came for them with a vengeance it seemed, the rain and wind and sky fire lashing them mercilessly and as it did she felt her control slipping.  Then she heard the song her mother used to sing to her, only it was her treeshaper singing, and his voice reached past the panic to wrap her soul in gentle fingers.  Then she heard her chief join in as did the tanner and Clearbrook and even Leetah, who sang it so beautifully to her.  The words gave her strength, the melody easing her heart as she rose out from under the bear fur to see her treeshaper smiling warmly and lovingly to his huntress.  Nightfall looked behind her to see Moonshade and Strongbow smiling and singing to her.  She looked over to see her beloved Cutter singing as well, and then Leetah was out from under the fur looking into her eyes with love and singing.   They all joined in the song, the Wolfriders, adding their voices to it, and they all took strength from it to pacify their fears.  

The storm tried all it could to break these elves with its sky fire and its high winds and pounding rain, tried to send them away from their journey, but even with all its power the beast could not touch them in the shelter.  They sang and huddle together with each other giving the strength needed to brave all the storm could muster and in the end, they won these Wolfriders, this tribe of elves.  The storm blew through leaving the forest mashed and damaged, but as the rain slacked to nothing more than a drizzle the wolf chief emerged from the shelter and looked back to watch the storm roll on.  He smiled with triumph, large and happily, as he looked at the beast and snarled.  “You didn’t beat us and you never will!”

The rest of the tribe climbed out to stand around him with the same smile and look in their eyes.  They had not given in.  They had faced the worst this forest could do and they had survived.  Cutter leaned back and howled loud and mightily, sending his voice echoing through this valley, just as he did at the cave.  This was his forest now, the master of all he could see, and with his howl the others joined in adding their voices with their chief to roll along the trees and night sky.  Leetah stood next to her lifemate with her hand on his back, smiling proudly as he signaled his dominance over these woods, and right next to his was her precious Twen.  The healer looked over to see her huntress howling as loudly as anyone, adding her indomitable will and power to the howl.  They celebrated these Wolfriders, of defeating the beast and living life to its fullest.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

The tribe rode on after the storm passed.  After gathering their things, they left the valley behind, and all the fear that had been felt from the storm, as they crested the top of the rise.   Strongbow took the lead again with Dart while Redlance stayed in riding Nightfall’s bond wolf while she rode behind him, leaning on him to rest.  She smiled lazily at Leetah and Moonshade as both smiled back feeling relief their huntress was at ease again after the storm.  Then Strongbow signaled to them he had found a large pool of water in a clearing off the trail, and with the day star starting to climb into the sky it would make the perfect place to stop and rest.

Cutter held his opinion to himself until he saw the spot, and when he did he had to agree with the archer, it was the perfect place to stop and rest.  The clearing was small and secluded, but big enough to let them spread out, and with the large pool in its center it was more than perfect for them.  The pool came from a running stream, large and wide, that was fed from the mountains, and swollen now from the storm, before leaving out of the clearing to points unknown. Leetah sighed from behind him and whispered, “Let’s stay here for the day please, beloved.”

The wolf chief agreed with a smile, and a nod, before turning to his treeshaper and pointing to the large pool of water with a shake of his head.  “You think we can take fur chin and the archer?”

“Oh, my chief,” Redlance smiled slyly as he looked over to Strongbow and Treestump, “they don’t want to fight us.”

“We don’t eh?”  Treestump asked back with a shocked expression.

The treeshaper shook his head and smiled widely, “No, we’re too strong for you two.”

“Will what about me and Dart, if we join Strongbow and Treestump we can take you both!”  Suntop suddenly spoke up, laying down the challenge. He looked over to his friend Dart, who only smiled smugly while looking at his father and then Cutter.

“Well then, it’s a contest, the last pair standing in the pool wins.”  Cutter stated slapping his treeshaper on the shoulder.

“Get your leathers off.  I’m tired of hearing you two talk!”  Treestump growled with a big grin on his face while behind him the archer just smiled and mockingly sneered.

Dubbed Streaking ADD Cowboy of Awesome Sagas by KindredSoul and nibblet
The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1

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PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyThu Jun 18, 2015 11:31 pm

Nice chapter. I like how our foursome of a family is progressing. Also to see that they are getting closer to their goal. I loved the way the entire tribe came together to help Nightfall with her fear of lighting. Now to see what happens next.

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Ba_for10
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PostSubject: Redlance: Take us home Treeshaper - Chapter Twenty One   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyFri Jul 17, 2015 10:59 pm

Thank you for the great, inspiring, words G0lden!

Our chief performs a little acrobatic maneuver here is this piece, if anyone is curious to see it in real life here is a video

And now for the next chapter in our saga...

Chapter 21

The Alpha

The Leader of the Pack

The Chief of the Wolfriders

The words are all synonymous with the other, all describing one among them, this tribe of elves. He was the chief, the one everyone looked to for orders, duties, and strength in dire times. To forsake his tribe was not the chief’s ‘Way’, nor was it to be lenient when an admonishment had to be dealt out for disobeying a law. The Leader cared for his pack, ensured their survival by protecting the weak and pushing the strong, for it was never accepted to let your pack rest on their rumps. And that is where the Alpha came to take control, to be the one no one could beat or defeat, that was the chief’s ‘Way’. To lead by example, to have no equal, and to be the last one standing in any challenge, that was the Alpha.

This was Cutter Kinseeker.

He was all three, and as one as he waded out in the knee-deep water of the brook, just in front of the deep pool. Cutter stood there naked with a look of pure fierceness as he watched his uncle, and larger Wolfrider, walk in followed by the others. This was the Leader, pushing his warriors and hunters to be better, by seeing if they could best him in battle, but it was also the Alpha, the one who would show all he still had no equal. Cutter looked to his treeshaper with a smile that walked the line of being a snarl and gave a wink, two against four, perfect odds. Redlance just grinned back and then looked to Strongbow, and then to Dart, both who were eyeing him with anticipation. They looked at him as the weak one, the one to take down first leaving just Cutter to fight. The wolf chief just chuckled, those two had no idea how strong his treeshaper was, had become. Cutter knew though, which is why he quickly took him when he threw down the challenge to old fur chin.

“All right lads, last one standing gets to howl…” Treestump growled with the grin of a pure wolf, a wildness only his Wolfriders would understand.

Cutter just nodded once, and then everyone charged into the fracas…

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

“Oh puckernuts, I brought the wrong one.” Moonshade hissed as she tried to wrap the small pelt around her so she could get undressed. The old fear of being out of her leathers around others still there in her mind. She looked around knowing full well she’d have to go back to her wolf friend to get the other pelt, the larger one, but hoping against hope that maybe there was one she could borrow.

Then the smell of jasmine touched her nose, along with mint, and she smiled as her heart beat raced a little faster in her chest. The tanner looked over to see Leetah and Nightfall approaching, the healer carrying a large pelt over her arm and smiling fondly. “This might be better my dear tanner?”

“Thank you my healer,” the tanner said taking the pelt and wrapping it around her. She even let the healer and huntress hold it up as she wiggled out of her leathers before covering up again with a question. “You’re not playing with the others huntress?”

Nightfall shook her head sliding out of her leathers chuckling, “No my shy one, I know too well what it’s like to wrestle our treeshaper and chief, now it’s time for everyone else to learn.”

Moonshade giggled as she waited for her friends to disrobe, and felt a little astonishment as they did. Neither felt the conscious tug about being out of their leathers around others, an inner fear of being stared at like she did when she undressed, an angst which had followed her all the way from when she was a cub. The tanner sighed though, also feeling a small touch of admiration for her friends, her healer and huntress. When both were done, and ready to go, they each took one of Moonshade’s hands and walked down to the edge of the pool where Clearbrook was already sitting in between Newstar’s legs, getting ready to wash off the dirt of these last days of travel. The matriarch smiled broadly as the trio sat down next to her, Leetah by her side with Nightfall next to her and Moonshade in between the huntress’s legs, like she was with Newstar. The tanner felt an instant guarded feeling take hold, as if all the eyes around the pool no longer mattered, as if she was sheltered from their scrutiny and judgment. The protective feeling swept over her, wrapped around her soul, so much so she pulled the pelt away and tossed it aside. She felt the warmth of before, the one in her stomach, bloom as she felt Nightfall take her hair and move it over one shoulder to rub her back while Leetah reached over and took her hand, squeezing it while whispering.

“Do you feel safe our shy one?”

The tanner nodded once and squeezed the hand back, “yes, very much so.”

“Good, I hate it when you feel all out of sorts and afraid.” Nightfall commented as she poured some water from her hands down the tanner’s back. “Your too beautiful to hide behind pelts, not when our family will keep you safe and protected.”

“Thank you,” Moonshade whispered, the bloom in her stomach flying into her heart sending it beating even faster, even as she was reaching down and rubbing the leg of her huntress. The sincerity of the tanner, the obvious effect the words had on her, brought a warm smile from the healer as Leetah leaned over into her while Clearbrook watched the warriors walk out into the pool.

She sighed as Newstar unwound the long braid of silver hair, looking at her lifemate with concern as he readied to fight her chief. “Oh, I hope they don’t hurt the old wolf. I was hoping for a roll in the furs, and not a day of soothing wounds from battle.”

The lifebearers laughed, but then the fight started, and then it was just Ooo’s and Ohhh’s then…

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

There had been a plan to take the pair down, to knock Redlance and Cutter from their proverbial tall hill they talked down from, but someone forgot to tell Dart a little piece of information. He had assumed he and his father could take the treeshaper in one great rush, just bowl him over, and then turn their attention to Cutter. So, when the young archer gave a yell and ran at Redlance, he was sure his father Strongbow was going to follow. What he didn’t know was the treeshaper had sized them both up the moment they locked eyes. He knew the pair decided he was the weaker of his pairing with Cutter, and as such, the fastest one to take down, only he had no intention of letting them both come for him at the same time. As the cub broke for him in a run, Redlance kicked hard with his leg sending a wave of water right at Strongbow, right at his face, and just as he had planned the archer froze leaving Dart all by himself in the rush to attack. And the young elf, he never noticed the fact he was all alone. He just leapt at Redlance intending to tackle him back into the deep pool with his father, only the target of his charge ducked at the last moment and Dart’s arms found nothing but air.

Oh, how nice it was to turn the tables the treeshaper thought, as he felt Dart’s body land on his back. Oh, how he wished he could see the young elf’s face from his bent over position as he shot his arm through Dart’s legs, and with a fast move, shooting straight up, right back to standing, the treeshaper flipped the young archer into the deep end. Dart was suddenly flying, lost in the spinning sights that flew by as his world flipped, and before he could scream he hit back first into the cold water of the deep end sending up a huge splash, and even louder words from the lifebearers on the bank as they watched in shock.

The water hit his face, drawing a quick stop from Strongbow and twist from the archer, and when he spun back he had no time to react to the arms that wrapped around him suddenly, or the body that slammed into his side and back driving him backwards down the brook for a moment until he straightened his legs. He turned his head just in time to see the treeshaper had him, one arm pinned against his body, as Redlance hugged him hard lifting him free of the rocky bottom of the brook.

“You are mine archer, all mine!” Redlance growled low, spinning quickly heading for the deep pool of water.

Strongbow felt his feet hit the bed of the brook one last moment and he tried to stop from being pushed into the deep end, but the treeshaper was too strong and in too good a position to be stopped. With one arm pinned, and the low center that Redlance held him, it was no use to stop where he was about to end up. The archer felt the treeshaper left him up high, up onto his shoulders, and Strongbow wondered just how strong Redlance was as he got tossed into the water with a grunt. Dart surfaced just in time to see his father landing beside him before turning to see the treeshaper smiling victorious and a little wicked, that was still he spotted Suntop and took off the magic-user. Across the deep end, the cub heard Cutter call out to Treestump and tease his uncle, with a very wide grin probably.

“All right fur chin, the archers failed…now it’s your turn.”

The elder just growled, shook his head probably grinning as well, from pointed ear to pointed ear.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

“OH! DART!!” Newstar screamed as Clearbrook gasped from her lap.

“Oh my, he went…so very high…” Leetah whispered watching in shock with a little grin. She couldn’t help but feel

Moonshade felt a huge bolt of fear for what happened to her cub, but when the treeshaper grabbed her lifemate, the tanner began to scream while trying not to laugh. “Oh! Don’t break him! Don’t Break Him Please!” She yelled as Nightfall hugged her hard from behind while gasping and cackling.

The lifebearers watched each and every throw, grapple, and toss with a cringe and a laugh as they couldn’t tear their eyes away from the scene. They watched their lifemates, lovemates, and cubs fight for a hierarchy among the tribe and the pack, an order among the warriors and hunters. The lifebearers gathered round the bank had no need of such a caste system as they looked at each other as equals to themselves and to the warriors. They would follow their chief, do their duties for the tribe, and love their mates unconditionally each every day. They provided the balance between aggressions and peace these beautiful maidens using soft council and words of wisdom, and at times, the love they knew the warriors felt for them. When revenge wanted to be exacted, or a slight threatened to turn into more than words, they used whatever was needed to ensure the peace. Nightfall, Leetah, Moonshade and Clearbrook all had called upon such tactics more than once to ensure the tribe, and their loves, were safe and the shadow of death averted.

“Oh no, no, no…Be Careful With My Lifemate!” Clearbrook yelled out before laughing as she watched in a mix of fear and humor at the warriors in the pool. It could have been the sight of seeing Suntop run for his young life from the treeshaper, screaming either in terror or glee, that made her cackle, or it could have been when Cutter flipped her old wolf right into the deep end. Either way, she was joined by the other lifebearers laughing so hard they began to cry.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

Treestump was thick, from foot to shoulder he was built to do one thing in a fight, and that was simply to overbear and crush you. At one point, in his long life, he was the strongest of the Wolfriders, fearless and indomitable, and his axe was used to both cut and bludgeon any enemy that came looking for a kill at his expense. There were no equals to him, but the elder had long since given up the title to being the stout one, but that didn’t mean he was any less dangerous, and at the moment Cutter was being very careful. At the moment, as the wolf chief stood across from Treestump staring into the eyes of his elder, he kept his body tensed and ready for anything. The old wolf knew tricks and that worried Cutter more than anything else.

The worry wasn’t needed though as the pending confrontation was abruptly halted due to the appearance of a young magic user screaming and running to hide behind the old wolf. Unfortunately, as before, this was not part of the plan to bring Cutter and Redlance to heel…not at all.

“Help Me Treestump! Help ME!!!” Suntop yelled, and laughed, as he sought refuge from his pursuer, one very quick treeshaper, behind Treestump.

“Help you? You’re supposed to be helping me!” The old wolf screamed back, turning and twisting, trying to get the cub out from behind him. Treestump then just shot away from Suntop with a quick step leaving the young elf alone and at the mercy of Redlance. The old wolf watched with a chuckle as the treeshaper snatched the magic user up and with tickles to the cub’s side carried him off to be dunked with the others. He turned his attention back to his chief then, and just in time too, as Cutter had waited long enough to get this fight on.

The wolf chief rushed across the space separating the pair, dropping his shoulder, ready to dive in and grab his elder, only he was just slowed enough by the water to give the old wolf a chance to counter. Treestump proved his namesake true by delivering a bone jarring hit with his shoulder, right into his young chief’s shoulder, leaning into it for an added effect. The blow stopped Cutter cold, and he was pretty sure knocked a couple of teeth loose in the back of his head, just like crashing into an old stump in the forest. The two grunted and pushed, strained and growled, trying to push the other off balance, only it was the rocky bottom of the brook that gave first. Cutter felt his feet starting to slide and knew this wasn’t a good thing, so he jumped back letting Treestump stumble for a brief moment with nothing bracing him, but it wasn’t long enough of a fall to try and attack again. The old wolf stood back up quickly and smiled, “come lad, call your treeshaper over to help. You can’t fight me alone.”

Behind them the deep end had erupted into a pitched second fight, Redlance against the three already beaten. The wolf chief could hear them, the three, trying to take his treeshaper down and from the sounds of it they were having no luck at doing so. Cutter smiled then, and growled, all at once answering his uncle’s words. “I think Strongbow needs you more right now fur chin, let me help you get over there to him.”

Then Cutter feigned like he was going back in to grab Treestump, making the same move, in hopes of drawing the same reaction from the old wolf, and it worked. Just as the old wolf stepped forward ready to block the challenge Cutter simply grabbed the top of Treestump’s head and jumped over the top of his elder. In mid leap, the wolf chief turned his body, just slightly hugging his elder’s back, and with a twist at his waist landed on his feet with his arms going around the old wolf’s waist. Before Treestump could stop it, or even realized it had happened, his nephew was behind him and had the advantage. The old wolf reached down grabbing the wrist of his chief, trying to break the hold, even as he was being lifted up in a rush of strength, to be tossed like a pouch full of furs, Treestump tried to break the hold. After a moment of delirious spinning the water of the deep end splashed signaling the old wolf had been beaten.

As Treestump surfaced, and looked over to see a gasping Strongbow and sullen Dart, he knew the battle was done. He spit out what water he hadn’t’ swallowed when he went under, and looked up to see his chief laughing and smiling. So much so Cutter never saw the treeshaper come for him, grab him from behind, and with a jump send both into the deep water with a splash. The old wolf let out a guffaw as he watched his chief and treeshaper surface form under the water and begin to fight all over again, between themselves. Dart, from behind, looked over and laughed, “So who won?”

“It don’t matter lad…its EVERY ELF FOR HIMSELF NOW!”

And any type of unity stopped, it just became a quick war of grappling war between the merry fighters.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

As the challenge in the pool diverged into a mass jumble of the warriors pushing and laughing, the lifebearers breathed a sigh of relief and went to just enjoying themselves and relaxing on the bank. They washed and talked, sharing friendship and more than a guess as to where the treeshaper was taking them. Newstar hoped the new forest would be filled with flowers and animals of all kinds. The weaver had had her fill of plains and badgers. Clearbrook hoped for the same, but really, all she wanted was a home that accepted them. The last forest, the one that burnt, it never felt like it was home to the Wolfriders. It had hated them she was sure, like a wolf that hates the small biting bugs that burrowed under its skin. Moonshade agreed as she moved behind Nightfall to start cleaning her back while the huntress pulled her healer over and started helping her clean. Clearbrook looked over and smiled even more, her friend the tanner seemed to be making a deep bond, a very strong bond filled with devotion, and that made the matriarch very happy.

Soon, the energy it took to fight each other off was gone, used up, and the warriors exited the pool dragging feet and gasping for breath. They shuffled up to the lifebearers more than ready to end the day and rest. Clearbrook looked to her old wolf and smiled with all her love and pride as she giggled, “Are you ready to take me to the furs my lifemate?”

“As soon as the treeshaper gets our spot ready I’m ready lifemate.” Treestump winked before shaking his head sending drops of water in every direction making the lifebearers chuckle and yelp.

“Well, I better get to making the sleep spots then,” Redlance joked before slipping on his leggings. He leaned over and nuzzled his healer and huntress before turning to hug Cutter and then leaving back to the forest.

As he left, Dart sat down by his lovemate, the weaver, and sighed. “How’d he get so strong?”

I don’t know, but I won’t be fighting him again without more help. Strongbow sent standing next to his lifemate, who looked very happy and content he noticed, which made him happy as he grinned.

“Who do you think would win between Redlance and father?” Suntop asked, standing by his mother, dripping water from his gold locks.

