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Topics tagged under factsarefacts on Father Tree Holt EmptyTopic: Stargazer's Hunt #3
Miss Gillespie

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Search in: ElfQuest Comic Discusions   Topics tagged under factsarefacts on Father Tree Holt EmptySubject: Stargazer's Hunt #3    Topics tagged under factsarefacts on Father Tree Holt EmptyWed Mar 11, 2020 5:54 pm
(now that it's out, I will not bother spoiler warnings)

the last page was ugly, if copy/pasting, at least try to harmonize the pictures.

I will never call him anything but Chad/Cutlet #factsarefacts

this was another non-event story. It's even worse than most other non-event stories, as we already know there are no consequences to any decision. Maybe Jink will apologize to Skywise for robbing him of the chance to see her grow up? That's twisted. Skywise is a garbage father, she should never have to apologize to him.

Jink and Cutlet recognizing would be so idiotic (oh, see, the son of Cutter and the daughter of Skywise, full circle and shit*), I hope they refrain.

As an example of true storytelling mastery, we are told what Jink is like, we cannot see from ourselves.
Also, rambling on how she learns of love and mating while laying naked with her mom on grass is super gross, but whatef

*their child would have the same soul on the grandparent's side, twice
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