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 Name blinkies

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Name blinkies  Empty
PostSubject: Name blinkies    Name blinkies  EmptySun Apr 19, 2015 6:29 pm

Ok, not actual fanart but if any of you want to use these for your signs and whatnot, here they are. I made this blinkies ages ago on the old form, for the "EQ forum movie" thing we had back then... and just found them again browsing through an old archive. So I thought I'd repost them - they're surely of more use here than collecting dust in my files Smile

Cannot make more, though... the original working file with setting and all isn't in the archive and might have been deleted with backup crash. I don't remember the settings either after so long... but here's what I have at any rate!

Name blinkies  Blinki10

Name blinkies  Blinki11

Name blinkies  Blinki12

Name blinkies  Blinki13

Name blinkies  Blinki14

Name blinkies  Blinki15

Name blinkies  Blinki16

Name blinkies  Blinki17

Name blinkies  Blinki18

Name blinkies  Blinki20

Name blinkies  Blinki19

Name blinkies  Blinki21

There are probably more... will see what turns up as I continue to dig-dig! Picknose

Name blinkies  Ba_hea10
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Name blinkies
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