The tribe fell silent as each remembered how the treeshaper had told the elders not to challenge Cutter for his top lock. Each remembered the look in Redlance’s eyes, the steadfast devotion that was like the large rock in the clearing they had come across. Nightfall smiled and whispered lovingly as she hugged her healer. “There would be no winner because neither would fight like that. There is too much love in their hearts for each other and it would put any anger out. Does that sound right, my healer?”

“Oh yes, how could those two even begin to fight?” Leetah giggled hugging her Twen’s arms with all her love.

“If someone ate all the night berries and didn’t share they just might fight.” Newstar laughed leaning over into Dart.

Cutter turned and laughed loudly as the weaver had hit on the one thing that might be serious enough to cause a rift between them, but then he thought, truly there wasn’t any slight that would cause him to hurt his treeshaper…no more than he had already done. He felt a small hand take his and he looked down into the green eyes of his lifemate who smiled at him lovingly as did his huntress.

“Let’s go and rest my tribe, I’m not even putting my leathers back on. I’m too tired to even do that small task.” Cutter chuckled as he helped his soul and his heart up.

Leetah and Nightfall followed their love’s example and stayed free of leathers as they helped Moonshade cover up and then to a standing position while the wolf chief helped the tanner’s lifemate up to his feet. When the archer gained his legs, Cutter put an arm around Strongbow’s shoulders while smiling, “you good my archer? Our treeshaper didn’t hurt you, eh?”

The archer only smiled with Cutter and put an arm around his hips. No my chief, I’m fine. I’ll be hunting for you this night.

“I’d never doubt that archer. I never doubt you at all.” Cutter laughed as the archer suddenly blushed a little before yawning.

“Are you going to make it to your sleep spot Strongbow?” Clearbrook giggled standing up and leaning on her lifemate.

I may just sleep right here by the pool, the archer chuckled as his lifemate put an arm around him from his other side, her hand resting on her chief’s side.

“I want to sleep in the trees my soulmate so stay awake long enough to climb.” Moonshade giggled as she began to follow them toward the forest.

As a group, as a tribe, they began to move as one toward the forest to find their sleep spots that Redlance had shaped. They shuffled along slowly, the toll of riding through the night, the fear of the storm, and the playful fighting at the pool finally draining them of their energy. The tribe found the treeshaper waiting for them, just finishing up his work, and as he began to point out the trees for each mated pair Moonshade felt her hand tugged. She looked over to see her healer smiling as the archer yawned again, harder.

“Sleep with us today. He won’t make it much farther.” She giggled and the tanner laughed with her as Strongbow shook his head to clear it.

“I would like that…so very much.” Moonshade smiled with joy as her archer did as well, nodding his approval lazily, wearily.

Nightfall and Cutter chuckled at the sight of the tired Strongbow, then climbed up the tree where their treeshaper had made their sleep spot keeping an eye out for the tired archer. When they made the top, they helped the tanner and her lifemate gain the flat then the healer. It was almost too full to move but Leetah loved that the most, so many warm bodies touching and caressing that one would never feel alone. She helped her huntress and tanner lay out the sleep furs and then placed the large bear fur rolled up across it all so they could lay their heads down with comfort. Everything was barely in place before Strongbow was in his fur, on his side, snoring lightly with a smile.

“Oh, we just lost our archer,” Cutter whispered as he helped stow the pouches and leathers off to the side on some small branches.

“He was so tired,” the tanner smiled taking the pelt she used to cover herself off and laying it over to the side, “I have never seen him play like that.”

Leetah laid down in her fur, as her soul slid in behind her, snuggling up close to hold her as he propped his head up on his hand. The healer sighed and spoke lovingly. “I’m happy he did too, it was nice to see him not be so closed.”

“I think he might just be looking out of his hard shell, like our beautiful tanner here.” Nightfall giggled leaning over and nuzzling Moonshade’s cheek. The normally shy lifebearer only blushed a little from words and affect before whispering as she nuzzled Nightfall back.

“Maybe…with all of your help we just might be.”

The healer smiled even more and sighed contentedly as she pulled her lifemate’s arm around her to hold her as she slept. She looked around then and asked quietly, “where’s our treeshaper?”

“I don’t know, he needs to climb up here quickly though. I can’t fall asleep without him and he knows it.” Nightfall sighed with a loving smile.

“Yes,” Leetah giggled feeling her heart swell, “if I don’t hear his breathing I can’t fall asleep.”

“The wheeze puts me to sleep every day.” Cutter added with a smile, sniffing his love’s hair before removing the binding that kept it up. Leetah cooed and giggled as he went back to rubbing her stomach in long strokes.

Nightfall and Moonshade just smiled warmly as the sounds of someone crawling up caught their ears and all, who were awake, looked over to see the red hair of the treeshaper pop over the edge of the flat. Two pouches swung from his mouth as he climbed onto the flat and noticed Strongbow had fallen asleep already, which made him chuckle as he dropped the sacks from his teeth into his hand. “Well, I guess I was a little slow in getting him night berries.”

“He’ll eat them with a smile when he wakes up treeshaper, thank you for thinking of him.” Moonshade whispered sitting on her hip and smiling.

“I always think of the ones I love my tanner, always.” The treeshaper nodded with his loving smile back to her, passing the other pouch of berries over to his chief and healer.

Cutter dropped one into Leetah’s mouth and then one into his as Redlance did the same for his huntress. He pulled one from the pouch he kept and handed it over to Moonshade, meaning for her to take it from him, but instead she just leaned over and took it in her mouth with a small laugh eating the berry with a pop as she bit into it. They all laughed with her, and Redlance noticed she had shed the pelt she covered with, feeling safe enough now to not hide behind a fur. She was incredibly beautiful he thought, a perfect match to his huntress and healer. The trio was like the flowers of the Holt he would die to protect he thought as this time Nightfall let her tanner take a pome from her fingers. And as the tanner ate the berry with her wide lovely smile, she felt the warmth from before spread through her body, and the old fear of being out of her leathers never came back. She never felt it as Cutter and Redlance sat there laughing with her, even though she knew they could see every part of her. It was an ease she had so longed for and found now in the most unlikely of places. Then Nightfall yawned touching off one from her healer and then Cutter.

“Oh, I need to sleep my family, please beloved, lie down so I can find pleasant dreams listening to your heart beat.” The huntress asked as her eyes could barely stay open.

Redlance nodded and slid out of his leggings before lying down by his healer, letting Leetah pull him into her so she could be as close as his skin to him, her head finally resting on his shoulder with a long sigh. Then, before Nightfall took her usual spot, Redlance reached out with his arm, sliding the palm of his hand under the neck of Strongbow. It was the same way he let Cutter hold him, and Moonshade felt her soul glow as she saw her lifemate snuggle into the loving caress. The archer sighed, contented, and she felt beyond joyful for it. Nightfall laid on the chest of her treeshaper then, but waited until the tanner had slid into the crook of Redlance’s arm to find a spot against him as well, her head on his chest. They were almost set to rest, till the tanner sat up abruptly and kissed the ear of the treeshaper, a small token of fondness brought on by happy emotions. The huntress sighed with her own happy contentedness, reached over and with a small pull, made Strongbow slide closer into his lifemate, pushing her even closer into the treeshaper. When he was finally set, Nightfall put her ear to her love’s chest listening to her soul’s heartbeat, finally falling into a deep slumber with a smile. Moonshade held out just a moment longer, wrapping her leg over the treeshaper’s and touching her huntress. The warmth from Redlance seemed to flow through her skin and set right into her heart and soul. The tanner sighed, reaching up and rubbing Nightfall’s back, and then finding Leetah’s hand. Fingers entwined, brown and white, with love as two souls connected.

Sometime later, with the day star still high in the sky, Moonshade stirred to wake. She looked up from the treeshaper’s outstretched arm to see her huntress and healer change places between their lifemates. Nightfall moved over, after giving a kiss to Leetah, to lay curled up against Cutter, her face buried in his neck. Then Leetah took the place on Redlance’s chest, her ear placed over his heart to hear it beat. Before going back to sleep she looked over, noticed her tanner was awake, and reached over taking her hand. With a gentle guiding touch, the healer placed Moonshade’s hand in the face fur of Redlance, letting her fingers run through hair and touch the soft skin. The tanner felt her heart skip as she ran her fingers along the treeshaper’s face, just as a sweet send touched her mind.

Are you happy my tanner?

There are no words to say for how I feel now, just that I want it to last forever.

Leetah smiled with joy, reached over to rub her tanner’s side lovingly, and then let sleep take her away once more. Moonshade’s hands rested on Redlance’s face and neck, her fingers alongside Cutter’s, as she fell back into a sweet slumber as well, feeling so safe and protected. They slept, these three mated pairs, rested and found dreams of running in a new but familiar forest. Some hunted new trails, but at the same instance old trails, while others sat and hummed a song they had long forgotten. No nightmares plagued these six. No dread followed them into sleep and their dreams. It was six hearts basking in what none knew the name of, but each simply living in the ‘Now’ of the moment.

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1

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Wonderful chapter Shamam!!!!

At least we now know the boys know how to play and the girls enjoy watching.

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Thank you G0lden for the kind words.  I'm glad you liked the chapter and I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride...

And now for the next chapter in our saga...

Chapter 22

The day star rolled slowly through the sky, crossing its mid-point, and then the ball began to fall back to the horizon, just as slow, all the way to that unreachable boundary, as night pushed back day. The forest and the clearing basked in the warmth and the glow given off by its fiery ascension, and then almost sighed with sadness at its decline, the wind slightly picking up, shaking the tress and stirring the leaves in its path. The animals that hid in the day began to creep out as the harsh light started to fade, the night signaling for the creatures to waken and live, and high in the trees among the branches in shaped sleep spots, the Wolfriders began to rise as well. As the breeze blew across him, the eldest of the tribe hugged his beloved lifemate into him feeling the stirrings of a sweet sharing coming, a need to touch his Clearbrook rousing his loins, and with a slow push he sent his hand low across her abdomen. As his fingers just started to trace her heat, and she purred with pleasure, Treestump began to bite into her neck with a gentle firmness while the wind graced them again, this time though, the elder felt something shift in his yellow hair and touch his cheek.

Treestump blew at it trying to drive the biting bug away, choosing not to use his hands which were at the moment touching his lifemate’s most divine flesh, then it happened again, the small touch of something against his cheek. Frakking bug he thought, shaking his head to drive it away this time, only the sound that came from the shake wasn’t the sound of his hair being tussled, it was more like leaves being shaken? The elder sat up taking his hand away from his lifemate’s heat, which instantly made Clearbrook sigh sadly.

“Oh, don’t stop my l-OH HIGH ONES!!” She gasped before laughing so hard she guffawed.

The lifebearer saw what Treestump was just realizing as his hand swept into his hair and brushed through bunches of beautiful flowers, all grown to a large bloom, and all entwined in his scalp. He had watched as one fell to the furs, a nice full one with long red petals, and his eyes went as big as they could. Clearbrook couldn’t say a word. She was too busy looking at the sight of her lifemate looking so pretty, and so colorful, with a head full of exquisite flowers. Treestump on the other hand, well, he had no problem speaking and he let everyone nearby know just what he felt.


At the yell, Cutter sat up like a bolt trying to force his eyes open. Someone was screaming about his treeshaper? Had something happened to Redlance? Was he in trouble? Cutter felt his heat begin to race with concern and fear. He looked over and saw Nightfall sit up from all the screaming, her half open eyes searching for her treeshaper, and then the wolf chief noticed all the flowers in his huntress’s long flowing brown hair, and he let out a giggle. She looked at him with fear obviously, about to ask where her love was, and then she spat out a small laugh back and Cutter felt something shift in his hair. He reached up and felt the first of many large yellow flowers and started to laugh just as Leetah sat up followed by Moonshade and Strongbow, shortly followed by an upset Treestump, who came running up to their sleep spot still screaming.

“Is he up there? Are you up there treeshaper?” He bellowed pointing a finger menacingly up at the sleep spot. His hair swished and swayed as all the flowers were still in his flowing mane.

“What is it? Where is our treesh-?” Leetah started to ask in a panic when she saw her huntress laughing, and then her large green eyes saw her tanner and archer and she could not hold back her own mirth. She rolled over cackling and saw her lifemate with beautiful blooms all through his white hair and laughed even more, and harder. Then Nightfall pointed to her cackling as well and the healer reached up to find more than a few blooms running through her auburn locks. Ah, my precious treeshaper, my heart, oh how I love you Leetah thought as she started to cry from laughing so much.

The terror racing through her heart came to a sudden stop when Moonshade saw Cutter and the flowers in his head, and then all the ones in Leetah’s and in Nightfall’s. She started to laugh with them until she saw her lifemate sit up, and all the blue ones just growing in his long hair, all the petals seeming to wave at her as he moved. The tanner put her hand to her mouth as she started to laugh harder just as Strongbow reached up with a hand to touch the flowers while grinning from pointed ear to pointed ear. He smiled even more as he saw all the purple ones in his sweet soulmate’s black hair before falling back laughing.

“Where is he? TREEES-“Treestump screamed just as Redlance appeared on the trail.

“Oh, you look so pretty my elder, like a beautiful day star rise!” The treeshaper stated while plopping a berry in his mouth with a wicked smile.

Treestump huffed and pointed a finger at Redlance while smiling quite madly as well, “pretty, oh I’m going to make you look real pretty when I catch you!” Then the elder screamed before taking off the for the treeshaper, running full out, but Redlance was already dancing away while laughing.

“Wait, wait…I have berries…I’ll trade!”

“I’m going to take those berries and SHOVE EVERY ONE-“

Up on the sleep spot there was not a dry eye, or even breath, among the family perched there as all laughed and cried at the scene below, a naked Treestump chasing after a half dressed treeshaper. Leetah got enough air in to scream out one order to her Redlance, “Run my love, just run!”

Then Nightfall and Cutter both laid on her, with Moonshade and Strongbow on them. They laughed and watched their treeshaper ran for his life below, circling trees and bushes, just out of reach. The elder never caught Redlance and it was not for a lack of trying, his lovely Clearbrook calling him back to his furs to roll in them the only thing saving Redlance. As the elder gasped for breath, he felt the treeshaper lean in and laugh with him before hugging him, and Treestump confessed the whole chase was just for show, that was till the elder gave his treeshaper a quick head butt that almost sent Redlance down to the ground.

Every joke has a punch line, right?

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

The next nights flowed into each other, one by one, as the tribe continued moving slowly, but purposefully, toward their new home, their new Father Tree. The family stayed each day together in their sleep spot cuddling and growing stronger together, and each day they did not tree with the tanner or the archer. The need Moonshade felt was filled for now, as was Strongbow’s, but there was always the want for the four souls, always the pull to be near them and held by them. She rode now at the back with the family, her chief and healer and huntress, talking and sharing, growing a friendship she never thought would happen. The tanner was respectful of Nightfall and of Leetah, and she had grown close to Cutter as he grew older, but this, what she was feeling now, it was totally unexpected and so very welcomed. With every giggle she let out because of her chief’s humor, to every touch her huntress applied with gentle warmth, and to every smile from her healer that made her heart glow, the tanner was being pulled into this group, this family of four bonded souls. But the one she really wanted to see, need to see and hear, was the treeshaper. When he would come in from following in the morning she would wait nearby, it was easy as Nightfall and Leetah always knew when he was just about to show, and truth be told, she was developing that sense now as well. Moonshade would smile and only blush as he nuzzled her cheek after greeting his maidens, then her heart would grow and swell as she saw him hug her lifemate with love before taking Cutter in an embrace. Yes, there was something pulling her in, but she knew better than to just jump at it. No, she was too guarded with her heart, like Leetah, and she needed to be more than sure this was not just a facade of falseness like it was with Aroree.

Up in the front, at the lead every night, the archer scanned for threats on the trail. He eyed the ground they crossed closely for any track or sign of game, and if there was one he didn’t recognize, then he was sure his treeshaper would know. Strongbow had been abruptly surprised by Redlance’s strength in the water when they fought, but what the treeshaper knew of tracking and the woods had crept up on him even more. From tracking the deer to that cave when no one else could to finding anything edible to keep the tribe from starving, it had all been the treeshaper. The quiet, unassuming Redlance, the only time he could remember seeing the elf assert himself was when he brought Cutter back and the time at Blue Mountain, when he stood up for Cutter so fast he was a blur. And that memory had brought on the question Strongbow had asked himself before, so many times before. Would someone stand up for him like that? Clearbrook and Treestump yes, his lifemate of course, but would anyone else? Had he cut himself off from everyone else, even his own cub? He would have said no, even about his own cub, not after the start to this journey to a new Father Tree. He and Dart had fought over what was to happen to the tribe, after the fire drove them out from the other forest. He had spat in a send how this journey was going to kill them all, and anyone who sided with Redlance about this new home was just as big a fool. Oh, how he regretted those words now, like an over-ripe sweetberry the taste was sour in his mouth. Dart, his precious cub, looked at him with a cold stare that broke his heart, and now after all Redlance had done it was painful to look back. Yet, each time the treeshaper came in he just hugged him hard and sent him love which made the archer smile and feel just a little wanted. There was love from all of them for him, this family, that was never forced and never asked for, just freely given, and it now pulled the archer to look back for the family he knew was there and even farther back for the treeshaper he wanted to hug.

Every night seemed to be a revelation to Leetah, talking and laughing with Moonshade and her loves. Yes, she and the tanner had about the worst possible start to a friendship with the opinions of two strong lifebearers clashing, like the night she had stated coldly Leetah’s place was at Cutter’s side on the quest for the Palace and not in Sorrow’s End. The tanner’s words might have been hard and blunt, but they were also the truth, and in the end, had been prophetic because she ended up leaving the Sun Village to be at her lifemate’s side. From that point on Leetah had regarded what Moonshade said with a certain respect and listened to every word closely. And as they rode on, the healer could see her tanner opening up like a beautiful forest flower, leaning in with every touch Nightfall gave her and laughing with her lifemate, but it was her blush when they looked at each other that made Leetah smile. That and every moment or so Moonshade would look behind for their treeshaper, just as they all did as they rode on.

They were getting closer, every night they travelled the tribe drew a little closer, and every day Redlance found it harder to sleep. Every tree he ‘talked’ with told him of Father Tree. Every dream was of the grand old oak and its call to him across this world. And the guilt of not telling his beloved tribe, his precious family, ate at him like the worms that devoured dead flesh. He knew they would know where they were soon, easily so when they stepped into the forest that was once their home, back from the fire after such a long time. He hoped they wouldn’t hate him and push him away for the deception, for not having the trust to tell the truth, because he knew they wouldn’t understand how he knew of Father Tree’s return. As he walked those nights, behind his tribe covering their journey, Redlance locked away the guilt. He would deal with whatever came he decided, be it anger or silence or both, and then came the night with a surprise, as one young elf wanted to walk with him.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

“Are you sure kittling? That is a long walk if you remember.”

Leetah’s question wasn’t a ‘no’ to Suntop’s request to spend the night with Redlance, but a simple inquiry of assurance. Her precious son wanted to walk with Redlance, and after walking across the plain, she knew firsthand how long a night was. Her legs had been worn each morning as she collapsed into her furs, once she almost fell asleep before her head was down on her treeshaper’s shoulder. She just wanted her son to understand what this night would bring, all the walking and such. To her loving heart, he never faltered, and that made the healer smile.

