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Search in: All the Many Colors   Topics tagged under 1-4 on Father Tree Holt EmptySubject: Elfquest fashion disasters    Topics tagged under 1-4 on Father Tree Holt EmptyThu Feb 20, 2020 9:05 pm
Yesterday I noticed something in my Father Tree Press hardback edition of "The Cry From Beyond."  This book corresponds to KotBW #1-4.

On Pages 11 and 12 (from KotBW #1), Elves of the four tribes are gathered for a healing ceremony.  Leetah, dressed in what can only be a ceremonial green frock (see Zinegirl's post), calls Strongbow into the healing circle.

Strongbow appears on both pages wearing a one-piece garment that covers him completely from the waist down.

Whether practical or ceremonial, I can't help but recall the pajama bottoms I wore as a toddler.

We called them "pajamas with feets in 'em."  Very Happy
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