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 Some off topic fun (MTG)

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Some off topic fun (MTG) Empty
PostSubject: Some off topic fun (MTG)   Some off topic fun (MTG) EmptyThu Jun 30, 2022 2:26 am

Came across this and figured it was good for a laugh.

Urza's Magic Card Generator using AI

The generator takes whatever words you type in, and if it has enough associations it will generate words and an image using a neural network trained on the existing library of real cards.

Punctuation and capitalization make a difference. For example, 'Cutter, Kinseeker' results in a blue Human Rogue with an untap ability, and some flavor text thats surprisingly on the nose, remove the comma, and its a green Human Warrior with the ability to bring creatures onto the battlefield cheaply (very broken in the game compared to the other version)

Anyway, its random nonsense, but entertaining, and surprising how it generates images from the text that dont look out of place (if completely abstract or plain chaotic).

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Some off topic fun (MTG)
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