“Yes mother, I know it’ll be long but I can do it. I want to talk with Redlance.” Suntop smiled and that made Leetah even happier, to know her son wanted to spend time with her treeshaper made Leetah beyond joyful. She only nodded to her lifemate as Cutter smiled and looked to his son with a grin.

“You can spend the night walking with our treeshaper, but you do everything he says, any order. He’s the chief between you two when I’m not there, and if he says run then you run, understand?”

“Yes father, I understand!” Suntop smiled as leaned in and hugged his father. Cutter hugged his precious son back, feeling the love for his cub flow through their touch. He finally let go, went to take care of the tribe’s needs, and when the family broke that night the treeshaper stood next his chief’s son and watched them slowly fade into the night.

There was a moment of silence as the pair stood there in the dark before Suntop whispered low, “Is this how it feels every night…so…lonely?”

“For others,” Redlance sighed, smiling as he put a hand on the magic user’s shoulder, “but before my little fox came into my life this was how I lived Suntop. Being alone was never feared, just accepted, but that’s all changed now.”

The magic user watched Redlance turn and go back to start cleaning up any sign of their passing, and Suntop even helped cleaning the trail and ground of tracks. As he was sweeping he asked a question of the treeshaper, “Do you love my mother and father?”

“Yes, I love them both very much Suntop.” Redlance answered telling a tree to release its sleep spot and grow strong before going on to the next one.

“And you love Moonshade and Strongbow as well?”

“Yes, I love them both very much, as well, as much as your father and mother.” Redlance answered after a moment, not sure why the cub was asking such questions.

The treeshaper finished and turned to the young magic user, grinning as the elf finished up the sweeping. “That looks good Suntop, let’s sweep our steps as we leave and we can start walking.”

The pair started walking, following behind the tribe, staying off the trail to leave no trace of their passing, the only marks behind being the wolves. As they started out Redlance reached into his pouch and pulled out one of his leather sacks, reached in then pulling out a sweet berry. He dropped the pome in his mouth then offered one to Suntop, who reached in and took two with a large smile. The treeshaper laughed and the two walked along eating, keeping an eye and an ear open for anything that might be trouble. Soon though, the treeshaper asked a question about why his young friend would want to know about his feelings for his family.

“Why did you ask if I loved you father and mother, and then the tanner and archer?”

The magic user turned to him and smiled, “I’m not sure…I know all four love you with all their hearts, and I know Nightfall loves all four with all of hers.”

“She does my huntress, a love deep enough for one to be lost in and never care to be found.” Redlance smiled and nodded before putting a berry in his mouth. He swallowed the pome then looked to the cub again. “And how do you know all of this Suntop, how the tanner and archer feel?” The treeshaper asked with a chuckle. It looked as if the magic user had a very keen eye.

“They don’t try to hide it, and from what Treestump tells Clearbrook, it’s about time Moonshade and Strongbow saw more than just each other.”

The treeshaper chuckled at the words of his elder, and the two walked on some more before he turned to Suntop again. “So, you were just checking to make sure I didn’t hurt the ones I love?”

“No,” Suntop laughed eating another berry before continuing with a serious tone, “I want that kind of love for me, myself. The kind of love you have for my father and mother, for Nightfall, and for Moonshade and Strongbow. The kind of love that lets you stand and watch silently for so many seasons expecting nothing in return, the kind where you know the other is close because your heart beats faster.”

Redlance looked at Suntop and blinked before smiling with pure awe, with close friendship, and patted the young elf on the shoulder. “You will one day Suntop, I promise you will.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Without hesitation, he declared with an even wider smile. “My little fox came to me and changed my life, one day a lifebearer will come to you my friend and everything you knew to be true at that very moment will change. All that is old will be new and all that was known will be discovered again.”

Suntop laughed at the statement and felt his pace pick up with the words of his elder, as the small pall that had fallen over his heart began to lift. The magic user even jumped over a fallen tree that lay by the side of trail, chuckling and feeling better for being near the treeshaper. He fell back in by Redlance and looked up to him with wide eyes. “Do you think father would change my name if I did something great?”

The treeshaper reached into the sack and pulled out the last two berries handing one to the magic user while eyeing him curiously. “A name change and a lifebearer, just what are you thinking about this night Suntop?”

“I don’t know,” Suntop laughed and jumped a small bush before turning back, “I just want to be more is all I guess.”

“More?” Redlance asked back confused.

“Yes, just more.” Suntop smiled and in those eyes the treeshaper saw himself so, so long ago standing by Father Tree with Pike as a cub. He wanted to be more to the tribe and his father had told him the same, what he was going to tell Suntop, just before the night he was taken. How I miss you father he thought as he swallowed his last berry.

“Don’t rush to be an elder or a chief like Ember, Suntop. You’ll miss all the sweet happenings along the way.”

“Like what?”

“Life, my friend, and all the small bits of it that make you…you,” the treeshaper smiled and winked as he walked on beside the trail.

The last made Suntop stop where he was standing and look at the treeshaper with wide eyes as he took the words in and rolled them over and over in his head. It was something Savah would say, maybe not as refined as she would, but the meaning was right there in front of his young eyes. Maybe he was trying to do more than what was called for, at the moment. He wasn’t Ember, and he was happy for that every night he woke, and that his path wouldn’t be hers. He would be what the tribe needed and when it needed him to be, and that was truth of it all. Suntop let out a small howl and laughed as he took the words to heart and ran up ahead of the treeshaper.

“Oh, what leaf is this Redlance?” The magic user asked suddenly, stopping by a string of ivy that had started to grow up the side of a tree. He reached out and brushed it with a fingertip noting the ivy seemed to move on its own, like it was reaching for him.

The treeshaper walked by taking one look at the plant then kept going, “itch leaf, and a strong one at that.”

“Ah!” Suntop yelped pulling his finger back then looking at the appendage in fear. He ran away from the ivy rubbing his finger on his leathers hard enough to almost start a fire on his leg. The treeshaper laughed and smiled as they walked on and with each question Redlance answered, well, it only brought on another.

The family waited by the side of the trail, with the archer and tanner just behind them, after stopping before the day star rise. They all knew the treeshaper was close. All their hearts beat a little faster as he neared, and then from the brush his red hair appeared followed by…nothing. Leetah started to feel a twinge of worry as they all did, where was Suntop? If something had happened to the young elf Redlance would have no way to send to them over such a long distance. If something had happened…Cutter took a step out on the trail with a tension getting ready to ask if something had happened to his son when he saw his treeshaper carrying a weight on his back. The wolf chief felt his heart slow and the tension fade as he saw his son sleeping soundly there on Redlance’s back. He looked over to see his lifemate smile warmly as the worry she felt fade as well, and then to his huntress who only smiled and sighed at the sight.

As his treeshaper walked up, Cutter chuckled and whispered. “When did he give out?”

“Not long ago, he almost made the whole night.” Redlance chuckled as well.

“Oh my sweet kittling, you make me so proud.” Leetah whispered brushing a lock of blond hair out her son’s face.

Cutter stepped behind his treeshaper, and with gentle hands, took his cub in his arms making sure Suntop didn’t stir or awaken. As he held him memories of the nights in the Sun Village came back out of the mist of his mind, those long and shrouded misty halls. He remembered putting his young son to rest in their sleep pit after he finally collapsed from trying to stay up too late with his sister, who would fall asleep right after him, staying up just long enough to win the game they played. He hugged his cub to his chest as he remembered tucking the furs around him, his Suntop, and a small tear formed in his eye and rolled down his cheek.

“Are we safe my love?” Nightfall giggled as her soul stretched tired muscles.

“No humans following us…no trail for them to follow.” Redlance smiled as she stood up on her tip toes nuzzling his cheek, to which he leaned into giving her love back across the lock-send he shared with his family.

“Thank you my love for taking care of him,” Leetah whispered kissing her treeshaper’s cheek and taking his hand in hers. He squeezed her hand back and kissed her cheek lovingly before stretching tired and sore muscles one last time. They began to walk back to the tribe with Cutter easily carrying his cub stopping by the archer and tanner.

“Good morn my tanner and archer, how was the night?”

It was fine treeshaper, I see yours was just the same. Strongbow sent with a grin nodding toward the sleeping cub. The two hugged for a moment, patting twice, before breaking reluctantly.

“It’s good to see you treeshaper,” Moonshade whispered just before standing on her tip toes to nuzzle his cheek like Nightfall had. She blushed as he put a hand on her hip and leaned into her small affection whispering.

“And it is good to see my family, all of them, because I missed them all this night,”

The words were not missed by the tanner or archer. No, Moonshade and Strongbow felt that pull again from what he called them, family, and only smiled as the group quietly walked back to the tribe. They, this gaggle of elves, grew closer even as they remained apart for the night and as the day star gained in height over the trees the family found rest in separate sleep spots, separate but growing so close.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

Treestump was the first to feel it, the realization this forest wasn’t like the myriad of others they had passed through. This one knew him, and as strange as that sounded to anyone but a Wolfrider, that is exactly what the elder felt. A sense of welcoming so solid and strong it made his heart skip and his skin ripple with bumps all along his arms and neck. The tribe had crossed another plain, the last one hopefully, and albeit a small one, the openness and all the grass swaying back and forth was grinding on Treestump’s patience. They should be close to this forest he told himself, had to be close. The treeshaper had said the images of this new Father Tree was strong and getting stronger each eve, so where was the oak? He was tired of travelling, of sleeping in the trees on what amounted to a bunch leaves. Treestump just wanted a den he could lie in with his lifemate and live like a proper Wolfrider. And as the day star began to rise, and like so many mornings before, the tribe slipped into the new forest to grateful smiles and one grumpy elder.

Only, as soon as Treestump was off his wolf friend and his hands touched the trees and plants around him, did the feeling of belonging sweep over him, like a warm fur in that den he longed so much for. It was like waking up and seeing an old friend, only you didn’t know his name and you were barely sure you were friends. He shuffled away from his lifemate Clearbrook’s side as she stretched and called to the other about being worn and ready for some sleep. In truth, he barely heard a word she said as he was still walking away putting a hand out to each tree, letting each flower and plant brush up against his skin, and with each step the fog lifted and pulled back giving Treestump more of the memory to tell him where he stood now, the truth about this forest he had travelled so far to stand in.

And when the recollection finally spoke it shocked the elder to his very core.

He gasped fighting to keep his breath and spun back to look at the tribe with a confused startled look. How, he kept asking himself, how did he know where to lead them to? If this was even truly the place he thought it was, and I mean how could it be he asked himself? It all burnt down, they had seen it with their own eyes when they went to find Cutter so long ago, before finding the Gliders instead, and the lad had also seen what was left of their home and there was nothing but burnt chunks…not a thing.

Yet, here he was, standing in what should not have been, heading to a place that had long been destroyed, right? How did he know to get here? How did he know here was even here? There was no explanation for any of the questions, no answers, and really all Treestump was doing now was fighting to keep breathing. Then he saw Suntop by Dart, stretching also and talking, and he knew what he wanted to do, what he had to do. He took off in a bolt heading for the young elf crashing through the bushes he had just walked past like a crazed Two-Spear.

“Where’s the treeshaper? Where’s Redlance?” The elder screamed running up.

“Back behind us somewhere I guess…why?” Suntop stammered as everyone turned with concerned looks and held breath. What was causing this they wondered as the elder seemed unhinged.

“Get him up here…NOW!” Treestump demanded with a snap when it seemed Suntop wouldn’t respond. The sudden order had thrown the magic user for just a moment, but when his elder yelled he jumped and nodded, unable to speak.

As he turned away from Suntop to go back to the plain, Treestump ran into his lifemate who had a look somewhere in between terror and anger, standing in his way. She put a hand to his chest stopping him and her voice was full of worry. “What is wrong?”

How could he tell her? What could he tell her? What if he told her they had come home, to their true home, but it was all a mistake, a lie built on false memories the elder couldn’t really trust. No, he had to talk with the treeshaper before he was going to say a word about what he felt, so he just took Clearbrook’s hand and moved it slowly away so he could walk back to the edge of the forest and look for Redlance. As he did, Clearbrook watched him pass by with a gasp and a cold feeling spread through her body. She barely felt the hands of Leetah and Moonshade touch her shoulders to give her reassurance, or see Nightfall go and stand by Suntop waiting to hear what he said. She was lost to it all. She could only watch her lifemate in stunned silence as he stood watch for the treeshaper. Clearbrook barely took in what happened next as Cutter stormed up to his elder growling.

“What’s going on? Why do you need Redlance so bad?”

Treestump turned to look at his chief, but there was no answer to the question, just a hard stare before the elder looked back to Suntop. “Is he coming lad?”

“Yes, he’s running up,” was all Suntop whispered feeling fear grip him.

The answer didn’t help the elder calm, and it didn’t sooth the wolf chief either as Cutter went nose to nose with his elder. “What…are…you…doing?”

“As soon as our treeshaper can tell me I haven’t gone crazy, then I’ll tell you what I’m doing.” Treestump whispered locking eyes with his chief, no flinch or waiver.

So, they stood and waited in a tense silence till the treeshaper could arrive and clear things up.

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Oh nice chapter.

Love how Moonshade and Strongbow are finding comfort with the new family.

The flowers in the hair was funny.

So Redlance lead them back to Father tree. This is going to get good.

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I'm so very happy you liked the chapter G0lden, it was a nice feeling to focus a little more on the growing 'Family'...

And now for the next chapter in our saga...

Chapter 23

As he ran up, the fear that Redlance had been holding back these last few nights came flying out of that locked door, buried deep down inside his soul. It was the only place he could keep the fear hidden and know his precious family wouldn’t come across it while joining. The lock-send was both a curse and blessing for the elves. It was a soul-to-soul bond that sweetened and heightened sharing and loving, to places beyond words, but then it was also a mind-to-mind connection that allowed little to no room to hide. So, as Redlance trotted up, he knew from the way his beloved tribe was standing and waiting, his secret was no longer hidden. The only question he needed an answer to was who was the one who had finally realized just what forest they were entering, and the answer came charging up with a raised finger.

“How long have you known?” Treestump spat angrily as he stopped just in front of the treeshaper. Just a step or two back, Cutter stood with Strongbow at the ready, watching every move, judging where this was going. Behind them at the tree line everyone else stood in stunned silence, watching every move as well, watching how the confrontation went, listening with sharp ears for every word that was said.

“How long have YOU KNOWN?” Treestump growled louder at the end making Strongbow take a step forward. Cutter, though, held up his hand signaling for the archer to stop and hold. He wasn’t sure they had to put an end this just yet.

“Before the fire, before I even told you I knew of a forest that would take us in.” Redlance answered calmly, without flinching. The beginning of the interrogation reminded the treeshaper of the start of his clash with Cutter, so much so he readied himself for the blow. He watched his elder, who had been seething with anger, abruptly change though. Fur Chin’s shoulders slumped and his hand came up to his chin and Treestump went from growling to whispering.

“Then…this…this is it?”

“Yes, it’s our true home,” Redlance smiled nodding.

For a moment, Treestump stood as still as one of the trees behind them in the forest, and everyone held their breath. They watched for any kind of movement, anything that might mean trouble, because no one wanted a repeat of that morning not so long ago. No one wanted to live through that again, so each member, each elf, waited with silent breath and locked eyes on the pair.

“So, I’m not crazy? This is…?” Treestump whispered again smiling slowly now too.

“No,” the treeshaper said with a shake of his head, “you’re not crazy and this is...our home.”

Cutter stood back watching the exchange unfold with his hand on New Moon, his guard up and ready just in case he had to move quickly. When the wolf chief noticed the tension disappear from his elder, his grip on New Moon lightened, and what happened next made him let go of the hilt of his sword completely. Treestump let out a small laugh, danced practically to his right looking back at the woods, then spun back to Redlance.

“We stood right over there I think, the memory is hazy, but we came this far. I know because I can remember the trees being smaller and the grass not so high…but this is it.”

Strongbow watched his friend run one way then turn and run back to the treeshaper speaking so fast he could barely understand him. “Mantricker and Bearclaw and Rain and I…we all stood back there looking out on this openness, wondering if there was anything worth seeing on the other side of the plain.”

“Well, you know what lies beyond the plain now.” Redlance joked making Treestump laugh more as well. Cutter snorted and stepped up just as everyone by the trees ran up, giving up on trying to figure out what was happening, and deciding to just find out.

“What are you talking about, Mantricker and Bearclaw?” Cutter asked his elder totally lost and confused

Yes, what do you mean you looked out over this plain with Mantricker? Strongbow huffed.

“Why are you acting so crazed, you old wolf?” Clearbrook hissed as she stormed up grabbing her lifemate’s hand.

“Because…WE’RE HOME!!!” Treestump yelled, sending an echo out across the plains and into the forest. He grabbed Clearbrook up in his arms and quickly swung her around in a circle, even though his lifemate squealed and looked as scared as black eyed cat, howling again. Behind them Dart turned to his mother and whispered with shock.

“Do you know what he’s talking about?”

Moonshade just shook her head and whispered back, “No, did he hit his head after we stopped?”

As Treestump dropped Clearbrook gently to the ground, she had to keep a hold onto him to keep falling down, Cutter looked over to his treeshaper shaking his head. “All right, what is he talking about?”

Before Redlance could answer his chief though, Treestump let out a howl and turned back to them, “Goodtree’s Rest! That’s what we’re talking about! we’re almost to Goodtree’s Rest!”

Well, it’s out now Redlance sighed with a smile. It wasn’t the way the treeshaper wanted to tell his tribe about where they were headed, but it was too late to undo Treestump’s happy exclamation. He looked from shocked face to shocked face; from Cutter’s mouth agape to Moonshade covering hers with a hand to Clearbrook staring blankly at her lifemate with eyes as round as the twin moons themselves. They were all struck dumb, numb, and as Redlance watched he wondered if he was in trouble now. Treestump had forgiven him, but who knew what the others would do. They could all scream in joy as Treestump had done, was doing, or scream in anger, it was anyone’s guess really. So, with a stilled breath, the treeshaper stood and watched quietly as his tribe took in what their elder was so happy about.

Finally, it was the silent archer among them who spoke first, Goodtree’s Rest…this is Goodtree’s Rest?

“Not yet archer, our home is-“Redlance started to say before being cut off by Treestump.

“Maybe a half turn of the moon, right? I remember it took that long to get back.” Treestump smiled broadly, nodding quickly.

The treeshaper chuckled and nodded in return as Clearbrook whispered looking at the red-haired elf with confused eyes. “How…how do you know it’s Goodtree’s Rest?”

Redlance just smiled and pointed to her giddy lifemate while answering, “I wasn’t sure in the beginning, but now I am. We head in the direction we have been going and we’ll find Father Tree again.”

“Father Tree’s grown back?” Moonshade gasped with shock again.

He only nodded as the tanner smiled so warmly Redlance felt his heart beat faster, that was till Clearbrook asked what some had been starting to think. The shock was starting to wear off and now the need to know just how they were here was coming to the front. “How do you know Father Tree has grown back? Did the trees tell you?”

The treeshaper shook his head, never losing eye contact with the matriarch of the tribe, “no…he’s been coming to me in my dreams…it’s how I knew he had returned.” Redlance expected the news might not sit well with the elders, and the young ones wouldn’t understand what he was saying. He knew they all might also have a slight reservation for being led along on a dangerous journey on nothing more than a ‘might-have’ chance.

