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Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptyTopic: ElfQuest - translated to 2nd Edition D&D.

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Search in: All the Many Colors   Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptySubject: ElfQuest - translated to 2nd Edition D&D.    Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptyTue Aug 25, 2020 6:49 am

I was cruising through Dragon Magazine (these are OLD!)... and in issue #66, I saw where they translated some of the characters (Cutter, Skywise, Leetah, Rayek and Picknose) to have 2nd Edition D&D "Monster Stats" (character stats might have been more useful, but still interesting).

Figured I'd share -

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Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptyTopic: Digitally coloring B&W Images.

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Search in: Non EQ Stories/Art   Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptySubject: Digitally coloring B&W Images.    Topics tagged under 66 on Father Tree Holt EmptyTue Nov 10, 2015 8:10 pm
@Embala wrote:

Yes, I know about Storm's white eyes ... it weird when I get the impression to see right through the head.

Hah! I can see that. I don't know why I never thought of that. I guess because when I first began reading comics, Uncanny X-Men #121 and Avengers #66 - and they were my first comics! So I was just used to Storm missing pupils! (I guess you get used to it, when there's a member on the team who shoots red beams out of his eyes {Cyclops}, a blue looking elf with three fingers and toes, and a tail {Nightcrawler}, and a big, furry orange guy {Sasquatch}) - someone with white eyes just didn't seem unusual to me! LOL

@Embala wrote:

Well, Elfquest is almost too familiar for me. I have a very clear imagination how colors must look ... and no matter how differrent coloring turned out during the years I have a nostalgic preference for the colors I've seen first. Therefore my first reaction was to point out "wrong" colors. Then I took a second and third look... reconsidered ... and noticed two things:
- Your coloring has it's own appeal and is mostly within the range of the usual color variation.
- You might have nostalgic preferences just like me ... but for a different edition because ...

They're the wrong colors, no need to reconsider. Smile I am not able to match exactly the correct colors. I try to get as close as I can, without bleeding out the black lines of the art (and sometimes that means using a much lighter hue of color, for example, Cutter's hair is one). Otherwise, I would then need to retrace the image lines on top of the coloring job (which would be a pain... but not entirely impossible!)

@Embala wrote:

Leetah Smile Cutter Smile Skywise Wink - ... your coloring reminds me of the Marvel issues! I'm not too familiar with them but that's how I remember them. The Wolfrider skin tone works well. Leetah's skin is different from the warm brown I prefer but a good match. Careful coloring of delicate eyebrows and lips. I have a hard time to get used to BLACK hair for Leetah, tho ... don't buy it. Another detail that feels wrong is the chiefs knot - it shouldn't look like locks. The warmer hue of Cutter's golden neckring is a good and >I love the warm glow of Leetah's hair adornement ... like it reflects the sunset.

The trick of making Leetah's color "black" with hues of blue, is indeed to show a dark colored hair. I should have made it reddish; but it kind of bled out her headband when I did that. So I just went with a darker color.

@Embala wrote:

One criticism - when you color parts that are supoosed to be shiny, especially metal, so your best to spare the black parts! when they are overlayed with color it dims the contrasts down and takes aways the shinyness.
This time the chiefs knot is correct in brown ^^ ... I like how it matches the cord of the loadstone.

Good note about the shiny metal.

@Embala wrote:

It must have been challenging to color a drowing with such soft, sketchy lines. Well done, Tymber.  Blackfell

It's all done with layers. What I do is take a transparent layer over the B&W image, and color it. Then use the layer properties to lighten the layer so it overlaps and shows the B&W image lines. So it's a lot of mixing and matching after I have the initial colors, to try and get as close as I can to the "correct" colors.
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