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Topics tagged under innerfurry on Father Tree Holt EmptyTopic: How do you feel?

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Search in: Off Topics   Topics tagged under innerfurry on Father Tree Holt EmptySubject: How do you feel?    Topics tagged under innerfurry on Father Tree Holt EmptySat Aug 15, 2020 10:21 am
Pretty good. Sharing space with two noodles now, and two new tinysqueaks have joined me. And a wiggle. The wiggle is very tiny. My inner cat shone through again when he scooted out from under a cubicle and work and I turned and pounced on him (last week proved I haven't aged out of my ability to stalk and catch a bird, too). Caught him intact. Anyone else would probably have stomped on the poor little baby, or turned and run screaming. People are silly. He's so very, very tiny and soft. I need to get him some fruitflies though.

Though apparently the fact that I even saw him freaked out my coworkers. I forget most people don't have the motion perception I do. #innerfurry #outerfurry
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