“Your dreams, Father Tree talks to you in your dreams?” Cutter asked with a grin, and not the kind that was meant for mocking, but the kind one has when truly awed.

Again, Redlance shrugged his shoulders and smiled warmly. “Yes, he’s been calling to me, telling me to bring us home. Father Tree wants to grow Cutter, he wants his Wolfriders to return and live in him again.”

But why didn’t you tell us? All the nights and days travelling, you never told us it was Father Tree, why? Strongbow asked abruptly with shake of his head.

Before the treeshaper could answer Strongbow, Treestump stepped in quickly again with a beaming smile, “It doesn’t matter archer, we wouldn’t have believed him if he told us it was Father Tree and Goodtree’s Rest we were heading to anyway.”

Everyone turned to the elder with a second look of shock. Just what was Treestump trying to say they all thought? Yet, before a one of them could ask him that question, the elder shook his head and pointed out what all had forgotten it seemed, the long nights on the trail leaving them all a little short in remembering.

“He tried to tell us at the other Father Tree in that dark Holt, remember, and we all just half heard the lad, not a one of us was truly listening, and by ‘us’ and ‘we’ I mean all the elders. If he had said the words Goodtree’s Rest, we would have just laughed at him and called him crazed. And the cubs over there, they would have followed him if he hadn’t said a thing! No, we didn’t give him a reason to speak out so he never did, but does it matter? We’re Home!”

A silence swept over them with the breeze, the words of their elder hitting each like an arrow to the heart. Moonshade found it so hard to breathe suddenly, while next to her Strongbow squeezed her hand and looked away. The mood dropped instantly in the clearing around them as Leetah and Suntop, who stood off to the side watching intently, noticed it. The Healer and the magic user felt like outsiders, something not new with their beloved tribe, and it didn’t bother them because neither had the loving attachment to Goodtree’s Rest or Father Tree the tribe had. Leetah, though, could feel almost what her lifemate, what Treestump, must be feeling because she had often imagined seeing Sorrow’s End one last time. She could almost feel the tears running down her face if she were given one last chance to see the huts and the Oasis of her home again, but that will never happen, not after the battle for the ‘Little Palace’. There would never be a Sorrow’s End again but there was a Goodtree’s Rest, and her lifemate must be so surprised and joyful to be able to go home once again. She was about to say this and try to convince them all that going home was more important than sticking on when it was discovered and where they were heading too…only she lost her chance as her treeshaper spoke up.

“Like Treestump said, it doesn’t matter now. We’re here, our home is close, and Father Tree is waiting for us. We just have to go and see him.”

The Wolfriders looked back to their treeshaper finally, some with large smiles and others with small ones, but they all had smiles. Oh, how they were starting to realize just where they were, how close they all were to truly being home. They stood staring at each other for a moment more before Nightfall suddenly howled with joy leaping into her lifemate’s arms hugging him fiercely with all her love and pride, and as if the gate had been flung open the others joined in on the celebration. Moonshade and Strongbow hugged as Dart grabbed them both, squeezing hard while Newstar screamed with joy next to them. Suntop even broke and ran to jump on his father’s back, howling as loud as he could, as Cutter grabbed his treeshaper and huntress in a hug, joining in his son’s howl. Treestump had grabbed his lifemate Clearbrook up again in his arms and was spinning as both cried out in joy while Leetah still stood back, watching it all with a heart that bloomed and beat with the happiness she was seeing. Then her lifemate looked over, held out his hand to her, and without hesitation the healer ran over in three bounding steps into her family’s arms yelling and laughing with them. In truth, she thought as she gave her lifemate a kiss then her treeshaper, wherever her family was would be home to her now. Wherever her heart and soul lay down in the furs would be her home and she would be so happy.

And as the Day star broke overhead, beginning to ascend to its summit in the sky, the Wolfriders slowly dissolved back into the forest, their forest, like wisps of smoke. And as each tried to sleep they quickly discovered they couldn’t, it was too much to know Father Tree was just a few nights away. Leetah lay with her family in their sleep spot, among the furs, hearing them talk of nights long ago, as if being so close to their ancestral home had revived old lost recollections, and with each story she laughed and felt so much love for all of them, her family, that she never wanted to be away from them. It was easy now to understand why her lifemate wanted so desperately to be back in their den, her treeshaper and huntress, because love had never been so warm and sweet as it was now, and it was because of them.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

It took eight more nights before they reached the dell where he awaited them. Eight nights of traveling and eight nights of revelations, each one brought back more memories, more recollections to these Wolfriders. Trails and paths that seemed oddly foreign and strange the night before slowly became familiar and known with each step the next night and the next brought even more realizations. Nightfall and Cutter stopped once and called the others over, asking if a trail was the way to the big pool they used to hunt by, the one where the huntress had almost died trying to reach. They all stood staring trying to force the memory to come, was this the way? Strongbow sent to everyone he thought it might be, but he couldn’t be sure, the memory was still out of his reach to say for certain. Redlance then moved in and ‘talked’ with an old tree trying to discern if this was the path they thought it might be, and after a moment he turned smiling. The order to walk behind and cover them had been dropped quickly by Cutter, his treeshaper deserved to finish out the journey riding with them he decided. And as he broke the connection to the tree Redlance just chuckled. Yes, this was the way to old Bearclaw’s favorite hunting ground. Cutter and Nightfall each yelled as they felt joy for remembering while behind them Strongbow grinned and noted it all in his memory. He had been keeping track of it all, these old hunting spots, and he had every intention of returning to try each of them.

What the treeshaper didn’t tell them was the fact he didn’t need the tree’s confirmation. No, he had seen all of this from his dreams, all these old paths and trails. He had been walking these old paths now in his mind long enough to remember them all, but seeing all the old trails and walking them, well that was a pleasure he could never describe.

Then, just past the mid of night on the eighth night, the tribe reached the clearing and Father Tree.

Strongbow had been leading, up front as he always was, walking carefully by his bond wolf, lost in all that was the Holt. He had stopped eyeing the trail carefully for signs or dangers. There was no need to anymore. No, the archer was home, and every step was on known ground now, every tree and plant he had come across centuries before looked almost the same. He led now by memory, walking right to what he knew was coming. Just past the trees he stopped by was the start of the dell, where as a cub, he had run free under the safety of large branches and watchful eyes. Now, he returned as the hunter, the provider and the protector, and yet he stopped just short of stepping through. He stayed his approach as behind he heard Clearbrook walk up and speak quietly.

“What is it?”

We’re here…just past these trees…home awaits.

The matriarch walked up slowly, as quietly as she could, and she stared at the trees with a reverent smile. “I know. I remember it all now, all of this. I can see One-Eye running with me down the trails and paths.”

I haven’t had to look at the trail for the last two nights. I know exactly where I am, where I use to run and hunt and. Where I was alive.

“We should wait for the others,” she whispered, smiling still, remembering more and more with each scent and touch of the plants around her.

Yes, we should wait, the archer whispered in his send as he looked to Clearbrook.

The pair stood by the trees waiting as they had decided to, and soon the rest of the tribe showed, each with the same reverent look. Nightfall and Cutter, Redlance and Treestump, and Moonshade, just like the first two of the Wolfriders to arrive, had no need to watch the trail. They knew the path, knew where each bump and rut was, knew where a misstep would bring them down, and avoided the traps easily. It all came back with the memories, images that popped up here and there with each step it seemed.

“This is it, isn’t it?” Cutter whispered to no one in particular, just everyone.

“Yes, he’s right past these trees.” Redlance whispered after waiting for someone, anyone, to speak. The treeshaper felt a small hand reach in, take his in a gentle grasp, and he looked over to see his beautiful lifemate staring at the trees in front of them, her eyes misty with a mix of eagerness and just a touch of apprehension. She, just like the others, felt a pull of wanting this to be true, but with just a touch of the fear of ‘what if it wasn’t’ just hanging in the back. The tribe stood by the trees just a moment or two longer before Cutter inhaled deeply and looked to them all.

“No more waiting, we’re home my tribe.”

And with the words stated, the truth spoke, the wolf chief stepped through with Leetah at his side holding his hand. The tribe followed, moving slow, until they were past the trees and then all sifted their eyes slightly skyward as he came into view, the grand old oak, their Father Tree. With slow easy steps, they all treaded along the bank of the small stream that passed by their home, the bubbling sound of the water passing over rocks and river bed, but barely catching their attention as they walked past. Nothing else mattered now, the tribes attention was locked to him, to their Father Tree. Redlance reached up and wiped away a tear as he saw the massive tree, a stalwart combination of four smaller oaks, come into view a little more and a little more with each step he took toward it. He saw all of the marvelous low large branches that would hold their weight with ease and all the beautiful leaves that would hide them from any prying eyes, be it game or human. He saw the deep brown colored bark that shielded the tree from the elements, all the vines and moss growing through it like snakes, and with the moonlight pouring through the canopy above in spear like shafts, accentuating every detail, which made the treeshaper’s heart almost stop. To either side and behind of the oak stood three more, smaller, oaks growing like cubs next to their sire, like Cutter and Leetah’s twins, Ember and Suntop along with his own daughter, Tyleet.

“It’s so majestic,” Leetah whispered as she looked on in awe at the tall oak.

“He’s our home,” Clearbrook replied, just to their side, as she took in the sight, the truth settling in that their home had returned. She felt her lifemate Treestump shudder with a deep breath as he looked on with admiration at the tree, that he would finally have his den.

Moonshade pulled at her lifemate’s hand pointing suddenly to the side of the grand oak with a large joyful smile. “There, right there, that’s where my tanning rack was, remember my love…and my little bench with all my tools.”

Yes, the archer smiled with a tear in his eyes as looked over and pointed, sending to everyone, and there…that’s the path we would walk when you wanted to go out in the Holt and see the flowers for inspiration.

“The same path Cutter would chase Skywise down every night, trying to keep up with the stargazer.” Nightfall giggled with a tear now running down her cheek as well.

The wolf chief chuckled at the sudden memory of chasing Skywise as Treestump whispered looking all around, “the same path we’ve all walked so many times before…I never thought I’d ever see it again.”

“What do we do now?” Dart asked as Newstar stood beside him. She had been so young when the Wolfriders were forced to flee from the fire that had burned the Holt the first time, so young she barely held any memories of Father Tree. She did have enough though to bring a tear as she thought lovingly of her sire and mother, oh how they would have loved to see Father Tree one last time before passing on.

The wolf chief smiled at his young archer before turning to Redlance. “Well, that’s a question for our treeshaper to answer. He brought us here with Father Tree’s help.”

All eyes turned to the treeshaper, and for a moment he just wanted to step back and get away from all the attention, but then he knew he had come this far with his family for a reason. He had guided them here, back home, at an urging from the grand old oak. He looked down to Nightfall and squeezed her hand, it was time to greet his greatest friend in this world. So, with slow but steady strong steps, he walked away from the tribe and toward the one who had called to him across a countless distance to come home. Father Tree’s roots were thick and immense, protruding from its massive trunk in knotty tall legs before burrowing into the ground to secure its place on the Abode. The roots were as tall as Redlance, and in more than one or three areas taller. Why the spot the treeshaper even chose to make his first ‘talk’ was between two large brown humps that he knew were a pair of major roots of Father Tree, humps that towered over him, swallowed him as he approached. Cutter and the others shifted to keep their eyes on him, sensing what was about to occur was going to surpass any magic the treeshaper had done when he shaped the sleep spots.

How many nights had he dreamed of this moment, this very instance of ‘talking’ with Father Tree? There had been so many, more and more after the night they fled the fire from the last forest. So many more than the Forbidden Grove after they had won the Palace and so many more than the night they fled from this forest and the fire that claimed it. No, he had been waiting for this meeting since he was a small cub watching his father try to shape it. His father, Talltree, oh how he had tried to be a treeshaper but lacked enough magic to be what his heart longed for the most. And on the rare occasion he could force the magic to come forth, to bend the living plant to his will, he never could with the stout Father Tree. It was always small, Talltree’s magic, but always sweet when he could ‘grow’ his beloved plants. Now here stood his cub, ready to do what his sire wasn’t able to do in his life, to ‘talk’ with his cherished friend. It seemed so unfair to him when he was younger, how selfish it was, but the treeshaper learned with time his father would have been proud of his little treeshaper at this moment. It was why you raised your cubs giving them all you know, so one day they could do greater things then you ever imagined. Redlance took a breath, closed his eyes and settled his heart which thumped loudly in his chest while he took off his pouch and laid it on the ground at his feet.

He stood back up and turned back to Father Tree. He reached up and rubbed his hands together, getting ready to work his magic, cleared his mind setting it to accept the energy of the grand oak. As he did, the wind around the tree began to pick up, as if the woods around them knew what was about to take place. Cutter sniffed the air looking around, noting the myriad of scents that were strange and yet familiar, just like the trails and paths round Father Tree, which touched his memory. He knew these scents. No amount of passing time would keep him from recognizing who they belonged too, and suddenly he realized what was happening. He looked back to Redlance with excited eyes as the treeshaper’s hands touched the trunk of Father Tree gently, warmly.

It took just an instant, the connection that overtook him and seized Redlance in a warm embrace, which seemed to sweep over his entire body. His left hand touched the trunk, felt the rough bark, and the energy came pouring in with a rush through his left arm, like the water of the brook behind them. The treeshaper’s insides exploded with all the energy which came, his soul catching the wave and barely staying afloat in the dull watery mix. Redlance gasped as he fought from being swept away, and in all the initial flurry there were no words from Father Tree, no images crossed to him as there was in all other ‘talks’. The treeshaper only pushed back on the energy that flowed up his arm, trying to keep his mind in the here and now as behind him, unknown to him, the wind picked up again.

“Magic…old, old shaping magic,” Suntop whispered as his body began to tingle. Leetah looked to him curiously then back to her soulmate who was only staring at her treeshaper. Their coming home Cutter told himself, their coming back here, back to Father Tree.

You must connect with him kin of my blood…you must become one with our Father Tree to be his keeper, his protector.

The other hand…he had to touch Father Tree with his other hand. Redlance wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from, but it was a lifebearer’s and it spoke the truth. He knew this because he deep in his soul the connection wasn’t complete yet, that the energy flooding him now needed to flow back to Father Tree, but not as it came in he sensed. The energy building in him was missing something, some piece to make it full and bright.

Be one with him now...touch and bond with him…give him your energy and together you will both Grow.

The treeshaper gasped with realization, this was an awakening, for both Father Tree and him. He reached up then, with a gentle touch of his right hand, and grasped Father Tree in a small hug. At that moment, as his skin touched bark, the Holt…the Wolfriders…everything simply disappeared. There was nothing but the voices and energy in his mind and center now, nothing but her and his greatest friend.

Behind him the Wolfriders gasped and stepped back as Father Tree came to life.

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Home at last. Now, to find out what Redlance gets to see. I bet it is Goodtree, herself.

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Yes G0lden our Wolfriders are home and now the treeshaper must awaken Father Tree...

Chapter 24

The grand oak was just that, an oak, to anyone just walking by. It was a solid large tree, but nothing much else they would say. What those who only saw the surface missed, those who could see no more than just the oak, was the true ‘magic’ that was Father Tree. The grand old oak gave itself to the Wolfriders, to be its home with the urging of Goodtree. Four smaller oaks had bent and merged to her magic and her love, forming into and making one larger oak, a Father Tree to hold them all, to protect her beloved tribe of Wolfriders. All his young life Cutter had felt a small ‘magic’ tingle when around his den and home, but never once had the large oak moved that wasn’t a direct cause of some wind or storm. It had been as stable as a rock, which was fine with him, till now it seemed. Now the oak was moving, awakening with a long shuddering shiver of its tall bulky body, from its muscular base to its spindly top, and with it sending all of its assorted and numberless branches flailing and waving, viciously up and down and side to side. As Father Tree moved and woke, Cutter stepped back with his tribe watching mouth agape at the scene while Suntop behind him laughed and cried out.

“Treeshaping Magic!”

Birds and squirrels ran for their frightened lives as their nests and small bole holes came alive and moved free of the wind. Loud screeches and hisses screamed out as Father Tree seemed to sigh, exhale with a heavy breath it had been holding in for far too long, and as it did a deep low rumble rolled through the Holt sending shivers through the elves as they watched. And there, still in their eye sight, standing by the trunk, and still holding the grand oak in a hug was Redlance, still merged with the essence of Father Tree. Cutter could only watch as his treeshaper woke the oak, helpless at the moment. Newstar gasped and looked around while whispering in fear, “what is Redlance doing?”

“He’s telling Father Tree we’re here…that we’ve come home.” Cutter answered with a low voice as he looked to his treeshaper hoping, knowing he was right.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

It all washed away in a bright light, the Holt and his family and the others, all just washed away as if he had been thrown right into the middle of the day star itself, causing his eyes to shut tight. Redlance breathed deep though, not a rushed desperate breath, but a long steady one as he felt his energy bond and merge with that of Father Tree’s. There was no fear, no apprehension or doubt in his heart as he felt the energy in him equalize, a strong flow that surged and ebbed with each beat of his heart. There was no caution in his soul as his hand squeezed the bark of his beloved oak and the energy flowed out of him back to its source. No, there was only the life force that shared itself with him now, gave to him its purity of spirit which was so beautiful he smiled and almost wept. Even with his eyes closed he could see so much, so many images flew through his mind as he now ‘talked’ with his greatest friend, so many the treeshaper could barely tell them apart, one from the other. The old grand oak had lived long and it meant to show him everything it had seen it seemed, but then an image was not the only way it ‘talked’ to him.

HOME, a deep voice rolled over him, through him making Redlance laugh.

Yes old friend, we have come home…come home at your calling!

Then the energy changed coming from the source, flowing from his left hand into him, from a dull blue to a deep green, like the forest of the Holt. It filled the treeshaper from his hand inward to his chest, to his arms and legs and head, and as it did Redlance felt his soul take in the essence, the life force and begin to change its color…what it was to what it needed to be. He wasn’t sure how he was doing it, but he was, from the dark green to a subtle shade, and as the change spread outward again, from his chest, the altered energy flowed back into Father Tree. There was another rumble, a loud exhale almost, and the words rolling through him once again.


The word caught Redlance unprepared, what did the grand old oak mean he asked himself? What was Father Tree saying…that he was bound to it now somehow?

Yes, kin of my blood, treeshaper of our tribe. He has given his energy to you, and you to him, and now he awakes to you. Our Father Tree has returned!

That voice, though he had never heard her speak he knew who it was with him now. Redlance smiled even more as he felt her spirit fill him as well and add her warmth to his. Goodtree…you’ve come back?

Yes, my treeshaper, kin of my blood. We have all come back now that you have shone a light for us to follow. We can all come home now.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

They stood as the grand oak shimmied and shook, almost working out kinked muscles that had been left dormant too long. Strongbow grinned while Moonshade gasped next to him, a peace he had searched so long for coming over him, suddenly and swiftly. There must be a serenity in this magic the archer felt, for a yearning to be home that had been at the back of his soul for far too long and forgotten till now was being fulfilled. He breathed heavy with excitement, with anticipation, as this magical moment seemed to stretch on for his enjoyment, then his nose picked up their scent and almost at once he turned to see them standing by his and Moonshade’s side. His tanner gave a small cry as she saw them too and felt her heart simply stop.

Good eve my son,

Her voice was like a gentle send, touching not just his mind but his heart and soul as well. It was like nothing he had ever felt before, and his mother Trueflight was not alone. There was his father behind her, Starfire, standing tall and proud like he remembered, and to his mother’s side was his precious daughter Crescent who smiled and reached out to them with love.

Mother, Father…you’ve come home.

Moonshade cried, but never once broke down. She had felt her sweet cub’s presence in the Palace many times and it was welcomed yet again, even in the shimmering form as the tanner whispered, It is good to be home my cub…it is so good to see you now,

“Crescent…why are you here? You’re supposed to be with the Palace.” The tanner heard her son say from her side with a weak voice. It was then Moonshade saw them all walking up, the beloved dead of the tribe, all walking in as if called by some mystic order to return. She heard Newstar gasp and then cry out with a whimper as she saw her mother and sire and little brother approach too. Yes, the tanner wanted to know as well, why were they all here? The Palace was their home, wasn’t it?

Good eve little brother, when Redlance woke Father Tree we were called home as well. This is where we are meant to be, supposed to be, with you, our tribe.

Over to the side a few steps, Leetah watched as the ghosts walked past, shimmering white lights that floated more than stepped past her and Suntop on the way to Father Tree. She recognized her lifemate’s parents and those of her huntress from loving sends as the ghosts passed, and she cried as they all stood in the clearing watching the reunion.

“Mother…father?” The huntress whispered at the pair as they stopped by her. It was sweet to see them, to feel their presence, so very sweet.

Yes, my little hunter, we have come home. Her father said as her mother smiled and Nightfall cried tears of joy for them. To her side, she watched Cutter simply grin and stare at his sire and mother, no words needed to show the love they felt for each other. The huntress did hear a loud gasp though, and she turned in time to see her elder Treestump greet his lost love once again.

“Good eve my love,” Treestump whispered looking at his Rillfisher again, his hands signing to her as he had always done for his deaf soulmate. The spirit of his lifemate, who was cruelly taken from him so young, only signed back her love as more of the long deceased Wolfriders floated past.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

GROW, Father Tree rumbled through him along their connection now.

What does he mean Mother Goodtree? Am I supposed to make him grow the dens now?

There was a moment of silence as the treeshaper waited for his ancestor to answer, and unbeknownst to him all the while the beloved dead of the tribe slowly gathered by their Father Tree, around him and the others that made up the small tribe. Redlance waited patiently with no fear still, no frustration from a lack of confidence or fear from the new knowledge he had gained from the bonding. He was one with the old oak, and it with him, and he understood now, knew just how Father Tree had help in reaching out for him. He knew now how the grand old oak had help in guiding his path back here to him. Redlance knew now how Goodtree had found him and had planted the dreams of the oak in his sleep, just like a seed for a flower, and she grew it from there. She had pushed him along, helped pulling him back to Father Tree who had returned, and wanted to be a home for his elves once again. It was she, the true treeshaper, who had worked her magic in bringing him and Father Tree together and now Redlance needed her magic yet again.

No my kin, Goodtree called to him across this remarkable connection he was immersed in, []i]our Father Tree wants to grow for all those that come now and will later. Make him grow our cherished treeshaper, make our Father Tree grow so tall he can hold us all and protect us. [/i]

Grow, yes, he wanted to be more. He needs to grow Redlance thought. He needs to be strong and stout, a home for them all, the Wolfriders here and the ones who will return and the ones yet to come. Father Tree will be a light to them, a home for the Wolfriders that not only shelters and protects, but is also a marker for those who have past to return to, like one of the lanterns that surrounded the Sun Village. As the words from Goodtree echoed in his mind, Redlance began to alter the energy flow again, from the green it had been due to merging to a bright vibrant one now. The new color flowed outward from his soul and flooded his right side moving up his arm swiftly and into Father Tree. The treeshaper was two now in this special conduit, taking in the energy of the source, then changing it, before sending it back to the beginning. He was the catalyst who commanded with a soft request. Redlance heard the oak groan, deep and throaty, and he smiled.

Grow my friend…grow for me!

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

She saw him, standing there behind Rillfisher, looking as handsome as the day she first truly saw him. He was called Woodhue then, and from that night on she loved him. Clearbrook only smiled as a tear ran down her cheek, joyful tears, to see him again. Oh, how she had fallen into such a dark place when he was taken, a snare made from revenge that caught her soul, but when they found his body, it was like being let free from the rope. She no longer needed to kill or hurt to avenge him. He had set her free that day, and the freedom gave her the strength to let Treestump come to her heart, that same feeling she felt now as he floated just out of touch.

“Good eve my handsome warrior,” she whispered shaking her head smiling.

Good eve my love, we have come home. One-Eye replied with a loving smile to his soulmate.

“Yes, you have. Yes you have.”

They were all around the tribe now, pulled here by the magic of the awakening of Father Tree. The past and the present, all one now as they watched the grand oak begin to glow and a second rumble from somewhere deep inside roll across the Holt. Cutter and Leetah watched as amazingly the large tree began to grow, spread outwards across the ground. Father Tree inched along the ground toward them as the massive roots of the oak grew and thickened while its trunk pushed outward. Its bark shifted, spread apart exposing the white of the wood underneath, and then filled in with the new growth of its armor. The wolf chief and his lifemate watched in awe as the grand oak grew right into the three trees around him, they watched with wide eyes as the smaller trees began to glow like Father Tree before suddenly warping like warm tallow, molding themselves to the trunk of the tree like three large brown vines, and still Father Tree grew…and grew.

“Look at what our treeshaper can do,” Suntop whispered low as he smiled with pride.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette


It wasn’t a command, or an order, and it wasn’t a request. Redlance grunted as he used his powers to change the energy flow, as he helped Father Tree to be what he had been waiting to be, again, for so long. The treeshaper understood this as well now, just like the awakening and bonding, that this was no give or take, no trade or barter or bargain. This, exchange, was what had to be, what was needed and necessary to be. Father Tree was more than just wood and leaf, more than bark and limb. He was an ancient force, a life that was as old as this world, and he had chosen to be their home. And, he the treeshaper, was the one to help make this ancient energy become the special home, there was no choice for either in this ancient task. He was the treeshaper, the one that gave Father Tree the power to be their home and their shelter, just Redlance understood no magic he possessed could make a true Father Tree like this grand old oak, unless the force that wanted to be their home was there. He understood now all the other attempts he had tried in other forests to make a Father Tree were just...shadows of what there truly is. Those other trees had only scratched the surface of what could be. And they were forever bound to one and the other, he and this old oak, because of this bond, just as Goodtree had been when she made Father Tree in the beginning so long ago, one needing the other to make a home for their Wolfriders.

And now you know my kin, like you, he called to me. He wanted to be our home and our shelter, so much more than just a tree. He let me guide him to that request. He let my magic aid him along the path to being our Father Tree, to help him with this need, and now you do the same.

We need each other…his want and my magic…one without the other leaves nothing. Redlance stated as he grunted more, pushed his treeshaping magic further to change the color of the energy.

He felt a hand suddenly cover his right one, as another gently graced the center of his back, and with the touch the feeling of more magic coursing through his body. Goodtree flowed through him now, and into her Father Tree as she howled with joy. Yes, one bound to the other to make our home…grow…Grow…GROW!

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

Father Tree surged suddenly one last time, growing skyward and outward just a little faster. The Wolfriders and the beloved dead watched as the grand old oak shifted and moved in front of them. The three trees at his side were now fully joined to the trunk of Father Tree, like snakes that bulged and ran up his side and into the beginning of the large lower limbs. Vines and moss bloomed and flourished in his branches, growing longer and thicker with the magic. Then Strongbow and Moonshade saw the beginnings of dens being made, small bulging holes in the bole of Father Tree. They watched as their home formed and opened and they smiled with warm joy.

“Yes, my gentle one, your magic is so strong.” Nightfall whispered while reaching over, taking Leetah’s hand in hers to hold. She felt her healer squeeze it as Leetah saw the dens now being made high in the branches of the grand oak and smiled. Home, they were home she told herself as she watched with joy. I am home now.

Above the canopy of the forest, above the tops of the oldest trees, did the spire of Father Tree surpass and suddenly stop. The highest of them all, the most relevant of them all, did the grand oak look among his sisters and brothers of the woods. He was their chief among the forest and his top-knot sat proudly higher than any other in sight.

Father Tree had returned in all his glory.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

It was done, the energy flowing to him now changing again as needed. Redlance felt the hands on him slowly pull away, and as they did the connection to Father Tree began to fade as well. The binding was done, what this experience had been, and now completed, exhausted the pair and both needed to rest and recoup. The energy felt tired but still warm, still wanting him as the treeshaper breathed deep and smiled.

Home, Redlance whispered.

Home again, Goodtree whispered slowly fading from him back into the bright light.

HOME, Father Tree rumbled one last time.

Then it was over, the binding and awakening…and Redlance fell out of the light with his smile still across his face.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

They began to fade and the Wolfriders understood whatever magic that had brought them her, let them walk this world once again, had passed. Father Tree had been woken, and as such, he had called to his beloved Wolfriders to return, all of them. Strongbow watched with a light heart as his sire and mother slowly faded into their home now, into the trunk of the grand oak. He wasn’t sad for not having them all these seasons, no, he was only joyful to have them back now. Nightfall and Cutter and the rest of the tribe did the same, watched with a happy heart as their revered dead passed into the trunk. The last to return was his love, Treestump’ss sweet Rillfisher, and as she did she stopped and turned back to see him. Her small but strong hands signed she loved him, her Treestump, and as she did he signed back with a sigh.

“As I love you my Rillfisher, my soulmate.”

Now it was done, finished. Father Tree stood strong and tall before them as Cutter marveled at it with wet eyes. The branches were thicker, its trunk larger with a trio of outgrowth’s running along its sides, like small walkways, up into the branches and the dens. He could hear the animals returning, coming back now, that peace had settled in. Abruptly Nightfall next to him and Leetah whispered, with worry, a realization sweeping over them all quickly.

“Where is he? Do you see him?”

Almost at once Cutter realized, in the spectacle of the last moments he had lost his treeshaper. He felt Leetah gasp with fear and whisper with worry as well, “I don’t see him…beloved?”

The rise Redlance had walked over, and then down into, was larger now, taller than Cutter could look over. He let go of his lifemate’s hand and ran with a scramble up it reaching the top just as Strongbow and Treestump started to run with him as well. Cutter didn’t know if they had seen what happened to Redlance during the transformation of Father Tree, or if they had lost sight of him as well. He looked down into the crevice now formed by the large roots, saw his treeshaper laying on his back, and felt his heart clench with panic.


He jumped down the length of the crevice in a single bound landing by his treeshaper and cradling him as the others began to crowd around. Cutter held him gently but firmly as Leetah checked her treeshaper carefully with an easy touch and Nightfall held his one hand and Moonshade the other. Strongbow ordered his cub to run and get a water sack as his heart froze to the sight of his treeshaper.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

Pike stopped cold on the trail freezing in place. Ember and the others walked on for a moment till Krim noticed her lifemate had ceased to be at her side. She touched Tyleet’s arm and nodded back to him, and as the sweet maiden gathered the attention of the tribe, Krim went back to her lifemate’s side.

“What is it?” She asked in a whisper expecting some funny answer that had nothing to do with the hunt they were on. That was her lifemate, never one to be too serious or focused. Yet he didn’t move, and he didn’t give some answer she didn’t expect. Pike was as quiet and unmoving, as he had ever been with her, as long as she had known him. Now, as Ember and the others approached, Krim was starting to get worried.

She reached out and gave her lifemate a quick hit on the shoulder with her fist, a punch, and hissed. “Wake up, what’s wrong?”

The spear bearer snapped out of whatever trance he had been in and looked over to everyone around him with a shocked look. “Ow, what was that for?”

“What do you mean ‘what as that for’? Why did you stop, and go all cold on the trail?” Krim shot back.

Pike looked around for a moment, then looked to his lifemate rubbing his shoulder. “Someone called my name…I mean I heard someone call my name.”

“It wasn’t any of us, you hearing things now?” Ember sighed wondering what her Pike had eaten or drank now.

“Maybe it was all those dream berries you ate this morning.” Scouter laughed making Dewshine giggle beside him.

Pike just nodded wanting to end the conversation, and mercifully it did as the tribe went back to hunting. He didn’t want to talk of it anymore. There were no words to explain it, but somehow, he had heard his name called, and it was not from a send or a voice. It was deeper, almost on a level with his soul, as if someone was telling him could come home now. But that was just strange, and the tribe was already laughing at him enough now, so why add the extra wood to that fire he decided, best to be quiet and go back to hunting.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

The treeshaper’s eyes opened slowly with a small flicker, and it only took a moment to notice he wasn’t by Father Tree now. His head was resting on a pair of soft legs and he looked up to see his huntress looking over to something, and to his one side sitting next to him was his healer, her hand holding his with a tight grip. To his other was Moonshade, holding his hand in the same solid grip, and to her knelt her handsome lifemate Strongbow. He swallowed noting they were all looking to something else, and not looking to him at the moment.

“What is it? Is something wrong with Father Tree?” Redlance asked with a smile and a wince. His head hurt just a little.

The lifebearers all gasped and looked back to him with large smiles, Nightfall exclaiming, “Your awake, thank the High Ones!”

“Yes, thank the High Ones!” The tanner sighed with great relief.

“He’s awake beloved!” Leetah smiled, calling to her soulmate while squeezing his hand as Redlance nodded and looked around more. They had moved him down away from the small rise at Father Tree, to lay by a tree near the stream, and then there was Cutter, leaning over him, looking down with his piercing blue eyes filled with love.

“Are you all right?” The wolf chief asked quickly.

The treeshaper nodded as he sat up, “I think so. My head hurts a little. How is Father Tree?”

Leetah smiled and rubbed his back as did Nightfall and Moonshade while she spoke. “Father Tree is fine my love…you made him…bigger.”

“I did?” Redlance asked as Cutter and Strongbow helped him up from the ground just as Suntop and Dart came running up.

“Father Tree is so tall Father! And I can walk up the side with ease and there are so many dens!” Suntop yelled happily.

Dart nodded his head just as enthusiastically. “There are more dens than we need Cutter. Treestump says so many more than we need. We can pick which one we want, right Cutter?”

“No, not yet,” Cutter said shaking his head while leaning back and helping his lifemate off the ground with a gentle tug of his arm, “the elders get first choice and then so on down to you and Suntop.”

“Yes, my chief,” Dart replied, not so enthusiastically now, as Suntop just laughed and ran back to climb Father Tree again.

Redlance helped Nightfall up while the archer gave his soulmate his hand helping he to stand by his side, then the family turned and started to walk back to see his Father Tree when Leetah took the treeshaper’s hand in hers while Cutter smiled. The four had travelled most of the distance as one to reach Father Tree, had grown to six almost, and now as they approached they went as one again. When Redlance saw his grand oak after the awakening, he gasped with joy as Nightfall only smiled and hugged him while whispering.

“You made him so majestic beloved…so strong and tall.”

No, the treeshaper thought to himself, he chose to be this way for us…I simply let him use my powers to be what he wanted be.

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I was right! Not only Goodtree, but Father Tree himself. How cool and to have all of the Wolfriders that have since passed to come back to Father Tree is wonderful.

Redlance used a lot of power as well as allowing a lot of power flow through himself. No wonder he passed out for awhile.

Great chapter. Can't wait to see the next one.

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PostSubject: Redlance: Take us home Treeshaper - Chapter Twenty Five   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 8:02 am

Yes G0lden, you were right.  It was a fun chapter to write, the tribe finally making it home and our treeshaper awakening Father Tree...it was a true pleasure to create and I enjoyed it immensely...and as always, thank you for the kind words...

Now onto the next chapter...

Chapter 25

The tribe’s first day at Father Tree quickly came as they excitedly went to work on moving into their new dens.  The elders went first, as Cutter had ordered, and Strongbow and Moonshade took one of the dens up high on the bole while Treestump and Clearbrook chose a lower one, near the thicker bulges of the merged trees.  Then it was Redlance and Nightfall’s turn and the treeshaper took his time in choosing, more than once cocking his head to the left then right to look at Father Tree at certain angels.  After some moments, he finally picked one just above Strongbow’s that gave him the best view of the Holt from the entrance.  He knew he wanted a den with a special view of the Holt, so he could look out on to it during the day, and his huntress gave him whatever choice he wanted.  To her, their Den was second to him being in it and being with her.  Next, it was Cutter and Leetah’s choice, and the healer watched quietly as her lifemate looked at Father Tree then to her.

“I like the one below our Treeshaper, what do you think?”

What do I think, Leetah thought as she smiled weakly, I think I don’t want to spend a single night in that den is what I think?  Yet she only nodded, and her lifemate took the den with a nod of his head.  She stood there listening to Newstar and Dart talk about which one they would take, but Leetah cared little for what they were saying.  She was thinking about why they were not treeing with their huntress and treeshaper.  She was close to guessing as to why, but when the picking of dens was done and everyone separated to begin climbing to theirs, Leetah waited then asked her lifemate when they were alone.

“Why are we not staying with our huntress and our treeshaper beloved?”

Cutter sighed and looked deeply into his soulmate’s eyes, hoping she would understand.  “I don’t know if that’s where I’m supposed to be.  I want to make sure that their den is where this path leads me to be.”

“You still don’t know where you want to be?  After all these days with them coming here, all the nights we yearned for him while we were apart, you’re still uncertain?”  Leetah asked taking his hand in hers.

Her lifemate shook his head and whispered.  “My heart wants to be in their den my love, with both of them. I just need to make sure my soul will follow.”

Leetah only smiled and squeezed his hand, understanding what he was doing.  She may have not liked it, but she would never tell him he was wrong for doing it.  The healer only followed behind him and climbed Father Tree at his side, till they reached the bole hole that was the entrance to their den.  She climbed in and then went about setting up her home with a heavy heart, missing two bodies desperately.

Up above them, another mate struggled with the wolf chief’s decision.  Nightfall looked at the pile of furs and pouches they had carried up and she had no desire to arrange a single thing among them.  She looked at the pile with disdain, actual anger, as she turned back to her lifemate and shook her head. “Why are they staying down there and not with us?”

The treeshaper sighed and shook his head, seeing the pain and confusion in his lifemate’s beautiful eyes.  He smiled with all his love noting he had foreseen this happening back on the trip here, and thus, was ready to let Cutter and Leetah go…for now.  “Cutter must decide where he needs to be my huntress, if it’s here or if it’s in his own den.”

“But all the days travelling here, the things he said to us, how he loved us…why now does he doubt all of that?”  Nightfall asked with a tear in her eyes.

Redlance shook his head and slid over to her side still smiling.  “His heart has taken us in my huntress, of this I’m sure.”

“How do you know?  How are you so certain?”

“Because I saw it in his eyes,” the treeshaper started to say as he reached up and caressed her cheek gently with his hand, “and he has never been one to lie where his heart is concerned.  He loves us Nightfall and that will never change.”

“Then why is he not here, where we want him…where we need him to be?”  The huntress asked crying now.

He held her then, took her in his arms and hugged her tightly as he whispered, “because want is not enough my love, in things like this it is never enough.  When you and Cutter were trying to be lovemates so long ago and you stopped, was it because you stopped caring for him?”

“No,” she shook her head and sighed snuggling into him, “I’ve never stopped caring for him, but it wasn’t till Leetah was taken that I felt more for him…that my soul needed him.”

“And that is the truth he must find, that our hearts only see the path behind my huntress while our souls see the path ahead.  I think if you and Cutter had waited you would have been such beautiful lifemates.”  Redlance said lovingly and he felt her giggle against him making him smile more.  He felt better at the sound, knew then he was pulling her back from the old fears of the dark again.  They sat holding each other in quiet as he let his warm love flow to her, his love and very heart.   Soon she sighed and looked up to him with a small smile.

“Will he come back my wise one?  Will Cutter and Leetah come back to us?”

He leaned in and smiled even more with a whisper, “of that I have no doubt my love, no doubt at all.”

Just below, and to the side of the huntress and the treeshaper’s den, Strongbow sat in the entrance of his den looking out at the Holt.  He took in a deep breath through his nose letting his head fill with all the marvelous scents he could pull in with a single breath, and then sighing when it was done.  The archer never thought he’d smell this again, the Holt and an all its wonderful scents…his home.  His eyes looked with pure joy, in every new direction he turned seeing old paths and trails he never thought he would ever run down again.  He was home and it felt so good, because the air was sweeter and the ground softer and the hunting would be grand.  Strongbow smiled broadly, something he rarely did outside of the den, and looked back to see his lifemate putting out the sleep furs getting ready to lie down for the day.  The loving and sharing, now that they were home, would be so deep and profound it would make his soul ache and leap all at the same time.

And yet, he felt something was so terribly wrong. The archer felt a pain, a strange pang in his heart, of missing loved ones, and when he looked at his soulmate he sensed she felt it too. Every move looked normal, with no issue, and yet he knew his lifemate, and something was amiss with her as well. Her movements were too forced, as if she was doing something for the sake of doing it, so she wouldn’t have to think on...what? With a slow, easy and careful step, he reached out to her.

I hardly believe we’re home.  I’m still waiting to wake up and find myself on the plain.

Moonshade giggled and smiled, all sounding forced, while getting the last fur spread out, well the last one she planned on putting down today.  “I know, but if this is a dream than just let me sleep forever. I never want to wake up anywhere else.”

He smiled and nodded as he watched her begin to slip out of her leathers, speaking with his voice, which again was something the archer never did outside of the den.  “Of all of us I never thought Redlance would be the one I would be thanking for all he’s done.”

“And why do you say that my love?” Moonshade asked leaning back and pulling her leggings off.

“He’s done so much for the tribe, for us.”  He started, taking one last long look out of the den entrance.  If he did wake and he was on that frak of a plain, then maybe he would keep these memories to give him solace.  “He brought us home to Goodtree’s Rest when we all doubted him.  He saved you from the badger.  He’s watched over us because Talltree and Starshower asked him too, and he has never once said anything about it. I feel...”

The binding in her hair untied easily letting Moonshade’s dark hair fall down around her shoulders as she whispered, cutting him off.  “I barely noticed him as well beloved. In the old Holt I never thought of him except when I needed something shaped or he needed leathers.”

Strongbow sensed the guilt in her voice, something new from her, and he knew it had to be due to the deeper friendship she was forming with Nightfall and Leetah. It had to be part of what he was feeling now, that strange missing, the pang of fear.  Maybe she was remembering things said or actions in the past that were not taken well.  He wasn’t sure and he knew better than to pry with Moonshade, she spoke when she wanted too.  The archer only slid over taking off his leathers as he did and slipped into the furs next to her.  He sighed as she cuddled into the crook of his arm, rubbing his chest as she did, before whispering to her, “do you think they’re all right, with Cutter choosing a den and not staying with them, Nightfall and Redlance?”

The tanner shifted and rolled up putting her chin on his chest with a small smile, “Why are you asking about them so much? Are you afraid for them?”

“I’m not asking about them that much, it just seems, odd Cutter would choose a den when he tree’d with them so much coming here.”

She sighed and rubbed his side, “I think it will all be fine my love, the winding path those four walk will bring them back together, but will it bother you if Cutter goes to them?”

“Why would it bother me?”  He asked with a smile, savoring her touch and feel.

Moonshade rubbed a little harder and shook her head.   “It’s not the ‘Way’, two sets of lifemates living in the same den, loving across the pairing.  Our chief that close to our treeshaper, does it sit well with you?”

And there it was, the ‘our’ part before both designations that made Strongbow smile just a little more.  Oh, my sweet tanner, he thought reaching up and caressing her cheek lovingly, how precious you are to me.  Go, run and play with your new friends, maybe I will make my own as well.  “If living and loving with our treeshaper and huntress makes our chief and healer happy then who am I to speak against that. And...I want them to be happy, because then I’m filled with the same emotion.”

“I’m scared as well beloved,” she whispered looking deep in his eyes, sensing the worry in him about the family. Moonshade could feel it so easily from her archer because she felt the same worry. “I want them to be together as well, so happy, but we cannot force this. They will choose soon, and maybe still have room-“

“For us, yes, that’s what I worry about as well.” Strongbow finished with a whisper, letting the den fall into quiet. There were no more words to be said, all had been uttered as needed. Now two souls just wanted to share and be one, to try and fill the spots where their hearts yearned for four others.  
Moonshade just smiled and shifted up his body to kiss him deeply and with all her want, the need to share and be his washing over her.  Strongbow devoured her lips in return as she climbed on top of him, needing him like never before while his hand slid down her back to caress the soft sweet flesh of her heat.  Moonshade gasped once, then smiled, leaning in to kiss her lifemate deeply as their want drove them through their joining.      
The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

The first true night of being home came to Father Tree, and for some the day’s rest wasn’t enough, as excitement kept them up much too long.  Strongbow felt his heart race just a little as he waited for his lifemate to dress so they could leave together, traversing the new large pathway created when Redlance merged the three other trees to Father Tree.  The tanner only giggled as she could barely keep up with her archer, the pair quickly reaching the ground ahead of anyone else.  The pair stood and waited for a moment before Strongbow’s elation of hunting took over and he leaned over and kissed his soulmate.  Moonshade smiled and then watched her happy wolf bolt down trails he had not forgotten, just put out of thought until needed again.

She didn’t wait alone long as her cub and his lovemate showed, and with a nod of her head Moonshade watched Dart take off after his father.  She smiled with unmatched pride as her hunters went to provide for her tribe, then Clearbrook and Treestump walked up to her and the weaver smiling brightly.  It seemed both hadn’t slept that much either choosing to talk most of the day about where they wanted to go and explore, old hidden clearings and bends in the stream, where memories could be revived.  They waved as they left and the tanner talked with her friend Newstar until the ones she had wanted to really see and speak with the most showed.  First was her huntress, who yawned as she parted from the side of their treeshaper, then smiled walking over to her.  “Good eve my shy one, I hope you slept better than me?”

The tanner felt a pang of sorrow as she could only guess what her huntress felt, was feeling, and she took Nightfall’s hand with a warm smile.  “I’m sorry my huntress,”

“I’m fine my tanner,” Nightfall smiled squeezing Moonshade’s hand with love as well before looking to Redlance, “my lifemate kept me warm all day.”

“And I thank him for that, so very much.” Moonshade whispered leaning into the nuzzle she received from her treeshaper who whispered with affection in her ear.

“You look beautiful this eve my tanner.”  

She blushed at the words, then smiled even more as she stared into his eyes.  Nightfall sighed feeling her heart bloom at the sight of her tanner and soulmate growing closer, then her nose picked up the scent of jasmine, and she smiled knowing who was coming now.  The huntress turned and watched with a loving smile as her healer and chief approached, Leetah almost trotting to walk up and take her treeshaper in a fierce hug, which he returned with a loving embrace.  She quickly hugged Nightfall and Moonshade both with just the same emotion and need as Cutter put an arm around his huntress’s waist and a hand on his treeshaper’s neck, his lifemate speaking for them both.

“I missed you all so much this day,” Leetah whispered with a sigh before standing by her treeshaper holding his arm, almost refusing to let him go.  

“And we missed you my healer, sleep was hard to find without you.”  Redlance whispered nuzzling Leetah’s forehead.

Cutter smiled at the words, though feeling guilty for being somewhat to blame for the pain in his love’s eyes, then he felt his huntress squeeze him and he smiled.  He looked up to see Nightfall pull Moonshade over to her to complete the small group and the wolf chief only smiled more as he spoke.  “Where’s our archer?”

“Out hunting my chief. He was off and running before the day star was behind the trees.”  Moonshade giggled feeling her heart beat faster now that she stood among the group, the family she loved so much.

“Do you think we can find him treeshaper?”  Cutter asked with a sly smile to which Redlance just nodded and winked.  “Then let’s go find him and see if we can bring back the meal.  Do you want to come along my huntress?”

The question of going hunting, on any other occasion, would have been an assured yes for the huntress, but tonight she had only one task in mind.  Nightfall only shook her head looking lovingly up into her chief’s eyes.  “No my love, I want to stay with our healer and tanner tonight.  I missed them too much this day.”

Cutter only nodded then leaned down to kiss her cheek and take in her scent with a deep inhale before doing the same to Leetah and then Moonshade.  The tanner giggled as her chief did the same to her but then sighed with contentment when her treeshaper did suddenly, feeling her need for both elves grow.  It was the same for Leetah and Nightfall she saw as the pair said goodbye then ran off into the woods following after Strongbow.  They stood in quiet till Nightfall spoke up.  “That was the longest day I have ever known,”

“Longer than any I ever lived through in Sorrow’s End,” Leetah added with a small smile.  

Moonshade could see the longing in her friend’s eyes and just took her healer’s hands in hers letting her new love for Leetah flow to her as Nightfall spoke up.  “I need to dance my sweet healer, dance with you tonight.”

“Yes, a dance is needed…with you and our tanner.”  Leetah nodded looking to Moonshade with love.

“Oh yes, come dance with us my shy one, please?” Nightfall smiled with anticipation.

The offer, strangely enough, only made the usually reserved tanner sigh with want as she nodded.  A new, reoccurring dream, was now within the grasp of coming true which made Moonshade smile, a dream these last days of dancing under the moons and stars with her healer and huntress. A fantasy which came to her with a smoky desire, a dream that made her blood heat and her heart bloom, “as long as no one laughs if I fall down, I will come.”

“No, no my tanner,” Leetah whispered pulling her close connecting the three beyond touch, “we could never laugh at you.  We love you too much for that.”

“Yes, we do,” Nightfall added leaning over and kissing Moonshade’s cheek sweetly.

That dream was now even closer to being realized as the tanner eagerly returned the love she felt making Moonshade’s heart skip, and when the trio ran from Father Tree hand in hand with furs over their shoulders Newstar and Suntop could only smile, the weaver whispering.  “Do you think they’re going to be long?”

“All night I would think, seeing as when the day comes they’ll be apart again.”  Suntop answered.

Newstar shook her head and sighed, “That’s so sad.”

The magic user just smiled and looked to her, “father and mother found their way to Redlance and Nightfall once and then twice, they’ll find their way there again. And that will only help Moonshade and Strongbow find their way to them.  One may not see the path they walk at night but in the light of the day star all is revealed.”

The weaver giggled and smiled brightly, “Sun Toucher?”

Suntop only nodded and chuckled with her as he thought of his grandfather and the saying he would tell him fondly.  He wondered where Sun Toucher was in the sky with the Palace, choosing to follow the Sun Folk to a new village with Skywise.  Had they found their new home, the magic user wondered as he looked to Father Tree, for he had found his.  Suntop had found a home like no other he thought turning back to Newstar who only smiled at him sweetly, as if she could read his thoughts.  Home was the Holt, was Goodtree’s Rest, and it was Father Tree and the Wolfriders.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

And so, life at Father Tree began for this small tribe, each elf and Wolfrider falling into the duties of gathering, hunting, and settling into their new home.  Hunting was not a problem as Strongbow and Dart found old spots full with game and gathering was just as easy as instincts honed from centuries living in the woods enabled the tribe to supplement what they needed.  From berries to nuts to roots and even the occasional fish from the stream was added to meals.  Settling in was fulfilled as well with dens being arranged and decorated over the days with tattling’s made from leather and shaped wood adorning the walls, designs painted on with the many colors Moonshade had come to learn to tan with.

Then one night, just before the turn of the moon had come, the tanner climbed down from her den after watching her lifemate leave to hunt.  She had expected to find Newstar waiting for her by the open spot in Father Tree’s roots where her old tanning rack used to be, where they gathered every night before going to work. Only, when she saw the young lifebearer standing with a look of shock just by the spot though, Moonshade felt a twinge of worry.  She walked up quickly putting a hand on Newstar’s arm carefully and turning to see what the weaver was staring at.  “What is it?  Is somet-“

The sight that took Newstar’s breath away also struck Moonshade numb.  Just the night before the spot had been bare, nothing but grass, but now a new wooden tanning rack stood there and next to it a small wooden bench with a spot to hold her tools.  The tanner put a hand to her mouth as she finally took a breath, her heart skipping at the most wonderful sight.  It was just like her old one, in every way she thought as she walked up and touched it gently with her fingers.  Magic, old weaving and tanning magic, came back to her as she smiled and shook her head while whispering, “oh my treeshaper and chief…such a wonderful gift.”

“Our treeshaper woke early with our chief and came down to make it for you.”  A voice stated and Moonshade looked up knowing already her huntress Nightfall had walked up.  “They wanted to make it perfect for you, so much so I don’t think either got any sleep, and then they dragged the archer down to ensure it was just right.”

Newstar gasped and smiled with a sudden hope, “are Cutter and Leetah back in your den?”  The answer to the question wasn’t as filled with hope though as Nightfall only shook her hear no stopping by Moonshade and the rack.

“It looks just perfect,” another sweet voice said as Leetah stepped up behind her huntress putting a hand to Nightfall’s back lovingly.  The healer smiled longingly at the rack as thoughts of the one who made it and his lifemate crossed her heart and mind.  “I miss him…and you.”

The somber confession was stated every night to ensure all knew Leetah’s heart, but tonight it was made with a voice suddenly low and small from the healer, and it drew an immediate reaction.  Nightfall turned and put an arm around Leetah’s waist hugging her warmly as the healer leaned into the embrace needing the warmth.  Moonshade only shook head and reached over taking her healer’s hand in hers whispering soothingly.  “Our chief will decide soon, I know he will.”

The words, warmed with love, made Leetah feel better as she smiled and nodded squeezing her tanner’s hand.  “I know he will my tanner…but I will not make him chose for me, to ease my need.”

The small group slipped into quiet for a moment as the small forest creatures of the night made their calls to each other with chirps and peeps.  Then Moonshade suddenly spoke up with a smile and an offer breaking the sullenness of the moment, “Can we dance tonight?”

For another moment, no one spoke, and the tanner thought she had missed the target with her shot, when Nightfall smiled and looked to her with a warm grin.  “I’d love to dance tonight.”

“Yes, I’d love to dance tonight my tanner.”  Leetah joined in with her own weak smile growing in strength as she stared at her pair of friends.

Newstar watched the three with a warm heart sensing this dance was needed so much this night, to raise spirits and souls and hearts.  She watched with joyful eyes as Moonshade and Nightfall went to their dens to grab furs, but Leetah only stood with her, as if the healer wanted nothing to do with her home until she had no choice but to enter it.  Then the huntress and tanner both appeared and the healer looked happy and eager once more, to be away from Father Tree, and as the three turned to leave to dance Newstar called to Moonshade.

“What should we do with the badger fur Moonshade?  It’s tanned and ready, but no one wants it. I asked Treestump and Clearbrook but they said it reminds them of Bearclaw too much, whatever that means.”

The question brought the three lifebearers to a stop as the tanner bit her bottom lip and shook her head while holding Leetah’s hand. “I don’t know…do you want it?”

The weaver shook her head emphatically and hugged her arms, “No, and Dart tried to talk me into keeping it.  Do you think Suntop might want it?”

“No,” Moonshade sighed, “he says he has enough furs for one soul to sleep with.”

Nightfall looked to her friend and smiled, “then you and Strongbow keep it?”

This only drew the same emphatic shake as the tanner’s eyes went wide and she giggled, “No, it almost ate me…I don’t want it either.”

Leetah felt her spirit lift as the giggle she couldn’t contain slipped out followed by a laugh from her huntress.  Newstar was glad to hear the three finally sound happy and waved, “go on you three, I’ll leave it here and we’ll decide at morn what to do.”

No one saw Dart walk up, but he watched with happy eyes as his mother and the healer and huntress run from Father Tree to spend the night together.  Like Clearbrook, it warmed his heart to see his mother and sire stretching their boundaries, their hearts and souls, trying to find new love.  They had walked alone for so long, so forthright and stoic on their path, that all kept a distance, yet now that path led to ones who loved them unconditionally and gently, letting them decide when and where to step.  It was remarkable he thought walking over to his beautiful lifemate who smiled like the day star at his approach.

“Good eve my love,” he said putting an arm around her shoulders.

“Good eve my hunter, did you sleep well?”  Newstar whispered with love as she put her arm around his waist.

Dart shook his head and smiled, “So very well with you at my side.  So, no one wants the badger fur?”

Newstar’s smile went slack as she looked at her lovemate and shook her head, “No, it’s not coming into our den.”

“Why not, it looks warm and soft…it would be a perfect addition to our fur pile.”  Dart countered putting the heel of his bow in the ground to lean on it.

“It tried to eat me!” Newstar gasped shaking her head at the elf she loved with all her heart.

“So, do I and you don’t toss me out of our den for it!” The young archer pleaded with a playful look.

The comment made Newstar squeal with full round eyes as she knew exactly to what the young elf was referring to, and the image it brought to her mind made her blush as red as painted pot from the Sun Village, before she started to laugh.  The reaction was enough to make Dart chuckle then laugh as well before shaking his head and taking his lovemate’s hand.  “Then it stays out of our Den if it bothers my beautiful weaver.”

Newstar nodded and leaned into him feeling his arm wrap around her again and hold her in a tight loving embrace.  “Thank you my sweet archer, for protecting me…”

“Always my love…always…”

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Nice chapter. I love how they are all getting reacquainted with life. Wonder how long Cutter and Leetah will away for Nightfall and Redlance.

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You know what G0lden, I think its time we find out just how long our Chief is going to stay away from the treeshaper...because here is the next to last piece of this story...

Chapter 26

The light from the twin moons broke through the canopy of the trees from the Holt throwing down a silvery light that bathed the three lifebearers with a glow which only added to their inescapable beauty.  The trees and wild life were silent observers, protectors, as the trio danced and gave themselves to a sweet feeling of freedom only their hearts knew as no word existed to define what they felt when they twirled and leapt together.  One could call it a ‘release’, like sharing and joining, or you might call it ‘climbing’ as in riding the gathering excitement and anticipation that the soul builds toward when two share all they are in the furs, knowing the climax will be glorious.

Or maybe it was just a bond three hearts carried, a secret piece of each one had given to the other with love and warmth.

And as the dance concluded, as it drew to a close with the three arm-in-arm in a fierce embrace, refusing to let go, even though tired bodies needed to lay down on toted furs to let gasping breaths subside.  All three touched foreheads and let their love for each other flow through their special connection, let the want and need slowly descend in their souls as they stood quietly.  Finally, though, they broke and walked to the furs, hand in hand, to lay down with Leetah in the middle and her tanner and huntress on either side.  The healer lay on her back with Nightfall curled up next to her running her hand along the sleek brown body of her love.  Moonshade lay on her side as well wrapping a leg over Leetah’s and propping her had up on her hand and arm while smiling longingly at her two loves.

“Did you enjoy the dance my sweet healer?” Nightfall asked as her fingers did small circles around Leetah’s naval, small sensual turns that barely brushed the sensitive flesh.

The healer only nodded and purred as she reached down with her one hand to gently stroke her Twen’s sensitive flesh between her legs while turning to her tanner.  Moonshade saw Nightfall gasp from the touch and it only heightened the fire burning in her own blood.  She had dreamt of this moment, had held her desire and want at arm’s length till she knew the time was right in her heart with the ones she wanted, when she knew she was safe to let her soul want more.  As Leetah looked up at her with those deep green eyes filled with love and need and desire Moonshade leaned down kissed her with all the same want and love.  The tanner nibbled at her healer’s lips, pulling as she did while her hand caressed and touched Leetah’s body before sliding the palm over to do the same to the huntress.  As Moonshade began to lose her restraint in the sharing she felt a hand, small gentle fingers, glide across her heat, and her body shook from the ecstasy the touch brought. In response, without a thought or fear, a loud rumbling purr broke forth from her lips.  It was low, deep, and loud enough to bring the affections of her healer and huntress to a stop with wide eyes.

“What was that?” Leetah whispered with a wide excited smile.

“It happens when I share…when I feel like this…so loved and safe.”  The tanner whispered smiling sheepishly.  Moonshade suddenly had the feeling she and her purr had ruined a magical moment, had fouled a sweet dream she wanted to see to the loving end, and she felt the urge to run all the way back to Father Tree, only a gentle touch told her she had done nothing wrong.  Warm eyes and loving voices assured her she was safe here with them.

Leetah only smiled more as she caressed her tanner’s neck while whispering.  “Then purr my tanner…my lovely Moonshade…I want to hear it again.”

“Yes, please…I want to hear it again too my shy one.”  Nightfall growled sliding across her healer’s body to kiss the tanner deeply.

The sharing was strong and fierce between the three, yet as gentle and as sweet as warm dream berry wine as well.  The lifebearers accorded their souls to each other, each garnering the attention of the other for a brief moment to be lavished on.  They opened their hearts to each other giving with no hesitation as those deep places in their beings reserved for only those who had shown the want to be there were filled.  Lifemates, soulmates, and the precious lovemate…all three could lay claim to those names, but as Moonshade lay in the crook of her healer’s arms being held after such a luscious sharing that surpassed any dream she imagined, the tanner knew what she felt was so much more than what those three words meant.  Now, she thought, now I know fully what this family is and it is so beautiful.  Moonshade looked up to see her huntress resting on one arm so she could look over her healer and in Nightfall’s other hand she held one of her hands.  The huntress nuzzled the tanner’s soft flesh against her cheek and purred low before whispering with eyes closed.

“So soft…I love you my shy one, and your soft hands with all my heart.”

The words flowed through Moonshade as she felt her healer hug her and whisper lovingly adding to the flight her soul was feeling.  “As do I my lovely tanner…I love you with all that I am.”

A small tear ran down the tanner’s cheek as she sighed with pure contentment, “And I love you both, with all that my heart knows.”  The small clearing they had danced in suddenly dropped into a quiet as all three reveled in the love and warmth they felt, basked in the afterglow of sharing until the tanner spoke.  She felt so loved and safe. did Moonshade, that she felt another need had been held away long enough.  “I love them too…our treeshaper and our chief…with all my heart.”

The clearing was quiet again, but for only a moment as Nightfall held her tanner’s hand and smiled with love.  “We know my shy one.  It has been hard to hide.”

“And we welcome it…to see you happy and fulfilled my tanner only makes us happy.”  Leetah added with love that flowed across to her tanner and huntress through their lock-send.

Moonshade snuggled in seeking and holding the love she felt for all this family and sighed squeezing her Nightfall’s hand.  “I just wanted to say it finally, to let it out where I knew it would be safe too.”

“Yes, your heart and soul is safe here with us, as is Strongbow’s.”  Nightfall whispered laying her head on Leetah’s shoulder so she could look into her tanner’s beautiful eyes.

“You do know we care for him as well, that we let him in our hearts as we travelled here?”  Leetah asked letting her tanner see their intentions.

The question was exactly what Moonshade had wanted to know, what she had wanted to ask next but feared too just a little.  She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek and whispered lovingly, “yes, but do Redlance and Cutter feel the same for us?”

“Oh yes,” Leetah whispered watching the stars above twinkle, “they both have a spot for us all in their hearts, a large loving spot.”

The huntress sighed and snuggled in as well, “and we will wait for him as we did for you, as our treeshaper waited for us all to come to him.”

“Thank you,” the tanner whispered kissing her healer’s side knowing in her soul now she had made the right decision to let her heart open to them, Leetah and Nightfall.  They would not force her to choose like Aroree had tried, to be more than she and her lifemate had been ready for.  Strongbow had tried to open his heart, and he was beginning to, but then felt cornered and fearful of the glider and her need to be lovemates.  If she had just waited and been slow something might have happened, but she did not and what might have been never came to be.   The tanner only smiled at the memories though, because if a mating had occurred then who is to say this magic that was now would have happened.    

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

“Am I a fool for waiting for a sign?”

The sourness of the question matched Cutter’s demeanor perfectly, word for sour word exactly.  Redlance stood up from the side of the stream where they had stopped dragging the liter with the large tusk hog behind them, where Dart was quickly dressing it now.  There were several broad leaves by the young elf meant to save the meat in for the tribe who were away.   Suntop was crouched just a few steps away tending to a small set of hot coals ready to grill the portion his mother, Newstar, and he would get.  Strongbow sat on a stump wondering where his elder Treestump had gone when he was called away by his lifemate Clearbrook.  The hunt for the night didn’t start out well for the hunters as they only felled a small rabbit, but then Redlance found the tracks of the tusk hog, and with Strongbow and Dart’s skill with their bows, they killed a large one.  Cutter delivered the final blow with New Moon, which usually was the pinnacle of the hunt for the chief, a joyous moment, only this night it brought little joy.  Now they set about saving the meat for the others when the question stopped everyone in their movements.

You’re not a fool my chief, but maybe your looking too hard for this sign? Do you even know what it might be? Strongbow remarked with a raised eyebrow.

Cutter shook his head, “I thought of that archer, but…I don’t know.  My head’s all confused.  Did you see a sign when it came to Moonshade?”

The archer shook his head with a small smile.  No I'm afraid, it was recognition so sudden it shook both of us…much like you and our healer.

“I know, but there had to be something before that, right?”  Cutter asked with frustration.

Again, Strongbow only shook his head stating there was no sign he knew of, with the exception being, of anyone else in the tribe she was the one he most liked to spend his night with.  Cutter turned to his treeshaper and when his eyes fell on Redlance the elf just smiled and shook his head.  “You know what our little fox did to win my heart my chief.  I had no sign but a persistent lifebearer refusing to let me be alone.”

The wolf chief bit his lip and looked to the last one among them who might have an answer, but when he stared at Dart the young archer only shrugged his shoulder before giving Suntop pieces of meat to grill.  “I asked Newstar to take a walk with me and she said yes, though I did see her dance in the Festival before I asked…if that helps.”

“Yes, and there was some feeling that told you she was the one, right?”  Cutter asked quickly with a smile.

Dart though just shook his head, “I was actually shocked she said yes, maybe that counts as a sign Cutter.”

“No Dart,” the wolf chief sighed heavily feeling even more frustrated, “that only means your head is as thick as the rest of us when it came to our lifemates.”

The group grew quiet again as the wolf chief’s obvious distress was deep and may be beyond them to address, but then Redlance looked up to the night sky speaking.  “I remember one night, when I was a cub, I watched my father shape for the first time, it was so small his magic that it barely made a flower bloom, but when it finally showed and the petals of the flower opened for him, he looked so proud and my mother started to sing so sweet for him in our den.  After that I followed him everywhere, watching with large eager eyes every time he touched a plant or leaf.  I would jump and down like a treewee so excited if he picked up an old broken stick, waiting for his magic to shape it.  To me there was nothing I wanted more than to see the magic that was shaping and seeing him with such a proud look, even if it was rare he would never be called a treeshaper.”

The treeshaper looked back down and walked over to his chief with a warm smile reaching up to slide his hand around his beloved chief’s neck warmly.  “Then one night he tried again to open a bloom on a flower from its stem, and there I sat just waiting and waiting to see the magic, but it never happened, the flower never opened.  I remember being so angry at that flower for not bending to my father’s wish, and then so sad for my father that when we laid down for the day I just stared at it as hard as I could until my eyes gave out and I fell asleep between my sire and mother.”

Cutter felt his treeshaper’s hand rub gently, caress his neck affectionately, and just like that morning not so long ago when he felt his love for Redlance grow so did the wolf chief feel it now.  He smiled feeling a peace descend over his frustrated and weary soul as the treeshaper’s words continued.  “When I woke the next morning, the flower was still closed and I was even angrier with it.  I was ready to throw it out of our den, but that was till my father showed me something.  He took the flower and held it in his hand and told me to look with genuine care.  I finally noticed then, calmly, what I would never have seen with my eager eyes.”

He stopped letting the words sink into his chief’s heart as he stared into those strong blue eyes, as across from them another sat and took the words to heart as well.  The archer waited with stilled breath, waited to hear what his treeshaper would say as he felt Redlance was talking to him too, guiding him with a gentle touch.  “The flower was bigger now, almost half its size over, but it had grown slowly without blooming through the day from his magic, much more than it would have on its own.  My father then told me not all changes are seen so easily, like the bloom of the flower or its colorful petals.  He said that sometimes the change, the growing that needs to happen on the inside and not the outside, will be slow, but it will come and it will never be seen by our eyes except when it is done.”

Again, Redlance stopped to let the last go to his chief’s heart and he saw with joyful eyes as Cutter smiled for the first time this night.  He watched happily as his chief nodded slowly, understanding what his father had told him so long, that watching and waiting for a flower to bloom on its own was a hopeless task.  The flower would only bloom when all eyes were elsewhere his mother had laughed, and his father had agreed.  And as the pair stood there, Strongbow grinned feeling happy in understanding what his treeshaper had said, that not all changes were so easily seen, but that didn’t mean the important part of growing had stopped.  His heart bloomed, just like his Moonshade had told him how her heart had for the treeshaper and his family, and he looked at the pair with a small bit of awe and deepening want. This wasn’t Aroree wanting him to give her all that he was, saying she needed more from him and his lifemate, cornering them both it felt like.  

Oh, how you teach, Cutter thought as he smiled taking all that his treeshaper had said to his heart and mind.  He had been a fool waiting this turn of the moon for some sign, some silly marker meant to tell him that this was the trail to run down.  Now though, with a little nudge, he knew a sign form the sky would never come.  No, this was about growing, and the sign he had been looking for might not come for quite a while, if it ever did.  Cutter leaned in feeling a second chance had been given and he would grab it with both hands as he hugged Redlance with both arms in a fierce embrace.  “Let me come home my treeshaper, please?” He whispered with a smile.

The treeshaper hugged back just as tight waiting to let his love for his beloved chief flow across a send to him.  “Come home my chief, rest your soul and warm your heart in my furs for as long as you want and need.”

“Thank you my treeshaper,” was all the wolf chief could reply with as Cutter felt his heart beat faster and his soul breathe deeply.

The two held each other for a moment, and might have for longer, if not for a magic user’s quick observation.  “You know, if you start now, you can move all of your things to Redlance’s den before mother gets back father.”

“And what a surprise would that be for her, our healer, eh my chief?” Redlance said breaking the hug with a sly smile.

“I think our huntress might be more surprised, but it would be very nice to see who is more excited.”  Cutter chuckled before hugging Redlance again, but then Treestump came over and sighed heavily with a small smile he failed miserably to hide.

“Sorry Cutter, Clearbrook has a question for you and Strongbow.  If you both could break yourselves away from the treeshaper here it would be welcomed.”

The wolf chief sighed just like his uncle, knowing full well the duties of the tribe came first, and he only smiled before walking away.  As Strongbow walked past he reached up and patted Redlance on the shoulder with a nod, to which the treeshaper nodded back with a warm smile and glance, and after the trio left Redlance turned to help Dart with the tusk hog, cutting away the meat from the carcass and then setting it on the broad leaves to save for the others.  As he did the young magic user spoke up.

“Can we trade Redlance?”

“Yes Suntop, what can I help you with?”  Redlance smiled putting a chunk of meat down on a leaf.

“Can you make a stitching stand for mother and Newstar, like the one they had in the Sun Village?  You can make it by Moonshade’s tanning rack, she’d like it there I think.”

Dart’s head snapped up from where he was looking at the tusk hog carcass to Suntop with a wide smile.  “That’s a great idea Suntop, and mother would love to have it there. The three making leathers and furs, so close together. It would make all three so very happy.”

“I thought all three would enjoy it.”  Suntop smiled, blushing just a little, removing the grilled meat and replacing it with some more.

The treeshaper stopped cutting the chunks from the tusk hog and looked up to the young elf biting his bottom lip, “I might, if I could remember what it looked like.  Can you help me with it?”

“Yes, so you’ll do it?” Suntop exclaimed with a smile.

“Oh yes, for our precious lifebearers I would shape whatever they wanted.” Redlance laughed.

The three worked with happy smiles and laughs till Cutter and Strongbow returned a moment later.  The wolf chief smiled joyfully from ear to ear as Suntop told him what Redlance was going to do for his mother, and only nodded with a wink.  “I remember it as well so our treeshaper should have no problem making it, but what does he want in trade for the shaping?”

“I don’t know,” Suntop sighed shaking his head, “I don’t have much to trade with.”  Cutter was about to tell his son he could help out with the trade when behind him another stepped in to support the young magic user.  

I have something I’d trade for the stand, that’s if I can help of course? Strongbow offered with a small grin.  They all turned to him and he only smiled a little more, wanting to help his friends, as he leaned on the heel of his bow.  Would you make the stand for the badger fur my treeshaper?

Cutter turned to the archer with a small look of surprise, “you and Moonshade don’t want the fur?”

A shake of the archer’s head told everyone the fur was not going into his den, and when the wolf chief looked around the group he received the same shake of the head, especially with Dart, who added if he asked Newstar to keep it once more she might burn it just to make him stop asking about it.  Cutter chuckled and looked to Redlance, “What do you say my treeshaper, a stitching stand for the badger fur?”

“Well,” Redlance smiled looking to his beloved chief, “I say yes, but only if our archer takes a longtooth pelt from our fur pile with the stand.”

Strongbow started to object shaking his head, the stand for the large badger fur was more than fair enough, and yet he was stopped by his chief’s quick nod.  “Done, what do you say Strongbow, do we have a bargain?”

My chief, the longtooth pelt is too much, Strongbow sent shaking his head.

“For all the times when we have to be apart archer, to keep you both warm, take the pelt please.”  Redlance offered with a loving smile.

“Yes, to know you have others who think of you always, take the fur and let it keep you two warm when we are apart.”  Cutter added with a fondness that Strongbow couldn’t miss as he reached out his hand.  The archer only stared at the appendage for as long as it took him to smile and nod. This family, these loving souls, they were what he and Moonshade had been searching for, longing...needing he thought as he shook his beloved chief’s hand.


“Good, now we have a lot of work to get to quickly if we want to surprise our three lifebearers when they get back from dancing.”  Cutter smiled before watching the group jump to completing the tasks.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

They walked back slowly to Father Tree, and it wasn’t because the three lifebearers were tired or were worn out from dancing or the sharing.  It was dread for two, the thought of going to dens and not being together for another day.  For Moonshade, it was just the knowing that the two hearts she cared for so much, her newly found loves, would be apart and sad, which made the trip back so low.  They walked hand in hand, in quiet, with Nightfall in the lead controlling the speed with which they walked, which was almost a crawl at the moment.  If someone were to call the walk ‘forced’ they would not be far off, and yet, with all the slowness the huntress could introduce into their steps, Father Tree appeared out of the woods as they stepped into the clearing.  The three walked up to where the first small oak had wrapped around its sire, creating a round path up the trunk that any elf could walk up with ease.  They stood quietly, mustering the strength needed to say goodbye for another day.  The tanner sighed and was about say she loved both so much and that all this would end soon, Cutter would choose to return to their treeshaper’s den any night now.

Only she never was able to speak those words.

“Moonshade, come here quickly” The three heard gasped loudly from the side of Father Tree, where the new tanning rack had been shaped just this day.  They saw Newstar standing there much like she was earlier, in shock and pointing.

They broke into a small trot running over as Leetah called out, “What is it Newstar? Is something wrong?”

When they reached the stunned weaver, and looked over to where she was pointing, they each gasped as well.  Leetah had vague memories of her old stitching stand from the Village, being that it had been so long since she had tried to work with thread.  There was no need to do the work, she thought, as Moonshade made their leathers, so she slowly let go of the desire to stitch with the bone needle.  And yet, now, here sitting opposite of the new tanning rack was the perfect stitching stand, just the like the one from her old life in Sorrow’s End.  She smiled slowly, letting the image slip into her heart before stepping forward and touching the wood, feeling its smooth edges.  There was an instant recognition as her fingers touched the single column that stretched up from Father Tree’s roots underground, reached up to hold a small square block that held the material to be stitched. An instant remembrance of days sitting and creating from the soul took over touched Leetah’s mind as her heart bloomed with pure love and devotion.  The healer looked down to see the creator of the stand even remembered the small trough at the bottom of the square block that held the cloth.  It was filled with bone needles of small to larger sizes. A small tear slipped down her cheek as she thought of her family, all six now, and smiled so brightly.

“We have thread as well…we can make leathers again now…the three of us, together.”  Moonshade whispered stepping up and putting a hand to her healer’s back with affection.

“You can work together now, side by side.” Nightfall whispered with a happy tear in her eye.  Oh, my loves, how you amaze me every day and night with your hearts she thought thinking of her treeshaper and chief while looking around and noticing that something was missing.  “Where’s the badger fur Newstar?”

They all snapped back to the here and now looking round for what was essentially a fur as big as a bear’s.   No one spotted it, and then Newstar gasped again before whispering, “A trade, the stand was a trade for the badger fur!”

Moonshade breathed deep as she started to put the pieces together as well of what had taken place, and she wasn’t alone as Leetah turned to her huntress with a gasp and speaking low, “our treeshaper made the stand in exchange for the badger fur…”

“Do you think that means...?” The huntress asked with wide eyes letting the last fade, afraid to speak the words and foul this chance of hope.  Then with a burst all four ran from the spot in a mass heading up the path toward the branches of Father Tree and the dens.  They quickly climb up, with each helping the other, till the four reached the entrance for their chief’s den.  Leetah reached in slowly wanting to see the inside to see if her wish had come true, and yet she moved with a calm and fear she knew well from holding her emotions back.  What if this was just a silly-.  

The flap to the den moved...and inside...it was empty this den Leetah never wanted…bare as dry bones in the desert.  

Not a single belonging that had been there at the start of the night was there now.  The healer gasped, as did the tanner and huntress.  Newstar stood back and looked from right to left noting the empty den and then laughed loudly and joyfully.  

“It was more than a trade! It was so much more!”

“Yes, it was, so much more.”  Nightfall whispered reaching over and taking her healer’s hand in hers and turning to climb up to her den.  “Come, we have to find them and make sure…”

“Yes, yes…” was all Leetah replied as she followed her huntress with an excited smile.

Moonshade smiled happily as well, watching her loves run off before turning and heading to her own den.  She barely noticed Newstar do the same, running for her lovemate and their den, still laughing happily.  When the tanner reached her bole hole she slid through pushing the flap out of the way to allow her access with a small pop.  She saw her lifemate Strongbow kneeling by the fur pile, putting a large longtooth pelt on it, one she instantly recognized from Redlance and Nightfall’s den.  Moonshade wasted not one more moment sliding over and putting her hands on her soulmate’s chest with an excited look and speaking so fast she gasped the words.  “Did Cutter go back to Redlance and Nightfall?”

How do you know that? Strongbow asked with a grin, part wondering if his precious lifemate was fine and the other teasing her just a little.  He could tell she had found the stitching stand.

The tanner just growled and leaned in going almost nose to nose with her love, wanting to know just what was happening, and slightly moved with his teasing smiling now.  “We saw Cutter and Leetah’s den, it was empty.  Did he go back to Redlance and Nightfall, just tell me please?”

This time Strongbow just smiled and nodded before whispering with his voice, choosing to speak with his love and not send. “Yes, Cutter moved to their den and furs.  He chose to grow in the love of their family and not alone in his old den.”

And with the words out, with her ears hearing what her heart had wanted for her healer and huntress, Moonshade let the tears of joy roll down her cheeks as her smile crossed even more of her beautiful face.  Her eyes shined with happiness as Strongbow rocked backwards to sit on the furs and watch her, and as he did she reached down and felt the new fur on their pile and shook her head.  She could smell their scent, all four of them, on the pelt and it made her heart swell as her lifemate whispered lovingly in her ear.  “Our treeshaper and chief wouldn’t take the badger fur until I took the longtooth pelt from them…it is to keep us warm when we are apart from them, because they love us.”

She cried a little more being touched by the gesture as she turned and kissed her archer with all her love and need.  As she broke the embrace she whispered against his lips one last time nuzzling his nose with a gentle touch.  “I love you my lifemate with all my soul, but my heart-”

“And I love you my lifemate with all my soul, “Strongbow broke in with a warm affectionate whisper smiling with love, “but I feel my heart growing to need them just as yours does…slowly growing and wanting them more every night.”

Moonshade kissed him again, deeper and longer before breaking and whispering.  “As do I my love, small steps toward something I have been wanting, but I won’t go without you.  I won’t walk this path without you at my side.  I love you too much to leave you behind.”

She worried just a little at his reaction to her confession.  Maybe he would tell her he had no intention of being more to someone else other than her?  Maybe he was still unsure because of what had happened with Aroree?   Yet she only saw him smile, and as he did, a sweet relief fell on her soul taking away the angst and anxiousness she had so well hidden there.

“No, my love, you will not walk that path alone.  I promise you this.”

The words made her heart leap, her soul soar, and the choice for what was next so much easier. Moonshade giggled and reached over, grabbing the longtooth pelt, and then folding it quickly and putting in into the pouch they had used to store sleep furs in on the long journey to Father Tree. Strongbow chuckled as he watched her put some other things in the pouch before turning back to him and holding out her hand. “Come beloved, I want to spend the day with them. I have to know...”

He sat still, on the fur pile, watching her for a moment as her words slowly died off. He knew why she had to go see them, to tree, because she had to know if there was still a place for them there, this family’s heart. His reason for not moving, well that was different. He sat still, not in fear of doing what she asked, there was no hesitation in his heart to going to Cutter and Redlance anymore. There was no hesitation in his heart in going to Leetah or Nightfall, no more now. The only reason he held still, unmoving, was simple. The archer didn’t have one, and Strongbow had lived with one for so long it was strange not to be held back by a reason. Moonshade gave a small ‘come hither’ gesture and the archer finally moved, taking her hand and letting her lead him out of their den.

The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Vignette

They reached the den Nightfall and Redlance had picked, and both pushed the flap back on the entrance to look inside at the same instant.  The first sight to catch their eyes was the fur pile, and that it had been pushed to the side, and had grown with several pelts, a mix of the ones from Cutter and Leetah’s added to Nightfall and Redlance’s, and one very large badger fur laying prominently on top of it all.  Both the healer and huntress gasped as they saw the small collections of bowls and tallow candles by the moved pile, again a mix of both dens.  Leetah began to smile more, squeezing Nightfall’s hand as they both turned their heads and saw their lifemates discussing the layout of how the den should be with their backs to them.

“We need some cubby holes above us to hold the candle bowls.”  Cutter stated, pointing to the wall of the den where it curved, the back of the large domicile where the fur pile had been before being pushed out of the way.  The den was larger than the ones Leetah and Nightfall had back in the dark Holt, large enough for the four to be comfortable, and maybe two others the healer thought, but still small enough to be a close, warm home.  The roof was just tall enough to allow the elves to move around in, hunched over slightly.

“And bowls for berries maybe?” Redlance winked.

Cutter laughed and nodded, “Yes, night berries and sweet berries-“

“And bumpy melons,” Redlance smiled interrupting his treemate with a smile.

The wolf chief only laughed more and reached up to rub his treeshaper’s shoulder with love, and then his nose caught the scent of the lifebearers by the entrance and he turned to them with that same handsome smile.  “Good morn my loves, how was your dance?”

The pair at the bole hole waited no longer outside then it took to blink before sliding into the den with a deft quickness.  Redlance felt his heart race with love as he watched his precious healer stop next to his chief, leaning against him with eager wet eyes.  This his heart thumped even faster, warm with devotion, as his huntress did the same with him, her breathing excited and quick as she leaned on him.  Oh, it was so hard to see who was more excited at the moment.

“We’re staying here, are we not?  Please tell me we’re staying here with them.”  Leetah asked quickly with a demanding tone.

“Yes, they’re staying, aren’t they? It’s why you moved all the things from Cutter’s den to ours.  They’ve come back to us.”  Nightfall added with a gasp, all the words coming out in one rush.

The treeshaper could only smiled at his love, then looked up to see Leetah looking to him with such hope his heart threatened to explode.  The healer looked from her treeshaper back to her lifemate, her soul, and smiled as she saw the love that flowed from his sharp blue eyes.  Cutter whispered warmly and affectionately to his soulmate and let his voice carry to his huntress.  “Yes, my loves, if I must wait for my soul to know where it needs to be than I want it to decide where I am the happiest.  Our beloved treeshaper just gave me a nudge in the direction I was already pointed in is all.”

And with it said, with the words gracing their pointed ears and blessing their hearts, the lifebearers both only smiled and cried joyfully before Leetah hugged her Cutter hard and with all her strength.  She looked over to see her huntress, her Twen, kissing her treeshaper and hugging him just as fierce.  She felt her soul rub her back and nuzzle her forehead with tenderness as he sent her and their family all his love for them across the lock-send they shared as one.  Almost at once the love and devotion came back three-fold to Cutter and he nuzzled his soul even more before Redlance spoke up.

“So, we need cubby holes for candle bowls and berry bowls-“

“And we need a small shelf for our chief to put New Moon on when he comes in.”  Nightfall added with a loving smile to her chief.

“And a spot to hang our treeshaper’s pouch from when he comes back,” Leetah put in quickly, her smile just as bright as Nightfall’s as she looked fondly to her treeshaper.

The wolf chief laughed and nodded hugging his lifemate harder, “and all of it before we get this large badger fur in place.”

Leetah turned and looked up to him with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, “better to keep us warm my love, all of us as one.”

“Yes, as one…a family.”  Nightfall whispered leaning into Redlance more.

“Our family,” the treeshaper whispered low nuzzling his lifemate’s temple as they all looked to each other, as the love flowed from one to next across the unbreakable lock-send.  They sat in quiet for a moment more before a scratch at the bole hole caused them to turn and look back, just in time to see two excited Wolfriders slip in. Moonshade looked up into the happy eyes of her loves, all of them, and smiled uncontrollably as her lifemate slid into the den behind her.

“It’s true, you went back to him, to our treeshaper.” She asked with hope in her voice.

“Yes, I have come home, our treeshaper let me come back to his furs and love,” Cutter replied, looking to Redlance with affection. The tanner turned and looked to the treeshaper with her happy smile, now relaxing just a bit, as Strongbow moved next to her, sitting on his hip.

“Our chief never had to ask to come back, my furs are always open to him and our healer.” Redlance responded, his love flowing to all his family through their lock-send, all but two.

“Thank you my treeshaper, for making everyone whole again” Moonshade whispered, her voice full of the love she felt for him, for all in the den.

“I did nothing but open my heart my tanner, to everyone here in the den, they came when they were ready. I would never turn away those I love.”

The last of his words, the selfless act of it, left Moonshade speechless. She felt her heart fill to bursting again as her handsome archer spoke up, letting his voice ride the moment. “And is there space for us treeshaper, in this family, in their hearts? Will everyone wait for us as well?”  

There, it was out now, nowhere to hide anymore. Strongbow felt his breath still, his heart slow down to near the same as he looked to the treeshaper. And Redlance only smiled as his lifemate slid over and took her archer in a strong embrace, sighing as she did. “Oh yes, we will wait for you, as long as you need, as long as it takes for you to feel safe my archer.”

The tanner felt a new tear roll down her cheek as she watched her huntress hug her lifemate, the look on his face pure joy and relief as he hugged her back. Then she heard her healer speak, low and with so much warmth as she slid over. “We will wait for you till our last breath my tanner, never turning you or our archer away. Our hearts are yours, our furs as well, and one day maybe...our den.”

“The den...one day we could all be together, in one den?” Moonshade asked, feeling nothing from the words but amazement. She couldn’t think about such a grand thing, it was beyond a dream for something like that to exist for her and her lifemate.

“Yes, if that is what our family wants,” Cutter spoke up letting his heart speak, “like I have said, if you stay near him long enough, our treeshaper, you’ll find yourself wanting to be in his den.”

“I know my chief.  I feel my soul beginning to want just that, not as fast as you maybe, but I feel it growing.” Moonshade whispered as Leetah hugged her. Her last not a shock to the family, but a confirmation that she would come to them, just at her own pace.

“Well, we can fit six in here, and if needed I guess I might be able to make it bigger.” Redlance remarked suddenly, which drew a quick admonishment from the healer.

“No, no, please, don’t make the den bigger.”

“Why?” Redlance chuckled. He had an idea as to why, but would never presume to think or speak for his healer, who crawled to him quickly.

“Because it is the perfect fit for us now, just right for this family of ours.” She explained as she drew so close they were almost nose to nose, close enough for him to pull her into an embrace, letting her snuggle into him as he stared into her beautiful green eyes.

“Just large enough so one loving soul can never feel alone, turned away from.” He whispered, seeing her nod just slightly with her sweet grin.

“Just big enough to let one know they will always be forgiven, accepted always and forever.” Cutter whispered, his lifemate smiling more and nodding again.

“Just big enough to know when you leave to be what is needed for the tribe, that you can come back and be what you need for the ones you love.” Nightfall added looking to her archer, who only nodded as his heart felt so much love for this family he was becoming a part of.

“Just big enough to never fear speaking what is in your heart, because those you love already know what is there and still keep you close.” Moonshade finished, happy and joyful. Then the treeshaper spotted the pouch by the tanner’s hips. He nodded to Cutter with a smile, who saw the pouch as well and nodded back, before turning to the tanner.

“Will you spend the day with us my tanner and archer? Will you help us grace this den with all our love, this family?”

“Yes, please, tree with us.” Leetah remarked quickly as Nightfall spoke up too.

“Yes, stay and let us prove to our treeshaper this den is just the perfect size for all of us, together as one.”

Strongbow chuckled and agreed with a quick nod while Moonshade giggled and nodded as well, looking to the ones she loved so much, her family now. “Oh High Ones, I was so excited I forgot I brought our pouch along.”

They all laughed, then Cutter looked around and shook his head. “Before we can sleep we have to put everything where it needs to be. And the quicker we do the faster we can get into the furs and be a family.”

“Yes, yes, the furs are calling my family!” The treeshaper called out sending more laughs through his loved ones as they broke going about the tasks needed to make their den a home for all.  

The treeshaper made the small cubby holes along the wall, each one pointed out warmly by his family with large smiles.  He made a small shelf for New Moon and then a small peg for his pouch to hang from and finally they all moved the fur pile into place with the large badger on the bottom forming a warm foundation.  With the other tusk hogs and longtooths pelts on the pile the last one was the large bear fur and that was the one they used to cover themselves this family with as they finally drifted off to sleep.  For Nightfall, it was stepping back to those last days when they travelled to Father Tree, to when she found her heart filled to bursting and feeling so complete that sleep came with ease in her family’s arms once more.  To Leetah it was the same, but now she felt a security she could not explain and with it rest that was her friend once again, her soul glowing with the love she felt every moment in the den, her home. For Moonshade and Strongbow, it was joyful knowing there was a place in the hearts of the ones they had come to love, overcome personal walls to need, and that these precious souls would wait for them to come to them at the pace they needed.  

They slept easy now these lifebearers, except when the magical time came to switch. Leetah shook Moonshade gently, her tanner tucked into the arms of her chief feeling so secure, and when the tanner woke she knew instantly what was to happen. Moonshade nodded and rose, making sure not to stir her love the wolf chief, and with a kiss to both Leetah and Nightfall, laid down on her treeshaper’s chest when the others were set. She looked over long enough to see the huntress crawl into the spot by her chief, snuggle in so her face was in his neck and her back against her handsome lifemate. Then the tanner looked over to see her healer was tucked into the spot by her treeshaper, her head and body resting on and against Redlance, his arm out and holding her lifemate’s neck warmly. Her precious lifemate pressed into her healer, his body matching hers perfectly as his arm held her close. The tanner sighed with contentment as the sound of her treeshaper’s heartbeat was so wonderful, sending her back to sleep with ease.

Yes, the den was just the right size for them all.

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1

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PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyWed Sep 23, 2015 2:51 am

Well, we got the new family together finally. Now if Moonshade and Strongbow join the foursome, they'll need more space.

Nice to see the connection between Leetah, Moonshade, and Nightfall. The ladies know how to care for one another.

Good chapter. Can't wait for the next one.

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PostSubject: Redlance: Take us home Treeshaper - Epilogue   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyWed Oct 21, 2015 12:05 pm

Ok, first thing to say is sorry for being away for so long. I have some things in Real Life that needed attention, like I said in another thread, chasing your dreams can be a little time consuming. Yet, here it is friends, the Epilogue...the last piece of this story for the Sagas...I hope everyone enjoys and our treeshaper will return soon in more stories...


“Yes my son I know, with her help they have returned to you, these little spirits you wish to guard and protect.”

He stood by Father Tree rubbing its trunk with long strokes of his aged hand, the yellow skin gleaming in the sunlight as he smiled with a small grin. His appearance hadn’t changed from that night on the trail when he came across this tribe, still dressed in rags looking underfed and almost near death. He knew long ago the oak had grown back because he knew every tree in every forest on this world, they were all his children but this one here was special above all others. It had called to him when it had returned and with patience the oak waited till he was pleasantly surprised to find his red haired little spirit had led his tribe back here to him, their home, their Father Tree with the help of his kin. Somewhere up above in one of the many dens one of the little spirits snored and it made him shake his head. He didn’t worry about waking these precious travelers from the skies or their wolf friends nearby. He left no scent as travelled. He left no marking upon the ground to follow or disturbed the plants as he passed. He was the forest, the green growing of this world and if he so chose he could be in any woods anywhere in the mere moment of a thought. He was beyond old, beyond ancient. He had been worshipped too at one time so long ago but now his name was forgotten to the humans…and to his red hair.

No one brought him gifts anymore.

No one danced round large pillars of white rock for him on those special long days.

He was lost to the ways of this world as it grew around him and soon he would no longer walk its forest anymore. It’s what happens to us when they no longer care he thought watching Father Tree’s small limbs twitch at his touch. The large oak shook at his caress and he smiled as his solid black eyes gleamed in his wizened face. The long stringy hair floated on the breeze, a small sudden wind that he knew instantly was not of this forest. As he stood their wondering what brought her down from the sky the cold words of her voice touched his ears. When was the last time they had an exchange? It was back so long ago, over hundreds of years he assumed.

“Why do you call the tree ‘son’ Atok of the Green Forest? We cannot have progeny. We have no use for such traits.”

It was his sister Esmelda of the Sky, a cold entity Atok never cared for much even if they were of the same energy. “He might as well be. They asked for a home these little spirits and I gave them what they wished for. I gave the tree my ‘magic’ to then bind with the treeshaping little spirit with two mates to make him. We made Father Tree together.”

“And why do you care for these insignificant ones so much? Why give them this tree and the pieces from your horns?” She asked as he turned to see the wisp of swirling air that was her body, or what she wanted him to see.

Atok knew his sister would never understand how he watched these little spirits for so long in his forests. He had seen their arrival in their ship and the peaceful approach these first spirits made when approaching the early humans. He had watched then the attack these primitive humans made on the first comers with an angry eye, a heinous act as they tried only to be friends in serenity. All they wanted was help, knowledge of where they had arrived and for that these beautiful spirits were killed. Atok saw then stared with some small hope as the surviving first comers ran into the woods, his woods, and from there began to survive. Maybe that’s why he chose to help these little spirits, pity. Or maybe it was that he saw them for what the humans that worshipped him could never be, high and glorious.

“I care because you and our other brother and sisters will not.” He answered low before beginning to walk away, but then she asked him another question.

“What will you do to protect them when our energy ends? We are slowly fading from their minds these humans. We are dying…slowly fading into nothingness.”

The being that was Atok, the old god he was called once, turned and smiled. It wasn’t the crazed grin that night on the trail when he had first found the little spirits travelling back here, coming home. It was a perfectly sane smile as he spoke.

“I did not bring them home Esmelda, but whatever did will look after them I am sure.”

Then he was gone leaving no sign or trace of his passing. His sister soon disappeared as well, the wind dying down as she left. Out in the Holt the life that was the forest went on as if nothing had happened. In their dens the Wolfriders slept and rested and dreamt. Soon with the swoon of the day star they would waken and be the masters of these woods.

And he would watch them silently, this old god, for he truly cared for these little spirits and their lives.

The End…for now

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1
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PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyThu Oct 22, 2015 1:57 am

Love how this story ended, especially with the fading gods talking of the elves and the first comers.


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@G0lden wrote:
Love how this story ended, especially with the fading gods talking of the elves and the first comers.


Oh G0lden, there will be more. I have oodles and oodles of stories about our favorite treeshaper and I promise I'll be posting more very soon... Cool

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1
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Good. I'll wait patiently for a little while.

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@G0lden wrote:
Good.   I'll wait patiently for a little while.

And that wait will becoming to an end very soon G0lden...very soon indeed...

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PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptySat Nov 28, 2015 1:41 am

Yay! More Stories!

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PostSubject: Re: The Redlance Sagas Return   The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 11:22 am

@G0lden wrote:
Yay!  More Stories!

And it's up!

Hope you enjoy it G0lden

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The Redlance Sagas Return - Page 3 Combo_1
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The Redlance Sagas Return
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